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— William Wilberforce

Piper Lowery Died From the Flu?

flu vaccine vialsStory Highlights
  • News reports say that 12-year-old Piper Lowery died from the flu; she had not received the flu shot that year.
  • Piper was diagnosed with the H1N1 flu and prescribed three different medications.
  • There are unanswered questions regarding her illness and the cause of death.

Tragically, sixth grader Piper Lowery from Port Orchard, Washington died on Sat. Jan. 1, 2016 after a week of illness. Reportedly, she died from H1N1 influenza.1 She had not gotten a seasonal flu shot.  

A week earlier, Piper began feeling sick with a high fever and a sore throat. Her mother, Peggy Lowery, also had symptoms of influenza during that time. It was not reported whether Mrs. Lowery had gotten a flu shot.

According to news reports, Piper’s mother took her very ill daughter to the doctor three times in the same week that she died—on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.2 Piper began taking the anti-viral drug, Tamiflu, on Tuesday. On Wednesday, an urgent care doctor additionally prescribed her antibiotics.3 On Thursday, her health hadn’t improved. Piper’s mother took her to the pediatrician, who prescribed steroids on top of the Tamiflu and antibiotics.3

On Saturday, Piper was still running a high fever and had difficulty breathing. Her mother drove her to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital in Tacoma, Washington. Piper collapsed outside the hospital and was pronounced dead a couple of hours later.3

Piper’s doctors’ say she contracted the H1N1 flu, which led to renal failure prior to the day she died. They say nobody realized it.1 Piper also suffered from asthma.3

Piper and her nine-year old brother received all the federally recommended vaccinations except for the flu shot. Her mother said they had decided against the flu shot that year because “It doesn’t always help. Sometimes you get sick anyways.” she said.2

Piper’s mother has teamed up with Fight the Flu Foundation to encourage parents to vaccinate their children, starting with the flu shot at six months of age.1 She stated:

There are so many stigmas about the flu shot that people are either not educated or there’s this fear factor that people put into them. But H1N1, the flu, is very deadly. I want to spread this information so people can read it. It really does save lives.”1

Unanswered Questions

Public health officials, the media and Piper’s mother are claiming that Piper died of influenza but others are questioning the events that occurred in the week prior to her death, which raises important questions about potential co-factors related to her death.

  • Piper began taking the anti-viral Tamiflu on Tuesday followed by an antibiotic on Thursday. The name of the antibiotic is unknown at this time; however, antibiotics can have serious side effects and there are certain antibiotics known to interact with Tamiflu.4 For example, the antibiotic ampicillin is reported to interact with Tamiflu.4
  • In addition to Tamiflu and the antibiotics, Piper was prescribed a steroid the day before she died. The name of the steroid is also unknown at this time but steroids can have serious side effects for some people and, although corticosteroids are used to treat Influenza A (H1N1), studies have shown a lack of clear evidence that steroids are an effective treatment.5
  • During the week before she died, Piper saw two to three different doctors. Was there any collaboration between the doctors to make sure Piper was prescribed medications that would not interact with each other?
  • Piper is said to have died from renal failure due to the H1N1 flu. Interestingly, Tamiflu is not recommended for patients with renal impairment since it can ultimately lead to renal failure.6 For patients with renal impairment, the dosage must be adjusted accordingly.6 It is not clear whether Piper had some degree of renal impairment prior to H1N1 infection.

Attributing Piper’s death to H1N1 influenza may not be as straightforward as it appears to be when she was receiving three different medications that each can have side effects and also can interact with each other. Numerous factors come into play when determining the cause of death, particularly with the use of multiple prescription medications. Medical errors are the third cause of death in the United States.7

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) mortality statistics only count the “underlying cause of death,” which is defined as the condition that led a person to seek treatment.7 Any other medical complications or errors that occur are not included in published totals,7 making it crucial to understand what is and is not known about each death, including this one that is associated with influenza.


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19 Responses

  1. Of course she died from the flu. Otherwise doctors might have to accept culpability for prescribing drugs that interacted with each other and most likely caused her death. Sure wouldn’t want to accept responsibility for malpractice, would we? So of course it was the flu. It had to be. What’s sad is the mother believes it.

    1. What’s MORE sad is the mother joining the fear-mongering propaganda campaign to (dangerously) get others to believe it, too.

  2. She was running a high fever for days and dehydrated then they over load her kidneys with three different medications and who knows how much Tylenol and Motrin was being given at the same time. Your kidneys cannot process all that crap without fluids. No wonder her kidneys failed and bled. Listen people if you have the flu your body knows how to heal itself. The doctors killed her by giving her already taxed kidneys more than they could handle. The doctors never get blamed for this though. It was the flu that killed her. Only a moron will believe the flu killed her. If your sick, drink water. Keep the poison out of your body unless you want to cause yourself more damage!

    1. What they didn’t tell you is that they probably forced fluids on the child because she was dehydrated. This forces fluids into her lungs as well (she already had asthma). Thereby OVER HYDRATING her little body. This forces her kidneys to shut down and the fluid forced into her lungs causes pneumonia, then her liver shuts down as she goes into septic shock. This is very hard on the body and man succumb. Because she had the flue first without the vaccine, it’s easy to blame the flu. If she had received the flu shot, they’d say it was just one of those misunderstood things. Can’t win.

  3. Cindy, yes I agree It is sad that the mother believes it. She has to, in order to maintain her own sanity. I appreciate how this article brings to the reader’s attention the information in the last paragraph …”Any other medical complications or errors that occur are not included in published totals,7 making it crucial to understand what is and is not known about each death, including this one that is associated with influenza”.

  4. …”Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) mortality statistics only count the “underlying cause of death,” which is defined as the condition that led a person to seek treatment.”

    With ‘treatment’ like that…..

    Since these 2 children were fully vaccinated, I wonder if the brother has asthma or any other ‘chronic’ disease?

  5. Why did the doctor(s) prescribe antibiotics when flu is viral? Just reading that raises a lot of questions. My heart and prayers go out to the family for the death of this child. But I think the mother is wrong for trying to push flu vaccines on others. The kid seems to have had a weak immune system and the doctors kept pumping drugs into her as if they were the answer to everything. It also so seems like the doctors did not know what each other were doing for this child.

  6. The mind control in our modern world is so deep and dastardly. We’re programmed to believe that man-made chemicals which are ‘violently’ and unnaturally injected into our bodies promotes life!?! Wake Up World! Thank you, NVIC, and others that are sharing the truth.

    Consuming animals that are raised in CAFOs, and food injected with glyphosate and numerous other poisons, drinking polluted water, being surrounded with man-made electromagnetic fields and WIFI radiation and blue light, lack of sunlight and exercise… these contribute to death of cells, death of living things. Our natural world is our greatest resource for health and vitality.

    Education is key to wake up from 100s of years of programming by those addicted to power and money. Please share this NVIC site and this link:

    1. Of course we should remember that Steroids are hard on the liver and also suppress the immune system. Antibiotics can be very damaging as they kill the good bacteria that direct our immune system and antibiotics don’t help with any viral condition either. There is much to understand in a situation like this and doctors ultimately prescribe medicines that work against the body because they only have a few minutes to see a patient and don’t really understand that finding the root cause is the deciding factor in how a patient is affected.

      I am so sorry for the mother that lost her child. Of course this example will be used to promote vaccines that contain thimerol, which is mercury, squalene and varous viral DNA.

      1. People MUST educate themselves about ELDERBERRY SYRUP as an effective remedy for influenza.
        I have recommended FLORA brand elderberry syrup for decades for all my patients during the flu season.
        I have given bottles of it to moms who had children who were very sick, and within 36 hours those same kids were well.
        I have given cases of it to cardiac patients who had very poor heart function and could not risk becoming sick from the flu.
        Elderberry syrup from FLORA tastes wonderful and is an extremely effective method of preventing influenza infection. It also works beautifully to resolve influenza infections in those who were not using it prior to becoming ill.
        Another extremely effective product to use for respiratory infections is a product named OLIVEER…….made by DaVinci Laboratories in Vermont. You can get the product online. This company has modified the carbon chain in olive leaf extract so that it remains effective for many hours in the bloodstream, instead of being rapidly bound to blood proteins and deactivates’ as happens with other olive leaf extract products.
        I am a registered nurse.
        I use both products.
        I do NOT sell either product, but I do give bottles to family or friends who become ill.
        These products should be in every home remedy cabinet.

  7. What are these MDs doing? Antibiotics? This is not a bacterial infection – it’s viral. Antibiotics do not work against viral infections – but they WILL shut down and damage your probiotics.

    You know – the immune system component making up from 70% – 90% of your immune system? So they basically shut down major portions of the poor kid’s immune system just when she most needs it….

    Likely had that toxic, non, or anti-nutritive hospital “food” pumped into her if she could even eat. You know – where dieticians rule and a balanced diet seems to mean have both red AND green jello….

  8. Gems Gram, it is interesting that humans are still alive, with all of the mostly purposeful toxins all over the place on this planet Earth. And, the traitors of humanity are concerned about Climate Change? Humans are getting sick and dying from all sorts of toxins, mostly from evil government promoted schemes.

  9. My kids had H1N1 when we lived in England some years ago. They were prescribed Tamiflu, but luckily I decided not to give it to them. They had very high temperature, and were very unwell for a couple of days. During that flu season it became obvious that Tamiflu cause more harm than good, so most doctors stopped prescribing it. This poor little girl got killed by the doctors. Are american doctors completely incompetent? Or do they just not care? I feel very sorry for the mother. That poor misguided lady believes that the doctors did good and now she is spreading ignorance. It’s a very sad story. I hope that the mother will find peace.

  10. I don´t think this child was treated properly.She was so ill and no doctor visited her at home?
    I would like to know how much of poisoned Paracetamol she obtained!!!

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