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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


FluMist Nasal Spray Vaccine Doesn’t Work Says CDC Advisory Committee

[F]or all practical purposes, the [FluMist] vaccine provided no protection, or at least that “no protective benefit could be measured.”

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) on June 22, 2016 recommended against using the live nasal spray version of the influenza vaccine known as FluMist during the 2016-2017 influenza season. After reviewing data for 2013-2016, the committee found that the “FluMist Quadrivalent” live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV), produced by AstraZeneca plc subsidiary MedImmune, LLC of Gaithersburg, MD, was only three percent effective in protecting children two to 17 years of age against the flu.1

The three percent figure is so low that, for all practical purposes, the vaccine provided no protection, or at least that “no protective benefit could be measured.” The reason for the “poor performance” of FluMist is “not known.”1

According to the CDC:

Vaccine manufacturers had projected that as many as 171 million to 176 million doses of flu vaccine, in all forms, would be available for the United States during the 2016-2017 season.

In a press release issued on June 23, AstraZenaca acknowledged the ACIP decision, but also cited its own studies, along with “preliminary independent findings by public health authorities in other countries,” demonstrating a 46-58% overall effectiveness for FluMist against “circulating influenza strains” in 2015-2016.2

FluMist was developed by MedImmune  and first licensed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in June 2003 and initially was only approved for healthy individuals between five and 49 years of age. It was approved for expanded use by the FDA in 2007  for children as young as two years old, but “with precautions.”3

Information contained in the MedImmune/AstraZeneca product insert contains contraindications and “warnings and precautions” for the following persons:

  • pregnant women
  • nursing women
  • children under 24 months of age
  • people of any age with asthma
  • children less than five years of age with recurrent wheezing
  • people over 65 years old
  • people with an underlying medical condition that may predispose them to complications following wild-type influenza infection
  • anyone allergic to any part of the vaccine including eggs, egg proteins, gentamicin, gelatin or arginine
  • children or adolescents receiving aspirin therapy
  • people receiving anti-viral drugs
  • peoplethose with a history of Guillain-Barre syndrome
  • people with known or suspected immune system problems or who are immune-compromised or are in close contact with an immunocompomised person4

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) further notes that the manufacturer discusses the ability of the live virus FluMist vaccine to cause vaccine strain infection and shedding in the product insert:

Immune mechanisms conferring protection against influenza following receipt of FluMist Quadrivalent vaccine are not fully understood; serum antibodies, mucosal antibodies, and influenza-specific T cells may play a role. FluMist and FluMist Quadrivalent contain live attenuated influenza viruses that must infect and replicate in cells lining the nasopharynx of the recipient to induce immunity. Vaccine viruses capable of infection and replication can be cultured from nasal secretions obtained from vaccine recipients (shedding).5

Additionally, NVIC points out that the manufacturer warns that, “The safety and immunogenicity of FluMist Quadrivalent when administered concomitantly with inactivated vaccines have not been determined.”5 FluMist also has not been studied when given simultaneously with live virus MMR and varicella zoster (chickenpox) vaccines.

Ingredients in FluMist Quadrivalent include four live attenuated (weakened) influenza virus strains, including A(H1N1); 786 A(H3N2); B Yamagata lineage; and B Victoria lineage. The viruses are introduced into eggs “where they are allowed to multiply.” Monosodium glutamate (MSG), sucrose, potassium phosphate, and gelatin are then added as stabilizers. Also added is the antibiotic Gentamicin and the immunostimulant arginine.4

Despite the CDC advisory committee’s recommendation against use of FluMist, the United Kingdom-based AstraZenaca manufacturer of FluMist indicated it plans to continue to distribute and sell the vaccine (known as Fluenz in Europe) outside of the United States.

The distribution and use of the vaccine in other countries are progressing as planned for the forthcoming influenza season, pending the annual release process from relevant regulatory authorities.2

Sales of FluMist in the U.S. in 2015 totaled $206 million, which is equivalent to about one percent of AstraZenaca’s overall revenue for the year.6


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8 Responses

  1. 206 million for a product that doesn’t work, but actually DOES spread the flu. And health departments haven’t BANNED IT? Why not?

  2. Whoops…Money, Money, Money…..that is what matters not our kids and their health. Don’t these Big Pharma people have kids and grandkids themselves?????

  3. A Scandinavian study a few years ago revealed that Pharma marketing reps avoid their own products. In particular they did not vaccinate their kids. Same went for family doctors. I have also heard this directly from reps and MDs.

  4. My grandson who was about 9 or 10 years old a couple of years ago had a flu mist. He became very ill and had all kinds of health problems for six months. He has always been a very healthy child. That year he missed many days of school. When my daughter took him back for a check up, the nurse look at how many times he had been in to see the doctor, she said, “Why did you give him this flu mist? I would never give it to my family because it makes them sick!”

  5. Vaccines are meant to kill us. We have the highest cancer rates in the world, our children are totally sick, brain injured….they are killing us and we allow this. Our children need to be protected as well as all of us. STOP TAKING THE VACCINES, YOU WILL BE AMAZED AT HOW WELL YOU WILL FEEL. PROSECUTE ANYONE WHO THINKS THEY CAN FORCE THIS ON YOU…RESIST AND SAVE YOUR LIVES.

  6. Good points everyone. Of course Flu Mist works perfectly. You should all remember to trust your government. They would never partner with a medical drug dealer company, oh sorry I mean pharmaceutical scientists, to promote and approve a product like this unless it caused massive damage and death. So if you just remember to interpret what government and its global corporate partners (including the big drug dealers) do by reversing it, usually you will get excellent guidance from them. Now be sure to check, because occasionally the medical industry or a government agency may tell the truth about something by mistake, or to deceptively further some other agenda. But in general, you can depend on them to just tell you the opposite of the truth, so it’s quite a useful tool.
    Flu Mist is only about the money at the mid and lower levels, where these criminal corporations are willing to hurt or kill us for money. But at the higher levels of power, where these programs are designed, it has nothing to do with money at all. At those levels, they can create “money” on a computer screen, and they keep their own funds as gold, silver, land, etc. For them it is part of a program of total destruction, and their top bosses worship death and destruction. They believe they will end up merging with computers and becoming immortal. That’s not going to work, but they won’t figure it out until it’s too late for us.
    First realize all vaccines without exception are weapons being used against you and your kids, and they have never prevented even a single disease (study the history, it’s totally clear – watch the documentary lethal injection, the story of vaccination, and read the books dissolving illusions and vaccination is not immunization). Then learn all you can to get your body, mind, emotions and spirit in harmony and as strong and relaxed as you can. That can be done by 100% natural means, and your immunity will be very high. Then you can start the next stage of your inner work, to help us avert the catastrophes planned for us by our rulers.
    It is YOU that can make the difference, because of who you really are. The reality is forgotten but still exists, and you and it are the same. That’s why even thinking along that line has been made a capital offense by so many religious authorities in history, because it is actually true.
    Learn the natural ways to eliminate all your health issues, and you won’t age the same way either. Age is largely reversible, just like degenerative disease, and you are not supposed to know. Why? Because if you do your work, starting with your health, then you will gradually get to where you can access a healing power that the global bosses can never match, until they give up the harm they are doing. They know that and are racing to shut you down before you figure it out and end their game.
    But it is to their ultimate benefit also, if you go ahead and do it, ahead of their schedule. You can heal anything. You have brilliance in you keeping you alive right now. Learn to let it in more and more, all you have to do is gradually learn to stop blocking it. You are incredible, the biggest secret. Relax and stay focused. Find it.

    Richard Sacks, Host
    Lost Arts Radio
    Independent holistic health scientist since 1965
    Essene teacher and private health consultant
    [email protected]

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