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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Huffington Post Pulls Veteran Columnist’s VAXXED Movie Review

Lance Simmens, author, whistleblower, political veteran, fracking activist, and more, went to see Vaxxed: From Coverup To Catastrophe at one of the California screenings, and was moved, enraged, awakened. He wrote a column for The Huffington Post about it, and it went up, as per the usual protocol–he has been a contributor for eight years and written almost 200 articles without incident.

Shortly thereafter, without warning or explanation, the piece was taken down, and his account was blocked.

I reached out to Simmens via an e-mail interview:

Give us if you would, a brief history of your writing for Huffington Post. How many years, how many pieces, what topics…

Simmens: I have been writing on Huffington Post for nearly eight years and during that time they have published something close to 180 articles. I am a political writer and have written articles over the years about events as they unfold, which is the nice feature of blogging. I have a decidedly liberal bent to my politics but have striven to write thoughtful, provocative pieces that try to define a rationale and logic to the policy prescriptions being offered.

What happened exactly when you posted your review of VAXXED to The Huffington Post?

Simmens: I saw a premier of VAXXED the other evening and was so moved by the presentation and discussion that followed that I felt compelled to write a piece asking that we at least begin a serious national dialogue on the allegations contained in the documentary. I also drew attention to the spate of events that have unfolded over the past several years, where there has been a massive governmental failure to do its essential job, which is to protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens. I sent it to The Huffington Post as I normally do—I have an account there—and they published the article.

About a half hour later as I was sending it out to my network I was alerted by some folks that when they went to access it it was not coming up. It turns out that they pulled down the original piece, and when I tried to rewrite it, I was alerted that permission was denied to my account. I have made at least a half dozen attempts to reach someone at The Huffington Post to alert them that there was a malfunction, and over the course of the last two days, have not received one response. I even went so far as to e-mail Arianna herself.

It never crossed my mind that this might be some sort of censorship because it has never happened to me and the article, while provocative, is not beyond any bounds of journalistic or political propriety.

Does Huffington Post have editorial guidelines that writers are clear about? What are they?

Simmens: Yes, Huffington Post outlines editorial guidelines and I follow them. I respect that they can determine whether or not to publish articles but what is so frightening here is that they originally published the article and then evidently pulled it back, unless it truly is a technical issue but I suspect they would have been right on fixing it if it had. This is seriously troubling.

Have you ever been paid for your work by The Huffington Post?

Simmens: No I have never been paid by Huffington Post and I have always felt that that gave me the liberty to explore areas that might not be acceptable to the mainstream media. This is just shocking.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

Simmens: I devoted nearly forty years to politics, public policy, and public service. I worked for two Presidential administrations, two U.S. Senators, two Governors, the U.S. Conference of Mayors and briefly for the Screen Actors Guild. I was a whistleblower in the documentary Gasland, Part 2 and am the author of two books: The Evolution of a Revolution: An Attack upon Reason, Compromise and the Constitution (which ironically is a collection of 86 articles I wrote in Huffington Post over a 4 and a half year period) and Fracktured, just recently released, which is the definitive anti-fracking novel.

Note: This interview was reprinted with the author’s permission. It was originally published at The Truth Barrier. Celia Farber is a journalist, author and editor based in New York City.

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  1. If the Huffingtom Post can be bought and threatened then I want not part of them either. Bi am only interested in those who are not afraid of truth

    1. HuffPo isn’t exactly known for truthfulness. I have seen many instances of them being dishonest in favor of their big advertisers.

  2. What do you expect?

    Vaccines are the holy of holies.

    If the truth about them comes out, no-one will ever trust “the authorities” again.

    Sooner a million more deaths than an apology from the powerful for past malfeasance, amiright?

    1. The evil ones who are pushing all these vaccines are hoping they can fool the masses for long enough, until there are so many vaccine damaged people in the world that no one will do anything but obey their evil commands.

  3. Where do we find Lance Simmens article?

    Can we start a petition to The Huffington Post to repost the article?

  4. this is the information age and the true facts on vaccinations can no longer be suppressed. Parents know what they know and only Trump sounds reasonable as he supports vaccination but wants fewer and more spread out to see if there are reactions.
    No thinking person trusts the drug companies to be honest and no thinking person trusts the doctors who spout the BS.
    My daughters were not vaccinated at all and people do not need vaccinations if they spend some energy of being healthy and letting nature have a turn.
    The politically correct world is being swept away by the tsunami of truth coming from the people. The past of demonizing and trying to destroy and intimidate individuals can no longer keep the genie in the bottle.
    They are liars and now we don’t have to just complain we can act.
    This is true also of the global warmers and the GOP establishment who threatens anyone who supports Trump. They too are done.

    1. “No thinking person trusts the drug companies to be honest and no thinking person trusts the doctors who spout the BS.”

      That is the crux of the problem here. Most people are so conditioned in favor of vaccination that they do not believe that they need to do any thinking on the topic.

    1. Do you really think Huffington Post was ever ‘free and independent’? Really?
      Do you think the purpose of ‘media’ (which means middle — as in middle man) was ever really about telling the truth to the plebes?
      I guess you bought into all those ‘holywood’ movies and tv dramas too, huh? You know, the ones where the doctors are up all night wondering what will cure the patient….or where the cops can’t sleep at night until the bad guy gets caught?

  5. It is horrifying how the general consuming public — fed on force-fed chickens, chemically-fed beef and pesticide-laden fruits and veggies — can so easily accept that pharmaceuticals are the ONLY answer to illness. Americans have become so numb to the necessity of thinking for themselves (without the impetus of the advertising moguls of Madison Avenue) that they don’t seem to draw any connecting dots to the fact that the general health of our society has not only experienced a steep drop, but that our culture has become so dependent upon chemical pharmaceuticals that it is virtually impossible to know what new “illness” is naturally-occurring or man-made, via the introduction of new and not-intended chemicals into our human bodies via virtually every orifice of our body — mouth-nose-eyes-ears-skin. It is not only death humanity attempts to stave off, but a livable quality-of-life as we move into our 70s-80s-90s, which only becomes possible with every ever-more-costly pill we ingest — legally or not! Freedom-Of-Speech is an issue difficult to manage when our brains are so addled by the voluminous amounts of pharmaceuticals ingested by the dumbed-down non-voting populace of the no-longer “greatest show on earth”.

  6. Dear Mr. Simmens,

    Why in the hell haven’t you demanded remuneration from Huffington Post?

    You’re not a bot or a robot or a computer program who writes content. You deserve to be paid for your articles!!

    1. Yes, why indeed? Altruism? Or is it something else?
      You know, there is such as thing as “the reveal”.

  7. I owned a Day Care from 1980 to 1990. I started observing changes in the babies and toddlers in my care. After vaccines most of the children were sick for 2 days to 2 weeks. A few started having issues that required anti-biotics and about 1/2 started having constipation and colon issues. Today as a Grandmother who has helped many young people with their children, I can’t believe how many toddlers are out of control running every where and have issues with sleeping patterns. I know of babies having IBS and acid reflux! A mother told me that her 1 year old had 3 vaccines with a total of 5 shots each time! I was shocked! I can’t believe the changes in children since I had mine in the 70’s and one in 1985. My youngest child suffered with more medical issues than my older children. I researched and found out that she was given double vaccines what her decade older sibblings had. Every decade the vaccines get worse! I’ve been told 3 out of 5 babies in America have some form of cognotive issues. When are we going to wake up and see the truth? Compare the 100+ year history of vaccines and the statistics of sick and diseased children. I don’t need to be a scientist to see that there is a connection! Thank God my younger grandchildren are not getting vaccinated! They are not sick like other children. They don’t go to doctors and they don’t use any medications. They eat live food and use herbs and essential oils for their medications. That is why the collumn and the film “Vaxxed” was pulled. The powers that are in control don’t want the public to know.

    1. I agree with KLH. My 2 month old son received the DPT shot 30 years ago and became deathly sick right after he was contaminated with all of the poisons in that shot. It wasn’t until this happened that I realize how bad these shots were. People, do your research! Open you eyes to what and why these shots are being pushed. The best and hardest decision I made was to stop giving my children these vaccines. I am so glad I did my research and was enlightened to the dangers and sicknesses they cause.

    2. Hats off to us grandmas who have seen the light. My 29 year old son has never had an antibiotic or other prescription med in his life. His l and only vaccination – a tetanus shot – made him sick within the hour and he couldn’t walk for a week! My 32 year old daughter had her DPT shots before I got educated on the dangers of vaccines. She had mini seizures and got arthritis in her fingers. That was the end of shots in our family and the beginning of only vitamins/herbal/homeopathic/nutritional remedies and chiropractic care. My daughter does her best to educate people on vaccine reactions and has a healthy 2 year-old who will never get a shot unless it’s at gunpoint and we have lost all rights.

  8. I would like to also read your movie review.

    Hopefully one day the movie will be shown in Orange County Ca. Theaters to educate people.

  9. My 2 oldest sons born in the 70’s were also vaccine injured by the DPT vaccine; the last 2 sons were never immunized…Since the 70’s they changed the pertussis to an acelluar product. The 4th son who was not immunized had to get multiple vaccines to be a fire fighter. Within 24 hrs of getting the MMR vaccine, he developed very enlarged lymph glands in his neck, axilla & groin…imagine if he had received that vaccine @ 18 mo old! The oldest vaccine injured son grew up to be a helicopter pilot headed for Afghanistan & was given smallpox vaccine & developed vaccinia & had to be quaranteened. There are some individuals who have a genetic code that just cannot detox some of those toxic ingredients!

  10. Freedom is something we think we have in the US and following closely behind with brown noses is Australia.Just seems every time US says jump we hop to it! Force chemically injecting our baby’s is a crime against humanity.The freedom to have democratic debate on this subject is met with attack, by people who won’t, don’t want to know the truth and can’t accept that the powers that be, would allow this to happen to them.It does seem unbelievable. My daughter has not vaxxed her 1 year old, and has no choice but to educate her, herself because,no school or daycare will accept them without proof of vax. Our govt blocks anyone who wants to speak out against vaxing,denying visa’s etc.Time to wake up.Linda

  11. Barbara & Celia & Lance, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for this site and the work you do. Every media piece that speaks the truth is a blessing for all.

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