Thursday, September 21, 2023


“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Health Care Workers Offered Money to Raise COVID Shot Uptakes

by Rishma Parpia
holding vaccines
U.S. Representative Thomas Massie of Kentucky has released a document titled "Vaccine Provider Incentive Program" drafted by health insurance provider Anthem Blue ...

Professor Says Parents Have No Right to Refuse Vaccines for Their Children

by Marco Cáceres
thoughtful mother holding baby
In a recent video commentary published in Medscape, New York University professor Arthur L. Caplan, PhD offered his views on ...

UK Health Officials Hide Results of Major Vaccine Trials

by TVR Staff
doctors asks for silence
Public Health England (PHE), an agency within the United Kingdom's Department of Health and Social Care, has failed to publish the ...

Should Doctors Lose Their License Over a Difference of Opinion?

Should Doctors Lose Their License Over a Difference of Opinion?
The art of medicine. It’s the cornerstone of medical practice. If medicine were all science, and only science, then we ...

Doctors Receiving ‘Merck Vaccination Service Awards’ for Pushing Vaccines

by Jefferey Jaxen | Guest Writer
Doctors Receiving 'Merck Vaccination Service Awards' for Pushing Vaccines
Where does your doctor’s allegiance lie? Does your healthcare professional listen to your needs and wants as a parent or ...

Flawed HPV Vaccine Safety Statement Triggers Butterfly Effect

by Claire Dwoskin | Guest Writer
In chaos theory, there is a familiar metaphor known as the “butterfly effect” that suggests small changes in initial conditions ...

Approve First, Test for Safety Second: CDC Policy Puts Pregnant Mothers and Fetuses at Risk

by Claire Dwoskin | Guest Writer
When a woman becomes pregnant, naturally, she wants to protect her unborn child above all else. Therefore, when offered a ...

The “Greater Good”: A Raw Deal for Muggles

by Marco Cáceres
Whenever you hear someone advocating "for the Greater Good," run away as fast as you can. Either that, or take ...

Dismissed Nursing Student Told to Lie to Patients About Vaccines

by Rishma Parpia
According to an article in Health Impact News, in 2013 a nursing student at Bakers College in Owosso, MI, Nichole ...

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