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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


COVID Shot Transmits Aerosolized Antibodies to Those Who’ve Not Gotten It: Study

COVID Shot Transmits Aerosolized Antibodies to Those Who’ve Not Gotten It: Study

A peer reviewed study recently published in Immunohorizons has provided evidence that individuals, who received messenger RNA (mRNA) COVID-19 shots, are able to transmit aerosolized antibodies to unvaccinated individuals. The study, which was originally reported in preprint in May 2022, looked at masks worn for one day by laboratory workers who received a COVID shot. Researchers found both Immunoglobulin G (IgG) and Immunoglobulin A (IgA) antibodies of SARS-CoV-2 on the masks and also concluded that droplet aerosolized antibodies may be passively transferred from immune and non-immune individuals.1 2

This study confirmed findings of previous studies that have shown that individuals who received COVID shots have high levels of intranasal IgG and IgA antibodies to the SARS CoV-2 virus and that these intranasal antibodies can be transferred to others through aerosols and respiratory droplets.3 4 The authors of the study suggested their findings may indicate that COVID shots play a positive role in transferring passive immunity to SARS-CoV-2 to those who do not get the shot.5

Parents Passed SARS-CoV-2 IgG Antibodies to Children

The study examined nasal swabs of children living with family members who received COVID shots, and compared them to nasal swabs of children living with with family members who did not. SARS-CoV-2 specific IgG antibodies were readily detected in the nasal swabs of children living in households who received COVID shots. There was a significant association between parents, who had a high number of SARS-CoV-2 specific intranasal IgG antibodies, and their children, who also showed a high number of intranasal IgA antibodies.6

The authors of the study said:

The simplest interpretation of our results is that (1) aerosol transmission of Ab can occur and that (2) the propensity for this transfer is, unsurprisingly, directly related to the amount of nasal/oral Ab found within those in the population possessing immunity.7

People Who Get COVID Shot May Excrete Spike Protein to Those Who Did Not Get a COVID Shot

A 2022 report in Infectious Disease Research hypothesized that individuals, who have received COVID shots that contain synthetic mRNA coated in lipid nanoparticles, could theoretically excrete and transmit to others (1) lipid nanoparticles containing mRNA (2) the vaccine mRNA or (3) the spike protein translated by the cells of the vaccinee.

The authors suggest the synthetic mRNA coated in lipid nanoparticles—or the spike protein that the cells have been programmed to make—could be inhaled, absorbed transcutaneously or otherwise transferred to an individual who has not gotten a COVID shot. In other words, unlike traditional shedding and transmission of vaccine strain virus via live attenuated oral polio, rotavirus or influenza vaccines, there may be excretion and transmission of the lipid nanoparticles containing mRNA of the virus or of the spike protein produced by the cells of those who get the shot. Excretion is the dissemination of the vector through bodily secretions.8

Excretion Studies Required for Products That Direct Cells to Make Proteins

Although mRNA biologicals targeting the mutated coronavirus are referred to as “vaccines,” some scientists have suggested that the products should more appropriately be described and treated by regulatory agencies as genetic therapeutic drugs.9 Moderna, a drug company that partnered with the U.S. National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) to develop Spikevax mRNA COVID biologic defines “mRNA therapy” as “a set of instructions that direct cells in the body to make proteins to prevent or fight disease.”10

The authors of the 2022 report  pointed out:

The massive COVID-19 vaccination campaign is the first time that mRNA vaccines have been used on a global scale. The mRNA vaccines correspond exactly to the definition of gene therapy of the American and European regulatory agencies. The regulations require excretion studies of these drugs and their products (the translated proteins). These studies have not been done for mRNA vaccines (nor for adenovirus vaccines). There are numerous reports of symptoms and pathologies identical to the adverse effects of mRNA vaccines in unvaccinated persons in contact with freshly vaccinated persons. It is therefore important to review the state of knowledge on the possible excretion of vaccine nanoparticles as well as mRNA and its product, the spike protein.

Despite the recommendation from regulators in other gene therapy trials, mRNA COVID shot trials conducted by Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech did not study the excretion of lipid nanoparticle coated mRNA or the spike protein produced by vaccinated persons.

According to the author of the report, mRNA shots fall under the definition of gene therapy products pursuant to the 2015 U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) definition and should, therefore, have undergone the same clinical trial requirements as other gene therapy products. However, since the COVID shots were labeled by manufacturers and governments as “vaccines,” drug companies were able to avoid the clinical trial requirements for gene therapy products, including the study of excretion by all body fluids such as saliva, sputum, urine, semen and breast milk excretion as well as through skin and feces.11

An analysis of the Immunohorizons report references Pfizer documents from the Phase I/II/III trial of the company’s Comirnaty mRNA COVID biologic, which mentions the possibility that the shot could be transmissible by way of skin contact, inhalation, breast milk, and semen. The Pfizer documents state that pregnant women could be exposed to the experimental product by way of environmental exposure including inhalation or skin contact.12

The author writes:

This clearly means that any contact, including sexual contact with someone who has received the vaccines, exposes those who have not received the vaccines to the “intervention”, i.e. mRNA.13

In-depth research into the transmissibility of ingredients and by-products of mRNA biologics is urgently needed considering the accelerated development of more mRNA biological products that will be used in the future. Currently, mRNA biologics are being developed for influenza, Lyme disease, HIV, Zika virus, yellow fever, rabies and tuberculosis.14 15 16 17

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42 Responses

  1. No doubt on this end that SARS Cov 2 would be a thing of the past without the gene based interventions. I’ve heard at least one researcher state that the covid virus was made for the vaccine, and not the other way around. I hear that the fear porn, lock-downs, mask and vaccines and the rest of the covid insanity will accelerate this coming fall. Thank God for the reprieve from the past insanity of this and other situations. I get it that there are control freak individuals in the world who love to force their misguided wills on everyone else. But if they expect us to live in a state of perpetual poverty and tyranny. Would it be too much to ask that we at least be allowed to hold onto our humanity and a healthy body? May the righteous judgment of God visit every individual who has deceived, murdered and destroyed the lives of billions of people.

    1. Those evil-doers either believe that the fingers of blame will never point at them, or worse, they know EXACTLY what they are doing and relish in the carnage they create.

      Author M. Scott Peck (The Road Less Traveled) wrote his book, “People of the Lie, The Hope For Healing Human Evil”, 1985.

      1. yes and Amen to that. I work in the alternative wellness industry. I read and listen to MDs who have either retired or have been fired (Dr. Daniel Neides, former Director of the Cleveland Clinic) and they all say that they receive maybe 8 hours of nutritional training, and 1 year of physiology (study of how the whole body functions together). The remaining 3 years of medical school concentrates on drugs and vaccines. To receive and maintain their medical licenses, they must memorize the vaccine schedule.
        They have lost their way in how to actually heal bodies. They violate their oath to “First do no harm”. If we are to survive, we must stop the madness and get back to truly healing the body and honor it’s innate wisdom and design. The body knows full well how to heal itself if we just give it the tools, nutritional tools, to do it with and stop flooding it with harmful agents that burden the body, dishonor it’s built-in mechanisms, and promote death.

    2. AMEN!! Many people just don’t want to be informed, including some of my own family! Sadly, I just can’t get an understanding of these people.

  2. I absolutely believe this. When people lined up to get their shots in 2021, I avoided them, but I still had major menstrual changes for a couple of cycles.

      1. That was purposely done, to confuse the horrific side effects of those Clot Shots. You can easily defend those deadly injections, and blame it on something else.

  3. Hello,
    Thank you for everything your organization does!!!! Are there any suggestions for those who have not gotten the shot to take as a preventative?

    Thank you,

    1. Dr Peter McCullough, in cooperation with PragerU, has developed an immunity-booster for people demonstrating long-term after effects. It might be worth researching for its possible preventive benefits.

    2. Do your own research. A lot more facts are coming out each week, by doctors and scientists, that are trying their best to help those who got those damn jsbs. There are many natural therapeutics, herbs, natural supplements, that can be helpful to people, such as, yourself. If I got that jab, I would probably be dead by now. I’m sensitive to pharmaceutical medicines, in general.

    3. Hi,
      See below for protocol to remove spike proteins from the body. Please share this as much as possible.
      This is what you need to take to stop the effects from the jabs you’ve had.
      Nattokinase – 2,000 FU twice per day Bromelain – 500 mg once per day
      Curcumin – 500 mg twice per day

      Developed by Dr. Peter A. McCullough.
      You can find the podcast on

  4. I definitely believe this, I was the only one in my office to not get the jabs but shortly after my colleagues got the jabs I had a severely altered menstrual cycle for three months. It included heavy bleeding and cramping with clots that I previously never experienced. I ended up using the recommended enzymes, NAC, zinc and quercetin. Those supplements did help. It’s a tragic situation that even those who chose not to take these experimental substances were still effected.

  5. This is Global Genocide, via a toxic product, used under the guise of “Safe and Effective” for “helping save humanity”. It’s purposeful outcome is just the OPPOSITE, brought to you by the Evil Elites behind this global horror. All the evidence you need is there NOW, to arrest all those damn evil people, such as, the Rockefellers, Soros, the Bill Gates of Hell, etc etc, that have all been working on this global takeover, for a long, long time. They have their deeply hidden laboratories, where they have used tens of thousands of those “missing persons”, for their hideous human trail experiments, to “fine tune” the mRNA outcomes, and so many other types of horrific experiments. They employ the most brilliant and evil people to help them “map out” their Evil Global Agendas, and also how to deal effectively against those of us that WILL NOT SUBMIT TO THEM. They know exactly what they are doing with the COVID Plandemics, “new” deadly variants and viral mutations, and other clever “distractions”, such as, Climate Change (like they really care about other people, because THEY are causing the unnatural weather conditions, NOT cow farts). Who will do what needs to be done to STOP those evil psychopaths, that want to Rule the World how they want it, and drastically reduce the human population, without even firing a bullet? Who will do this necessary task, before they “pound in the final nail” into eliminating what is left of human Freedom and Liberty, to be used for their future sex slaves (silicone dolls just won’t satisfy them, like human flesh does)? They now have all the power and money in the world to reach their hideous goals of total human enslavement. Who will STOP them now? It’s just a matter of time now. Do you think now that any amount of donations, peaceful protests, voting in decent politicians (the voting process has been totally compromised now, especially since the stolen Elections of 2020, made that very clear, crystal clear), will STOP this global madness, against those evil SOBs that have trillions of dollars, and now control most, or all government agencies that were meant to protect humanity, NOT to control them, and destroy them? If they are NOT STOPPED very soon, we will be living in such a toxic environment, many of us will be too ill to fight, or pass very, very early in life, as purposely planned. Those that are fortunate to survive, will be hunted down like animals. ALL OF THE EVIDENCE OF CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY IS THERE – PLAIN AS DAY NOW. I’m tired of reading, and listening to new mounting evidence, day after day, and NOBODY IS GETTING ARRESTED. Who will STOP them? That is the question for the future of humanity.

    1. All involved in vaxufacture of death / debility CV shots should transport to Gitmo for tribunal court, and ultimately death penalty. CV shots crossed boundaries of countries to create international “crimes against humanity”, and treason. CV shots forever tainted US military recruiting. If DoD can fire 17,000 soldiers for refusing CV shots, the DoD can repeat mal-performance for complex RSV in CV / flu shots for this fall: It’s a recipe for death.

      1. But, who will STOP this evil global medical tyranny? Are we all doomed to fall ill, and die prematurely, as those evil SOBs have planned; to reach their global depopulation plan of over 90%? You can watch a few videos, where they blatantly admit their heinous crimes, with no hint of retraction, or secrecy. They are NOT afraid to tell the world what they are planning. They are extremely dangerous people. You try to stop them, they will drop atomic bombs to distract the attention towards them. That is the level of evil that those subhumans are.

      1. Amen! Unfortunately I belive we are in the early stage of end times. These people will have to stand before God for their judgement. Pray for them, as they need to step out of corruption.

  6. OMG. I was composing a comment about an article peer reviewed by “scientists” who also believe most vaccines are safe and effective … it was pretty good but this comment I think? will inspire more critical thinking. I was googling a few facts to make sure I remembered them correctly and came across a public health site article titled: “The Long History of mRNA Vaccines”. I became an RN in 1989 and worked in ERs mostly. I noticed a few years after starting that the number of CHF & MI had become epidemic like. Heart Failure clinics were popping up around the nation in response. By 2005? or so, back to normal and many of the Heart Failure Clinics closed. I never considered vaccinations being the cause until the mRNA covid vaccine was released. According to the article: In the 90s an mRNA flu vaccine was developed for MICE but doesn’t look like any mRNA vaccines were approved for humans until the ebola vaccine in 2013. I suggest that mice were not the only ones getting injected with the mRNA Flu Vaccine in the 90s. But we will never know because third party labs have never analyzed vaccines….

    1. Small pox vaccine is SO toxic and a known cause of pericarditis / myocarditis, eventually cardiomyopathy when left untreated. Several older medical publications, vax documentaries, describe the failed history of small pox / polio vaxes. The Korean Army was so devastated by cardiac arrest / fatal heart attacks after small pox vaxes that they stopped administering to soldiers. I was vaxed with small pox before 4th grade, and again in Army Basic training 1989. I suffer debilitating heart disease since Desert Storm (1990-91). I also suffer brain / spinal column inflammation (myalgic encephalomyelitis, abbreviated ME). Here’s an excerpt from Feb 8, 2008 – amended by DoD on Feb. 11 – from University of Minnesota medical newsletter CIDRAP (Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy): “Inflammation of the heart muscle and lining (myopericarditis) occurs in about 1 in 175 first-time smallpox vaccine recipients, according to the FDA. A DoD safety summary says 140 cases had occurred in the military vaccination program as of last May (2007). Smallpox vaccination can also cause several other serious adverse reactions in rare cases, including localized or systemic spread of the vaccinia virus (eczema vaccinatum) and encephalitis.”

    2. Yes, it’s disgusting what they are doing, AND getting away with, AND getting paid very well to do that, which they clearly know is WRONG. “Just following orders (to keep their jobs AND Pensions)” – where have we heard that excuse before. Exactly – there HAS NOT BE ANOTHER Nuremberg Trial II, or this horror show WILL CONTINUE.

  7. Thank you for your review! Without a doubt, every step of the way our population as been decieved by those in this government along with the very media that transmits their deceptions. No wet bat transmission in Wuhan. That was a lie. The covid escaped the Lab. That was a lie. Take the “vaccintion to protect yourself. That was a lie. The mask must be worn to stop transmission.That was a lie. We didnt know our efforts would not stop the transmission of covid. That was a lie.The Chinese communist had nothing to do with the International transmission of the virus.That was a lie. Italy, Washington state, India, and South Africa all preconcieved destinations of the bio weapon.
    The Truth? This was a direct attack on this country and Liberty worldwide. Follow the money!Which world”leaders” did nothing to confront the origin of this attack, and promotes “partnership” as a friend not our enemy? Still, right now? Those in the Executive branch of the USA and the biggest profiteers of the madness! The drug makers.
    Look at the money from bank accounts! Look at the security institutions who so persuade their interrogators with, ” thats an ongoing investigation, we cannot comment on it”.
    Americas Future is right now! We the people must lead again! We must stop the madness by overwhelming numbers.

    1. I wonder why the strong push for gun control across America? It isn’t about keeping people safer. It’s about disarming as many people as they can, BEFORE proceeding to their next Level of Medical Tyranny. If they cared, they wouldn’t be letting out dangerous criminals so early, due to “over-crowding” (what the hell is that about?) etc etc, and allowing whoever they want to easily cross the southern boarders, and transported to wherever they chose to in America. Violent crime has increased, and is getting worse each month. I see more homeless people roaming the streets in our area. And, that didn’t begin until about 2021. People aren’t getting any raises, to keep up with the increasing inflation. This bad situation will eventually fail, and fully collapse, just like when the Titanic hit that iceberg. When the food shelves at your local grocery stores go empty, that is when there is no going back. It’ll turn into a Mad Max/The Walking Dead Combo Hell Hole.

  8. Does this mean that the mrna vaccinated individuals have “taken the hit” for everyone else providing antibodies (without any LNP or mRNA particles) to pass to others- it’s just that they potentially suffer the consequences of having those genetically manipulated mRNA particles in addition to the Lipid nanoparticles* in order to pass immunity to the non vaccinated?
    Can those with natural immunity do the same?
    *Some nanoparticles can be pretty toxic, like “buckyballs” aka “fullerenes”
    There used to be a considerable amount of information easily pulled up on a google search years back, but much of the appears scrubbed, maybe due to the growing use in industry and the desire to keep that hard to find?
    See some info here:,to%20humans%20and%20other%20organisms.

  9. You people took down my excellent comment, covering what is going on? That is your Free Speech Policy? Well, FUCK YOU, you pathetic people. People like you, is why we are in this fuck’n mess. You are just as bad as those that are doing this evil shit.

    1. I apologize to the Comment Moderator for my last inappropriate comment. I assumed that you had deleted my first comment, that was filled with substantial facts. And, to warn people what is coming, and to be prepared for those very difficult times. Winter is coming. So, do what you can, if things “go south”. Please delete that inappropriate comment, accusing you of refusing to post that first comment. Again, I’m sorry for that second, following comment. NOTE: I really enjoy reading your latest email Newsletters. Because of our limited income, I can’t support every excellent organizations, like yours. I can only support a few, such as, The Highwire (ICAN) each month, and Infowars, once in awhile.

  10. I believe that it is all intentional. I take Ivermectin prophylacticly and I can usually notice a “clearing” of physiological and emotional symptoms. I carry Ivermectin in my purse now, alongside narcane.
    The spike protein is as much an emergency as a severed limb in my book, so I make it available.
    Honestly, I worked with doctors for 15 years and I do not understand the emotional aspect of the spike protein but it is undeniable for me.
    Due to a bleeding disorder I occasionally have to use blood products. I had a case of myocarditis 3 months after a whole blood infusion, and continued worsening until I contacted Dr. Kory and received Ivermectin. This is scary.

  11. The shots (NOT vaccines) do not transmit antibodies because they were never designed to create antibodies. They are an intelligent, DOD bioweapon nanobots + hydrogel, designed to self-spread and to create self assembling clots + microchip, antennae-like and EMF-producing structures in the blood. The sooner we get our heads around this and speak in correct terms the higher our chances of survival. Don’t believe me? Check out Substacks of Drs. Anna Milhacea, Sasha Latypova and Karen Kingston.

    1. Blinka,
      You are correct even though folks can’t wrap their head around this. The DARPA branch of the military BRAGGED on 60 Minutes that they had the ability to create super soldiers with hydrogels & nanoparticles that could be located if lost and communicated with mentally from a distance. They also talked about the Voice of God Weapon where they can put thoughts & commands into the brains of individuals or groups of people like it was wonderful. It is said they used this during the Afghan war to get troops to lay down their weapons. Now that they have injected 2/3 of the planet with this same material does it make sense that formerly non violent folks are killing others & committing crimes & suicides?
      I never got the jab & never got Covid even though elderly and have some serious other health issues. Also did some traveling. I believe I was ok because my vitamin D levels are 80-100. Most Americans are in the 9-30 range which is insufficient. It is a crime that Vitaminn D levels are not routinely tested in USA AND that the media is warning us off of it as dangerous. Beware if they offer you a shot of vit D if you come back as low. It contains peanut oil & my brother was allergic to it. Two drops [4000iu] of D drops in my coffee every day does it for me. And yes I too felt ill when I was finally around vaccinated people. I have looked at my blood ,spit & urine under high def microscope for last five years because I was battling Lyme & Babesia[now gone] but now I have hydrogel & graphine oxide and lots of clotting all of a sudden. My practitioner thinks it is also from chemtrails as she is now seeing this in nearly everyone since 2021.

  12. I find it funny…I always thought it was in my head how ill I felt around people who were vaccinated. I would start to feel a bit malaise, I was exposed for 6 hours or so.
    Maybe I’m not insane after all. bwahahahahaha..

  13. Apparently, the Nuremburg Code, along with the Helsinki Agreement and our Constitution, mean ‘nothing’ anymore as those of us who choose to not get the kill-jab are still being ‘vaccinated’ without our consent.

    A major crime against humanity has been perpetrated. While the damage has been done (and continues to be done), the criminals are literally getting away with murder.

    My advice? Do whatever you can to boost your immune system. Don’t procreate with the jabbed if you haven’t been. Put your info into the PureBlood Project as a donor and/or recipient. Support organizations that support American values. And…STOP voting for people who do not represent you!

  14. Yeah it’s called shedding and we’ve been aware of it since before covid. It’s especially bad in the Fall when the jabbed kids start back to school and spread their funk to the healthy, unvaxxed kids. We refer to it it as “shedding season”.

    1. Who would have ever thought that life on this Planet would come to this level of insanity, and global criminality, on a scale that is incomprehensible, and ghastly? I wanted to retire, and enjoy my life, with friends and family. Now I’m prepared for a Dark Storm, and to hopefully protect my family, myself, even some neighbors that we trust, to hopefully survive the obvious deadly outcomes.

  15. I am convinced that my diagnosis of pericardial effusion is a direct result of my husband getting the shots. I did not know that he had done that both times. However, I distinctly remember feeling very sick and drained for 5 days with extremely swollen lymph nodes around both of the times he got them. I didn’t know what was causing it as I am very healthy and rarely get any kind of cold or infection. I also have four less than perfect heart valves most likely as a result of the acute inflammation in the pericardium. I told my newest cardiologist this and….crickets. I even shared a couple of articles. I am going to share this with him, too.

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