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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Malaria Confirmed in States Where Gates’ Funded Company Released Millions of Mosquitos

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A new potentially manufactured health crisis is on the horizon—just in time for a malaria vaccine funded by Bill Gates to hit the market and what seems like minutes after a Gates-funded company released millions of genetically modified mosquitos into the same states where cases occurred.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, five cases of malaria—four in Texas and one in Florida—were recently confirmed. This is the first time the “potentially fatal mosquito-borne disease” has been locally acquired in 20 years.

Malaria is a disease caused by a parasite that is spread to humans through the bites of infected mosquitoes.

What’s purely coincidental is that 750 million genetically modified (GM) mosquitos in 2022 were released in the Florida Keys, and in 2021, GM mosquitos were also released in Texas.

This followed an earlier release of 144,000 genetically modified mosquitoes in the Florida Keys by British biotech firm Oxitec to combat transmission of diseases like Zika and dengue fever, both of which had vaccines in development and accompanying headlines prepping potential customers with fear.

In its 2022 letter approving Oxitec’s plan, the Environmental Protection Agency approved the additional release of up to 2.4 million GM adult male mosquitoes and eggs in Monroe County, Florida, and several counties in California.

The EPA said Oxitec’s mosquito release would take place between then and April 30, 2024. The bottom line is that hundreds of millions of mosquitos have been released into the environment for absolutely no good reason.

The mosquito OX5034 was supposedly altered to produce female offspring that die in the larval stage—long before they are large enough to bite or spread disease. However, like COVID-19 vaccines, this is entirely experimental. We were told COVID-19 vaccines were safe, prevented transmission, and worked—none of which was true.

It must be a coincidence that from 2003-2023 there wasn’t one case of Malaria spread by mosquitos and then came a Bill Gates-funded company to solve a problem that didn’t exist, and suddenly cases of malaria are occurring where mosquitos were released.

The solution? A Gates-funded vaccine called “RTS,S,” (no, that is not a type error) with an impressive 40% efficacy tested (once again) on defenseless children in Africa. Although it’s 30 percent below the World Health Organization’s required threshold for effectiveness, vaccines are the only pharmaceutical products with no adverse side effects—and this vaccine is predicted to save thousands of lives at the expense of none.

The Gates Foundation invested hundreds of millions of dollars in fighting malaria over the last 20 years.

“Over the past two decades, the collective efforts of the global malaria community have dramatically reduced the global burden of malaria, but progress has stalled in recent years,” wrote Philip Welkhoff, the director for malaria at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in an email to VOX.

Two other malaria vaccines are in the pipeline: the University of Oxford’s R21 malaria vaccine and an mRNA malaria vaccine that has already been tested in six-month-old infants.

With the wild success of COVID-19 vaccines, the rapid approval process, no accountability, and the ability to have gene therapy products skirt by under the classification of a “vaccine” (which requires far fewer studies), it’s a “win.”

Of course, we have hydroxychloroquine, which has easily and effectively prevented and treated malaria for 60 years, but we can’t have people resorting to cheap and effective drugs associated with little to no adverse events to treat their ailments.

If you have the time and want more of the backstory, look into how mosquitoes have been used and engineered for biological warfare.

This article was reprinted with the author’s permission. It was originally published on Substack. Megan Redshaw is an attorney and journalist with additional expertise in natural health. She has a flare for breaking down complex and controversial topics into easy-to-synthesize and entertaining pieces that empower others to make informed decisions.

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  1. The Red Cross was successful in treating hundreds of cases of malaria until big pharma put a stop to it, the one day treatment is easy enough to find.

      1. Olive leaf extract is, like hydrachloriquin, an anti parasitic. It knocked my C19 out in 2 days, totally organic!


      I did find your synthetic chemical one day treatment, published by official sources.

      Then again, you could skip big pharma and reach into your cupboards instead. Just search natural cures malaria, millions of hits. There are volunteer guys whom create batches in bath tubs of a chloroquine hydro substance which supposedly cures malaria and costs pennies per gallon.

      By denying big pharma profit for releasing deadly disease, we take away the financial incentive to release deadly diseases to the public for profit. Because one thing is for certain, the big pharma industry and those whom participate in it, are above the law so there is no concern about legal consequences of murder and harm. Face up to the world we actually live in.

  2. These super wealthy people committing obvious crimes. When do deportations start? Tell me with millions of gm mosquitoes, that they can’t test one of them on a person without malaria, to see if they contract malaria. As media covers for the entire thing with a never ending sequence of it’s just causal relationships and coincidence stories. When will the investigative phase regarding this obvious criminal racketeering be over? We’ve lost faith in ‘well intended journalism’. Unless you consider being part of the racketeering group, covering for their crimes, to be objective journalism… There is never enough evidence to prosecute the wealthy in double standard justice systems. We live in a dictatorship.

  3. I have a friend who is a nurse in Sarasota FL. There were more cases of malaria last week at the hospital where he works. The doctors are amazed.

    1. Winston, two plus two equals five. You will eventually understand, and believe yourself.

      All we can do is plant the seed of the necessary philosophy for people to break the mental chains cast on them from a lifetime of propaganda. Plant the seeds of liberty everywhere you go. They are blind to facts, their minds addled by a never ending stream of lies. They can not see the obvious corelation of sudden return of malaria and supposed advancements meant to eradicate malaria. The connection is utterly obvious, except to the blind automatons. Perhaps put the information in televised commercial form so they can begin to absorb new data. Kill your television.

  4. thx for post. Gates has flipped the old Problem / Reaction / Solution .. now. Solution! Problem? Reaction (for minions)

  5. This is CRIMINAL ACTIVITY by Bill Gates.
    Endorsed by the EPA, aka the US Government.
    There clearly is no legal end to this madness.

  6. An article as potentially important as this is diminished by its sarcastic asides. They both distract from the purported facts and put into question the objectivity of the author. Please just give it to us straight.

    1. I agree, I had to reread some portions because I was confused by terms like “wild success of COVID-19 vaccines!”

  7. I wish that Gates, along with his wife, fauci and others can be injected with every damn vaccine he has come out with and even think to come up with. These pathetic, useless creep keep coming out with more and more destruction and WOW!! the governments keep letting him. THEY DO NOTHING!!!!

    What good is a policitcal system or even a health system these days? They are all corrupt, greedy liars that serve no purpose to humanity.

    1. Amen sister… I’m 74 and have never been thru so much mental torture as I have the last few years. The issue is – IT’S SO OBVIOUS… why aren’t people seeing this? Have we become such a nation of blind sheep? Gates killed thousands in Africa with vaccines, Fauci… he’s the literal Anti-Christ, responsible for killing thousands of AIDS victims in the 80’s and again with his Plandemic. WHY isn’t something being done. WHY do all these people all have the biggest ‘get out of jail free’ cards in the Universe. What has become of humanity

      1. According to the documentary “Died Suddenly” the ultimate objective is culling the world population.

  8. One could be forgiven perhaps even be considered a hero by removing Gates from mother earth. As well as all his demonic cohorts. At this point it would be self defense, of course they would just CG him and continue on. Of course they will be dealt with eventually, nothing can stop that. Bill Gates launched a biological attack on Florida with his malaria infected mosquitoes. Where was Florida’s hero Ron Desantos on that one?

    Whatever you may believe, realize these beings seem to have all the power. They don’t, their actions define them as extreme cowards. They are so frightened of us especially now. Hence the trillion dollars spent on COVID propaganda. As The world awakens to their deeds all eyes are on them. With the endless stream of distractions, rope-a-dopes, and false flags. Let’s not forget weather manipulation, going on for decades now. The sad part is it’s only their material wealth keeping them out of trouble. They are even willing to destroy this planet via nuclear war to keep themselves from being held accountable.

    We’re talking about pure evil. Freedom is not free my fellow souls. Whatever we do to protect our kids/freedom it will be our finest hour. Just know these people if you want to call them that just want us gone. For various reasons none of which are benevolent in nature. They know they are running out of time, let’s show them what we’re made of. Just say “NO!”

    Agree to nothing because at the end of the day these corporations including the ones calling themselves our government have zero authority over us unless we grant it to them (Clearfield Doctrine). We do not have to play their deadly game. It’s a game called “Let’s depopulate the Earth.”

    As a bonus we can get all the sheeple to line up for their own demise. Because those dumb Americans believe anything they see on the TV. Do you believe for even a second they don’t think this way? They can’t be held accountable because we chose to take part in their COVID games out of fear and ignorance. It’s called contract law, it’s how their world works. If you don’t agree to their contract they have no recourse.

    Put your warrior hats on people, it’s time. Of course unless you happen to work for them, we’ll then maybe you should of zigged instead of zagged. In any case it’s your soul, it’s who and what you are. Be careful with it, Earth is a school. Learn well.😊
    Be safe y’all 🙏

    1. 100% Jonathan. Every sheep taking these agents of death and destruction should sign a consent form acknowledging that he/she is knowingly doing so at the risk of serious physical damage or death for which there will be no provision of medical care or monetary compensation.
      It will be voluntary genocide of the dumb.

  9. 100% Jonathan. Every sheep taking these agents of death and destruction should sign a consent form acknowledging that he/she is knowingly doing so at the risk of serious physical damage or death for which there will be no provision of medical care or monetary compensation.
    It will be voluntary genocide of the dumb.

  10. It’s been months we have heard from the war journalist Michael Yon, who spent months in Panama, sending info on the THOUSANDS of illegal’s being escorted daily, by the US gov. and the UN, we could see it on the billboards… and the busses escorting them toward the US border, was also saying many had malaria, syphilis (some could barely walked), and he forewarned infectious diseases would arrive with many of them!
    BTW, removing Gates, would be like catching ONE fruit fly when they are many more around?

    1. I really liked the way OLIVE LEAF extract knocked Covid 19 out of me. It is anti parasitic. Worked really fast.

    2. Prevention is not necessary if you have natural immunity. Take off the white lab coat, you are no longer in need of the attire. Unless you live in a cave in the middle of nowhere. You have already been exposed and developed immunity. And if somehow you actually do live in isolation, the repeat transmission through society at large has already caused downward mutations of the virus to the point this thing is as irrelevant as the flu. Only the hypochondriacs of the world are the ones keeping the fear stoking. The rest of us has moved on, covid fatigue and all.

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