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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


UN Says Confidence in Childhood Vaccines Down 44 Percent Worldwide

mother refusing vaccine for her baby

A new report conducted by the Vaccine Confidence Project published by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) concluded that confidence in childhood vaccines has dropped by 44 percent in 52 countries in recent years. The report surveyed 55 countries and all but three countries—China, India and Mexico—showed a steep decline in vaccine confidence since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

South Korea and Papua New Guinea saw a 44 percent decline and Ghana, Senegal and Japan saw more than a one-third decrease in belief in the importance of childhood vaccines following the pandemic. In the United States there was a decline of 13.6 percent in the belief that vaccines are important for children.1 2 3

The report said that an estimated 67 million children did not receive vaccinations who otherwise would have before the pandemic was declared, with an estimated 48 million children not receiving any routine childhood vaccinations at all. Overall, vaccination levels fell in 112 countries during the COVID pandemic.4

Government Lockdowns Drove Down Childhood Vaccination Rates

The trend of fewer vaccines given to children has been occurring since the COVID pandemic was declared by United Nations (UN) health officials at the World Health Organization (WHO) in early 2020. During the lockdowns instituted by governments in most developed nations, many parents were not able to take their young children to the pediatrician for vaccinations. According to an investigation conducted by Scientific American, during the first month and a half after the COVID pandemic was declared, vaccination across the U.S. sharply declined.

States showed anywhere from a one percent to a 60 percent decrease in vaccination when comparing the total number of vaccinations given in April 2019 to April 2020. In New York City, vaccination in general was down 63 percent and it was down 91 percent in children below the age of two years in the first two months of the government-initiated lockdowns compared to the previous year.5

At the start of the 2020-2021 school year, vaccination rates for children entering kindergarten dropped to 94 percent, one percent less than the government’s purported vaccination goal. The percentage of children who did not get vaccines may be even lower than that, however, because as many as 400,000 children did not enter school as expected due to school closures during the pandemic. Government officials speculate that the rate of childhood vaccination was down due to parents not taking their kids to pediatricians during the pandemic, remote schooling not necessarily requiring vaccination, and concern over the safety of the new COVID shots.

Jason Terk, MD, a pediatrician in Dallas, Texas, warned in 2022 that there is more skepticism about vaccination in general among parents since the COVID pandemic and questions about COVID vaccine safety. “There’s a greater proportion of parents who are questioning routine vaccines.” 6

The latest vaccine hesitancy data from around the world seems to confirm Dr. Terk’s observation.

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15 Responses

  1. BEST news ever!!!
    SIDS is probably down as well.
    Let’s do a nationwide reporting of the results of this!
    Oh that’s right – pHarma would rather kids die than make less money.

    1. They could have been following non vaccinated kids for decades now.
      They choose not to.
      Why would that be?

  2. Thanks be to God so many parents are starting to see how much more healthy their children are without vaccines, a silver lining in the mandated lockdowns, for sure.

  3. It sounds like we now have a large control group of unvaccinated, or reduced vaccinated children. Hopefully, someone will track this group and compare a number factors with this group including: rate of SIDS, rate of certain allergies, including peanut allergies; rate of autism; rate of celiac disease, and the list goes on. This could be a wonderful opportunity for our society.

  4. This is indeed a silver lining from the COVID debacle. Now that people have started to see the light, or get a glimmer of it, they will hopefully continue to be hesitant and start to ask more questions about the terrible practice of injecting children with harmful shots — and of mandating them. Adults might also begin to look back on their own personal health histories and wonder if the vaccines they have gotten, like the flu shot or even the few they may have gotten as kids (polio, smallpox), could be at the root of some of their current health issues. Could diseases like chronic fatigue syndrome, IBS, the explosion of Parkinson’s, MS, migraines, allergies, joint issues (esp. in the shoulder where shots are given) and many other diseases so common today have their roots in the immune-destabilizing effects of those earlier vaccines? Before the pandemic, I never even considered that vaccines could cause damage or disease. Now, after three years of learning about the myriad adverse effects of ALL vaccines, I think we’re all likely vaccine injured to some degree or another. I would hope we’re starting to see the beginning of the end of this 200 -year experiment on humanity that’s worsened the health of our species and caused so much harm.

  5. Unless laws change on a statewide level, this is a start. The wheel turns slowly.
    Is what is needed is:
    1. Greater accountability to the vaccine industry
    2. Alternatives and buy in from the medical community for alternatives to vaccines for prevention of illnesses
    3. Remove mandates and instead promote a robust health care system that encourages and enables parents to make informed choices about risks and benefits and alternative routes to healthy immune function

  6. For those of you who say a study should be done on the vaccinated, partly vaccinated and unvaccinated – it is done. There have been 3. Dr. Paul Thomas did a massive 10 yr. study that absolutely showed unvaccinated children had the least amount of chronic illness and disease. He has been stripped of his license to practice because he told the truth. He has a website, podcast and books. The best recent vaccine book is “Turtles All the Way Down”.

  7. Not so fast. An injection isn’t the only way to get vaccinated. Know where your food comes from if you eat meat.

  8. It is a shame that unvaccinated kids could not get some horrible disease like measles, small pox or polio and have the parents be the ones in an iron lung.
    If this practical magic were a reality, watch these rocket surgeons line their kids up outside of clinics.

  9. Who would’ve guessed that shaming, threatning, harassing and attacking people for refusing to participate in a clinical trial would make them re-think if their being lied to?…

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