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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Singapore Compensates Hundreds Injured or Killed by COVID Shots

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The government of Singapore has paid out nearly $1.9 million in financial assistance to 413 people who have suffered serious adverse reactions or died after getting a COVID-19 shot as of Dec. 31, 2022. The money was paid out under the country’s Vaccine Injury Financial Assistance Program (VIFAP), according to Singapore’s Ministry of Health.1 2

Of those individuals who received compensation, the individual or families of three were awarded a “Tier 1” payout of $225,000 each because they either died or were permanently disabled following COVID vaccination. Among the vaccine injured is a 16-year-old boy who suffered a heart attack and collapsed after a weightlifting session in a gym six days after getting a first dose of Pfizer/BioNTech’s Comirnaty messenger RNA (mRNA) COVID biologic on June 27, 2021. The teenager was admitted to a hospital intensive care unit (ICU) and underwent inpatient rehabilitation.1 3 4 5

According to a report by The Straits Times in August 2021, the teenager was diagnosed with myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) and the Ministry of Health said that the condition was “likely a serious adverse event caused by the vaccine which may have been aggravated by the youth’s strenuous lifting of weights and high consumption of caffeine through energy drinks and supplements.”3 4

VIFAP Created to Provide Financial Support for Those Harmed by COVID Shots

The VIFAP, which was established in 2021 by the Ministry of Health, is meant to provide an “additional layer of financial support” for people who are harmed by a COVID shot. It is not designed to reimburse patients for associated medical expenses they incur after becoming vaccine injured.4 5 The ministry stated:

Individuals who experience side effects after their COVID-19 vaccination can continue to receive support through applicable healthcare financing schemes, such as MediShield Life and subsidies at our public healthcare institutions. Persons with private insurance may wish to check with their insurance provider on their coverage details.5

While Tier 1 of the VIFAP provides the highest amount of compensation for the most serious adverse reactions linked to the COVID shots, there are two other tiers (Tier 2 and Tier 3) that also offer financial assistance for injuries that result in less severe health problems. Tier 2 provides a payout of $10,000 to those admitted to a “high dependency” hospital ward or ICU following a COVID vaccination but subsequently recover. Tier 3 provides a payout of $2,000 to patients who require hospitalization and medical care after receiving a COVID shot but subsequently recover.2 4 5 6

To qualify for funding from the VIFAP, a person must be a Singaporean citizen, be a permanent resident of Singapore or have a long-term work visa and who received a COVID shot in the country. All applications to the program are evaluated and compensation is determined by an independent clinical panel whose members are appointed by the Ministry of Health.1 2 6

Singapore was among the first countries in the world to approve the use of Comirnaty on Dec. 14, 2020 and the first country in Asia. At the time, the product was still known as BNT162b2.7 8

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15 Responses

  1. where could I send about my 13 yr old daughter case ? after 2 wks of vaccine Phizer she suddenly collapse.stroke.happend last year Jan.

  2. More examples of poisonous protectionism and failed central planning. This is in no way a victory or anything to celebrate. The fact these compensation programs even exist is a bane on civilized society. The government should permanently revoke the product purveyors approvals, then sue and regulate them to oblivion. Instead the private companies reap incredible profits pushing harmful substances, and the citizens wallet, aka taxpayers funds, compensate the unfortunate victims of these affinity schemes. The story is akin to a kingpin drug dealer having to give back a portion of his cash stash because finally someone caught up to him. Regardless of the payments, the criminal enterprise which is the pharmasuetical industry doing harm to the masses remains in place. If you could know ahead of time, would you accept a quarter million for your life, or the life of your family member, or would you have chosen to take your chances with natural immunity? There is no for the greater good here, there is only immoral unethical dealings from monopolized companies whom collude and racketeer within governments. What’s new?

    1. “More examples of poisonous protectionism and failed central planning.” – From where in this article did you get this narrative? It seems like you had brought your own narrative to this story and were imposing it on other regardless of the article.

      “This is in no way a victory or anything to celebrate.” – Where in the article did it mention celebrating? Your own narrative again?

      MIDDLE HALF OR ARTICLE – You have the wrong perception that vaccines are perfect tools that work 100% of the time with zero deaths/injury. Just google keywords like “death from smallpox vaccines”, “death from polio vaccines”, “death from measles vaccines”, etc. and you will find that even for these now well-established vaccines, there were deaths/injury when the vaccines were first used decades or even a century ago.

      You seem to think that because the casualty percentages for Covid vaccines are not 0%, regardless of how close they are to 0%, no one should use them. You seem to ignore the fact that because of the Covid vaccines, a lot more people are now alive rather than the many more millions that could have died.

      YOUR ATTACKS ON THE PHARMA COMPANIES – You chastise the pharma companies but you fail to realise that without the great financial incentives, they would not have worked as hard to develop the vaccines as quickly. You condemn them for potentially causing injury/deaths when neither you nor I could have developed the vaccines ourselves.

      Nothing will ever satisfy you. Companies are always evil, which is why we need to burn all of them to hell.

      1. Sorry, Peach, ALL big-pharma is a threat to mankind. If you believe otherwise, you are part of the problem. Anyone who pushes or forces any type of vaccination is an agent for evil. I’m not pushing a narrative, I am merely stating my opinion…something that has been severely censored due peoples “FEELINGS” rather than facts that have been scrubbed from the internet and false narratives put in place.

        We are God’s amazing design, one that has been designed to withstand more than mankind can create (who is trying to play God). Natural immunity is the best.

        Oh! One last thing? Look up the definition of vaccination: treatment with a vaccine to produce IMMUNITY to a particular disease or pathogen. Not one of these have been able to produce either so therefore should not be considered a vaccination nor even medicine for that matter!

        You have every right to speak your mind, but when you dissect someone’s opinion incorrectly, THAT is hate speech.

        Restraint in this situation would be considered a virtue.

  3. This compensation sum is inadequate for the loss of life and also the loss of livelihood. This is really unacceptable compensation. For tiers 2 and 3 is ridiculously low. Shouldn’t the government authority take notice of these cases and stop their push for compulsory vaccinations?

  4. Nothing will change until and unless such news is broadcast widely on Main Stream Media…. as the masses are latched on to It.

  5. you checked most boxes as to the greediness of the military/pHARMa/industrial complex, and their oposite take on survival of the fittest . imagine how much money has been passed to the mid-level people in media and corporate to keep this scam afloat

  6. “likely a serious adverse event caused by the vaccine which may have been aggravated by the youth’s strenuous lifting of weights and high consumption of caffeine through energy drinks and supplements.”
    5.16 million people are vaccinated in Singapore, and anti-vaxxers are more upset about a few unfortunate freak scenarios than about how many lives the virus itself has taken or disabled, or the many more it would negatively impact without vaccines. Covid infection causes myocarditis at significantly higher rates than vaccines.

  7. This is so easy. Jab to kill, or you live if you’re lucky, or injured for life.
    Then use your tax money to pay you..

  8. There were 59 adverse events or a reporting rate of 0.012 % for those who got the Moderna/Spikevax bivalent shot. For people who got the Pfizer-BioNTech/Comirnaty bivalent vaccine, 11 adverse events, or a 0.005% reporting rate. The amounts compensated seem high but in systems with good governance, adverse events are transparent & compensated with much accountability. Life is a balance of risks/benefits and like all medical treatments, and so one weigh all factors incl. public health methods and vaccines. Let the evidence speaks for itself and all to take their own risks, but please do not involve others without the evidence!!

  9. When one of your family member died or seriously suffered a permanent injury because of the jab, then only you will stop arguing the good and bad of the vaccine. Don’t say that the pharma are evils. What about the country goverment leaders who not only approved the vaccine but also in partnership business with vaccine companies.

  10. The Vaccine Reaction is a blog that discusses vaccines and associated topics, and this piece is an example of their writing. Hundreds of people in Singapore have been damaged or altered after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. There is a distinct impression that the author is offering an interpretation rather than delivering facts. The assertions presented in the post should be carefully analysed and confirmed before being accepted as reality due to the lack of backing from credible sources.

  11. where could I send about my 13 yr old daughter case ? after 2 wks of vaccine Phizer she suddenly collapse.stroke.happend last year Jan.

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