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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Canadian Government Approves Compensation for Man Paralyzed by Pfizer’s COVID Shot


A 45-year-old man in British Columbia, Canada will reportedly receive monetary compensation from the government of Canada through its Vaccine Injury Support Program (VISP) for paralysis caused by Pfizer/BioNTech’s Comirnaty messenger RNA (mRNA) COVID-19 biologic. Julian Scholefield, who has been confined to a wheelchair for more than a year, received a second dose of Comirnaty on July 13, 2021. Twelve days later, he developed a neurological disorder known as acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM) that left him paralyzed from the waist down.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

In the fall of 2021, Scholefield filed a claim for compensation with the VISP and submitted his medical records. On Jan. 13, 2023, he was notified that his claim had been approved and that the “next step would be to be determining the dollar value of that.” As of Dec. 1, 2022, a total of 1,299 claims have been filed with the VISP. Of those, 50 have been approved by the program’s medical review board for nearly $2.8 million in compensation. The board determined that there was a “probable link between the injury and the vaccine, and that the injury [was] serious and permanent.”1 4 6

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, 53,611 adverse events following COVID vaccination have been reported, with 10,565 of them considered to be serious.10

Neurologist Concluded Paralysis May Have Been Linked to the COVID Shot

Scholefield began to develop paralysis over the course of a few hours when he was out boating on Okanagan Lake with is family on July 25, 2021. He noticed a tingling sensation in his left leg. “I was sitting, driving the boat. I realized my left leg started to feel funny and tingly,” Scholefield said. “Rather than getting better, it actually progressed worse and went from being just in the left leg to the right leg as well. Within a two-hour period, I ended up paralyzed from really the mid-section down.”1 3 8

A neurologist diagnosed Scholefield with a myelitic (inflammation of the spinal cord) form of ADEM, which can cause paralysis, loss of vision and difficulty in voluntary muscle coordination. He said:

A neurologist who really took an in-depth study into my case did further testing on me and was able to essentially eliminate any other causes except for the COVID vaccine. … They were able to just eliminate every other possible cause. And there’s this outlier, where I had the vaccine.”1 2 3 4

ADEM has been a severe complication of vaccination beginning with the first vaccines for smallpox and rabies, and also with pertussis, measles, hepatitis B, influenza, HPV and other vaccines.11 12 13

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH):

Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM) is a neurological disorder characterized by brief but widespread attacks of inflammation (swelling) in the brain and spinal cord that damages myelin. Myelin is the whitish protective coating over nerves that helps with electrical nerve signaling. ADEM often appears following a viral or bacterial infection and sometimes (rarely) following a vaccination. It is sometimes misdiagnosed as the first severe attack of multiple sclerosis, since the symptoms and appearance of damage to the white matter may be similar. ADEM may be an autoimmune condition, in which the body’s immune system mistakenly identifies and attacks healthy cells and tissue.

A study published in the journal Forensic Science, Medicine and Pathology in March 2022 states that ADEM has “long been known to be a rare adverse event following some types of vaccinations.” Onset of ADEM reportedly can occur up to six weeks after receiving a COVID shot.4 8 14 15

VISP Too Slow and Insufficient to Cover Costs of Vaccine Injury

“I think that the government understood that there was going to be risks associated with the COVID vaccination program, and they set up the vaccine injury support [program] to help people,” Scholefield said. But, he added, “It’s not doing enough and it’s certainly not doing it in a timely manner. I am not against vaccines per se, but certainly, in my shoes, there is a downside to the COVID vaccine.”1 4

Scholefield has reportedly been on medical leave from work and has been receiving treatments to help strengthen his immune system. He and his family have run up significant debts to pay for his wheelchair, the installation of an elevator in his home, hospital bills, medical supplies and travel expenses. “We’ve got a three-floor lift and that was a significant cost, obviously out of pocket,” Scholefield said. “That cost may or may not be covered by the vaccine injury support program. We don’t know. And so at this stage, it’s a debt that’s sort of lingering, sitting there.”2 3 4

Scholefield’s wife, Angela, established a GoFundMe page to raise money to cover the costs of the vaccine-related injury and, so far, they have raised nearly $73,000. In a March 2022 update of the page, she wrote:

Our fight for the past seven months has been to get him better. He spent 89 days in hospital and unfortunately, to date, is still paralyzed. Our life as we once knew it has been turned upside down. We fight every day emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Our many appointments for rehab and home renovations expenses have been incurred and paid for out of pocket.4 

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  1. I’ve had the same symptoms, lost control of left side of body, can no longer walk. this started 8 weeks after Moderna shot. Neurologist says its a MOTOR NEURON DISEASE…….Time will tell the real story, meds are $30,000.00 plus per year!! Totally disabled…..!


      Linda, stop being dependent on the controlled for profit big hospital administrators and insurance agencies. Your health is not their primary priority but I’d bet they are more than satisfied with your new higher level of product purchases and provider services participation. Big hospitals do not create cures, they create customers. Try to take the spike down and balance your system first with simple well directed dietary changes and supplements. Link provided. The Wellness Company. A consortium of censored medical professionals whom came through with verifiable effective treatments for covid itself and covid vaccine side effects later on. Bookmark and share the link.

  2. Pfizer tried to keep their documents unavailable for 75 years and lost in court. They have been found to have lied about the human trials of their vaccine to get emergency authorized use which is Fraud and should mean they aren’t protected by the Emergency Pandemic executive order. We need restitution for everyone harmed or killed by their Covid vaccines paid by them, not our broke governments.

    1. There is an interesting back story to that which RFK Jr from Childrens Health Defense detailed when it happened. FDA had a single person working on FOIA requests and other document disclosures. They calculated time per page, multiplied by the number of informational pages, and drew that out to so many years. Then recalculated and the period grew longer by decades. A judge threw it out and said this institution has thousands of employees, move some people over to the disclosure department and get the data out there NOW. It’s a big fraud based on government bureaucracies. Obviously the FDA answers to big pharma, not the other way around. Our government regulatory systems are inept and broken, you can not trust them, as they are now basically extensions of big pharma, held in place to provide liability cover and protection for this industry. Your tax dollars, hard at work.

      For this particular article, looks like they forgot to bribe, intimidate, eliminate, or otherwise silence at least one doctor. What about the other 38 million Canadians though… What a sham, and people are still buying it, allowing criminals within government and private enterprises whom control the government to slow walk them to a back door illusionary ‘justice’.

  3. Pfizer and the other vaccine makers should all have their banks account frozen and evenly distributed to all that took the shot and were injured , AND ALL companies that threatened their employees with firing them if the shot was not taken should be sued to the hilt

    1. They should be incarcerated in orange jumpsuits and shackles. First step when dealing with criminal cartels whom racketeer and collude, is incarceration. Compensation comes after the complete seizure of all funds and assets.

      Listen to how eloquently the CEO’s of major pharmasuetical companies respond to honest and straight forward questions from real legitimate journalists when asked critical questions in public outside of their controlled venues… MUST WATCH. Widely censored and hard hitting. ‘Rebel News interviews Phizer CEO.’

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