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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Health Care System Mandates COVID Shot, Withdraws Religious and Medical Exemptions

Froedtert Health building

Froedtert Health, a health care system headquartered in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, is withdrawing religious and medical exemptions held by employees who had originally refused to get the messenger RNA (mRNA) COVID-19 shots. The company informed its employees that they must now get vaccinated with the recently approved Novavax’s COVID vaccine NVX-CoV2373 (also known as “Nuvaxovid” and “Covovax”) or face termination.1

On July 13, 2022, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for Novavax to distribute NVX-CoV2373 for use by individuals 18 years of age and older.2

Employer Says Novavax’s COVID Vaccine Ingredients Do Not Conflict with Religious Beliefs

Froedtert Health said many of its employees filed COVID religious exemptions on the basis that mRNA COVID shots used fetal cell lines or tissue to develop the product. The employer e-mailed those employees that they are unable to claim religious or medical exemptions” as a reason not to be vaccinated against COVID since NVX-CoV2373, which is protein subunit vaccine and fetal cell lines or tissue were not used in its development.3

Alison Chartan, a spokesperson for Novavax, said:

No human fetal-derived cell lines or tissue, including HEK293 cells, are used in the development, manufacture or production of the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine candidate, NVX-CoV2373.4

A spokesperson for Froedtert Health said:

The Novavax vaccination for COVID-19 is now available. This protein-based vaccination option eliminates conflicts for those staff with religious or medical exemptions caused by mRNA-based vaccines and other concerns. Since those staff are now eligible for a vaccination that does not conflict with their religious beliefs or medical situation, their exemption will expire. This affects less than 1% of our staff. We continue to allow valid medical exemptions and sincerely held religious exemptions for the COVID-19 vaccine. Impacted staff were provided the opportunity to apply for an exemption after learning the previous exemption kept on file was no longer valid.”5

Employees React to New COVID Vaccine Mandate at Froedtert Health

Employees at Froedtert Health said that the ingredients in the vaccine are of concern as well. An employee who wanted to remain anonymous said that the new COVID shot mandate is going to further aggravate the nursing shortage and negatively impact patient care and safety.6

WISN 12 News reporter Caroline Reinwald asked the employee:

The fact that this new vaccine doesn’t use, or says it doesn’t use, any cells from aborted fetuses, does that go against your religion still?”

The employee responded:

Yes, just because it’s my body my temple. God is within us. If we’re uncomfortable, or not sure about something, then we shouldn’t do it. I have a lot of thinking to do. I carry the health insurance for our family. I have a week to decide if I feel comfortable taking this vaccine otherwise I honestly don’t know. I don’t know if any other health care facilities in this area even take exemptions.7

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39 Responses

  1. According to Children of God for Life’s Guidance on Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine which you can access at . . .

    “A COVID-19 vaccine that does not use aborted fetal cell lines in research or production is not expected in the foreseeable future.”

    Under Novavax . . . “Unfortunately, a fetal cell line was used in testing…Here’s where we are with Novavax: What has been published seems clear, in that aborted fetal cell lines were used in assessing glycosylation of the Sf9-produced spike proteins relative to the proteins produced in HEK-293. Novavax says otherwise. It is incumbent on them to bring crystalline clarity to this, and until that is done, we will defer to what has been published in peer-reviewed journals. After all, that is what the scientists wrote down.”

  2. there IS a religious reason for refusing Novavax. if I’m not mistaken the larvae of a moth are used to produce the spike protein. Leviticus 11:20-23 prohibits the ingestion of certain insects. Check it out for yourself.

  3. They need to sue and publicly have the question answered, “How does being vaxxed benefit other people”? If it only benefits the person being vaxxed, since when can anyone tell a person they must drug their own bodies?

  4. Be Not Afraid! God will provide. Stay away from this kill shot. Not worth it. Many other states do allow exemptions, try Indiana! (it is not a “vaccine” ; it is a new gene therapy … do your research: Dr. Tenpenny, Dr. Ardis, Stew Peters, Dr. Judy, Dr. Mikovits, Dr. Dolores Cahill, Robert K. Kenedy, Jr., Dr. Martin, and many more!

    God bless you and stay the course!

  5. Some people and their mental gymnastics to find religious exemptions. You’re making the rest of us look like fools so please just stop it.

    Try this one instead: The irony of having to appeal and beg for permission to have personal choice based on our religion, moral code, and general ethic, and having to make that appeal to godless heathens whom don’t respect personal choice in the first place. No means no and it does not mean anything else. We said no and we meant it. Good ideas do not require force. The very meaning and core principals of any religion are based around personal choice. That our bodies are our temples and our own sole responsibility. To use force and coercion is to deny the very basis for religion in the first place.

    We warned you this was a possibility. You’d all have been better off filing class action lawsuits instead or pushing for better legislative protections like Montana implemented. But it appears this will be your next important step if you’re employed at froedterd. We’re still holding our breath for Kaiser Permanente which is where important family members work. There are many lawsuits against them now and if this organization denies us employment we will sue and hit the streets to gain long lists of disaffected people whom have standing to join a suit. We remember all the people we’ve worked with and seen over the past twenty or more years. Don’t forget it. We The People. Coercion is not consent.

    Vaccines are not medicine. This needs to end. You can not inject health. You can not inject protection. Reading antibody response is not the same thing as going through the full stages of illness and actually developing natural immunity. A fool and his health are soon parted. We refuse all vaccines on principal because good ideas do not require force.

    It’s all taxation without representation anyways. If not for excess taxation these subsidized programs could never be a reality in the first place. Imagine paying $300 cash out of pocket for every single vaccine for you and your kids, and don’t forget your boosters. Just each child would need roughly $20,000 worth of these to be ‘vaccinated’, with an ever growing lengthening list as there are literally hundreds of new vaccines getting closer to being brought to market. Adults will need roughly 200 or more boosters in several decade periods as the recurring frequency keeps getting closer and closer together. It’s a money making racketeering monopoly that needs disbanded and cast to the four winds immediately, clear as day conflicts of interest and project implementation malfeasance. They’re not going to stop until we stop them, so draw the line right now today. Refuse all vaccines on principal because they’ve already gone too far and crossed the line.

    Those idiots don’t even understand what they’re looking at, the vaccines in their current forms are largely ineffective and perceived immune responses are nothing more than the bodies reaction to being poisoned. Chronic illness in vaccinated populace being consistently higher than non vaccinated people prove the theory. Corporate tyrants pushing these things as mandatory are just thinking of their stock investments due to their own conflicts of interests.

    Does anyone have a pitchfork I can borrow? The people pushing this need to ktfo immediately like wipe the floor with them and toss them down the stairs. If it is to be the use of force, don’t be surprised when we adopt the same principals. Want to take our jobs away from us? We know where you live.

  6. The byline says “Informed Consent.” That is not what this is about. INFORMED REFUSAL is where the war is.

    Remember– every athlete, every person who has fallen dead of myocarditis in the prime of life believed the jab was safe.

    Vaccination is an issue of trust. Has the vaccine industry proven that we can trust them?

  7. 2 Corinthians 7:1 – … let us cleanse ourselve of every defilement of flesh…
    This verse encourages Christians to abstain from things that harm the body (the flesh) such as drugs, cigarettes, etc that would cause death. The thousands of adverse reactions to these vaccines are proof enough that the vaccines cause definite damage and death.
    Issue of Infomed Consent: Unless your doctor gives you COMPLETE date on the pre-rollout safety studies done on these vaccines, you cannot give informed consent. Wait for it, don’t buckle. Your life and health and that of your children is what’s at stake.

  8. I don’t care about religious objections at this point something that does not do anything stop infection stop transmission stop hospitalization stop death and may even cause death or heart issues…. The hospital should have to prove there is evidence one that it works is effective has no side effects before they can even ask … not demand getting a shot!

  9. Going to be a lot of job openings at Froedtert when their employees walk. Organizations that mandate the jab are criminal and evil.

  10. There is clear evidence that none of the shots worked as represented (not that any vax ever has!). Yet the medical world insists on rolling right over human rights of self-determination and informed consent – even with its own. When there are no more healthy nurses, doctors and myriad technicians, who will push their kill schemes in the next few years?

  11. What is the likelihood that a person who receives a Novovax shot will have horrid autoimmune issues? Seems like the adjuvant used (saponin from Quillaja saponaria) will paint a “target” on other saponins encountered, which may include foods, such as legumes, spinach, asparagus and quinoa, as well as medicinal herbs (licorice, sarsaparilla, Korean ginseng, etc.), even high-quality vitamin D. Is it not possible/likely a person would react to any or all of these once they are ingested and begin to be broken down?

    Prayers for the Froedtert employees.

  12. Everyone needs to realize that a religious exemption isn’t about one ingredient or one religion.
    No one knows the relationship one has with God except that person and a religious exemption can be so simple as “God does not support me putting that in my body”.

  13. Everyone should realize that a religious exemption isn’t about one ingredient or one religion.
    No one knows the relationship someone has with God except that person. A religious exemption can simply be “God does not support me doing this”.

  14. Their “vaccines” are the pharmakeia (“sorcery”) named at Revelation 18:23. It doesn’t matter what is or isn’t in their “product,” any Christian who accepts them is accepting the work of the Devil, which will “deceive all nations” as they have. I thought it was always a serious miscalculation to base one’s “religious exemption” on abortion or fetal products/testing.

    Always assert that your “religious exemption” is NOT a “request,” but a declaration. It cannot be “withdrawn,” only denied.

    1. Yes. Even the NVIC has some great resource tools to help people better understand existing law. All through this country there are states whom have laws and regs on the books, which state that peoples vaccine exemptions for religious or personal philosophical beliefs, can not be questioned by the state. We should all be advocating for the Montana law they pushed at the start of covid, that nobody can be denied employment or care for their vaccination status.

      It’s all hot air and tyranny, fascism though. The thought we must consume this for profit proprietary medical product. In a free market economy people support products because they believe in them. Good ideas and good sales do not require force. In a fascist communist setting, people are forced to consume at prescribed levels, because it’s the law.

      It’s the ‘color of law’ argument. All the petty tyrants and their executive declarations. Sorry, liberty lives in my heart and mind, not your papers or mandates. FAFO.

  15. I live in the area and have been a patient in the Froedtert system. I also worked in “healthcare” in a different system in WI. I have never seen so much turn over as a patient at Froedtert. Doctors and other staff coming and going like you wouldn’t believe. Having worked in healthcare for decades it is unusual. I do not go there anymore.

    Next I want to draw attention to the spokesperson saying that it affects less than 1% of our staff. You have to think critically (and skeptically) every time you see percentages these days. I do not believe for one minute that thousands of employees and only 1% have this religious exemption. Is this after denying other “types” of religious exemptions or employees just refusing to take the experimental injection? As a result staff were fired or quit and 1% is left? October of 2021 Froedtert said 99% of employees were vaccinated. Why bother making any comment to the public when it is convoluted.

  16. I lost my job at the Medical College of Wisconsin – part of Froedtert – for refusing the kill shot and have never regretted it. It’s odd though, that I haven’t heard of anyone having a bad reaction there, so I am thinking since they are deeply in bed with the NIH that they may have received the “better” shots.

    1. Nope, that theory has fallen apart, although we know what you are referring to. Turns out that manufacturing was so rushed and inconsistent, there really is a lot of variance in product ingredients, stability, and various measured qualities. Additionally the places with lower over all negative reactions appear to be higher volume more busy sort of settings. And in those settings there is a much higher probability the vaccines were not held in prescribed cold storage peramiters, and therefore were less likely to have caused harm. So idiocracy is here, the most responsible hospitals and staff were administering the most deadly doses. For so many of the glorious stats, these hospitals are manipulating the data, if not outright lying about it. Fire 10 nurses, hire 10, 1099 independent nurses back, viola, 99% compliance. Just ignore that the same 10 nurses you fired are now re hired as indy’s… And that’s how the game is played.

  17. I work for the State of Wisconsin in Madison, WI and they accepted my religious exemption. We have not heard otherwise, and we need RN’s, LPN’s and CNA’s. You could get benefits with the State of Wisconsin. I am not sure what facility is closest to your home.
    Also, Illinois had a class action lawsuit against their employer that didn’t take religious exemptions and they won. You could find out what firm they went with and pursue that with others also effected. Whatever you do, do not get the vaccine. God will provide if you trust in His guidance, love, and faithfulness.

  18. I would leave Wisconsin as soon as you can! Once one hospital does it then the rest will follow. It’s amazing this is still happening with all the new data we have that proves you still get sick and spread the virus even when vaccinated. It’s really shitty that companies are still following what the CDC and FDA are saying, They are clearly being paid by big pharma to push this’s always about money!! It’s sad and pathetic actually! Hopefully they will be able to investigate Fauci and bring this scam to the surface for all to see!

    1. Well, that might have something to do with the 50 BILLION PER YEAR NIH budget…

      Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. The Real Anthony Faucci.

      “Cases! Cases! We got your cases right here! Cases! Cases! Read all about it! Cases!”

  19. Go ahead and file another religious exemption saying : I believe that the COVID ☣️? will cause harn and I believe I should not cause harm to my body! We’re not going to take it!

    Then get suspended with out $.
    Wait for lawsuit.

    If I move to another job keep track of moving $. and all outher cost.

  20. there’s 1000+ religions and hundreds of interpretation methods for religious text, all divided into sects or denominations.
    yet they can guarantee there’s nothing in a new vaccine that is against anyone’s religion.
    I’m not in Wisconsin but Aramaic Society interpretation using parables and types says it is about taking over your decision to refuse their procedures of all types. if you get use to not being able to refuse a vaccine or chemo as a cancer treatment (refer to Cassandra Callander case in CT 2014) then we are highly unlikely to refuse the mark of the beast, whatever form that mark takes in our future.
    your damn clot shots could be made with holy water and dust from the holy grail and I still refuse it out of “your fascist white coat asses can’t tell me what to ingest or inject, so shove the syringe in your own jugular and because that’s where I will shove it if you keep pushing it.” and if people have reactions to intra muscular shots. I think same injection directly to jugular would kill you

    1. For decades the medical industrial complex and the pharmasuetical cartels have put forth a steady push of legislation and lobbyist activity to eliminate ‘personal belief exemptions’, otherwise also referred to as ‘philosophical objections’.

      In the aftermath of this tyrannical behavior, there is a piecemeal legislative assembly, state by state, where some recognize, religious exemptions, medical exemptions, philosophical personal belief exemptions, or any combination of just one or all of those possible validations for exclusion from the vaccine programs.

      Get your mind around the deceptive nature of this and how egregious the concept is to individual liberty and medical autonomy. We don’t need anyones permission to say no, regarding what happens to our own body. There is no special exception for medicine. Imagine if this concept extends beyond the already hopelessly corrupted medical fields. Since when is anyone else in charge of your life for any reason? Unless you’re incarcerated… As the famous American Indian activist Russel Means said, and he put forth a very important documentary video with this same title you should watch; “Welcome to the reservation.” We’re all on the reservation now.

      Snake Plissken : Got a smoke?
      Malloy : The United States is a no-smoking nation. No smoking, no drinking, no drugs. No women – unless of course you’re married. No guns, no foul language… no red meat.
      Snake Plissken : [sarcastic] Land of the free.

      Seriously, watch “Welcome to the reservation.” Get your mind around it, because you’re living it.

  21. This is why you write your exemptions to be as general as possible. Just state that you are claiming your right to a religious exemption under code xyz as vaccination conflicts with your religious beliefs. Period. Don’t comment further or give them any rope to hang you with.

    1. Good advice. However, the indignity of it all. This is employee abuse to even demand these sorts of permission request papers be filed in the first place. They’re imposing new conditions of employment which were not present to begin with. I’d spend more time seeking out class action suits than I spent on filing such absurd vaccine exemption paperwork. And ask yourself about the long term outlook, working with companies whom would abuse employees this way, is it really worth staying?

  22. From what i hear and read you can’t get the booster unless you recieved the first covid vaccines. how can they say now no religious exemption. This is insane! Plus they keep extending this pandemic emergency when it is over! Government control is all it is and that gives these companies more control too. I would leave that place too as a nurse. corrupt world we are in!

  23. As it is written in the bible, We are made in the image and likeness of God, mRNA affects our dna. It is a biogenic, not a vaccine which stimulates your own God given immune system. Yes yesthey changed the definition of vaccine to fit the narrative. So in addition to fetal cell line use,concerns mRNA technology is a biogenic is reason for religious exemption.

    1. Well, we did not spend a fortune on non gmo verified non pesticide verified foods over the past two decades, only to turn around and willingly genetically modify ourselves and inject toxins directly into our blood stream.

      I feel worse for the organic food movement than I do the victims of medical malpractice and vaccines. The medical malpractice from the pharma cartels is an ongoing train wreck, people unaware of the risks are beyond saving. The organic food movement is so much more important than the medical industrial complex, because wholesome food is medicine.

  24. “The company informed its employees that they must now get vaccinated with the approved Novavax’s COVID vaccine”. Incorrect. This vaccine is NOT approved, it was authorized under EUA in October 2022. Be aware that the ONLY approved Covid-19 vaccine is Pfizer’s Comirnaty which, as far as I know, has never been made available in the United States.,and%20older%20under%20an%20EUA.

    1. Ask your doctor if a drug with 1291 side effects listed on 32 pages including blood clots strokes and heart attacks is right for you.

      Is wearing a mask making you feel tired and sick? Ask a doctor if AIR is right for you.

  25. My body, my choice. I was forced in 2021 with jab or job. I carried the health insurance and felt I had no choice but to take the shot. I lost a lot of respect for my place of employment and their leaders.

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