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Inhaled COVID Vaccines Approved in India and China

intranasal vaccine

Regulatory agencies in India and China have approved two different spray vaccines for COVID-19 that are inhaled through the nose or mouth rather than injected into the body.1 Referred to as “mucosal” vaccines, the Chinese company CanSinoBIO and the Indian company Bharat Biotech hope the new COVID vaccines will provide “sterilizing immunity” and prevent infection and block transmission of the SARS-CoV-2, which the injectable mRNA vaccines have failed to do.2

Researchers say that inhalable vaccines are more easily administered because disposable devices with minimal storage requirements are used for mass vaccination campaigns in comparison to vaccines injected with a syringe, which usually require low-temperature storage and trained medical professionals to administer them.3

CanSinoBIO’s Convidecia Air

CanSinoBIO of Tianjin, China announced that the National Medical Products Administration of China has approved its aerosol spray inhaled COVID vaccine, Convidecia Air, for use as a booster shot.4

CanSinoBIO said that results from preliminary clinical trials shows that the human adenovirus vectored non-replicating inhaled vaccine, which is an aerosolized version of its intramuscular vaccine, improves immune protection after one puff; however, the effectiveness of the inhaled vaccine has not yet been determined.5

CanSinoBIO’s chief scientific officer and executive director, Tao Zhu, said that inhalable COVID vaccine emulates the way the SARS-CoV-2 virus enters the human body. When the vaccine is aerosolized into tiny particles, it is inhaled into the respiratory tract and lungs using a nebulizer to trigger an immune response in the mucous membranes in the respiratory tract.6

A spokesperson from CanSinoBIO said:

The approval will have a positive impact on the company’s performance if the vaccine is subsequently purchased and used by relevant government agencies.7

Bharat Biotech’s iNCOVACC

Bharat Biotech of Hyderabad, India announced that the company’s nasal COVID vaccine known as iNCOVACC has been approved in in India for “restricted use in emergency situations,” as a booster dose for people who have already had two doses of intramuscular COVID vaccines.8 The Bharat Biotech vaccine is produced by using a chimpanzee cold virus to deliver a copy of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein into the lining of the nose, which is supposed to fool the body into reacting as if it is encountering the whole coronavirus.

India’s nasal COVID vaccine was developed by researchers at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, which was then licensed to Bharat Biotech. The company conducted two clinical trials, administering two doses of the vaccine to 3,100 previously unvaccinated volunteers and as a booster to around 875 volunteers who had received two shots of other COVID vaccines.9

Questions still remain on how much protection these inhaled vaccines might offer and whether the level of protection they provide will depend on which injected vaccine a person initially was given.10

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9 Responses

    1. No, you’re not the only one questioning the safety of gassing humans with a vaccine. It appears history is repeating itself only the venue/target has changed. Never give up on those SMART COOKIES!!!!!

  1. Actually because respiratory viruses typically enter the body by inhalation through the nose into the lungs it makes perfect sense to stimulate the respiratory tract mucus membranes with the antigen to induce a brisk local immunity to that strain. Giving a shot into the muscle of the upper arm is no sense Al for optimal immunity at the site of inoculation.

  2. quickly tested and marketed medical interventions are dangerous, including fast tracked “vaccines”
    Highly contagious for several weeks.

  3. There is absolutely no reason for these unexplored, toxic and contaminated gene substances, because these so-called “nucleic acid snippets/sequences” were already in the community in 2018 and 2019 (and at that time there was still freedom of travel for everyone, no dirty, harmful masks, no unscientific and idiotic tests, no distance, nothing, nobody cared it), then according to the relevant literature, what I’ve heard in the Uni and what has been communicated to people for almost 200 years, there should already be millions of harmless so-called “variants” – and consequently there can not be the same “nucleic acid snippets/so-called sequences” every year – THAT should actually be logical!!!!
    CONCLUSION: 1. NO SO-CALLED “VIRUS”, but the elimination of dead cell debris including toxins, which is enormously important to maintain health!!! 2. the WHO has deliberately lied, as they have already done in 2009 (this organization serves exclusively its sponsors and the pharmaceutical lobby, but NOT the people!!) and all governments and their parties including the so-called “experts”, confused “virologists”, “scientists”, doctors, media paid with tax money etc. etc. have adopted this lie unchecked, partly perhaps unknowingly, but mostly deliberately and arbitrarily and since this lying and this fraud has been going on for almost 2 3/4 years by now, no one can make excuses here anymore!!!!

  4. Mmmmm… OPV anyone? Nothing can go wrong there. Plus, how were they able to find 3,100 unvaccinated volunteers at this point who’d be willing to become guinea pigs for this nonsense? Sounds fishy to me…

  5. Vaccines do not confer health, strengthen the immune system or create expanded readiness to respond to disease.They are first an attack on the immune system.. And result in a narrowing of immune system focus and unnatural response to circulating pathogens.
    If they were safe, pharmaceutical companies and captured regulatory agencies would conduct studies comparing vaxxed and unvaxxed.

  6. According to Drs Blaylock and Lyons-Weiler, there can be no activation of the immune system without cytotoxicity. Every immune cell produces glutamate in response to each vaccine.
    I am 75 and had every natural illness as a child. My two vaccines were polio and DPT. One caused flaccid arm muscles, though I was an acrobat. The other caused years of ear aches, neurological changes, unexplained skin lesions in mouth and on face. Faced with today’s childhood vaccine schedule, I would not survive.
    Our natural immune system takes much in stride. No vaccine allows such a reaction.

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