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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


VAERS Database Hijacked: Vaccine Data Tracker Compromised, Adverse Events Deleted

VAERS is supposed to simply collect reports filled out by doctors and other medical professionals from around the country—reports of people suffering injuries and illnesses and even death after taking vaccines. Nobody is supposed to be editing or curating or fact-checking it. It’s supposed just be the reports of doctors for the entire world to see. But now we have evidence that that’s, in fact, not what’s happening at all.

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  1. It has never functioned to any degree of accuracy or truth during it’s entire existence. And that is by design to protect the murdering desires of big pharma. They simply want to kill you before you realize you are gonna be killed.

    1. In the Weston A Price Journal (Spring, 2022), a New Zealand physician did a ‘test’ on the remaining liquid in a vial of “covid vaccine” (the second booster from Pfizer), he said he saw “shapes” in it, but he used live blood microscopy and some other way to view it, he said once he mixed it (the sample) with human blood at body temperature, the “things” started going into action, replicating and creating weird STRUCTURES in the blood, with wispy ‘cord’ type things, he theorized it is fibrogen (sp?) from the blood supply.

      I know of people who got jabbed and immediately died, of ‘heart attacks’ and that is what was put on their death certificates. And, those who had cancer who got the jab, it is making it come back in some cases (allegedly). But 5G doesn’t help.

  2. So glad I did NOT believe what I saw online re the vaxx problems.
    Much safer unvaxxed and honest people are now reporting serious & sometimes deadly side effects.
    Bourla of Pfizer has too much power for our safety.

  3. And as the Harvard study showed years ago that only 1-10% ever get reported despite the FACT that the Pfizer EUA was based; according to the product package insert ,on VAERS reporting of ALL side effects to the Covid shot being MANDATORY. PERIOD. Yet most hospitals and doctors either claimed the knew nothing about it or flat out refused to do it.

  4. I have been monitoring the data weekly, and here are the numbers of reports of myocarditis or pericarditis in children 17 and under:
    3/4/22: 673
    3/11/22: 670 (3 records missing)
    3/25/22: 674
    4/1/22: 673 (1 record missing)
    4/8/22: 676
    4/15/22: 677
    4/22/22: 675 (2 records missing)

  5. Why is a medical record report to VAERS being deleted? Such a report should NEVER be deleted. Perhaps modified or reclassified or updated with details regarding the change and include dates of changes. BUT NEVER DELETED!!!!

  6. The most dangerous vaccines in human history. Albert Benavides, you should work with a technical developer to design your own waybackmachine which focuses soley on VAERS and other similar systems in other countries. Then you can get away from this medalerts which is quite difficult to research and interpret. You need real time bot crawlers on every last page every second of the day capturing everything in perpetuity for the long term record. And you need to be in charge of this data with mirrored servers so nobody can strike or censor the data.

    What’s happening here is there is no real check and balance for this obviously lawless activity, only the illusion of checks and balances is present. Work with legislators as you are able, and issue legally binding requirements that all persons and companies whom enter anything on VAERS, should get a physically mailed written paper printed receipt along with a digital mailer, of their data entry instance, with a tracking number. And the system should be made more robust by also requiring an additional sending of information if the data is ever removed from this database. When an instance is created; physical record and receipt. Likewise when an instance is altered; physical record and receipt. What the VAERS system enjoys is a complete lack of comprehensive auditing and record keeping. That’s not an accident. Set a prescient by requiring better service of VAERS on a local level and they’ll be forced to respond on a national basis.

    And someone needs to enforce the law here and someone needs arrested for this data fraud. But we already know nobody will go to jail and these big corporations are above the law so don’t hold your breath. Fines based on income will incentivize the legal community on this matter. Currently where we are at from a legal perspective is only a rare few legal professionals are willing to pursue these pharmaceutical companies, because the big corporations bury them in paperwork, intimidate them with heavy handed tactics, and sue them into oblivion once their resources run out and they can no longer successfully mount a prosecution. On the government side it’s no different and with limited resources, you can’t find an attorney general in this entire country whom could afford to pursue big corporations to hold them accountable to the rules of law. Even if they devoted their entire resource allotment in combination with other AG’s, they would still not have the resources to beat the pharmaceutical companies. It’s a question of scale at this point, these big corporations so massive they have an imbalanced advantage by way of size. These companies can hire every lawyer in the country if they so choose, they can afford it.

    Fines based on income will change this. It’s time to get serious about fines based on income otherwise one must admit defeat that these corporations truly are above the law. People perceive ‘law’ as what is written, and that is true. What is also true is that law is only effective if there is a mechanism of enforcement, otherwise the law is a paper tiger, meaningless, words on paper and nothing more. Which given the size and scale of these large corporations, we are truly living in an age where big corporations are governments to themselves and have crafted out effective permanent defenses against legal challenges. The way to bring balance back is to incentivize those harmed by way of fines based on income. The organic response to this key change will be a rapid proliferation of class action suits, a new Erin Brokovich on every corner knocking at every door.

    Want change? Want accountability? We must change the mechanisms of enforcement and the peramiters of engagement. Otherwise, these big corporations have already won. You can disclose and discover their lawless activities until the sun sets, and you can effectively prove your case time and time again, and have the complete public body behind you in support, it will not matter. You’ll never touch them unless the fines are so severe that it can take their entire company down. Nothing short of fines based on income will accomplish this. Read up on RICO and Monopoly statues, because that’s what we’re observing here, coordinated racketeering which has become institutionalized. Truly, this is fascism imposed by big corporations.

    Anyone have a pitchfork I can borrow?

  7. Every VAERS report filed should be in electronic permanent form and a printed copy for the victim of a vaccination. Every report should be filed at the State Head Health organization in every state as well as the CDC. In each state VAERS data should be backed up to every state health headquarters server that is only for gathering and holding Citizens vital data being reported secure and Undeletable.
    And of course the initial record will have attached verification data which logs Whomever accesses which leave verified information found or not.
    If it is proven false report then it is flagged as such after at least two separate unaffiliated investigations have been done in the verification process and has been disproven.
    Of course if proven true it is filedas such.

    And while thinking about what I wrote above this can be used in the voting process national League that is.

  8. There are many of our friends who were very healthy but are now suffering from all kinds of health issues since they took the Covid shots. Our family believes in nature immunity and so if we get sick we use only natural remedies. All our family members had mild cases of Covid in 2020 and we’ve never gotten it again even though we’ve been around several Covid positive friends. We are not afraid to go help them and take them food and supplements to help them recover. We’ve noticed that the vaccinated are taking longer to recover ?

    1. I’m very glad you mentioned vaccinated people are taking longer to recover as I’ve been wondering about it. I’ve noticed it as well. I’ve been so concerned about those consequences of taking the poison(Covid shots). My neighbor seems to be having problem with congestion more than once, and I’m pretty sure he got boosted. I asked his wife if it was a cold but didn’t reply. My neighbor and his wife believe in Covid vaccine obviously. I, very much, believe in homeopathy and nutritional supplements.

  9. When VEARS was created they were lucky to even get it passed with the 1986 law. Of course it has flaws Big Pharma made sure of it. Once it was established only Congress could make changes to it and allow it to evolve. Well we know the rest of that story so be sure to vote harder people.

  10. NW0 couldn’t deal with the stats? What are they trying to hide? Instead, why don’t they BRAG about how well their genocide plans are playing out? They brag about the compromised governments, so why not?
    One thing the NW0 didn’t take into account is the strength of the human spirit. Or how much we love life. Or how much we love our planet. And how strong our resolve is to embrace our vital well-being.

  11. How does a 2 year old get a Pfizer shot ?

    Who gave it ? if it’s not approved for age group ..

    There are other reports that could be brought up that makes sense this example makes absolutely no sense

    1. The local medical mafia…I mean ‘health care clinic’ has a big sign out that says get your children “vaxxed” for Covid, 6 and under, I believe. Do you think they wouldn’t jab a two year old if they had a chance?

      These medicos are all brainwashed. Well, not all, thankfully.

  12. This vaxx may turn out to be a massive population reduction event for the US, meanwhile, un-vaxed illegal aliens are brought in to replace the dying, miscarriaged, and sterilized.

    It’s a population replacement

  13. Their are many mistakes in the VARS data base. The age of the 2 year old was probably 22 years old. People filled the form with missing misplaced or incorrect data. The CDC need to investigate each report to varrify it has been filled correct and find the missing information.

    With 90 × the adverse effects the CDC is over whelmed. Can’t keep up.

    They should stop ? ? intill CDC has caught up and investigate each report.

  14. This has always been a problem. They think they can do whatever they want without dealing with consequences. Many of us who have had reactions do not document them because people treat us like we are crazy. The numbers are much higher than documented and they will never tell us the truth anyway. Educating ourselves and staying out of the fear based agenda helps, and certainly making sure we always advocate for ourselves and our loved ones even if we are labeled crazy or non- compliant. The fact is too many people are dying from these vaccines or having complications from them because they are population controlling and unfortunately, I don’t think that will ever change. If ur not agreeing with them or doing as they say you will be targeted and the reality is you must protect yourself and your family at all cost from the lies and deception. Sending love and prayers to all affected or afflicted by this. May God bring the truth to light soon.

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