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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Mayo Clinic Fires 700 Employees for Refusing to Get COVID-19 Vaccinations

refusing a vaccine

On Jan. 4, 2022, one of the top ranked hospitals in United States, Mayo Clinic, terminated 700 of its employees for refusing to get COVID-19 vaccinations. The 700 terminated employees represent approximately one percent of the hospital’s workforce.1

The hospital issued the following statement:

While final numbers are still not available, nearly 99% of staff across all Mayo Clinic locations have complied with the required vaccination program, meaning they have been vaccinated or have received medical or religious exemptions.2

Mayo Clinic Faced Backlash Over COVID Vaccine Policy

In December 2021, the Mayo Clinic faced opposition to over its mandatory COVID vaccine policy for all employees. In response to the COVID vaccine requirement, 38 lawmakers wrote and signed a letter to the hospital asking them to revoke the policy.3

Peggy Bennett, a Republican member of the Minnesota House of Representatives who spearheaded the letter, said that lawmakers had heard that many Mayo Clinic employees were concerned about the policy.4

The letter stated:

This top down, heavy-handed, all-or-none employee policy does not fit the reputation or image we know the Mayo Clinic to have. Religious exemptions seem to be difficult to obtain and inconsistent. There are examples of one spouse working at Mayo receiving the religious exemption and the other spouse did not. No one will share with employees why they were denied. This is all highly disheartening, especially considering that Mayo is an institution that was founded upon religious principles and by Franciscan Sisters with sincerely held religious beliefs5

The letter continued:

Your amazing employees stepped up under unimaginable pandemic conditions over the last year and a half, exposing themselves and their families to a then mostly unknown virus and working long, grueling hours to take care of sick patients. Many of your employees were sickened by the virus at that time. They did all this willingly to serve Mayo Clinic patients and the people of Minnesota. They did so for all these months without the protection of any vaccine.

COVID Vaccine Mandates Contributing to Health Care Worker Shortage

In addition to the milder Omicron variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus temporarily causing major health care worker staffing problems,6 the worker shortage is further exacerbated by the termination of thousands of health care workers who did not comply with the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.7

In September 2021, Rick Pollack, CEO at the American Hospital Association said, “As a practical matter, this policy may result in exacerbating the severe workforce shortage problems that currently exist.”8

The fear of a shortage of nursing and other health care worker staff has resulted in some medical facilities not requiring the COVID-19 as a condition of employment. James Magee, director at Arkansas’ Community Hospital said that they would not mandate the vaccine at his 25 bed rural facility due to the concern of losing too many staff. He said, “Mandating that really works a hard step on the smaller hospitals because we don’t have an extra pool of nurses to draw from out there.”9

Some Hospitals Asking Staff Who Test Positive for SARS-CoV-2 Are Returning to Work

Eleanor Slater Hospital, a state run hospital in Cranston in Rhode Island allowed asymptomatic (and presumably vaccinated) health care workers who tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 to help cover shifts amid an ongoing staffing shortage in the hospital. Five staff members who tested positive for the virus were allowed by hospital administration officials to come into the hospital to cover some shifts. Within days, the hospital had an outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 virus with 28 out of 200 patients testing positive for the virus.10

The hospital website states:

The decision to utilize Covid-positive staff who are asymptomatic is consistent with CDC guidance that allows hospitals facing significant staffing challenges to utilize asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic workers.11

Vaccinated Persons Can Get Infected with and Transmit SARS-CoV-2

According to a study published in July 2021, vaccinated and unvaccinated persons have similar viral loads in communities where the Delta variant of SARS-Cov-2 is circulating.12 The CDC website states:

For people infected with the Delta variant, similar amounts of viral genetic material have been found among both unvaccinated and fully vaccinated people. However, like prior variants, the amount of viral genetic material may go down faster in fully vaccinated people when compared to unvaccinated people. This means fully vaccinated people will likely spread the virus for less time than unvaccinated people.13

Similar to the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2, vaccinated persons who get infected with the Omicron variant, which reportedly is predominating in most states, also can spread the virus to other people. The CDC website states:

Current vaccines are expected to protect against severe illness, hospitalizations, and deaths due to infection with the Omicron variant. However, breakthrough infections in people who are fully vaccinated are likely to occur.14

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19 Responses

  1. Once great Mayo is clumsily ice skating toward the edge of the Not-so-great Cliff. But, I suppose, they can steal very good providers from lower ranking facilities to make up the difference.

    1. This is a good point. From a corporate view; industry wide employee poaching and the top players, largest companies, have a natural advantage as skilled labor is waiting in line to join and will have no reservations about leaving the smaller less advantageous working positions. It’s a naked power grab to impose these rules, knowing the smaller hospitals and clinics will be legally unable to re hire the employees the larger company fired.

      In other industries this is called self asking regulation where monolithic corporations have their own legal writers propose bills which supposedly help but really serve to restrict access of other business competition. In a self asking regulatory environment, which is the reason we have mega corps because so much self asking regulatory activity occurs, there is inevitably less competition. Then after competition is vanquished the companies just side step the complex regulations and due to excess red tape bureaucracy they are free to pilfer and rake what they want as customers and employees alike now have nowhere else to turn. Vaccine mandates is just another nefarious form of restricting business competition. They’re not imposing and enforcing these rules for health reasons, they are imposing them as an underhanded way to destroy business competition without earning it via the free market principals of consumer acceptance and rejection. They’ve lifted lady liberties blindfold, placed their thumbs on the scale, and have chained the invisible hand. Greed!

  2. These Health Care Professionals are in the best position to know the true dangers that these experimental genetic concoctions pose to our health. Those who work at the prestigious Mayo Clinic are among the best and brightest in their field. If they feel that these substances are too dangerous to inject into their own bodies, perhaps we should be a bit more hesitant to go along with the “herd mentality” that we should be injected in order to protect others in the herd. It seems that we’ve all been swept up in the fear surrounding this “unseen microbial enemy”, but if we slow down and take a look at the origins of this pandemic, we might remember that it was intentionally created by the international Biotech industry in their Virology Laboratory in Wuhan , China. Whether it was intentionally released (which is unlikely since the road clearly leads back to their lab) or not, the perpetrators should be individually identified and prosecuted as Bio Terrorists, not rewarded by making them wealthy through the sale of their overpriced “remedies” and test kits. It is often pointed out that those in the pharmaceutical industry have a deep financial interest in the Medical Industry as well as the Media (which is serving as their propaganda outlet ). While it is difficult to determine the validity of some of the more extreme suspicions surrounding this entire affair, there is certainly enough evidence to state that this is indeed a conspiracy of a very high order. Thank you to Barbara and the staff of The Vaccine Reaction (and also to RFK, Jr. at the Children’s Health for the service that they courageously provide to help safeguard the public health!

  3. By design. Now watch as healthcare goes through the same as tech in the 90s. Mayo and the rest of the institutions will replace the employees with cheap, compliant, afraid to speak out about issues, H1b visa applicants. Heavily recruited and advertised overseas.

  4. Lies, damned lies, and statistics. The medical staff community has the easiest access to forge compliance paperwork and get other friendly staff to attest they’ve taken vaccines, but just throw them away. It happens all the time and has been ongoing due to ‘flue shot shaming’ policies which have been widespread for decades. It’s not that difficult to forge these documents and one could even have legitimate reissue of shot records by simply claiming they lost theirs and had took them at a pop up clinic. It is a trust in reporting system. This is why the new H.R. 550, the Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act is rolling forth, a central vaccination compliance database so people can no longer side step the ‘paperwork compliance’ from the outside. Internal workers surely can side step this though and you’d better believe they do turn to forging if the choice is a petty crime vs their entire career. The vaccine compliance statistics are inherently flawed. Are you gullible enough to actually believe they have attained a 99% compliance rate? They are treating everyone like idiots by even daring to say that, hubris.

    In the good old days we would call these activities; Painting people red. Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t. Of no fault of your own. There is no moral compass here because there is no moral or ethical justification for imposing these mandates. The vaccine mandates fly in the very face of acceptable republic structured democracy, absolutely contrary to the morals and values for which this country was founded upon. Those unethical fat pigs can’t get enough power and control. The movement towards a marxist societal structure now has legs and is walking on it’s own. The end draws near unless the argument shifts away from exposing the issues to demanding corrections with a firm focus on a return to constitutional principals and prioritizing liberty first. Round and round we go with more exposure, never getting anywhere.

    Who gave these damned corporations authority over our bodies? I sure as hell never agreed to that. The humiliation of asking for a religious exemption from companies whom deny the very fundamental principals of religion; which is personal choice. There is no long term future for ethical people with these companies. Let all of them whom impose these mandates meet their ends swiftly. Mayo Clinic and every other mega corp engaging in this behavior can go under and we will celebrate their end. Because we will have already sought out new companies whom respect liberties, personal choice, fundamental American principals of upstanding ethic and fair dealing policies.

    We could go into the minutia details of why the religious exemption process is flawed but in doing so we play ourselves a losing hand, having missed the big picture and earnest need to instead argue the fundamental principals of liberty which our ideals and expectations are founded upon in the United States of America. Still on board with the world stage and global solutions movement?

    In the global picture American principals no longer matter and nobody cares about our ethical or moral expectations. Without a moral people, the constitution will not stand. We have to fight for liberty. Imagine 700 nurses punching those fat pig bosses in the face on the way out then forming a new alliance to replace that institution. Imagine their fellow Americans actually giving a damn and walking out with them. If you can’t defend the freedom to choose, if that’s not the line, what is left? Tell them what to do with those face masks too. You are being conditioned incrementally to accept this and have to date offered very minimal resistance in defense of liberty. Restrictions, masks, vaccines, chips, labor camps. Can you see it yet? If we don’t get our act together soon, you will.

  5. Disabled and work from home employee terminated. Northwestern University Hospital and Mayo primary care physician recommended a medical exemption as I have Multiple Sclerosis and recent Stem Cell Transplant. I was terminated 1/3/22 for not getting vaccinated. Rob Kinney ?‍♂️

  6. The vaccines and masks don’t work but the vaccines can paralyze or kill you. They just give “protection” not prevention whatever that means. Show me the data proving that. The tests have always been inaccurate which is why it’s “ok” to let positive “cases” work around sick patients while other positive cases are forced into quarantine. This is scientism not science.

  7. I don’t believe for one second that people who have had the vaccine spread the virus for a lesser amount of time. What next?

  8. Where did all the common sense go ? Everyone knows the vaccinated as well as the unvaccinated can catch and transmit Covid, how does a company like Mayo clinic miss this point ? You have Geraldo Rivera now working from his basement with Fox News apologize to unvaccinated people, saying he even looked down on them, but even though he had 2 shots and the booster, he is now recovering from Covid. AOC, 2 shots and a booster, come back to DC with Covid. US military with 100% of people abord sittin in Guantanamo Bay, can’t leave because 48 are sick with COVID. Even the CDC admits the fear mongering taking place , says at least 40% of people reported dying with Covid, not from Covid. Now a Supreme court judge saying 100,000 kids are in hospital and on ventalors, fact checked ,there is only 3300 kids nationwide in hospital from covid with less than a 100 on vents. This BS needs to stop, the CDC,and FDA put out that they are priortizing treatment by race on the treatment of Covid. Its means that drug dealing, Hatian that is getting free housing,food stamps,no job, crossed the border illegal last week and flew or bussed to somewhere by Biden Admin. is going to be treated and moved to the front of the emergency care or medicinein front of you if you are white man or woman working and paying taxes.

  9. Lies, deception, coercion to take a bioweapon, data manipulation, fear mongering, has been going on from the beginning of the pLandemic hoax. The Mayo Clinic has always been a part of it. They’ll fire the pure bloods now, then when the vast majority of sheeple who have taken the Covid vax are getting too sick to work, hospitals will be begging the unvaxxed to come back to work. This eugenics-for-profit weapon narrative will wear off, politicians will not be able to keep everyone living in fake fear.

  10. DAVID MARTIN video links below. VERY worth watching.


    OR HERE:

    OR HERE:

    1). There is no SARS-CoV-2. There is a bioweapon, that in 1999 was paid for by Anthony Fauci, was patented by the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill in 2002. It was the Recombinant Coronavirus that was actually the bioweapon created by NIAID for this very moment. That bioweapon was an infectious replication-defective clone of coronavirus. He says, “This bioweapon was engineered to destroy humanity. And if we started talking about a bioweapon and not a vaccine or a virus, we’d get a lot of progress.”

    2). There is no COVID-19. There is influenza-like illness. When the World Health Organization invented the notion of COVID-19, it was the first disease in human history to have no clinical diagnostics. It was diagnosed by committee and symptom – and then they made up the term “asymptomatic carrier”, which does not exist.

    3). There is no vaccine. There’s a bioweapon that’s being injected, which was engineered to generate tons of money for Big Pharma.
    In the video, he sites laws that have been broken, laws that are felonies punishable by 99-years in prison and up to $100 million fine per incident:

    18 USC §2331 and following, acts of domestic terrorism resulting in the death of American citizens. Section 802 of the Patriot Act makes it abundantly clear that you cannot legally compel a population to do anything out of fear or coercion. That includes losing your job.

    “21 CFR §50.24 – Ladies and gentlemen, you cannot give consent if you are coerced. Did you hear what I said? You cannot give consent if you are coerced…You can’t do that, because it’s illegal to do it. So even if you did try to do it, you’d be breaking the law.”

    Under U.S.C. Code of Regulations 21 CFR SS 50.23-24. It is illegal to make anybody participate in an experimental program using coercion. That is, in fact, US law. US law embraces the Nuremburg Code. Coercion is illegal.

    We need to call it coercion. Don’t call it leverage or pressure. Call it the illegal act that it is. It’s coercion and that becomes important because under 18 US Code Section 2331 and sub-section 802, inside the definition of domestic terrorism, is anytime a US citizen or a government in the US is forced to do something that it would not otherwise do, that’s also not only coercion, it is domestic terrorism.

    I encourage people to take those two laws and when they are met with somebody telling them that they are supposed to get the shot, ask the person, and record this, use your phone or use a recording device, and record the conversation. Ask if they are, in fact, violating U.S.C. Code of Regulations 21 CFR SS 50.23-24 in a civil violation of the law and if they say yes, they are cool with that, then ask if they are also willing to violate 18 US Code Section 2331 which says it is illegal to coerce a population. That is a felony and a felony has a 99-year prison term with it.”

  11. Very disappointing to see the so-called prestigious Mayo Clinic enforce political mandates which will have no positive effect on transmission of covid, since the VACCINATED are known to be the chief spreaders, over the actual science. The top administrators must be progressive and politically correct no matter the costs to actual patient health. And the staff physicians aren’t going to speak up for fear of termination or punishment.

  12. It was actually more like 850 employees because staff started quitting or retiring in October 2021 rather then get fired. The writing was on the wall with the way they were accepting some exemptions and not others.
    It wasn’t only nurses that left. There were nurses, occupational therapists, lab, pharmacy and imaging staff. Currently If you need any kind of imaging you will wait days to weeks. A patient needed an ultrasound and it is scheduled 3 weeks from the day she saw the doctor. Her Echo was scheduled 2 months from the day she saw the doctor. A friend’s 83 year old mom was very sick and needed a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia and they had to wait till the next day.
    The clinic is down 40% of the imaging staff and that was causing the delay.
    On January 3 they said they fired 700 people. On January 6th a mass email came out that supervisors were required to select 10% of their staff to deploy to other areas because they were so short of staff. This was also due to over 300 employees being off work because they had covid. Also over 800 were on restrictions because of covid.
    It would be interesting to know how many of the 850 unvaxxed that were terminated were sick on January 6th.
    After that they changed the return to work criteria. Instead of being off 14 days, if after 5 days you felt capable for working and did not have symptoms or a fever you could return.
    It would be interesting what the rate of hospital acquired covid infections was after January 1st. Many who were vaxxed had the misbelief that they couldn’t get covid or couldn’t spread covid.
    Dr. Greg Poland is a Mayo vaccinologist that likes the camara and likes to be interviewed. I am not sure when he has time to see patients.
    According to OpenPayments on the CMS site, he has received $347,770.95 in payments since 2014 from big pharma. That is over and above whatever he makes at Mayo.
    Of course he is going to insist that people get the jab. It is more money in his pocket.
    In an interview on MedPageToday he states that, ” a wise person makes decisions on the balance of risks and benefits, not on fear”. All he has attempted to instill in people is fear. In the video podcast interviews he is condescending and arrogant. He basically makes people feel like they are stupid if they don’t agree with him. He is polarizing and divisive and pitted the vaxxed against the unvaxed. Mayo Clinic leadership has contributed to this as well.

    Here are Poland’s financial disclosures that are listed under some of his interviews:
    Dr. Poland is a paid scientific adviser for Johnson & Johnson, including its subsidiary, Janssen Global Services LLC. Dr. Poland chairs the Safety Evaluation Committee for novel investigational vaccine trials being conducted by Merck & Co. Inc. Dr. Poland offers consultative advice on vaccine development to Merck & Co. Inc., Medicago, GlaxoSmithKline plc, Sanofi Pasteur, Emergent Biosolutions Inc., Dynavax Technologies Corp., Genentech Inc., Eli Lilly and Co., Kentucky Bioprocessing Inc., AstraZeneca, and Genevant Sciences Corp.
    Dr. Poland holds patents related to vaccinia, influenza and measles peptide vaccines. Dr. Poland has received grant funding from ICW Healthcare Ventures LLC for preclinical studies on a peptide-based COVID-19 vaccine. Mayo Clinic’s Conflict of Interest Review Board has reviewed these activities and this research, and these activities and this research have been conducted in compliance with Mayo Clinic’s conflict of interest policies.

    With covid Mayo created a hostile environment for staff by pitting the vaxxed against the unvaxxed. Then along came george floyd which has even created an even more awful place to work.. They had a wealthy man from Wisconsin contribute $100,000,000 to the clinic for education of the staff. They have used that money to develop the department of Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity. It had existed but now has the funding to move forward and move forward they have. The whole thing reeks of CRT. White hate. Everyday on the front page of the Mayo Intranet. (We are in the midwest. Of course we have more whites than minorities. Actually we are more diverse then we are given credit for. And we are not racist).
    The CEO Farrugia restructured the hierarchy of the clinic and added a bunch of czars. He is unseen except in a video townhall at times. The chief nurse officer was demoted and has several layers of his czars above her.
    Last time he was seen was when he was at Davos, writing articles and speaking on panels.
    He has been to the World Economic Forum and is apart of the great reset.
    Starting with getting rid of the best caregivers at Mayo Clinic.
    He has been polarizing of the staff by creating animosity between the vaxxed and the unvaxxed within Mayo Clinic and within the community.
    Instead of “the needs of the patient come first”, as the Mayo Brothers built their practice on with the Franciscan Sisters, it is “Bold Forward”.

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