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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

The Growing Specter of Compulsory Vaccination

compulsory vaccination for COVID

The pace of discrimination against people who have opted not to get a COVID-19 vaccine is increasing around the world as the ominous specter of compulsory vaccination grows. On Nov. 19, 2021, the Chancellor of Austria, Alexander Schallenberg, announced at a press conference that, beginning on Feb. 1, 2022, COVID vaccinations will be compulsory for everyone in Austria over 12 years old. Those who refuse to get a COVID shot will be fined up to $4,000. Those who refuse a booster shot will be fined up to $1,500.1 2 3

Already, people in Austria who are not vaccinated for COVID are forced to remain in their homes and are only allowed out for “essential” services such as going to work or buying food at the grocery store. Police in Austria are conducting random checks on people over 12 years of age to determine their vaccination status.1 3

These draconian measures by the Austrian government have sparked a wave of protest marches the country involving up to an estimated 40,000 people.2 4 5

An article in Time magazine noted:

Austrian demonstrators carried signs reading “no to vaccines” and “down with the fascist dictatorship.” Many leveled comparisons to the history of Nazi experiments in Austria.2

Greece Joins Austria  in Passing Compulsory Vaccination Laws

Austria is the first country in Europe to introduce compulsory vaccination, but it has quickly been followed by Greece, whose government announced a similar policy on Nov. 30. Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis stated that compulsory vaccination for COVID will begin on Jan. 16, 2022 for everyone over 60 years old. Those who refuse to be vaccinated will be fined €100 ($114) per month.6 7 8 “Greeks over the age of 60 must book their appointment for a first jab by January 16. Their vaccination is henceforth compulsory,” Prime Minister Kyriakos said.6

Among the first countries to implement compulsory vaccination laws earlier this year were Indonesia, Micronesia and Turkmenistan.8 9 10 

Germany Positioned Next to Mandate COVID-19 Vaccine for All

The next country in Europe to make COVID vaccination compulsory may be Germany. On Dec. 2, the regional and national German lawmakers agreed to ban unvaccinated people from “non-essential” businesses, including restaurants, bars, movie theaters and other cultural and recreational activities.11 12 

Those who are unvaccinated in Germany are essentially confined to their homes, with the exception of being allowed to go to places like supermarkets, pharmacies and gasoline stations, which are considered to be essential. Unvaccinated individuals in the country are only permitted to get together with two other people from another household. These restrictions do not apply to those who provide proof of vaccination.11 12 

Additionally, political leaders in Germany are now seriously considering passing a strict compulsory vaccination law similar to that of neighboring Austria. According to Germany’s outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel, a mandatory vaccination law could be passed by the German Parliament within the next few weeks and take effect in February 2022.11 12  13

Incoming Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that compulsory vaccinations in Germany should take effect by the “beginning of February or March so we must move quickly now.” He explained that they are justified in order “to protect us all.”11 The underlying assumption here is that unvaccinated people somehow pose an undue threat to the country, while vaccinated people do not. That appears to be the assumption made by all the governments that have forced compulsory vaccination on their citizens or are strongly leaning toward moving in that direction.

COVID Vaccines Do Not Prevent Infection With and Transmission of SARS-CoV-2

For some reason, these governments have not gotten message that the current COVID vaccines do not prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID disease.

Due to the failure of COVID vaccines to reliably prevent infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus or its transmission, both vaccinated and unvaccinated people have the potential to spread the virus. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed this in August. On July 30, the CDC published a study confirming that the Delta variant of the SARS-CoV2 virus produced similar amounts of the virus in vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.14 15 16 17

“High viral loads suggest an increased risk of transmission and raised concern that, unlike with other variants, vaccinated people infected with Delta can transmit the virus,” CDC director Rochelle Walensky, MD said.  She added, “The [COVID vaccines] continue to work well for Delta with regard to severe illness and death, they prevent it. But what they can’t do anymore is prevent transmission.”15 16 17

Another study published in The Lancet on Oct. 29, reinforced the findings of the CDC study that COVID vaccines do not prevent infection and transmission and that  “peak viral load did not differ by vaccination status or variant type.”18 19 The researchers on The Lancet study concluded:

[F]ully vaccinated individuals with breakthrough infections have peak viral load similar to unvaccinated cases and can efficiently transmit infection in household settings, including to fully vaccinated contacts.18 19

Vaccinated People May Be a “Relevant Source of Transmission”

In a letter published in The Lancet three weeks later referencing The Lancet study, Günter Kampf, MD, consultant hospital epidemiologist and associate professor for hygiene and environmental medicine at the University Medicine Greifswald in Germany, wrote that recent data “indicate that the epidemiological relevance of COVID-19 vaccinated individuals is increasing.” He said that there is now “clear evidence” that the “fully vaccinated” are a “possible source of transmission.”

Dr. Kampf noted that the CDC has identified four of the top five counties in the United States with the highest percentage of fully vaccinated population as “high” transmission counties and he warned:

It appears to be grossly negligent to ignore the vaccinated population as a possible and relevant source of transmission when deciding about public health control measures.20

So if the COVID vaccines cannot prevent infection and transmission and vaccinated people who have been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus carry the same viral load as infected unvaccinated people, plus there is “clear evidence” that infected vaccinated people may spread the virus, as can infected unvaccinated people, then why are unvaccinated people being singled out for a wide range of discriminatory practices in a growing number of countries?

It appears that this pernicious campaign to take away some of the most basic human and civil rights of people who decline to submit to forced vaccination with experimental vaccines has little or nothing to do with public health.

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16 Responses

  1. One obvious solution would be to force the CDC to reverse it’s revised definition of immunity. None of these mandates would hold water if we simply recognized natural immunity, and understood more clearly the covid vaccines are not providing immunity.

    This is a statement a doctor pushed on the internet channels recently; Every booster creates a new variant.

    Governments; can’t balance a budget, can’t provide secure voting systems, can’t stop corruption, can’t stop engaging in conflicts of interest, can’t enforce RICO or Monopoly rule statutes, can’t provide a sound money supply, can’t assure product safety as a great many medical and retail products are recalled later sometimes decades, can’t stop censorship, are apparently powerless to maintain constitutional principals, can’t stop a great many other things. And now miraculously they are all doctors and qualified medical practitioners.

    Of course ‘all scientists agree’, when you censor the ones whom do not agree.

    This is an intelligence test alongside a measure of personal independence and free thought. Sadly, the propaganda of today is highly effective. In a feverish zealotry, all socialists agree that independent persons simply have too much freedom. Thankfully the list of states which are providing relief from totalitarian edicts is growing in the USA, now up to 10 states.

    Requesting NVIC provide an additional interactive map resource, to specifically track covid mandates and vaccine passports. If it comes down to it we will move to another state. Thank you.

  2. There is surely a spirit of deception around the world. Even in view of the facts, people still line up to get vaxxed. I have shared information with many people who look at me like I’m crazy. It’s like they have a “bubble” around them that keeps the truth out! I believe we must pray and ask our Heavenly Father to open the eyes of the people and expose the lies about COVID and vaccines.
    For more good COVID/Vax info, visit

    1. It has puzzled me too, how people can be so closed to anything that is not in line with what they have accepted.


    As more die from the shot less and less will believe anything that the CDC, FDA ,WHO or the NIH.

  4. Where can I get more information about the ten states that are providing relief from totalitarian edicts? Thanks!

    1. Meadow. That was related to the recent court rulings on striking down the federal mandates for health care workers. There was even like 4 states whom are forcing employers to pay people their pensions, unemployment, etc. Just desserts for their greedy cost benefit analysis, firing good people left and right for making their own health care decisions.

      I like to purchase The Epoch Times newspaper in physical printed form at the local grocery, keep an eye out for that one.

      It’s coming in waves. The OSHA rule struck down by one judge. The federal contractor mandate struck down in key states in another instance.

      “Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt led the lawsuit, alongside Nebraska, Arkansas, Kansas, Iowa, Wyoming, Alaska, South Dakota, North Dakota and New Hampshire. Schelp’s order blocks the federal government from requiring providers in those states to require vaccination for workers.”

      The key point is in those states, AG’s stood up and defended peoples right to choose. In case you were not aware, Montana passed HB 702, anti discrimination law based on adult vaccines. We are waiting to see if this holds up to challenge, because we may flee to MT if CO gets any worse. The key difference with MT & other states, is this is a law passed through legislative action, actual law, not a mere executive order so easily reversed with the next administration. I say to people concerned in MT, go ahead and leave, we’re standing by to take your place and enjoy a life of liberty without vaccine status discrimination.

      DeSantis passed executive orders in FL, so did the TX governor Abbot.
      SD governor reportedly did nothing, and then affirmed they do not want to take any action recently, again. How refreshing, that state is an option too.

      Pontus Polis continues to push heavy handed policies in CO. Do not move to CO seeking escape from policies of the big coastal cities. Him as well as the democrat controlled state house and senate are pro vaccine pro mask pro lockdown, pro wreckless spending, full time, all the time.

      “The governors of Florida, Iowa, Kansas and Tennessee signed laws in recent weeks that change eligibility rules for jobless benefits. Workers in these states who lose a job for refusing to comply with a workplace Covid-19 vaccine mandate now qualify for benefits.” Picked that from a cnbc article so I’ll spare you the associated propaganda in that particular link.

      And the crown, the most reliable source for this information, the purveyor of this websites home page on legislative action alerts and the vaccine interactive national map. (you don’t have to join to review current data, simply scroll down in the below links.)

      As you may have guessed, Itry to give to this group yearly and they are among the best resources for informed consent. This Vaccine Reaction website is an NVIC project. (Still hoping for this in paper printed form.)

  5. *THIS* is the result of individually, as groups and as and for HUMANITY in general NOT FIGHTING FOR YOUR RIGHTS ALL ALONG over the centuries! And I’m NOT just talking about Austria.

    It’s dangerously too late to care & be involved.

    I Praise Almighty God From Whom All Good Things Come!

    1. I second your sentiment. And experimental covid vaccine isn’t doing the job as Biden has promised. Safe and effective? What a bull.

  6. I can’t even get people to look up at the sky, notice or care about the chemicals (virus??) they are spraying on us daily. Yet they are deathly afraid of a virus they can’t even see.

    Dane Wigington has a fantastic website explaining all about climate geoengineering

    1. Yes, Dane has worked for twenty years to uncover the poisoning from the sky. Thank you for mentioning him here. The illness and death most people in industrialized nations suffer is from the massive amount of poison we are all exposed to daily. This is the cause of the real pandemic we face: chronic disease. We should be talking to the toxicologists about diagnosis of disease, not ‘virologists’. Whenever a bunch of people get sick, we automatically blame it on a microbe. Virologists would make really shitty detectives. They would decide who did it first, and then set out to prove it by hook or by crook.

  7. European Prime minister(s) and chancellor(s) are part of totalitarian. It gives me anxiety attack. No medical freedom. No free of choice. Police check their vaccination status is oh my gosh. Good grief.

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