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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Senators, Doctors Urge CDC to Recognize Natural Immunity

building strong natural immunity

As millions of Americans have experienced COVID-19 disease and the COVID vaccine mandate issued by the government continues to impact the lives of the majority of  working Americans, Senator Roger Marshall, MD (Kansas),  along with several other congressional Doctors Caucus members, are urging Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) director Rochelle Walensky, MD to “recognize natural immunity.” Members of the Doctors Caucus sent a letter to the CDC last month asking for a response by mid-October to their “urgent” request to acknowledge that natural infection confers innate immunity and protection from the viral infection.1

In the letter, the authors stated:

Published and submitted journal articles verify immunity from natural infection and innate immunity in measuring an individual’s level of protection to COVID-19. One study examining this found that patients who recovered from COVID-19 could produce long-term immune response.1

Like lead author Senator Marshall, other members of the Doctor Caucus signing the letter are Republican physicians, including Senator Bill Cassidy (Louisiana), Senator Rand Paul (Kentucky), Rep. Mariannette  Miller-Meeks (Iowa), Rep. Gregory Murphy (North Carolina), and Rep. Ronny Jackson (Texas).

The legislators who signed the letter to the CDC are not alone in expressing concern about the lack of attention paid to the importance of natural immunity as many doctors, researchers, attorneys, journalists and others have been asking why natural immunity to COVID-19 disease is being completely dismissed by vaccine policymakers when the medical literature acknowledges it.2 3

Mandates, Ignoring Natural Immunity a “National Security Crisis”

The Doctors Caucus member letter, spearheaded by Marshall, cited the Department of Defense vaccine mandate that was put into place in August requiring all military members to be vaccinated or face punishments up to and including military discharge. The letter reads:

The U.S. Department of Defense vaccine mandate has the potential to lead to a national security crisis by separating up to 20%of military personnel, many of whom likely have natural immunity.1

Mandates Result in New York Healthcare Worker Shortages

The letter also points out that the mandates will only further exacerbate the healthcare employee shortage. This has already shown to be true in New York where over 70,000 healthcare employees, 16 percent of the health care workforce, quit or were terminated over vaccine mandates.4

One upstate New York hospital was forced to temporarily close their maternity ward after the staff resigned over the mandates.5 The health care shortage may change as a New York judge ruled on Oct. 12, 2021 that the state must allow for religious exemptions for health care employees.6

Marshall’s letter cites published and submitted journal articles verifying immunity that comes from natural infection…

We urge the CDC to acknowledge natural immunity and work with other federal agencies to ensure all future guidance, policies and federally-funded research take this evidence into account and build off it.1

CDC Director Overrules CDC Advisory Committee Recommendations

Dr. Walensky came under fire recently after overruling the CDC advisory panel’s recommendation for booster shots. The panel recommended booster shots for those ages 65 and older, nursing home residents, and people age 50-64 with underlying medical conditions. Dr. Walensky overruled those recommendations and included an additional group–those ages 18-64 at risk of exposure and transmission due to occupational or institutional setting.7

Dr. Walensky’s decision to overrule the panel’s suggestions is not the first instance of disagreement and friction over COVID-19 vaccine protocols within the nation’s health agencies. In August, two FDA officials resigned over the CDC’s involvement in FDA responsibilities, as well as disagreements among FDA committee members surrounding booster shot recommendations.8

Several reports state that both CDC and FDA regulators were frustrated by the White House’s interference with the booster shot recommendation process, citing Joe Biden’s announcement for the vaccines ahead of the FDA reviewing the data.8

Naturally Immune Persons are 27 Times Less Likely to Get Second Infection

More than 15 studies have demonstrated the power of natural immunity being just as good or better than vaccine-induced immunity. A 700,000 person study from Israel found that those who had been previously naturally infected with COVID-19 were 27 times less likely to get a second asymptomatic infection than those who were vaccinated.2

A previous Cleveland Clinic study among its health care workers found that none of the employees who had previously tested positive for COVID had been re-infected. The study concluded that those previously infected were unlikely to benefit from vaccination.2

Proof of Natural Immunity to Other Diseases Accepted

Natural immunity obtained after recovery from a number of viral infectious diseases, such as smallpox and measles, historically has been accepted as evidence of long lasting protection.9 10 Demonstration of natural immunity to measles, mumps and varicella zoster (chickenpox), is accepted at most schools and other institutions in lieu of vaccination.

Regarding measles, individuals born before 1957, when most children got measles and developed robust natural immunity, are not required to get measles vaccine. Individuals born after 1957 are also exempted from measles vaccination by many schools if they can show proof they have recovered from measles infection or serology tests confirm they have high antibody titers to measles.11 12 13 14 

The website of the National Vaccine Information Center at has information on state vaccine laws and requirements for proving immunity to diseases in order to attend school.

Navy SEALs File Lawsuit, Question Why Natural Immunity is Ignored

Several Navy SEALs have filed a lawsuit challenging the military vaccine mandate, largely questioning the military’s refusal to acknowledge natural immunity, according to their attorney R. Davis Younts. Historically, military members are able to receive a medical exemption for several reasons, including if serological tests determine the troops have antibodies. However, a memo issued by U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin states that those with previous COVID infection “are not considered fully vaccinated.”

According to Younts, a question the SEALs are asking is why positive serology is being ignored for this vaccine, while for other diseases positive serology is accepted as evidence of immunity.

Younts stated:

Ultimately, one of their main concerns is the sense that they have a conviction to be very careful and thoughtful about what they put into their bodies. These are Navy SEALs right? And they think it’s reasonable to ask the question, ‘Why is this vaccine being treated differently?’15

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13 Responses

  1. What about me? I am 71 years old Ihavn”t had Covid or the Vax. In fact I haven’t had any vaccines since I was in Marine Corps basic training in 1968. I have been taking extra vit C,D, and zinc since we first heard about Covid.
    My wife is a long time health care professional and exposed to everything over the years including Covid. She has taken care of many Covid patients
    She does not believe in the vax but finally gave in and got the J&J. Two weeks later she came down with the virus. I quaurntined with her 2 weeks and was fine.
    What about me?

    1. I am 69 and your comment is me. No sickness and no jab. I take exactly what you take and a multi food supplement or vitamin. All I did was up my vita C. My daughter her husband and grandson also live with me. None of us have been sick and where I live masks are not required. We are all healthy.

  2. Natural immunity is by Divine origin, the way we are created. The government is ordained by God, but not God. God alone is the LORD of Hosts, to Whom all worship is due. Power grabbers are intoxicated with obsession for power to rule. Beware of the eternal consequences with wrong choices. The LORD is watching.

  3. Biden appointed CDC director Rochelle Walensky, MD. Should be hung just like all the other tyrants in our County now.
    Follow the money & connections. They are Evil. This is My Opinion part of my free speech if still allowed.

  4. BS. Still playing by the rules. I’ve had the virus but I won’t be proving it with body fluids. What about my nephew? He should be jabbed but I go free? No. No vaxx for anyone. And I have never had to prove immunity for anything. I’m a nurse. It was “stated” disease. I declined flu shots with a simple signature and opted my son out of anything I wanted. These are new rules. Stop agreeing to them.

  5. I hear you. The government can’t control our health rights, end of story. Doesn’t Biden ever comprehend it’s our decision? Not his. ?

    And I’m not willing to participate in taking experimental covid jabs. We’re not a guinea pig.

    I thank you for your dedication as a nurse.

  6. The CDC does recognize natural immunity but they CHOOSE not to acknowledge it because there is too much money involved with vaccines and drugs. Like the FDA, the CDC is just another arm of Big Pharma. And as to your question, Peace, “doesn’t Biden ever comprehend it’s our decision?”, the answer to that is he comprehends nothing. He is an empty puppet manipulated by those behind the curtains.

  7. Biden (I don’t even say president! That he is not, he’s a dictator) should be impeached for his violation of the constitution. He was sworn in under oath to uphold and abide by our constitution like every other president. How is this okay with anyone for a president to slowly take away our freedom and rights? Is this even America anymore? When are we going to do something about all this madness?

  8. I’m so glad to see the fighting spirit everyone has! I’ve been a nurse for over a decade, second career (chem engineer), so I’m very skeptical and critical. Nothing about this situation smells right, so many red flags. I had it in August, refused the vax 10 months ago. No regrets. I don’t fear death, I fear control and loss of freedom.

  9. I had COVID in July 2020 (confirmed). I have not been sick since and a year later tested and still have substantial antibodies. Perhaps Yet I am being told that I NEED the vaccine. I know several people who got very sick from the vaccine and still got symptomatic COVID infections afterwards. I will consider the vaccine if someone provides a study proving that people who recovered from COVID are getting sick again at significant rates. Keyword sick, which is different from infected.

  10. The only way to stop the madness is to get rid of the two party system. I’m tired of voting for the less of two evils. We need to stand as Americans and get rid of Democrats and Republicans, both party’s are puppets to corporations and are not for the good of the people, which is all of us. Its for the good of their party, the ones with so much money that they control us and them. The vaccine it protects me “supposedly”, but masks are what protects everyone. However mask money does not support big pharm, it supports us the people, who make them and wear them. Say no to mandatory jabs, if you want one get one, but wear your mask for the good of the herd.

  11. If you are going to follow the science, then wake up and follow it the jab is not a vaccine it is gene therapy and if and when this is acknowledged it is not approved for emergency use at all. This is genocide plain and simple, the governments word wide knows this, and the media and all the puppets are just repeating the lie. Since when is the definition of science to just repeat the lie from politicians and puppets, instead of the peer reviewed studies that doctors and scientists who have done them. .

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