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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Many Tennis Stars Declining to Get COVID Shot

Stefano Tsitsipas

French tennis star, Jeremy Chardy announced that he will have to end his tennis season early due to a severe adverse reaction he suffered after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. Since getting the vaccine, Chardy said he has experienced violent pain throughout his body when he expends physical effort. Describing his ordeal, Chardy explained, “since I got my vaccine, I have a problem, I have a series of problems. As a result, I can’t train, I can’t play.”1 2 The tennis great who said he got the vaccine to perform a “common good for humanity”3 now says that he is “completely sorry I was inoculated.”4

Unlike many sports, tennis players do not have a players union and individual players do not belong to a team where management can mandate vaccination. Vaccination rates for tennis players lag behind other sports, even those with individual competitors like in the Professional Golfers Association (PGA), which reportedly has a 70% vaccination rate.

By early September, the WNBA had the highest vaccination rate with 99 percent. The vaccination rates for players in organized sports are MLS 95 percent; National Basketball Association (NBA) 90 percent; National Football League (NFL) 90 percent and Major League Baseball (MLB) and the National Hockey League (NHL) at 85 percent.5

World Tennis Association Not Requiring COVID-19 Vaccine

Meanwhile, in tennis, the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) Tour has nearly a 50 percent vaccination rate while the rate for the Men’s Tennis tour is just above 50 percent.6 The WTA would like vaccination rates to reach 80 percent but has said it’s “not requiring players to get a vaccine as this is a personal decision, and one which we respect.”7

For the professional tennis player, making medical decisions in their best interest doesn’t come without consequences. French player, Gilles Simon was disqualified from the U.S. Open because he wasn’t vaccinated and was considered to have had close contact with his coach, who tested positive for the virus. Vaccinated players who have come into close contact with someone who has tested positive are able to compete as long as they submit to testing, while unvaccinated players are required to quarantine.

Tennis Players Defending Importance of Free Will

Rather than playing in the U.S. Open, Simon was ordered to stay in his small hotel room for 10 days.8 Expressing the importance of free will, Simon said:

I’m not very scared of COVID, actually, my basic philosophy is: If you’re afraid of it, you get vaccinated; if not, no. It’s still a choice.9

Novak Djokovic echoed this pro-choice sentiment when he said:

Whether someone wants to get a vaccine or not, that’s completely up to them. I hope that it stays that way.19

Stafanos Tsitsipas, a Greek player who is the third ranked player in the world, admitted that he would not get the vaccine unless it was mandated to play in tournaments stating:

I don’t see any reason for someone of my age to do it. “It hasn’t been tested enough and it has side effects. As long as it’s not mandatory, everyone can decide for themselves.11

The Greek government not only didn’t like Tsitsipa expressing his point of view, they went so far as to say that Tsitsipa shouldn’t even have an opinion at all about vaccination. A government spokesman said:

Stefanos Tsitsipas is a great athlete, his skills in sports and his contribution to sports in the country is unquestionable. What is at stake, however, is his ability to assess the need for vaccinations or whether the vaccine has been tested for a sufficient period of time. And … he has neither the knowledge nor the studies nor the research work that would allow him to form an opinion about it.12

Some Tennis Players and Fans Criticizing Unvaccinated Players

At the Miami Open in March, a number of prominent tennis players including Andrey Rublev, Diego Schwartzman, Aryna Sabalenka, and Elina Svitolina expressed doubts about getting the COVID shot. Sabalenka said:

If you ask me if I can choose and I can have an option, I will not do it… I have to speak with my doctors and see which one is better for me, but for now, I don’t really trust it.13

Some fans have gone as far as saying that they will no longer root for their former tennis favorites because they didn’t get in line for the vaccine. Other fans have expressed the opinion that players are role models who need to take the vaccine for “the greater good,”with one stating…“They have a moral responsibility and they have to be held to a higher standard—because that is what I would do [if I were them].”14

There are top tennis players who have received the shot, such as Romanian tennis player, Simona Halep, who posted pictures of herself getting the vaccine on social media. Ash Barty and Naomi Osake, ranked number 1 and 2 in the world respectively, are fans of the vaccine and both received their shots.

ATP player council member, Andy Murray unhappy with too many players making their own health care decisions, which includes refusing to get the experimental vaccine, said, “there’s going to have to be a lot of pretty long, hard conversations with the tour and all of the players involved to try and come to a solution”15

Murray believes that the players should get the shot because it would be responsible of them to protect others even though the vaccine was not designed to prevent infection with and transmission of the virus, only to prevent severe symptoms of COVID-19 disease. The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Rochelle Walensky, MD said that, with regard to the Delta variant, COVID vaccines do not prevent transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. She admitted that a fully vaccinated person could have a “breakthrough case” and be positive for COVID-19 and, despite having no symptoms, pass the virus along to others.16

While players still maintain the right to make the personal medical decision not to get the experimental vaccine, tennis fans must get the shot in order to go to certain stadiums to watch these players in action. Spectators at the U.S. Open were only permitted to see the tennis greats with proof of vaccination.17

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16 Responses

  1. So disheartening that American, Canadian and British players are for mandates….all free democracies. So ironic that players from Eastern Europe and other countries are showing the way to true freedom. Wake up folks!

    1. Too true, Anne! Maybe because the players from Eastern Europe know what it was like (or their parents/grandparents did) to be under the heel of tyrannical diktats!

      The USA, Britian et al from the (ha ha) “Free” countries are totally clueless as to the real agenda and the real devils behind this whole global psyops.

  2. I often wonder why people who ask that others get vaccinated do not express the desire or be required to sign a document stating that they will contribute a large sum of money , in the event that people of whom they demanded this , die or become injured by the covid vaccine. Should this not be part of those “hard conversations” ? intended to pressure others to get vaccinated.

    1. Cherry, that is a GREAT idea! I’d of course want to see the cash beforehand, and make sure I can somehow collect (or my survivors!) on it.
      NOT! Even then it would not be worth it, permanent disability or death due to these DNA/mRNA changing experimental jabs, no way.

  3. It’s interesting that the Covid situation has revealed a great deal about how we make decisions, what we consider most important and how we judge others.

    Why would anyone make a personal medical decision based on what an athlete, an entertainer or anyone else for that matter, makes for themselves? Are adults so childish that this would help determine their personal choices? This kind of influence is why adults have responsibility over the medical decision-making of their minor charges.

    What needs to happen for personal responsibility to become the principle motivation regarding medical decision making? Do we need to see even more death and destruction as a consequence of ill-considered or “influenced” decision-making?

  4. Why through this whole thing, especially in 2019 when a vaccine was not around yet, did no leading doctors mention Vitamin D levels and other preventative measures? Those that did have been silenced. I believe in the immune system and prevention. Taking the vaccine instead of being sure your immune system is in fine tune, is the same mentality as those who eat junk food and consume sugar and alcohol, and don’t exercise, and then think they can just take a pill to take care of all the health issues that come along with their lifestyles. Being fat is unhealthy.

  5. I am a 77 y/o chiropractor, raised as a child in the Christian Science church—no doctors or medicines for those of you unfamiliar with Christian Science beliefs. I have never had a flu shot, nor the flu. I have had no colds or respiratory or sinus infections in 45 years. I postponed my children’s vaccinations until they were old enough to consistently take nutritional supplements to fortify their immune systems. I think that mandatory vaccinations for most childhood diseases are not necessary, as 99.9% of children will recover with no death and no serious consequences. Polio is serious but so rare in the US that the only exposures are from the vaccination itself.

    However, this is not the measles or mumps, whooping cough, or even the flu. COVID-19 is highly contagious, especially the Delta variant, and a significant percentage of cases end up hospitalized and dead. The Excessive Death statistic in the countries that monitor this metric far exceed the recorded number of deaths accorded to COVID-19. Thus, it means that COVID-19 deaths have been under reported, perhaps by 30% or greater.

    Just as all diseases are not equal in lethality, all vaccines are not equal in potential harms. There is no mercury in the COVID vaccines. One must judge potential harms and percentages of the disease vs. those of the vaccines. Any rational person should be able to calculate the benefit potential of the COVID-19 vaccine as opposed to the harms of the disease.

    Is natural immunity enough to prevent infection and/or serious symptoms or death? Sure, for some people, but not many Americans. I observe my patients’ health and physical conditions, as well as those I see out and about, say at the grocery. 2/3 of Americans are overweight or obese, they eat red meat and hot dogs and eschew fruits and vegetables. What supplements they take do not enough dose or variety (Centrum, One A Day) to provide much help. If The Vaccine Reaction wants to provide some natural health care prevention for COVID-19, check and note that vitamins C, D, B-complex, and minerals zinc, magnesium, and selenium have efficacy against many viruses, including COVID coronavirus. You can read my blog written 4/2/20 for easy information and research references.

  6. Can someone please explain this to me from the article above: “Vaccinated players who have come into close contact with someone who has tested positive are able to compete as long as they submit to testing, while unvaccinated players are required to quarantine.”

    This is going on where I work, as well. Why do the unvaccinated have to quarantine when the vaccinated are able to become infected as well? I raised this question at work and was told that it’s the health department policy, which is a non-answer. Also, where I work, everyone knows who is on quarantine because they’re missing from work, so therefore their employer is revealing, implicitly, personal health information about them to their co-workers.

    1. Dear April,

      If you’re looking for any type of logic to this whole crazy mess, you’ll be searching forever!

  7. The shot has numerous side effects mentally and physically. I wish that when Simone Biles got the ‘twisties’ that real reporting could have highlighted that it could have been a side effect so that more athletes would not be so pressured into doing something that could be career ending. Yeah at least for Eric Clapton, that was a warning for at least one news cycle.

  8. The callousness and stupidity of players and people in general – lacking the foresight to discern that this is a slippery slope to totalitarianism and tyranny is beyond the pale. Imagine talking about the common good. What does this mean, other than communism. Individual freedom is being rejected. How absurd. Why should anyone be responsible for the health of their neighbor if they don’t know how their neighbor is living. The fact that this is an experimental injection and this is mass experimentation of the world’s population is being ignored. The fact that Fauci gave the Wuhan lab 3.7 million for GoF experiments is also being ignored. What is wrong with people. This is mass psychosis and very sad for humanity. God help us and protect us from stupid uninformed humans.

    1. Like someone said, most people would rather die than think. Or, if everyone else is jumping off a bridge, many would follow the rest. This psy ops has been going on ad nauseam for over a year and a half, the masses are inundated with propaganda about “the virus” (oh eeek!. It’s like being a teenager and everyone else is “doing it”, so they do too, just to be like The Crowd.
      Of course the crowd may be falling off a bridge soon…..

      I still see nut balls driving in their vehicles with masks on! At least it’ EASY to spot the propaganda-eaters out there. I truly feel sorry for them, but they’re the “useful idiots” Vladmir Lenin talked about.

  9. As one of millions world-wide whom have suffered from an adverse reaction to the (Moderna) vaccine, this is personal to me. No one and I mean No one should have a say in another person’s health decisions. The consequences can be life long and even deadly, thus such an important decision should only be made by the individual affected.
    At this time we still don’t have a full list of ingredients for any of the vaccines, so how can anyone truly give informed consent, how are people supposed to know if there is something in them they are allergic to which could make them more likely to have a bad reaction? These are questions no one is demanding, but should be.
    I also agree w/the post above that points out the hypocrisy of the Tennis (and other’s) rules that vaccinated don’t have to quarantine, but unvaccinated do, although both can catch and spread covid, it’s simply unscientific and illogical, especially since vaccinated people carry a high viral load of covid, than unvaccinated (CDC). This same ignorance goes for those whom are so paranoid an unvaccinated person will get them sick, when in reality they are more likely to be infected by another vaccinated individual because of their higher viral load.
    People need to show more empathy for other’s decisions and beliefs, but at this time I unfortunately am seeing more selfish people whom only care about how they and their lives are affected, not what other’s may be going through. This has to change !

  10. The evidence is overwhelming that covid vaccines are neither safe nor effective. The huge volume of vaccine deaths and adverse reactions compared to previous vaccine programs completely proves this point. Case closed. But can this audience fathom how stupid and clueless the public has become? They cannot distinguish truth from error, which actually is rooted in a spiritual condition. The bible says in the last days God himself would send a delusional spirit in order to demonstrate who are children of truth and who gravitate to THE LIE. I see it in my everyday life that otherwise intelligent people cannot seem to process the evil intent behind masks, mandates, the vaccines loaded with the pathogenic spike protein, etc. It is to the point where people cannot distinguish truth from error, right from wrong. These will be the future henchmen of death that would gladly throw gramma off the cliff just to have their fill of vacationing and other life pleasures afforded by a vaccine passport. Soit seems to me like God is at work to demonstrate to THOSE OF US LEFT WITH ANY COMMON SENSE that He will provide for us as long as we stand on our faith in Christ and act righteously – that means do not cave to THE LIE. Non need for us to worry. We know this tile is different too. What is new is that the US GOVERNMENT and many other world governments have taken on a dictatorial role in demanding vaccines even against the evidence. THIS IS A WARNING SIGN THAT EVIL IS BEHIND IT. Two Nobel Laureates, both viral experts, have stated that the COVID19 vaccines are essentially slow death to the jabbed and they claimed well before it was announced officially that COVID19 was “not natural” and caused by a lab-synthesized coronavirus. They were correct. My message is to stand firm and not compromise your health rights. You don’t need a damned exemption. Stand on the law of God which is you were fearfully and wonderfully made in God’s image and have rights over what you will allow to be entered into your body. DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELVES TO BE RAPED BY THE JABS.

    1. Gary, that is a wonderful and truthful post. Thank you!

      I know what you mean, it’s all over the place, people just can’t face the truth out there, so they hide behind it by denying it completely. Much easier just to go with the flow, like dead fish. I just keep praying for God’ will be done, and to wake up the majority to the Truth, which is Christ Jesus who died for all of us. I’m praying for a revival of Christianity, for as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said, “Man has forgotten God”!

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