Thursday, June 20, 2024


“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Top FDA Vaccine Officials Resign Over Fast-Tracked Booster Shot Approval by CDC and White House

Two of the FDA’s senior vaccine officials are stepping down. The news comes as boosters and children’s shots are being weighed by the department. In a letter sent to staff and obtained by BioPharma Dive, the agency’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research announced the departure of Marion Gruber and Phil Krause, two of the FDA’s top vaccine reviewers, within the next two months. Gruber and Krause are reportedly leaving over the White House’s decision to begin administering booster shots the week of September 20th without the FDA completing its own review of approval for third shots.

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11 Responses

    1. We are citizens of Heaven but ambassador’s here. Its hard, really hard to see evil – at the cost of wellness/life of people for evil control. We do need to be out in the streets en mas. The Canadian Pastor formerly from Poland during communism but they turned it over with Lec Wolenska out in the streets and this factory worker became president. He recently was asked in VCY Crosstalk interview if he had any message for America. It was “WAKE UP AMERICA before its too late. You need to get out in the streets and refuse….”Yet, when we have obligations of family, work etc, …..

  1. How about hearing from experts who see the covid-19 jab as bad public health policy. There are a lot of them out there and mainstream media won’t air their research or their review of the facts…they just TROLL them.

    1. They can’t air their research. They are threatened – their research will be denied. PLEASE spread this you tube video around. This specialist has been slandered and ousted by people he long knew. His talk gives the whole enchilada on the inappropriate use of PCR which by development is NOT FOR USE TO DIAGNOSE. He talks about the reasons behind everything he states from mask to immunity to the lie that there is a VARIANCE to the whole big well orchestrated plan (for decades by those evil powers that be). – the final warning to Humanity from former Pfizer Chief Scientist Michael Yeadon. Excellent. SHARE IT TO ANYONE, especially those sheeples that wear their masks (which they never did for influenza – which this guy refers to as just as dangerous and I know that from 44 yrs in the field. ) He talks about the lie of A VARIANCE to get us more killer jabs. It is excellent!!!

  2. As an outside observer from a post-communist country I can’t believe what is happening in the US. It’s always been the symbol of freedom and entrepreneurship and now it’s becoming a nesting ground for neocommunism. And people are falling for it! Time is running out, America needs to act now, otherwise we’ll be forced to repeat the most atrocious tragedies of history.

    1. History repeats itself is the old saying. We wondered how Hitler did what he did even when he told people just like now. Those that lived in communist, marxist tell us but we have been free so long, I had non liberals even say “stop with your conspiracy theories.” …… won’t happen here . This is America”. When I see someone with a mask i see them supporting communism. When I see them put masks on their children – even outdoors, I see it as child abuse. I know they are ignorant of the truth but some common sense would help a person figure out how non sensical it is. They didn’t due it for influenza I tell some. And then I emphatically and innocent sounding say – ” Oh wait, Influenza is gone, I forgot. There was no report of deaths, like the average 50,000 yr. I know. I worked in it. TB is AIRBORN and killed 100,000 last year. We should be protesting in the streets and “wake up America” said the Canadian Christian Pastor who was arrested and put in jail. He was a former citizen of Poland under communism and they protested in the streets with leader Lec Wolenska, factory worker and the people won and he became president. He said it is soon too late for us.

  3. Funny how The Hill is talking about how public confidence will go down for the shot after two FDA officials step down. You can’t lose confidence in something if you never had any to begin with!

  4. Show me the data.
    How much more effective will the 3rd jab ? give?
    How long will the effectiveness last?
    When is the optional time between jabs??
    What are the risks?
    Does the time between jabs ? depend on age or exposure?
    The effectiveness > 6 weeks after the first jab? was 86%
    The effectiveness > 6 weeks after the 2nd jab ? of covid vaccine increased to 88.5%.
    The study was done before Delta.
    The vaccine lost effectiveness do to Delta . Not do to the time after the 2 ND jab ?.

    Now the all 3 vaccines don’t protect against Delta Covid in Massachusetts.

    How can they ask for approval without Data? We still don’t know what the optional time is between the first and second jab ?.
    Skip the 2nd jab?.
    And possibly the first ?.

  5. I wonder what’s in this “booster”, it must be pretty bad if these two also resigned.

    Typical “reporting” B S for most of this show saying the “boosters are helping”.

    Almost everything we’re told is a complete lie.

    Until they get rid of the (ha ha) IMMUNITY to prosecution or lawsuits for these jab makers, beware of them- they have NO reason to keep these lethal injections safe!

    I also think how its cute how they’re trying to make it look like there’s a “shortage”.

    UGH and they say it’s a “global virus that needs a GLOBAL solution”, yeah, globalism, one world government just like Babylon.

  6. Wicked evil demon possessed child murderers if they press ahead with killer child death shots Where is the reason for this Theres no need for a vaccine when you have ivermectin and Hydroxichloriquine with zinc. Israels hospitals are full with the double tax. FACT.

    This muck should be stopped immediately.

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