Thursday, June 08, 2023


“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Healthcare Workers Protest Vaccine Mandate, Say It Will Create Worker Shortage

Vaccination is still a choice for most people, but men and women who work in the healthcare industry are required to get the shot. All healthcare employees in New York state must get vaccinated. No exceptions. This includes hospitals, nursing homes and several others kinds of healthcare facilities. … And I know that this is problematic because, I recognize this because we’re having a shortage of workers in these healthcare facilities. And many of them are vaccinated, I thank them, but we have to encourage more people to get vaccinated so they can be in their workplace and we can get back to normal and take care of people who are sick or who are in these various facilities.

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9 Responses

  1. Why get a potentially harmful vaccination that does absolutely nothing to protect you from this varient nor the next!?? It’s clearly a money grab for big pharma.. Who by the way has greased all the politicians pockets that have mandated the Vax in their states! How much more obvious can this be before people start to realize this???

  2. I hope that staffing shortages will be so great that they will have to call all the unvaccinated member of staff back to work and give them back their jobs.

  3. @Adele I agree with you!! I am a healthcare worker of 16yrs & I asked my manager is our company ready for all the employees that are going to walk November 12!!! We worked through this last year now our jobs are being put on the line, shame on whoever is behind this whole thing, I wish that all the companies who mandate have such a increase in workers walking away that they have to close their doors & go home too!! So mote it is done ✅

  4. The new York governors think they make better health decision than the workers?
    The new Governor adopted previous mandates, executive orders for 60 days or until change.
    The executive mandate expires in November. Until November their will be health care shortage.

    IL fat Governor believe he makes better health decision and so does his sponcer

    Health care workers have access to vaccine regersatory, and vaccine cards.

  5. if the vaccine is so great and effective; How come the White house staff nor the members of congress or their staff are required to get the experimental vax ?

    1. Xactly, Xiden. Because it’s not about ‘health’. It’s about depopulation. And our gooberment isn’t working for “us” anymore. I wonder if anyone has noticed?

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