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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Young Man in France Dies Nine Hours After Getting Pfizer COVID Shot

A 22-year-old man in France died on July 26, 2021 nine hours after receiving the first dose of Pfizer/BioNTech’s experimental COVID-19 biologic (also known as BNT162b2 or “Comirnaty” vaccine). Maxime Beltra was vaccinated at about 2 pm in the southern French city of Sète and then went to a local restaurant with friends. At 10 pm that evening, Beltra’s sister reportedly called their father to let him know that his son was suffering a “violent” allergic reaction. An ambulance arrived at Beltra’s home and paramedics tried to save the young man but were unsuccessful.1 2 3 4 5

Maxime Beltra passed away at 11 pm. According to The Parisian newspaper, both Beltra’s family and the paramedics believe he died of anaphylactic shock.1 4 5

It is unclear if the fatal anaphylactic reaction was caused by the COVID shot or was caused by something that Beltra ate. One source with the Montpellier public prosecutor’s office told Agence France-Presse, “It is already established that the young man ate, shortly before his death, a food for which he had a known allergy.” Beltra was reportedly allergic to peanuts.1 4 5

Doctors reportedly told the newspaper Le Figaro newspaper that it was “highly unlikely” the shot caused Belta’s death.4 They said:

We must remain cautious, especially since we do not know the medical file. But if anaphylactic shock is to occur, it manifests itself within an hour of vaccination, or even within 15 to 30 minutes after.2

In a video recording, Beltra’s father, Frédéric, said he believes the Pfizer/BioNTech shot caused his son’s death. He said his son “had to get vaccinated so he could go on vacation to Greece with is friend. He characterized it as “criminal to put on the market vaccines which have not been certified, which have not been verified, which kill 22-year-old young people in great shape…”1 4 5 adding:

We are in the process of vaccinating all of humanity with treatments […] whose side effects we are not aware of.4 5

Frédéric Beltra subsequently stated:

I am not anti-vaccine‚ I do not subscribe to this debate. My approach is republican. I believe in the police and the justice system. I just want to know what happened. Maybe my son’s death may be of use to other families. If we can prevent this from happening to another child.4 5

“The death of young Maxime Beltra a few hours after being vaccinated is a tragedy,” said French politician Gilbert Collard. “Why so much recklessness? Shouldn’t we stop the vaccinations until we know for sure the cause of death?”1 

An investigation into Beltra’s death is underway by the Montpellier public prosecutor’s office.1 2 3 4

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14 Responses

  1. Incredibly the FDA is supposed to give full approval to the Pfizer shot tomorrow! It’s apparent to me that our government wants to maim and kill as many people as they can. WHY ELSE WOULD YHEY APPROVE THE SHOT WITHOUT KNOWING IT’S SIDE EFFECTS?

  2. That seems like their plan. This is a crime against humanity.

    Everything is so skewed…what kind of stats, follow ups, etc. can they base approval? Usually, it takes about 5 years of work. Even the CDC wasn’t requiring reports to VAERS unless you were hospitalized. I know quite a few people that never reported their reactions. I wouldn’t be surprised if reporting if off by at least 50%. No one knows what effects are to happen in 2 years. Look at J & J…its been decades and now find cancer with baby powder use!

    At least now, after it is fully approved, people can sue the pharmaceutical company. I’m sure there are already attorneys ready for class action suits.

  3. Bill Gates made a statement 5 years ago on a Ted talk..”vaccination is population control” .
    It was erased from the Internet within 24 hours. If vaccinations are lethal, then indeed that would be population control.

    Now we have mRNA shots which do not fulfill the criteria of “vaccination against disease”. Once in your system it changes your DNA forever, leaving spike proteins which produce inflammation in every organ of your body. People are dying and will continue to die over the months and possibly years to come. This needs to stop NOW!

  4. The headline should have been, ” “It is already established that the young man ate, shortly before his death, a food for which he had a known allergy.” Beltra was reportedly allergic to peanuts.” Ridiculous assumption it was the vaccine, he was careless with his known allergy. Bogus information to continue the anti vaccine hysteria. Give us the facts.

    1. Good grief, just do the research. Don’t rely on news media. It has nothing to do with anti vaccine movement. Your comment is very dismissive.

    2. More information is certainly needed, but I would not presume a known allergy to peanuts exonerates other factors as causal for anaphylaxis. A known allergy to peanuts could be something as mild as it usually makes his skin break out into a rash when he eats them. A more mild allergy would be more consistent with possible “carelessness” at a restaurant, as people who have known severe allergic responses to substances are typically more careful to avoid them. Expectations of a mild response would be more consistent with choosing to eat the offending substance on a social occasion; I have seen people sometimes make such a choice on social occasions. It is possible that both the peanuts and the vaccine are contributing factors, if the vaccine amplified the effect of the peanuts to a completely unexpected level.

        1. Only those with peanut brains still keep peddling the lies that peanuts were responsible for his death. How is that many so brainlessly go and exonerate the jab companies and dismiss the jab as being lethal? Well, the spell has been cast and most of the world is following brainlessly despite the amount of evidence around that this is mass genocide. But everyone that has taken this lethal jab and that pushes the lies about this fatal jab will be made accountable one day. Their time of reckoning will come there is absolutely no doubt about it.

        2. Yep that’s right. He ate peanuts. What a perfect timely excuse and cover-up. Nothing to see here, others please line up.

  5. The FDA DOES know about the deadly side affects of the Pfizer shot. Per Pfizer ex-VP Dr. Michael Yeadon, is telling everyone online that the graphene oxide in the Pfizer shots create blood clots that will kill people within 2 years after getting the shots. mRNA inventor, Dr. Robert Malone who also told the FDA and all others online that all COVID mRNA shots are dangerous and that no one should be forced to get them. FDA is following the UN agenda 21 or Agenda 2030 to depopulate humanity and enslave us with the TrustStamp, hydrogel, nano-particles, graphine oxide, PEG, and Luciferase inside each vaccine that creates deadly spike proteins inside the body 24/7 that actually transmits to others “like lice jumping onto others” that is killing 5 out of 6 fetuses after one of the parents gets the COVID mRNA shots or just by having the mother in the presence of another person who has been COVID mRNA vaccinated. Canadian Nurse Karen MacDonald says that she is so sensitive to EMF that she can tell someone in a building has been COVID vaccinated in a building soon as she walks into that building. It makes her skin warmer and the hair stands up on ends from the magnetism inside the shots. CDC, WHO, Dr. Fauci, have already been sued by Robert Kennedy, Jr. and Reiner Fuellmich for creating the COVID lockdown based on PCR tests that were never designed to diagnosis or treat any virus. So, forcing anyone to get a COVID mRNA shot is against Nuremberg Code laws and also, against other humanitarian laws that Reiner Fuellmich represents.

    1. Ive known something is very fishy about Dr. Tony Fauci for a quite while. CDC has strong relationship with pharmaceutical industries. Pfizer is purely ?, too many lawsuits. So are other industries but I think Pfizer is the worse one.

  6. I’ve heard this also Janis and I listened to Dr. Malone’s comments about the FDA dismissing the reactions happening before they rolled out the “non-vaccine” to the public. For Canadians, there is a petition to sue the Federal government going around and has another petition as well. And the numbers being touted about nonvaccinated people being in hospital are also being falsely recorded, when in fact they are vaccinated people. Perhaps they should be checking our antibodies and when that is positive – no mask, no restrictions, nada.

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