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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Naval Commander Warns that Military Vaccine Mandate Poses Threat to National Security

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A U.S. Naval Commander is warning that the Pentagon’s orders to mandate the COVID-19 vaccination for all service members could be a threat to national security due to unknown effects of vaccine complications.1 Naval Officer J.H. Furman said that further study is needed before requiring the entire military force, which is comprised of an estimated 1.4 million service men and women be part of an “irreversible experimental group.”1 2

According to the Associated Press, Pentagon data shows that as of Aug. 18, 2021, there were 800,000 service members who had not yet gotten vaccinated. More than 1 million active duty, Guard and Reserve service members had been fully vaccinated and nearly 245,000 more had received at least one COVID-19 shot.3

CDR Furman is a naval officer, naval aviator, and foreign area officer with experience advising senior military, diplomatic, and international organization leadership. His memo, which is a little over two pages long, suggests that COVID-19 vaccine mandates are not driven by safety, but by hysteria. He points out that the average military member is young and in good health—both factors of which are not at risk for complications resulting from infection of SARS-CoV-2. CDR Furman also suggests that mRNA technology may have unanticipated long-term effects on the immune system. He writes:

The world is simultaneously learning about this new technology amongst the largest vaccine rollout in human history. The data on both the virus and the vaccines are new and not yet scientifically reliable.1

23 Servicemen Suffer Myocarditis Reaction After Getting mRNA Vaccine

CDR Furman brings to light a study from the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) which explored 23 healthy male military members who experienced moderate to severe myocarditis following mRNA vaccination from January 1 to Apr. 30, 2021.4 Additional testing on the men found no existing etiologies for myocarditis such as autoimmune disease, infection, or ischemic injury. The study states that the number of myocarditis reactions was higher than expected among male military members after receiving the second dose.4 Following additional adverse reactions to the mRNA vaccines throughout the country, the FDA added a warning of the risk of myocarditis and pericarditis to both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines in June.5

Mandate Disregards Natural Immunity, is “Reckless at Best”

CDR Furman’s memo notes that there is no need to mandate vaccinating the previously infected military population who have acquired natural immunity. He cites the 99.74 percent military recovery rate and a study from the Cleveland Clinic which states that individuals who have had previous infection “are unlikely to benefit from COVID-19 vaccination.”1

CDR Furman ends the memo calling for an immediate pause to weigh benefits and risks, and to reevaluate how the decision to mandate vaccination will “critically impact mission effectiveness.” He states:

If it is true that the military is, in fact, essential to national survival thereby justifying massive budgets and sweeping measures to protect the Force, then deciding to gamble the entirety of those vital forces on what little is certain, is reckless at best.1

Troops Who Refuse Vaccine Likely to Face Punishment

CDR Furman is not alone in his hesitancy about the vaccines. The Washington Post reported that troops and observers continue to face resistance from a segment of the armed forces following Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s announcement earlier this month.6 This hesitancy persists despite Pentagon officials making it clear that refusal may lead to job loss or other punishment.

Attorney Mark Zaid stated:

All avenues of punishment will be available to the different services to include imprisonment and the ending of their military careers. Unlike with the anthrax vaccine, we’re in the midst of a pandemic so I envision DoD will act swiftly and harshly with legal action against refusers.7

Zaid is referring to the anthrax vaccine which disabled several military service members after being mandated following the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.8 Many current troops have cited the anthrax reactions as one of their reasons for their hesitancy to get the COVID vaccine.

Religious Exemptions to Go Through Rigorous Scrutiny

Both medical and religious exemptions will be available to members of the military. However, if filing for a religious exemption, troops must prove that receiving the vaccine would violate “sincere, closely held religious beliefs.” Retired Marine Lieutenant Butch Bracknell, who served as a legal advisor for the 1st Marine Division stated that a granted religious exemption would go through rigorous scrutiny to determine the legitimacy. He also stated that troops would likely need to demonstrate that they have religiously opposed getting other vaccines in the past.8

A medical or religious exemption would not result in punishment, but would adversely affect eligibility for future deployment, assignments, and international travel.8

Staff Sergeants File Lawsuit Against Dept. of Defense

Following the Pentagon’s announcement of the mandate, Staff Sergeant Daniel Robert of the U.S. Army and Staff Sergeant Holli Mulvihill of the U.S. Marine Corps filed a class action lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). The lawsuit, which is on behalf of all military members, cites the disregard of natural immunity and a violation of “the most fundamental of all human rights, the right of a person to bodily integrity.” The lawsuit was filed in the U.S District Court of Colorado on Aug. 17, 2021.9

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  1. US is *not* secure anyway.
    Support Our Troops!


  2. I read the paper attributed to CDR Furman. It states: The UK government agency Public Health England recently published a report showing that, “people who received the COVID-19 shot are more than three times as likely to die than those who have not received the vaccine.” There is no citation for that claim. A search for that statement on the Public Health England website comes up with nothing. A search online for that statement only comes up with repetitions of that claim with NO SOURCE cited.

    1. There is a lot more things of importance here than whether a citation is available. Try freedom and Constitutional rights. These are far more important than whether someone can supply a cite to a remark.

  3. What can we, the general public, do to actively support and advocate for the members of our military who are refusing to submit to the covid injections?

  4. You have to wonder, what is the REAL reason they’re pushing just so darn hard for everyone to get the “vaccine”. It’s not really because they care about our health. They don’t. What is the real hidden agenda they’re counting on?

  5. No doubt we can count on the DoD to handle this every bit as well as they did the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Looking on the bright side, if there can be one, maybe the inevitable decimation of our military will ultimately force us to finally stop *all* of our insane regime change wars around the world simply for lack of manpower.

  6. Unfortunately it’s not that simple. I recently hit my 18 year mark in the military and now they come up with the VAX mandate two years before I can retire. I joined right out of Highschool after 9/11 and I have been on multiple deployments, short tour assignments, missed birthdays, missed anniversary’s, missed holidays pregnancies you name it. I would have walked along time ago if I would have known the military would pull this stunt at this point in my career. Now if I refuse, not only do I loose my 20 year retirement (which isn’t much but maybe a house payment) but now I’m subject to courts martial with a dishonorable discharge for violation of article 92 of the UCMJ and I get a felony charge and become a prohibited possessor like I’m a criminal( like I was a convicted rapist or murder) AND I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t qualify for any of the VA disability I would get from breathing smoke from burn pits, toxic chemicals, wear and tear on my body mental issues,etc. All because I don’t trust this vax. I tell you, this is the hardest spot I’ve ever been in my life. Do or don’t I’m screwed either way. It’s a hopeless feeling knowing there is nothing you can do and either choice leads to destruction.

    1. What’s more important, your money or your life? I know, this is a horrible choice they’ve put all service members to! And so much for the “land of the FREE”, huh.
      More like Land of the (CENSORED), Home of the (CENSORED). This is what happens in COMMUNIST COUNTRIES!

  7. Please listen to 10 yr Navy surgeon discussing clearly the DANGERS of tumors, myocarditis, leukemia and more that are skyrocketing, and more
    CDLLife Mobile Post by dakotatrucker
    Not motivated by science at all…

  8. The globalists running this covid hoax against the world, know that the one impediment to their planned New World Disorder, is the fully armed USA.
    Therefore, it must be destroyed. One way is to decimate all branches of the military, without the use of a single bomb or bullet.
    We are in the early stages of the planned destruction of the USA.
    The ONLY way out of this nightmare, is NOT to comply with ANY covid measure or mandate.
    No masks, no vaccines or vaccine passports, no social distancing, no lock downs or closures, nada.
    Do not comply! We have made this far too easy for them up until now.

  9. @Moose McNugget
    I’m a RN in icu and seeing many many patients who are suffering irreversible injuries and for some -death from the vaccination. Your life is worth more than anything else!!! I’m also being terminated from my job after almost 30 years as a healthcare worker. I’m walking away with my liberty and my life. I’m going to have to figure out what next but I’m blessed to have my entire family on the same page and ready to move out of state for freedom!!!! God bless you and respect to you, Sir.

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