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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Doctors Refuse to Provide Care for Unvaccinated COVID Patients

doctor declines

Doctors throughout the United States are refusing to treat patients, even seriously ill patients, who have not received the COVID-19 vaccine.1 2 This comes at a time when there are a rising number of COVID-19 Delta variant cases occurring throughout the United States, with some hospitals in certain states being overwhelmed by the new cases.3

Jason Valentine, MD, a physician at Diagnostic and Medical Clinic Infirmary Health in Mobile, Alabama is one doctor that will not treat unvaccinated patients. He said:

We do not yet have any great treatments for severe disease, but we do have great prevention with vaccines. Unfortunately, many have declined to take the vaccine, and some end up severely ill or dead. I cannot and will not force anyone to take the vaccine, but I also cannot continue to watch my patients suffer and die from an eminently preventable disease.

He added:

Therefore, as of October 1st, 2021, I will no longer see patients that have not been vaccinated against COVID-19. If you wish to keep me as your physician, documentation of your vaccination will suffice. If you wish to choose another physician, we will be happy to transfer your records.4

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), people who are vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccines can still get infected with the virus, known as “breakthrough cases,” which also means there is a risk vaccinated persons can transmit the infection to others.5

Doctors in South Florida Protest in Response to A Surge in Unvaccinated Patients

Seventy-five doctors recently participated in a symbolic walkout of a hospital in Palm Beach Gardens and other hospitals and medical offices in South Florida. All of the doctors were off-duty.6 The doctors who were part of this protest said that the majority of COVID-19 cases they are witnessing in their hospitals are among unvaccinated patients. The protest was to draw the attention of the public to get vaccinated.7

“We are exhausted. Our patience and resources are running low and we need your help,” said Rupesh Dharia, MD of Palm Beach Internal Medicine.8 “The vaccine still remains the most effective and reliable way to stop this madness,” said Leslie Diaz, MD of Jupiter Medical Center.9

NBC News reported that on July 30, 2021, 38 states had confirmed a total of 125,682 breakthrough cases. Breakthrough cases are when  vaccinated individuals contract the virus.10

COVID-19 vaccination does not guarantee against hospitalization or death. Of the breakthrough COVID-19  cases in Massachusetts, 445 cases resulted in hospitalization and 106 in death. Of the cases in Minnesota, 514 fully vaccinated people ended up going to the hospital and 57 died.. Of the COVID-19 cases in Tennessee, 272 required hospitalization and 39 died.11

University of Washington Medical Center Denies Organ Transplants to Unvaccinated Patients

The University of Washington Medical Center is denying organ transplants to patients who refuse to get a COVID-19 vaccine. The hospital has refused to publicly answer questions and will not directly acknowledge that it even has such a policy.12

A news report found that UW Medicine removed a 64-year-old patient from the heart transplant waitlist. The patient, Sam Allen of Monroe, Washington, said he was on the list for two and a half years. The hospital made the decision after they learned the patient refused to get the COVID-19, telling him they would consider adding him back to the waitlist should he satisfy their “compliance concerns.”13

Allen said that three leaky heart valves impact the blood pumping into his lungs making it difficult for him to breathe, which played a role in why he refused to wear a mask in the medical facility. After he told his cardiologist that he wouldn’t get vaccinated, he received a letter dated June 7, 2021 informing him that he was removed from the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) waiting list for a heart.14

Allen wrote a letter back to UW Medicine saying:

As a person who has spent much time and money at UWMC as a heart failure patient, I am being told I cannot get care for my condition unless I take an injection that has shown to cause cardiac problems. It seems that a wise choice would be to not make a panic move and run to get injected with the experimental gene therapy until more is known.15

Doctor Refusal to Treat Patients Conflicts with  Hippocratic Oath

Medical doctors refusing to treat patients who decline the COVID-19 vaccine raises the question of a doctor’s commitment to the Hippocratic oath and the ethical issues surrounding equal treatment. The modern version of the Hippocratic oath require doctors to all treat patients equally to the best of their ability and with compassion.16

According to Danielle Weatherby, JD, associate professor of law at the University of Arkansas, private doctors do have the right to legally refuse to treat patients in non-emergency situations for a variety of reasons, as long as the denial is not based on the person’s sex, religion or national origin. She adds:

The analysis becomes more nuanced when the patient’s refusal to vaccinate is rooted in their alleged deeply held religious beliefs.17

Other doctors believe that refusal to treat unvaccinated patients shows loss of professional and ethical standards in medicine. Aaron Kheriaty, MD, a professor of psychiatry at the University of California Irvine stated:

The logic employed here would never be applied elsewhere in medicine. Doctors try to help patients be responsible for their health; and we try to persuade them to make healthy decisions, to be sure; but we don’t abandon them when they make medical or health-related decisions that we don’t condone. Doctors treat the sick because they are sick, and simply because they are fellow human beings in need of care; we do not blame the sick for their plight.18

“A blanket condemnation of all the unvaccinated is unwarranted and unworthy of the profession of medicine,” Dr. Kheriaty said.19

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46 Responses

    1. Excellent question and I personally think NO!!! But while thinking of this, think back to Hitler and how he got control of the medical profession. Now look at this situation and see if there is not a strong resemblance.

  1. Well perhaps it’s better to find out in advance that these so called medical professionals will abandon patients when the going get’s tough. Might be a good question to ask all providers when deciding on one. Florence Nightengale must be turning over in her grave.

  2. This is terrifying. If you have forgotten the Hippocratic Oath as a care provider, then you do not deserve to be a healer. In fact, you are helping bring suffering and death to those who seek your help. May your conscience never rest while you carry this in your heart.

  3. I wonder if these same “concerned” physicians care enough to counsel their patients on healthy lifestyle choices. Do they discharge their obese/overweight patients who don’t make lifestyle/dietary changes to lose weight in order to improve their diabetes and/or high blood pressure issues? Do these MD’s educate their patients on early home treatment protocols for COVID 19?

    1. I doubt that many of them do these things and I suspect that the doctors who are doing these things probably will not abandon their patients who are unvaccinated.

  4. What about gang-bangers, drug dealers and pimps? Perhaps doctors should also stop treating inner-city patients who choose to involve themselves in “occupations” that pose high risk to themselves and their communities. That might actually reduce crime, violence and overall death rates by allowing the ranks of purveyors of said occupations to decrease through natural attrition – no vaccines needed! How many of them are gene altered, anyway? Most of them probably pose double risk, or triple if they’re also spreading AIDS, STD’s, hepatitis and other communicable diseases. The resources not spent on saving disease-ridden, violent, community-destroying predators could be spent instead on helping productive members of society. But the arrogant, sanctimonious, self-righteous vaccine peddlers who think nothing of violating the Nuremberg Code would NEVER think twice about spending public funds and jacking up insurance rates for working people to save “the poor underprivileged”. Maybe we need to start revoking the licenses of physicians who treat people with histories of violence and crime, or who commit crimes (including the spread AIDS and STD’s) after receiving life-saving medical treatment. Consider helping those people as aiding & abetting the commission of crime. Hey, that makes as much sense as refusing to treat people who don’t want questionable substances that don’t even stop the disease they’re supposedly fighting, inserted into their genetic code.

  5. What’s up, Doc!

    You refusing to treat diabetic patients if they are obese?
    You refusing to treat lung care patients if they smoked?
    You refusing to treat drug addicts if they ever shot up?
    You refusing to treat AIDS patients if they ever had unprotected sex?

    DOCTORS: GET A LIFE & live it somewhere else!
    Doctors kill more people than guns do! That’s a fact, jack!


  6. We have plenty excellent treatments, which were intentionally blacked out,in the west, by rich-filthy CONgressional Medical Industrial Complex (BigPig Pharma) and their pet paid-off media.
    _ E.g., Western govs aren’t allowing Ivermectin an approved status, because it’s good and incredibly inexpensive—which competes and wipes out any need for expensive vaccines. (Even crap WHO likes it. It works on lots of problems.)
    Japan’s flu drug, Favapiravir, is so good, MERCK has copied it (”molnupiravir”) and is dissing their own Ivermectin. The scum already got an advance $1.2Billion deal with “our” corrupted GOV. Why take Merck’s brown pill when the real deal is available, from Japan?
    There’s intravenous Vitamin C. That and Favapiravir were used by Japan & China, successfully—JAN. 2020. (Yes, the Fauci-Coronavirus could have all been stopped, in its tracks. Shhh)
    There’s [hydr.]chloroquine. That would have competed, for pennies, against the Beijillion vaccines. (That’s why they slammed form.-Pres. The Donald J. T-Rump, for asking.)

    (Mo’ crap: Gilead’s Remdesivir is $thousands, and doesn’t actually work, once you HAVE the virus–and there are buckets of side-effects. Even crap WHO disregards it.)
    BUT DOCTORS—esp. when they work for Hospitals—WORK IN PHARMA, notably milking the Medicare system. They need customers, never cures–and bankers/ investors agree. SOME Docs think they are gods, and they never need be honest, with YOU. WHAT OATH, TO ‘DO NO HARM’?
    Did capitalism by computer force ‘US,’ from freedom, into corporate fascism? Pharma rules.

  7. Other doctors believe that refusal to treat unvaccinated patients shows loss of professional and ethical standards in medicine.
    That ship sailed, decades ago.

  8. How about those pesky diseases of lifestyle like obesity, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. (His photo, btw, does not make him look like a healthy 43 year old!) Does he treat people who look twice their age? People die from diseases of lifestyle on a regular basis Does that cause him no hardship???What sort of practice would he have if he only took in perfectly healthy patients? I’ve been told those diseases of lifestyle are huge money makers for the medical profession. People choose to not exercise. People choose to eat refined foods. People choose to not get the vaccine. I think he’s gotten his 3 minutes of fame. I’m glad he has declared himself because people can choose to go elsewhere. Any diseases resulting from lifestyle choices respond best to education, guidance, support, and encouragement.

  9. These are not doctors who care about sick patients, they are brainwashed doctors working for and paid by BIG PHARMA.
    They are prescription writers. Not critical thinkers.
    This is not the type of doctor I want working on me or for me.
    I appreciate them Giving me a PASS!

  10. Not knowing long term effects on vaccines could cause health issues in the long run. If medical doctors refuse to treat patients who did not receive experimental covid vaccine, especially when they are ill, are they really following Hippocratic oath? My answer is NO!! If they refuse to accept patients based on vaccination status, then they are a hypocrite. What kind of doctors are they? Yes, it’s overwhelming to treat a lot of sick patients but that’s their job. Don’t fire health care workers if they refuse vaccine. If they got fired, then don’t blame sick patients due to shortage of health care providers. It’s nonsense. The health system is a big mess. Take a real look at breakthrough cases. If my memory serves me right, it takes 10-15 years to develop vaccines. Not even one year or 2 years. Very shoddy science.

    1. You are correct. It takes a minimum of 10 to 15 years to get a reasonably safe vaccine. This crap they are dispensing is dangerous and not moral science but political science. It has political written all over it. If you connect the dots you will see whrere this came from and where it is going. How truly sad and dangerous.

  11. Are these physicians going to refuse to see patients who smoke heavily, never exercise, and eat lots of sweets and processed salty foods and meats, like hot dogs, that contain sodium nitrates, but no fruits and vegetables and have other bad health habits?

  12. What hypocrites these MD’s are! They usually abandon ‘hopeless cases’ anyway after they’ve squeezed all the money they could out of them, for example with back operations or cancer “treatments”, then send them home to die. This happens a lot with elderly people with health problems once their insurance runs out.

    I say, DUMP THESE DOCS! Why would you want to go to those types anyway? Find one who can think for him or herself! It’s rare, I know. But, it’s worth it. People need to start researching their own health fixes and stop relying on toxic pharmaceuticals for your ‘health’ care.

  13. These doctors have certainly become arrogant to give such ultimatums. Who trains them to be such dictators? This is disgraceful? Sadly they don’t know what they don’t know.

    1. Morally they do but legally they don’t. The sad thing is how many do you know today that has morals? There is more to this than the “shot”. The entire thing goes deeper than the virus or shot. This crap has been coming on a lot longer than the virus or shot. We are destroying ourselves.

  14. Every unvaccinated person should find out what his/her doctor’s position is on treating unvaccinated patient. If needed, change the doctor NOW. Take charge of your health, find out ways to treat Covid without going to a hospital. Don’t be afraid.

  15. I call this good news. Doctors will kill you. Treat yourself. better odds. And in Calif. they are allowing blood and organs from vaxxed people to be used…so good, better to die, then get a transplant. It will probably be from a stupid vaxxed person anyway, and you will die and owe a lot of money, or your estate will owe it. Stop going to doctors and hosptials. they are death camps. And stop voting for Democrats and Rinos.

    1. You jogged my memory (thanks for the exercise). Dr. Robert Mendelsohn in one of his books wrote about how when there were “doctor strikes”, one was in Israel, another was (I think) in Colombia, the death rates went DOWN.

      When the doctors went back to work, the death rates went back UP.

      And I’m sure that was totally coincidental. Like they say, doctors BURY their mistakes.

  16. That’s why I’m going thru frontline doctors to gat a consult and ivermectin. Doing D zinc etc. and nebuluzer with food grade hydrogen peroxide. (Mercola). I’m not going to the hospital

  17. I am not sure that it matters if the doctors refuse to treat a patient with covid as they don’t do anything anyway. They let you stay home without treatment as they claim there is none, which is lie number 1, then you get so sick they send you to the hospital and you lie there with little to no kind of treatment other than oxygen, and you die or get better. So the oat they took is worthless and they are worthless. The good doctors should unite, get the best sleeze lawyers they can and stop this crap.

  18. These doctors have been bought and paid for by big pharma. That is obvious.
    The oath they took, means nothing to them as a doctor. This just shows you who is in it for the big paycheck, vs who really wants to help people who are ill.
    (no matter what they are ill from)
    When a person refuses the flu vaccine, does a doc stop treating them? No. The choice is up to the patient, and they make it with all information available. These ‘vaccines’ have not been thoroughly tested, and there is no information out there that talks about what the side effects are. Just get this. If the docs would actually do their homework, they would find that some of the side effects that occur will do more harm to their patient than their immediate issue.
    And how do they justify when a healthy person goes in and gets vaccinated and dies 24 hours later? And so true, eventually a clean heart or other organs for transplant will not be available.
    I’m beginning to see a pattern here aren’t you? Kind of like population control in disguise.

  19. I have a good friend that needed a Heart Transplant…..they gave him a battery pack – until one came available. He was 65, over weight, poor eating habits, but not diabetic nor did he smoke. He got the transplant…..but like with so many he had complications from meds for over a year. Long story short …….still not feeling good most of the time……they did more blood tests and found that he had a Virus. They determined came from the Transplant. No meds given……they just told him he would have to live with it. So how much screening do they really have time to do with a transplant organ…..before putting it in someone? More adjustments to all the Meds…….now he feels pretty good.

  20. Shame on ALL “doctors” that refuse to treat “unvaccinated” people! If they’re allowed to discriminate against one group, what’s going to stop them from discriminating against another one?

    What about the huge group of people who had COVID-19 and now have a lifetime of natural immunity and don’t even need a vaccine– even a vaccine that actually works? WHY are they being shunned?

    Don’t these unethical doctors READ and STUDY the data and reports (circulating everywhere) providing all the most recent information on how these “vaccines” don’t provide protection from catching and transmitting the virus? Don’t they know that NONE of these experimental concoctions will provide any reliable protection, and what little protection they might provide breaks down or dissipates within six months or LESS? Don’t they know that a vaccinated individual poses the same risk to the community as an unvaccinated one does?

    How come we all know these elementary facts but these DOCTORS are oblivious to the facts, instead believing the propaganda? These are DOCTORS for crying out loud!!!

    They’re either in bed with Pharma and/or they are willfully ignorant, and/or they’re completely unethical. It’s despicable and disgusting and the question remains… Why haven’t their licenses been pulled???

  21. Let’s not forget that doctors are purposely put in the middle, caught in a very hierarchical system where training and professional standards of care are biased to begin with. Biases are ingrained in medical training on purpose. It’s Rockefeller medicine, designed from the start in the early 1900’s based on a monopolistsic business model rather than superior healing methods. Established methods of herbalism and homeopathy were crowded out. They tried to bury the chiropractic profession only to have the AMA lose two major lawsuits.

    Not saying that WM doesn’t do some things very well, but their basic exclusion of modalities other than drugs and surgery; their lack of training in nutrition; their model of care with a seven minute office visit; the reliance on lab tests over careful history taking, palpation of the body, and tapping the knowledge of the person who knows best (the patient); the high level of influence allowed to pharma with cruises, fancy parties, what are essentially kickbacks; the creeping corruption of published medical research as noted by former NEJM editor Angell, etc. means they are like athletes running on only one sound leg.

    This is the environment in which doctors are “grown.” It is only the exceptional doctor that reaches out, takes continuing education and training to round out their education, who opens their eyes to see the big picture and practices whole person, multi-modality medicine as opposed to blindered pill pushing etc.

    1. Not sure if this is true, but I heard that people who don’t qualify to enter veterinary school usually can get into med school! Think of it, animals can’t “talk” and tell you everything.

      I learned early in my life to not trust doctors! I’ve had too many of my family killed by them.

      Just look at all the overweight unhealthy doctors and nurses out there, and yes they know NOTHING about nutrition, to them that “doesn’t matter”. What a bunch of malarkey!

      Just grow a plant and withhold any fertilizers and see how well it does. They’re operating on a totally flawed system anyway. Pasteur even did a death bed confession and said Antoine Bechamp’s germ “terrain theory” of disease was the right one.

  22. Time to sue… The reality is the PCR FAKE TEST cannot determine a variant. NONE, NOPE, NOTTA.

    The “DELTA” variant is just another boogie man in the bush to promote their SPIKE PROTEIN KILLER JAB for Klaus Schwab and Gate’s “OPERATION COVID”, which began in 2018 and is set to continue until March 2025..

    ALL PCR tests with a multiplier above 22 are FALSE POSITIVES, created through NEIL FERGUSON and PHONY TONY’s hubris “COMPUTER MODELING”,
    to create the SCAM-demic.

    Kary Mullis the inventor of the PCR test said it was NEVER to be used as a diagnostic tool and that Fauci was an idiot.

  23. No wonder there is are so many deaths with these unethical and incompetent shills for the pharmaceutical industry behind the wheel.

  24. Just how true is it that the majority of hospitalizations/deaths are truly unvaxxed? Stew Peters just reported that the CDC is now counting all deaths of ‘vaxxed’ patients as ‘UNvaxxed’ if they died within 2 weeks of vaxxination. Also, this could also be just another ploy to force these ‘j@bs’!

  25. Good, now if only they would refuse to treat everybody for anything, we would all be a lot healthier.
    Providing our immune systems are appropriately boosted.
    -Natural, organic diet, including drinking distilled water.
    -Ground to the earth, do this continuously using conductive shoes outside, and grounding straps/bedsheets indoors.
    – Get daily exposure to UVB/Infra red.
    – Drink your own urine – for prevention and treatment of ANY condition.
    etc. etc.
    Note also, those countries which have had Doctors striking; they all showed lower mortality rates due to doctors staying at home.

  26. It IS unconscionable and absolutely contradicts their Hippocratic Oath. I wonder for the last decades of growing lack of self care, obesity, substance abuse – have we turned blind eyes on those who made individual choices that led to possible illness….

  27. I think those doctors will also not treat patience with lung cancer from smoking, patience with liver fibrosis from drinking, bariatric patience after eating junkfood for years, patience with skin cancer from too much sun exposure, etcetera, etcetera…….
    I think those doctors should loose their licence and be given a fine.

  28. If you’re doctor won’t treat unvaccinated patient, their not worth going to.
    Fire them.
    Obviously they are unqulified, beliveing in 1 size fits all, and the pharmacital lies.
    Try to find out their beliefs and qualifications before you need them.
    So as your have time to find a good doctor.

  29. The vax is an instrument of depopulation by the globalists. Each shot is supposed to weaken your immune system and kill off Tcells until you have none left. If you are still alive after the fourth one, you will be dependent on the boosters to stay alive because you have no immune system.

  30. Doctors have tried off label uses for drugs since the beginning of medicine as we know it but now they play politics and refuse to even try Ivermectin in Palm Beach Florida and other liberal places. Those doctors who do not try EVERYTHING to save their patients are worthless and need to lose their licenses.

  31. Doctors have been on a pedestal too long. Wasn’t Mengela a doc? And Fauci, the dog torturer? Docs were the most ardent group in the Third Reich—-lovely chances to experiment. Any arrogant Sawbones that refuses to treat me or mine in an emergency situation had best move his grift elsewhere. At warp speed.

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