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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


If You’re Vaccinated, You’re Protected… or Not

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“If you’re vaccinated, you’re protected. If you’re unvaccinated, you’re not protected.” These words, or some slight variation of them, are increasingly being used by U.S. government officials to encourage Americans to get vaccinated for COVID-19. In a July 4, 2021 interview on ABC’s “This Week,” White House COVID-19 response coordinator Jeff Zients was asked, “What does it mean for the nation if we have all these unvaccinated people who say they’re just not going to get [a COVID-19 shot]?”

Zients did not answer the question. He simply said that the government would continue to “drive up the vaccination rate.”1 He added:

If you’re vaccinated, you’re protected. If you’re not vaccinated, you’re not protected.1

In speeches the following week urging all Americans to get vaccinated, President Biden repeated the same message on at least a couple of occasions and outlined several vaccine outreach initiatives by the government, including going to people’s homes to encourage them to get vaccinated. “We need to go community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood, and oftentimes door to door,” President Biden said.2 3 4

U.S. Health Officials Urge Public to Get Vaccinated or Else…

White House vaccinations coordinator Bechara Choucair, MD has said, “We know that if you’re vaccinated, you’re protected… if you’re not vaccinated you’re going to still be at risk.”5 He stressed:

The fact remains if you’re unvaccinated you are still at risk of catching the virus, you are still at risk of needing hospitalizations, and unfortunately you’re still at risk of death. We’re still having hundreds of deaths a day in the United States. The best way for you to become fully protected is to get vaccinated. That is the best way, and also the best way for us to be able to put this pandemic behind us. .5

The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Rochelle Walensky, MD has also said, in no uncertain terms, “You’re protected if you’re vaccinated, you’re not if you’re not vaccinated.”6 She added:

We are asking people to take their health into their own hands, to get vaccinated, and if they don’t, then they continue to be at risk.”6

On June 17, the director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and chief medical advisor to President Biden, Anthony Fauci, MD told NPR:

If you are vaccinated, you’re going to be protected, which is another very good reason to encourage people strongly to get vaccinated. If you are not vaccinated, you are at risk of getting infected with the virus that now spreads more rapidly and gives more serious disease.7

It all sounds fairly definitive. You get a COVID shot and you’re safe, home-free. No worries. You don’t get a COVID shot, you’re in big trouble. But is it really that simple, that black and white? Apparently not. As Bruce Aylward, MD, senior advisor to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) director-general, said at a press conference on June 25:

So, what we’re saying is once you’ve been fully vaccinated continue to play it safe because you could end up as part of a transmission chain. You may not actually be fully protected. Sometimes the vaccines don’t work in people, etc.8

COVID-19 “Breakthrough Cases” and Deaths Reported in Vaccinated People

There are many reports in the mainstream media of fully vaccinated people in the United States and around the world, who have been fully vaccinated but have become infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, developed COVID-19 symptoms, and even died from complications of COVID-19. There is no way to know how many of these so-called “breakthrough cases” there are in the United States because not all those who contract SARS-CoV-2 (or a variant of it) show symptoms of COVID-19.9

Nor are all known breakthrough cases reported to local and state health authorities. Add to that the fact that the CDC has decided not to track all breakthrough COVID-19 cases in vaccinated persons, just the cases that result in hospitalization or death.

As of Apr. 26, just a week before the CDC stopped counting all breakthrough cases, the CDC had recorded 13,564 breakthrough COVID-19 cases that had been reported by state health authorities in vaccinated people. It is reasonable to assume that the number of these cases is now significantly higher and continuing to climb.9

There are articles being published daily in newspapers and by news services around the country reporting that fully vaccinated Americans have died of COVID-19. As recently as July 8, it was reported that 30 fully vaccinated people in Louisiana died of COVID-19. “These are people who died from COVID, from complications of COVID, despite being vaccinated,” said Joseph Kanter, MD, who is the Louisiana Department of Health’s state health officer and medical director. The Louisiana Department of Health has reported a total of 1,563 breakthrough COVID-19 cases in vaccinated persons in that state.10

The Oregon Health Authority identified 1,790 breakthrough cases through June 30.11 In Illinois, that state’s Department of Public Health reported hundreds of breakthrough cases in vaccinated people, including about 518 cases involving those who needed to be hospitalized. Of those cases, 141 involved vaccinated people who ended up dying from complications of COVID-19.12

The Department of Public Health of Massachusetts said there had been 3,791 breakthrough cases in that state as of June 12.13 The Utah Department of Health last month confirmed 993 breakthrough cases in that state.14

The Virginia Department of Health said it has registered 1,063 breakthrough cases in that state. Seventy-one of those people have been hospitalized and 17 have died.15 As of July 7, the Arkansas Department of Health registered 1,902 breakthrough cases in that state. Sixty-eight of those involved hospitalizations and there were seven confirmed deaths.16

Last month, the CDC reported 4,115 breakthrough COVID-19 cases involving vaccinated people who needed to be hospitalized or died.17

Supposedly, all of these thousands of vaccinated people (and who knows how many more) believed they were protected. Their families most likely believed they were protected. As it turned out, they were not protected.

This is the problem with making sweeping statements like, “If you’re vaccinated, you’re protected. If you’re not vaccinated, you’re not protected.” The fact is, that is not necessarily true.

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29 Responses

  1. How do you respond to people who say these people are getting sick because unvaccinated people are spreading variants to them? I hear that often.

    1. 1) You don’t respond.
      2) “Whatever.”
      3) “Prove it.”
      4) “I don’t engage in casual conversation about serious subjects.”
      5) Etc.
      Peace & Health.

    2. For starters, vaccination is a private health decision and the push to make it everyone’s business to know if someone else has or hasn’t gotten the shot is all part of the propaganda of this plandemic, so I would begin by simply saying you only discuss your health decisions with your healthcare provider and would recommend others do the same. But: if the ‘vaccine’ works and they’re protected, why should they care if anyone else is jabbed? All the info on these injections says that they protect the recipient from severe course of illness should they become infected; it doesn’t even say that they will be immune or that they will not pass it on to others. People are willfully ignorant.

    3. I would not want to educate them, as they are hopeless, but vaccinated people are spreading the virus to *both* others who are vaccinated and the unvaccinated as well. We are being told that vaccinated people should wear a mask to protect the unvaccinated, but in fact there is no difference. Vaccinated people can get and spread covid. What I’m most concerned about now is the door-to-door effort to coerce people to act against their own free will and take a pharmaceutical that they do not want. Also, if these “trusted messengers” come in search of the unvaccinated, they can be thought of as trying to spread covid door-to-door to the vulnerable unvaccinated. Masks, while being an order of magnitude more protective than these “vaccines”, merely reduce the chances of spreading disease. Better that these disrespectful, vile peddlers wear a mask, but they can still be doing terrible harm by their efforts at self-validation.

  2. Why did this article not mention what I see as a most significant fact about ALL vacinations; a vacinated person is not by any measure less likely to “catch” a virus than is an unvacinated person. So being vacinated has nothing to do with the “greater good”, it has to do with the supposed minimazaton of effects if an individual contracts a virus. Mass propaganda in the the U.S. and the rest of the world is full speed ahead.

    P.S. Being vacinated doesn’t surround you with a bubble of protection whereby
    the targeted virus is repelled!

    1. Thank you.
      As you suggest, there is no “greater good.” Only INDIVIDUALS making INDIVIDUAL CHOICES, which is what USA USED TO BE about.

      Ayn Rand’s philosophy about the Rights of Man, separation of Church and State, and Pure Capitalism has really never been taken seriously, as it should. Rolling in her grave, I’m sure.


    2. If they have nothing to hide they wouldn’t be censoring information, they would welcome open debate. On TV in an open discussion no holds barred.

      The more information kept from people the fewer people want to get vaccinated.

      The more they want to make something mandatory when you have a 99.999% chance of recovery should you get COVID, the more I want to runaway.

      Lastly, why aren’t they suggesting ivermectin or hydroxychloroquin, known to work, vitamins C and D, zinc for your natural immunity and no one explains why a person needs a vaccine if they have had COVID?

  3. If they believe that they are safe if they are vaccinated, then it shouldn’t matter if an unvaccinated person is around them, they would be protected. Only the unvaccinated person would be at risk. And it would ward off anything the unvaccinated person has. If vaccinations worked like they say they do, then they would have a ‘bubble’ around them. But they don’t, so it doesn’t really matter.

  4. Vaccinated people do not develop mucosal antibodies ( Mucosal antibodies in the nose/bronchial-tubes/lungs are what prevent the virus from taking hold on exposure. So vaccinated people can be infected and spread the disease, even though the vaccine might protect them from serious illness. The vaccine does not provide herd immunity. We don’t know if vaccinated people will develop mucosal antibodies if they are exposed to the virus, potentially they can be re-infected and spread the virus multiple times.

    People with natural immunity have mucosal antibodies, which prevent the virus from infecting any cells, so they prevent viral spread. People with natural immunity provide herd immunity.

    1. Hey Tim –

      Thanks for that point that vaccinated people don’t develop mucosal antibodies as I wasn’t aware of that. When you say that people with natural immunity do produce mucosal antibodies, is there a research paper or other document explaining that? Maybe I missed it but I don’t see it in the paper you cited in your comment.

      Thanks again for your point.

  5. I am hearing “I was required to get vaccinated to keep my job and now I am having second thoughts.” Too much is coming out regarding side effects and future potential side effects that we were not made aware of. This lack of information is stunning, and now they are considering extending this experiment to children as young as two. Not ok.

  6. This may seem a gross exaggeration to some, but think on it before you thought-leap: This is THE SCARIEST TIME in the recorded history of humankind. The “Witch Hunts,” aka The Inquisition, Biblical Leper Colonies, The Nazi Holocaust, all terrifying. But never did they have the UNREGULATED, UNTAXED INTERNET to spread the fear-mongering propaganda. Terrifying Times!


  7. Antioxidants, natural immunity and the blessings of God are working out fine for me and many others. As I posted on another site today. If I am injected against my will and things go south. I have no intention of becoming another cash cow for big pharma.
    Pre, mid or post covid19 or the injections. . Neither do I have any intentions of attempting to fight diseases with toxic cocktails when there are safer and better alternatives to fight and cure diseases. The true facts are out about the covid injections and there is no hiding it. Instead of blaming unvaccinated people for the misfortunes of the vaccinated, who were deceived and fear-mongered since Feb. 2020. Liars need to take a look (and they won’t) at the vaccine injury/death databases worldwide. Healthy people who hadn’t caught covid 19 and had no chronic diseases or comorbidities have died and are suffering from various types of health issues. I suppose it’s all in their minds. Or better yet a another conspiracy theory. Unpleasant truths are always labeled conspiracy theories by fiendish conspirators.

    Lying doctors and governments should blame themselves for the covid19 plague since it could have ended months ago if they hadn’t decided to prolong the agony by suggesting, and doing everything to increase human suffering in the first place. It was all about using human guinea pigs for nefarious purposes to begin with. It is what it is. No amount of lies and deception will change that fact. And if government or corporate mandated injections is the end goal of this movie. It will prove that everyone was right all along about this scheme from the start.

  8. I have been studying the Nazi doctors and nurses. They were not psychotic but in a group think mentality to kill those jews and undesirables. While upholding the hypocratic oath.
    We have to not participate at all costs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. At my place of employment, those of us who chose not to get the jab are told we have to wear masks. Appears there are now two types of people working there-the “clean”and the “unclean”. In addition, you must prove you have had to jab or jabs to the employer before you have the freedom to take off the mask. Such discrimination. Where will this end?

  10. I would like to thank you for all your good work and information.
    You are a light amongst this darkness.
    I have avoided all media as much as I can and yesterday I got sucked into hearing all the scaremongering and all the things that are being said and it started to drag me down. Everyone around me believes the jab is a good thing and I feel like I am totally alone in my beliefs. The fear is huge in the population.
    Then I read your emails and it lifts me up. I am very grateful you are there.
    Keep up the good work, hopefully there will be an awakening. I will endeavour to hold the Joy.

    1. rhonda, it’s truly shocking how the media go on with scare propaganda 24/7. Stations that used to play cool music and have interesting podcasts and interviews now have only scare propaganda. If the radio or TV is on around me, I start to feel a strong sense of despair and hopelessness, and that is even if I’m not even tuning in to it. Of course, I know what they’re doing so I can talk myself out of it and I avoid exposing myself to it, but others are not — they are sucking it up as if it were God’s honest truth, not the work of Pharma which is now in full swing with a global takeover.
      No, you are not alone. You can find your group online; for example, check out A Voice for Choice. There are freedom fighters who have started banding together; if you live near an urban area, you will find them.

  11. I am so very concerned for our grandkids and upcoming mandates that will be mandated by our states for our children to attend school. Please write your state officials now not to force this experiment on our children.

  12. And isn’t it just amazing that they don’t want to mention those who already had it and have natural immunity….but it’s never been about our choice for our own bodies. It’s all about control.
    Also just as pathetic is how many people scream “It’s my choice, my body and I can kill the baby in my womb” and that is perfectly acceptable…but when it comes to a vaccine, all of a sudden we don’t have a choice. Hypocrisy much…

  13. It’s not a vaccine. It’s DNA altering gene therapy. It does NOT give immunity, so they need to stop calling it a vaccine!

  14. Is there any place to factcheck the statement that 99% of the current COVID deaths are in the unvaccinated? The article states that the CDC has stopped tracking breakthrough cases of the vaccinated unless there are hospitalizations or deaths. Where is the data showing the deaths of the vaccinated vs. the unvaccinated?

  15. Forcing the “unvaccinated” to wear masks while allowing the “vaccinated” to go without is illegal coercion, pure and simple. If the “vaccines” were as effective as claimed, the “vaccinated” would be protected regardless of what others are doing. In addition, there’s still absolutely no proof that the masks work to prevent the transmission of covid. I’ve gone through the various studies that have been cited “proving” that masks work and all either state the opposite (that there’s no statistical difference) or were flawed in various ways. This is even true of the Liang, et al so called meta-analysis of 21 studies on mask use. Of those studies, only six were randomized control studies and of those six randomized control studies only two stated that they found a statistical difference and those two only found a difference in combination with handwashing and only required participants to wear a mask while they were near the symptomatic individual. In other words, the observed affect (which was at a low level of significance – only 95%) may have been due to people avoiding prolonged contact with the ill individual to avoid having to wear the masks. Worse yet, there’s increasing evidence that prolonged mask wearing increases one’s likelihood of contracting various diseases, including covid, due to contamination of the masks and immune suppressing stress on the body.

    Simply put, they’re only forcing people to wear masks to coerce them into taking these gene modifiers.

  16. There is a mountain of evidence, presented by patent attorney David Martin, that proves that SARS CoV-2 is a manufactured pandemic based on patents going back over 20 years, and the express desire of big pharma to create a fear based panic in order to sell billions of injections for massive profits.

    You are not protected from Covid because Covid does not exist in any exact form. The method of creating a false pandemic and supporting it with fake PCR tests is controlled by the CDC. This is how you create a fake pandemic, the fear of dying from a fake disease and then the rush to get an injection that saves you from nothing but may put your life at great risk. The vast majority of those who have been claimed as Covid victims died of other diseases.

  17. Labeling “fully vaccinated” is pure ridiculous. How do they prove covid vaccine to be safe and effective??! Why are we seeing delta variant?? Door to door campaign is too confrontational. That’s unconstitutional. If you hear door knocking unexpectedly, then don’t answer. If you see volunteers approaching you near your home, just walk away

  18. Why have we even got this Delta variant ? nothing born of nature replicates itself this much, unless interfered with by some nutty professor experimenting with something,and has no idea as to what HE could set loose on the World.

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