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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Courts in Spain Order Forced COVID-19 Vaccination of Incapacitated Nursing Home Residents

In what appears to be the first case of a court ordered forced COVID-19 vaccination, a court in Galicia, Spain sided with a nursing home to require an incapacitated women to get the COVID-19 vaccine over her families objections. Even though the Spanish government has maintained that the novel vaccine would be voluntary, the nursing home effectively took custody of the woman, who suffered from dementia, and vaccinated her without the informed consent of her family.1

The woman was deemed, “incapacitated to provide valid consent,” according to the nursing home.2 Judge Javier Fraga Mandian stated that the court had a legal obligation to intervene and override the family’s wishes in order to protect the woman’s health and that his decision was not based on the welfare of other residents. He claimed He stated that his decision was based on what he determined was irrefutable evidence that not receiving the vaccine would be riskier than the side effects of the vaccine due to the “existence of tens of thousands of deaths” from coronavirus in Spain.3

Protecting Public Health Outweighs Informed Consent of Families Say Judges in Spain

The company running the nursing home, DomusVi, claimed that 98 percent of the 15,000 residents in all of the nursing homes it manages agreed to get the novel vaccine and the two percent, who chose to not get the shots, were capable of making their own decision.4

Domus Vi said it went to court to force vaccination of the woman in this case because of concerns about the health of other residents and health care workers in the nursing home.5

Another court in Seville, Spain was faced with a similar legal issue a short time later when a nursing home wanted to force a severely incapacitated 87-year-old resident to get the COVID-19 vaccine contrary to her son’s wishes. Siding with the nursing home, the judge said that protecting the public health outweighed her son’s objection to the vaccination.6

In another case, a prosecutor in southern Spain said that any family member acting as a legal guardian for an incapacitated resident in a nursing home would run the risk of losing the guardianship should they not agree to vaccination.7

Unknown If COVID-19 Vaccines Prevent Infection and Transmission

COVID-19 vaccines have not been tested to determine whether they prevent transmission of the new coronavirus. Officials at the World Health Organization (WHO) have stated that it is not clear whether COVID-19 vaccines can prevent asymptomatic infection and transmission. WHO chief scientist and pediatrician Soumya Swaminathan, MD said:

We continue to wait for more results from the vaccine trials to really understand whether the vaccines, apart from preventing symptomatic disease and severe disease and deaths, whether they’re also going to reduce infection or prevent people from getting infected with the virus, then from passing it on or transmitting it to other people. I don’t’ believe we have the evidence on any of the vaccines to be confident that it’s going to prevent people from actually getting the infection and therefore being able to pass it on.8

Despite the lack of evidence that the vaccine prevents infection and transmission of the coronavirus, Spain has made vaccinating nursing home residents a priority since the vaccine was approved in December 2020.9 On Jan. 12, 2021, Spain’s health minister Salvador Illa said that all nursing home residents were expected to receive the COVID-19 vaccine within the week.10

Outbreaks of COVID-19 Following Vaccination Campaigns in Nursing Homes in Spain

The rush to vaccinate residents in nursing homes has been met with mass outbreaks of COVID-19 among nursing home staff and residents following vaccination campaigns. All but one resident in a nursing home in Lagarta, Spain came down with COVID-19 after the staff and residents received their first shot of the vaccine. Within six days of the mass vaccination program, 10 residents had symptoms of COVID-19 and the outbreak led to nine deaths. The second dose of the vaccine was given on Feb. 3. The general director of the company, who runs the nursing home, said that he didn’t think the outbreak was caused by the vaccine and, “the sooner everyone receives their vaccine, the better.”11

Another major COVID-19 outbreak occurred in a nursing home in Torrevieja, Spain where all of the 42 workers and residents tested positive for coronavirus a week after they were given the first dose of the vaccine. The second dose originally scheduled for Jan. 25 has been postponed until the staff and residents have a full screening and no longer test positive for SARS-CoV-2.12

Up until now, mandatory vaccination laws were rarely enforced through court order in Europe.

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25 Responses

  1. Forced vaccinations is appalling to say the least. Especially knowing it does not have to protect you but does cause outbreaks.
    Disgusting how citizens have allowed the Govt. to literally call the shots!

    1. It will always happen to the most vulnerable who cannot defend themselves. Nursing home residents, orphans, prisoners. A society will be judge by how they treat the weakest among them. If she dies it is murder and the judge should be charged as well. This is an UNAPPROVED EXPERIMENTAL vaccine and only the patient or person with POA can consent.. This is what the Nazis did and they hanged them at Nuremburg.

      1. Absolutely, these criminals perpetuating the Covid-19 hoax and the resulting deaths from the vaccines should be tried and executed i=under the Nuremburg War Crimes precedent.

        Dr. Reiner Fuellmich trial lawyer – COVID-19 Crimes against Humanity 49 min. long—very compelling discourse outlining his plans. He’s licensed in California and Germany.

        PCR has been used from the very beginning to “diagnose” Covid-19 and it says right on the package insert–“Not a Diagnostic test.”

        There are no cases of Covid-19 and no deaths either–not one in the entire world, and that is indisputable fact. PCR was also used for Sars-COV-1 in 2003 which was also a scam–they may have tried to start a pandemic then but didn’t know how yet–same in 2009 with H1N1 Swine flu. And HIV was also being “diagnosed” with PCR in 1999 which Kary Mullis the PCR inventor spoke out against.

        These criminals starting with Bill Gates need to be tried.

        1. Sadly, when she dies later, it will also just be a “coincidence” and “unrelated to the (poison) vaccine” by the “experts”.
          Still haven’t proven the “virus” to exist.
          No evidence of any thing or “virus” causing “Covid” (flu, microwave illness, common cold, y más). Wake up people. No second guessing. Wtf. This is obvious, satanic and against whites. Communism is Satanism. Our real president 2021 xi jin ping. Biden is a puppet. It’s happening.

          1. Frank what to do about your comment “puppet” & that someone money laundering illegal can get elected US president… is a crime… no justice…

        2. thank you Stepen it’s horrible what you said is true … please befriend me on Facebook those serious God fearing must proclaim truth [email protected] please send me all article info of real truth like the one u posted …. thank you so much

    2. Outrageous but what is happening with them all showing positive for Corona? Do you think it’s the vaccine causing PCR test to be positive or they are catching it and the vaccine doesn’t work?

      1. I think it is. I think the spike protein shows up the test to be positive and then when confronted with the wild virus the body does what is called the Cytokine reaction attacking the person’s own body cells because technically they now all have spike proteins on them. So PCR test or not, no Vaccine at all for me.

  2. (GG Government gods.) They now take control over the wishes of your family, your religious beliefs, what goes into your body, aborted baby’s, even if they survive abortion Congress has decided they are not allowed to have medical care in order to live, they have to lay there and die (13 were democrat Catholics that voted against helping these babys), if you are mentally impaired (no family choice-government gods choose for you), elderly in good health-government gods-must give them vaccines whether they like it or not, must put COVID sick patients in with healthy elderly. We, the GG, government gods determine who gets to live and who we let die or, who we get to kill off. After all, we have to fill a quota, there are too many people on the planet. Just ask Gates. He gets rid of people by vaccinating them in third world countries. He got kicked out of India ya know. He’s playing his godly part though.

  3. The term vaccine is misleading in the case of Covid 19.
    It is a pathogen transmitter and as such it is a medical treatment.
    Please use the proper term. See dr. David Martin who presents all the evidence.

    1. I share your frustration. It’s incomprehensible- how could they see no link between vaccination and the outbreak?? I believe it’s all about controlling outbreaks or even viruses, not just covid.

    2. I reckon a lot of people actually do deep down but they cant admit it to themselves because they are too weak of mind to accept what is going on and cannot have what they think is true explode they cant handle it. So they will rather pretend it isnt happening and everything is fine and i dont wanna be known as against vaccines because i am not a ‘conspiracy theorist’ and i am ‘woke’ i cant be ‘woke’ and against such things because my ‘woke’ friends and family will make fun of me so i will just plug my ears and close my eyes and go lalalalalalalalalala i am not listening.

  4. Take your loved ones out of nursing homes immediately if you can. This is coming to the US. Get them out BEFORE this happens. Contact America’s Frontline Doctors and set up a consultation and get them on Hydroxychloroquine, zinc and Z-pack if needed. Stop this insanity.

  5. Here we go with forcing people to get the Covid vaccine! There’s talk in every country worldwide on how to force us into submission. They will have to put me in a fema camp that they have been secretly building for people that won’t do what they want. Hang on because the “Great Reset” has begun! America has lost its ever loving mind! PRAY!!

  6. these people are vile murderers. They must be brought before the coming Nuremberg trials. The judge is guilty of murder. If you have a loved one in a home get them out now!

  7. Jenny, sad to say, the real doctors are saying the effects for most, will present within 3-6 months, due to its pathogenic effect on immune systems. People will not be diagnosed with autoimmune diseases caused by the covid vax, but instead given the usual diagnoses including neurological, systemic lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer diseases etc etc etc. These depop shots contain HIV 1 fragments and Simian autoimmune viruses for starters, so if it doesn’t kill you straight up, it will slowly [thus creating another huge market for big pharma & govs].

  8. Repeating the hoaxsters lies certainly won’t slow them down. It only encourages them. There’s no virus. There’s no covid 19. There’s no pandemic. It’s now an open secret. When you aid and abet criminals…

  9. The positive PCR test just means there’s RNA from a coronavirus in your body. It doesn’t tell you whether it’s from a live or dead virus (hence the false positives.”)

    It could be that the antibodies produced as a result of the “vaccine” make you more susceptible to the disease. They call it antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) or pathogenic priming. Such antibodies make it easier for the virus to get past the cell wall and inside the cell (I visualize ADE antibodies as like a big slide that lets the virus slip in).

    The best video explanation of this I’ve found is in this video from ChrisCrutch on

  10. I believe you are correct in your assessment and I came to that conclusion months ago. I’ve been saying to anyone who would listen not to take this gene therapy ‘vaccine’. If it changes your DNA.. how can you then still be a part of God’s creation. Created in his own image. The short answer is.. you can’t. They will shove this down the throats of America same as in Israel. Get ready folks.. everything you believe in is about to be tested.

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