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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


AAP Wants Children Enrolled in COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Trials

children in line

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is asking federal officials to include children in COVID-19 vaccine trials.1 On September 29, 2020, Sara Goza, MD, president of the AAP, wrote a letter addressed to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Steven Hahn, MD stating, “Children must be included in vaccine trials to best understand any potential unique immune responses and/or unique safety concerns.”2

Currently, none of the COVID-19 vaccines in clinical development are being tested in children under the age of 18 years.3

The letter goes on to state, “It would also be less than desirable to have one or more SARS-CoV-2 vaccines licensed or available under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) at a time when no data have been collected on the safety, tolerability, dose, and regimen for children.”4

The AAP is also asking federal officials to include individuals in the trials who reflect the racial and ethnic diversity of the U.S. population and include pregnant women and individuals with underlying poor health conditions.5

AAP Blames Mistrust of COVID-19 Vaccines on Anti-Vaccination Movement

In the letter to HHS and the FDA, AAP officials blame the “vocal, well-established and growing anti-vaccination movement” for spreading “fear mistrust and misinformation” about COVID-19 vaccine candidates. The letter states:

Unfortunately, fear, mistrust, and misinformation about a potential SARS-CoV-2 vaccine is being spread from a vocal, well-established, and growing anti-vaccination movement. For a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine to be effective in controlling the pandemic, it must not only be safe and effective, but must also be embraced by medical providers and the public. For this to occur, Americans must have trust and confidence in the processes by which these vaccines are being tested for both safety and efficacy, and in the transparency of the scientific basis for licensure and recommendations for use. If that trust is jeopardized, mistrust of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines could become widespread and result not only in reduced uptake of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines but also in decreased confidence in all vaccines.6

Pfizer Submits Amended Protocol to FDA to Include Children in Clinical Trials

On Sept. 12, 2020, Pfizer, Inc. of New York City, New York and BioNTech SE of Mainz, Germany announced that they had submitted an amended protocol to the FDA to expand the enrollment of their Phase 3 pivotal COVID-19 vaccine trial to include approximately 44,000 participants, which also allows for the enrollment of new types of populations.7

The proposed expansion would allow the companies to increase trial population diversity and include adolescents as young as 16 years of age and people with chronic, stable HIV (human immunodeficiency viruses), Hepatitis C or Hepatitis B infection, as well as provide additional safety and efficacy data.8


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52 Responses

  1. If the APP wants to enroll children in the trial, then let the APP enroll their own children and granchildren!

    When vaccine companies take no responsibility for any mishaps with the vaccine, why would anyone want to put their child at risk.

    1. That was my first thought as well. You want to test kids? Put your own kids on the line. Then we will see how much faith you have in your warp-speed vaccine.

  2. I’m appalled by this…they skipped over animal trials and went straight for the jugular…I would never allow my children to participate as a Guinea pig.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong — but the FDA has approved for the Gardasil vaccine to be given to younger and younger children and boys — and I don’t recall seeing any clinical trials on those approvals being given.

  4. There is NO need for a vaccine. See Dr Brian Tyson, Southern Cal MD who used hydroxychloroquine with over 1700 patients with NO deaths and only 1 hospitalization. He states it is safer than Tylenol and almost as cheap as Tylenol…which explains why there is a push for a vaccine. It’s a scam. COVID is not deadly It is NOT a pandemic…only used as one to tank the economy and set up the coming vaccine with the gel which Microsoft patented and which has the number 060606. It’s a gel which will allow reading info re your chamistry, your location, your cryptocurrency, etc. If this isn’t true, why are all the experts who are telling about this kicked off youtube, FB, etc. I am 84. I have never seen such censorship in my life. What is the reason? I’ll tell you. the vaccine is said to cost 1,000 and Remdesivir treatment is said to cost about $3.000 per person. HCQ costs about $50 for the protocol including the antibiotic and zinc. It’s a scam. And once the nanobots are in you to turn you into a cyborg & transhuman, there is no getting them out.

    1. thank you for your intelligent and most likely, correct analysis!
      in fact, the “ covid-19 virus” has not been truly isolated.
      jon rappoport
      dr stoian alexov
      among other experts.

      1. That’s right! There is no such thing, it was all a ploy to be used as an excuse to be able to control the economy, give governors a chance to play god, make people ill with masks and lockdowns and to stop patients who needed regular or normal hospital treatment, from getting it. So these people died. Just like the ones in the nursing home who were put in with the infectious people, who had the FLU, and/or pneumonia! Also, causing stress and grief to families not allowed to be with their dying relatives!

        That’s all they’ve done.. used the flu deaths (some cases far worse than others) and named it COVID. (Then named every death Covid, no matter what the true diagnosis!)This pretend virus was supposed to be the commi take-over, but it has back-fired on them all. There has only been the normal yearly deaths for the funeral homes to deal with.. Otherwise, the bodies would be piling up in the streets! Just think about it.

        Funeral directors have not been rushed off their feet at all, nor been overcrowded with dead bodies… Why has no-one who has believed the propaganda, worked that out????

  5. “AAP officials blame the “vocal, well-established and growing anti-vaccination movement” for spreading “fear mistrust and misinformation” about COVID-19 vaccine candidates. ”

    Did Dr. Goza consider that there may be a movement of people thinking for themselves instead of letting ego and money grubbers think for them? And why would a parent put their child at risk? It is almost like sacrificing your child for the geo and money grubbers. People must consider which risk is more acceptable, possibly getting a disease, or being poisoned by a vaccine.

  6. “Unfortunately, fear, mistrust, and misinformation about a potential SARS-CoV-2 vaccine is being spread from a vocal, well-established, and growing anti-vaccination movement.” Perhaps parents are reading the vaccine inserts of contraindications and ingredients, and researching for themselves the risks to their children rather than trusting pediatricians who make 80% of their income from “well baby visits” (vaccine schedule). The doctors are rewarded with a sizable bonus if they meet a certain percentage of vaccine uptake among their “patients.’ People are waking up, Big Pharma is feeling the pinch, so they will mandate vaccinations through their bought-off legislators. Not ashamed or afraid to sign my name; I’m awake.

  7. Re: People not trusting vaccines…if the shoe fits, wear it! There would not be opposition of this sort if the GD vaccines WERE safe and non-toxic.

  8. Sara Goza is welcome to include her kids and grandchildren. Mine will not be participating. I am happy to hear that the anti-vaxxers are making things difficult for them. I tried to convince someone this morning about these vaccines not being safety tested. She was sure I was wrong. I told her to LOOK it up. Thank you NVIC for all you do. Barbara is my hero!

  9. The people responsible for wanting to hold trials on children are sick and evil and need to be stopped…

  10. OMG!!! This is outrageous, for one thing, children aren’t at risk for this. These psychos running the medical/pHARMa cartel need to be rounded up and put on trial. A Nuremburg type trial and brought to justice. Camp Justice! Any parent who offers their child up as a lab rat for these criminals is unfit to be a parent. Wake up folks! They want to dumb us down and further shorten our already short lives so they can profit off of us and weaken us so we can’t stand in our own power or think straight. Listen to your own instincts, not “experts”.

  11. I Agree 100% with everyone of the previous comments from Susan, Lucille, 84-y.o.-Patricia, PhD., Liz, Pat, and Grandma A. I am Grandma, too, with a degree in chemistry. I never used my education in chemistry in a corporate setting. Nor to create chemical products for a company, nor help create insidious chemical pollution.
    But the greatest injustice perpetrated on a healthy baby is his/her use as a lab rat for data collection by a pharmaceutical company.

  12. This is insane! Children should be EXCLUDED from the vaccine COMPLETELY. Let them develop natural immunity. This proposal would be a crime against humanity. What child deserves to be forced to take a vaccine that could serious maim or kill him?

  13. This is pure evil on big pharma and the federal government’s part. Children have the lowest chance of getting the virus, the vaccine is not necessary for their age group. There are other treatments that are effective without putting toxins into children or adult bodies. Why isn’t the public being told that Vitamin D3, Zinc, Vitamin C and Quercetin will help fight off viruses? Nebulizer Peroxide therapy helps too. Big Pharma is only interested in the money they will make, they will suffer no repercussions if the vaccines harm or kill. They’ve bypassed testing that usually takes years to complete. They are attempting to use a delivery system never used before. The test subjects currently participating have already shown severe reactions to the vaccine yet they are pushing forward with their agenda. Forced vaccine mandates are on the horizon although they won’t admit it yet. No government should ever have the right to dictate what you or your children put into your bodies. That decision is between you and your doctor and no doctor has the right to bully anyone into accepting his or her beliefs.

  14. “Unfortunately, fear, mistrust, and misinformation about a potential SARS-CoV-2 vaccine is being spread from a vocal, well-established, and growing anti-vaccination movement.”

    Gee, maybe it’s because there is an ever-increasing number of people – including children – being permanently injured and even killed through the use of that poisoned garbage they call vaccines. Duh…

  15. Wow AAP. You’re supposed to have childrens’ best interest in mind, not “vaccine image”‘s best interest in mind. Obviously you’re been corrupted.

  16. The unique safety concerns ARE that children don’t even need the corona shots – NO ONE DOES. This has been proven a number of times to be nothing more than the yearly flu, but people just refuse to believe it. They WANT it (and some groups NEED it) to be so much more. The WHO let it slip that this was simply the normal flu virus, nothing more. Yes, the flu annually kills lots of people, but not on the scale of the fake coronavirus “medicines”, not to mention the number of deaths that would follow the bogus vaccines. Do people even KNOW what’s in most vaccines? Maybe it’s time for an open look-see.

    Check this out:

  17. Well, they can start by having all of the AAP parents enrolling THEIR children first. You creeps are not getting my grandbabies for your gruesome experiments!

    1. I don’t know if this is true, but I heard that Trump is calling on the National Guard to “help” with nursing home victims of the “virus”. I wonder if this is a precedent he’s setting to then “help” distribute the vaccine to his “fellow Americans”?
      I don’t trust anyone for “President”! It’s all a big fix.

  18. Why would I allow a risky and dangerous vaccine made by a manufactuter immune from liabiliry for a virus with 99.99 % survivability rate? One has to be totally insane to allow that.

  19. It doesn’t take a “well Established anti-vaccination movement” to sewer the coronavirus fraud vaccine. Anyone who opens their eyes to this dogmatic industry quickly realizes that the web of lies around “vaccine safety and efficacy” has become desperately tangled.
    Stop tampering with our‘s and our children’s immune systems!

    Never have I had so little faith “public health”.

  20. Dear AAP the reason there’s even an “Anti-Vaccine” movement is because parents have seen their children die or become ill after “vaccines”. This kind of a “movement” wouldn’t exist if vaccines were safe. I’m so sick of hearing anti-Vaxxers getting blamed for the lack of trust in vaccines. If they want trust they might want to start looking at themselves and looking into the WHY people are fed up. Too many people are getting harmed by pharma and they are getting fed up. We are all bargaining chips to these medicine makers. Marketing tools and a paycheck that’s what people are starting to believe. And it’s not the fault of the people who’ve experienced loss or damages. We really should stop calling out “Anti-Vaxxers”. Most “Anti-Vaxxers” are people who once vaccinated and had a bad experience from the vaccine. It’s pure evil to blame them for your lack of safe drugs. You want trust then earn it with truth and owning up to harm when it happens. I have an injured child that I vaccinated. I seen her suffer and almost die. And daily now for her life, she suffers. I get to see that daily too. Perfectly healthy young lady before a round of vaccines. Now tell me why people are ‘Anti-Vaxxers dear AAP? Could it be because they love their children and families? We are not “Anti-Vaxxers” we are victims of false hopes and lies about safety in these vaccines. Victims that get no justice because the makers are protected. Most doctors won’t speak up and admit fault for fear. And no one knows how to treat a vaccine injury in any hospital! Why is this? Because there’s few studies that are allowed to be published or known. So after a vaccine injury families are made a fool and the “professionals” you call Gods know nothing about how to mend a vaccine injuied soul. To test this new vaccine on children and the weak is beyond evil. Yet they even before Covid knew children were dying or becoming sick from the present vaccines. So to them this covid vaccines is just another $ I’d love to think we matter to these people but can’t.

  21. As a logical human being and registered nurse, I tend to lean towards your views. However, you lose a LOT of credibility when your “references” merely link back to the same article on your website. This is about the fifth time I have attempted to check the references in that section (On various articles) and it simply loops me back to the same article on your site.

    1. Credibility? The references are listed perfectly and none of them take me back to The Vaccine Reaction site. What are you clicking on? Click on References to see the drop down list of references with links.

  22. The average time to bring a vaccine for FDA approval is 5 to 15 years. And this one in 12 to 15 months!! Haste makes waste but in this case haste brings money – billions. And there’s no need to ensure safety because since 1986 the vaccine manufacturers are immune from lawsuits. So there you have it: a guaranteed market, a product that may or may not be safe and legal immunity. Heads they win, tails we lose. Caveat emptor!

  23. I am enraged by this story, but greatly heartened finding every other response here is akin to my own – anyone who hands their child over to this live human experimentation is the vilest kind of pimp. And it is beyond despicable that an organization of pediatricians would call for this action. Wasn’t the original Dr Mengele enough???

  24. The only reason they want to test kids is so there will be a bigger market for the vaccine. Kids are not the ones getting Covid! They also want to give it to pregnant women. When I was pregnant [1979-80] they told us not to even take an aspirin and now they want to shoot up mothers with mercury ,aluminum and formaldehyde? This started during H1N1 fake pandemic and there was a 700% increase in miscarriages in every trimester. Rupert Murdoch [who owns much of the media] funded those tests and owns most of CSL Australian vaccine company that supplies the USA. Therefore you will never hear the truth on TV no matter how bad it is. Google, Gates, Fauci, & CDC all own stock and patents on vaccines ,viruses and the tests for the virus. Think about that.

  25. How many girls have died or been seriously injured from Gardasil? How many FDA approved drugs are now on the black list? Didn’t Fauci say ‘This isn’t going to be a problem here” referring to the Corona virus? Didn’t Biden call Trump a xenophobe for cutting off travel from China? It is true about Gates putting a nano tattoo in vaccines to track who’s been vaccinated, I read on the scientists’ site, who came up with the technology to do it, and Gates absolutely has a patent for using your body chemistry, through your phone for crypto currency, and the number is 060606. Google and Facebook simply ban anything they disagree with, and we are supposed to trust these people, really? Hahaha hahaha hahaha!

  26. Has Bill Gates led the way rolling up his sleeve? Let these who asking for children to be enrolled do so with their own families. How dare they offer our children up on a silver platter?
    The distrust is well founded as vaccines are not effective, The growing population of those with autoimmune diseases is testament to what vaccines have does to the human plight.

  27. Who in their right mind would willingly allow their children & grandchildren to be abused as lab rats for the sake of corporate asshats!

  28. This is the most abhorrent idea put forth by anyone who supposedly has children’s welfare at heart! Let them sacrifice their own children and grandchildren if it’s such a great idea!
    If any harm is done, it’s no concern of these companies that have a blanket protection against any lawsuit for damages caused by their vaccines! It’s such a cozy relationship that reeks of corruption!

  29. Get off the vaccine kick. Nobody wants your damn vaccine.

    Nobody trusts the government, the medical profession, or the technocrats because of this Covid hell you put us through. We’ve been lied to and screwed with since the start of it.

  30. Ya I thot the very first thing like the first reply. Let her put her children/ grand children in line first. Do they think we are insanely stupid. Yes it’s child abuse. How could any loving sane person do that to a child.

  31. Me parece que la evidencia es muy clara, Bill Gates nunca vacunó a sus hijos y hoy es el mayor promotor de la vacunación a nivel mundial.
    El que tenga discernimiento entenderá…

  32. WARNING this is what most people don’t know, according to many Doctors and scientists like Dr. Buttar, Dr. Christiane Northup and so many others. They are saying that this vaccine is the first of it’s kind. It’s an RNA vaccine that will change people’s DNA, it will also have nano particles on top of all the nasty metals and junk that vaccines have. ALL DOCTORS SHOULD VOLUNTEER THEIR OWN KIDS!!!!

  33. Shut them down. They don’t care who dies. First human trial 40% died, second one 30%. Oh, didn’t hear those results?? I wonder why. Like dead, died, completely gone. And it’s unknown what condition the rest are in. Covid vaccine is combining computers with vaccines, that is why a computer programmer is running the show.

  34. The children that will be offered up for these vaccine tests will be foster children as they will offer an incentive for the fostering families, and children in “state care,” through CPS, will be violated with the Covid vaccine as well. It’s a tragedy that has been going on for a very long time, do your research on CPS and the nightmare the agency has become for thousands of families and children across the United States. Further there are cases of children as young as 2 years old being administered ADHA drugs and more!. What a nightmare this country has become. We need to adhere to the Constitution and demand that the 3 letter agencies we wish to keep do so as well and dismantle the rest. The reality is every agency in every city, county and state in the United States as well as the Federal United States Government has over run its legal and moral authority. These agencies do not have the authority to mandate that we poison our bodies, their suppossed authority simply doesn’t exist. My answer will be to their vaccine mandate is, ” No you do not have any authority to demand that I subject myself or my children to expirements on our bodies.” This Covid vaccination uses a never before used RNA delivery system consisting of worm RNA, that is going to rewrite all your DNA and continue to do so throughout your body, so basically you will no longer be human! There’s lots of research online about the nightmares I have outlined above please read and share!

  35. WHY DOES THE AAP EVEN PRETEND TO CARE AT THIS POINT?!?! Look how sick children are today and parents keep bringing their kids to get shots! The ignorance/stupidity of the parents will be the ruination of the children. Take them to a Chiropractor or a D.O. or even a family practice. Stop feeding them GMO foods and crap recommended by the USDA. Eat what your ancestors ate 100 years ago!
    Anyone check childhood cancer rates lately? Seems the ‘race for the cure’ is just one big hamster wheel.

    1. All you say is TRUE, and people should acknowledge the truth, even when cussed at and called anti-vaxxers. We might just save someone’s life, and protect the children.

      As soon as Twitter, YouTube and the other social media sites are eliminated from being in charge there, and ONLY the real informed are taking the reins will there be any change. Best to keep children out of school, than have them attacked by vaccines, which carry markers to become regularly ill.

      This might occur after the elections, which have already been fraudulent by the thousands….with the Soros owned sorting machines having been programmed to get rid of the Trump votes.

  36. We all know what is in those vaccines. Unnecessary chemicals pretending to be preservatives, even when we know Mercury, Aliminum, formaldehyde, Aborted baby cells, and many more harmful ingredients. Flu shots NEVER worked, and just make it all worse.
    A flu shot also gives a person 36% more chance of picking up that Covid germ.

    It is disgusting sending emails to people telling them to have this poisonous shot, and we know of their lies… Just read the inserts of the vaccine vial, and see what the side effects are… These shots are to keep people and children well. Doctors are only taught basics, but NOT what these vaccines, all of them, what they do to wreck the immune system… When all doctors only qualify if they take a complete holistic course, and use it, will doctors become our ‘helpers.’ Right now they are helping to kill us, on behalf of Big Pharma and their allies.

  37. is Sara Soza a nazi… this sounds like the experiments done in the early to mid 1900’s!!! no steps forward and 1000 miles back!!! What in the world is the matter with us????!!!!

  38. These people should be in PRISON! Once you know, like I do, what they’re putting in the vaccine, you’ll say the same thing!

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