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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


U.S. Troops Will Be Among the First to Get COVID-19 Vaccine 

Senior White House officials reported that United States service members would be among the first Americans to receive a COVID-19 vaccine after it has been licensed. Officials said the groups likely to receive the vaccine first include the most vulnerable people such as the elderly, patients with underlying health conditions, employees in essential businesses and the U.S. military.​1

The Department of Defense’s Role in Operation Warp Speed

Operation Warp Speed (OWS) under way at the federal level is a response to the COVID-19 pandemic and has a goal of delivering 300 million doses of a COVID-19 vaccine by January 2021. Meeting that goal is part of a broader strategy to accelerate the development, manufacturing, and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics.2

The U.S. military is playing a significant role in OWS. General Gustave Perna is chief operating officer of OWS. Army Lieutenant General Paul Ostrowski is leading the supply, production and distribution directorate, and Army Brigadier General Michael McCurry is leading the security assurance directorate. In addition, 36 additional Department of Defense personnel are working on the OWS.3

The Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR) announced that it has selected a lead vaccine candidate among the many experimental COVID-19 vaccines that Army researchers have been working on since the beginning of the year. They plan on testing leading candidate vaccines in human trials in late 2020.4

Brigadier General Michael J. Talley, the Commanding General of the U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command (USMRDC) said:

USAMRDC is moving at unprecedented speeds in the effort to prevent, detect,
and treat COVID-19. We are supporting the whole-of-government response with
the scientific knowledge and expertise to combat this world-wide challenge.5

COVID-19 Survivors Initially Banned From Joining the Military

In early May 2020, the U.S. military banned the enlistment of any person who had been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The military released a new guidance for examining an applicant’s medical history of the disease during the screening.6

A memo by the United States Military Entrance Processing Command (USMEPCOM) posted on Military Times stated, “During the prescreen process, a reported history of confirmed COVID-19 will be annotated as ‘Considered Disqualifying’”.​7

People already enlisted in the military who were hospitalized with COVID-19 would not automatically be disqualified from further service. Depending on the service member’s heath after treatment, they could return to duty or take a less physically demanding job. Recruits who had suffered severe complications that left them with continuing health problems would be evaluated by a medical board to determine if they can continue serving.8

Uproar Over Ban on U.S. Military Service After COVID-19 Infections

Following the original memo by USMEPCOM and in response to public uproar, the Pentagon rescinded the policy that prevented recruits who had been infected with COVID-19 from enlisting or earning a military commission.​9

Matthew P. Donovan, Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness said that he had canceled the guidance in favor of reverting back to pre-coronavirus accessions standards. He said, “At the same time, we’re having our health professionals and our doctors and researchers take a look at that and come up with any recommendations that they’ll provide to me and the [defense] secretary,”​10

He said a final decision is yet to be made. In the meantime, the policy is to evaluate each recruit on a case-by-case basis.​11

Congressman Andy Biggs (R-Arizona) wrote to Defense Secretary Dr. Mark Esper stating:

If an individual can pass the Military Entrance Processing Station screening process―despite a hospitalization for coronavirus―they should be allowed to serve.​12

He added that, “I agree that more research is needed to study the long-term effects of coronavirus on the human body. However, I do not think that the lack of research available warrants permanently disqualifying patriotic Americans from serving in the military.”13


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  1. What are they going to do and what are WE going to do if 1/3 or 1/4 of our military personnel drop dead??? Or are so incapacitated they can linger serve or defend our country or take care of their families.

      1. That’s their goal. If I were still in the military I would willingly throw everything away and leave the military before I’d take the deadly vaccine.

      2. With my husband being in the military and having high blood pressure I don’t think they can force him to take the vaccine plus just like every other vaccine it gives it to them and pray it doesn’t harm them,

      1. So they’re going to start by killing off the military and our elderly and high risk first. Isn’t that the kind of mindset that Hitler had? And they say that Trump is a modern day Hitler. Sure.

    1. Look at how much they cared when they tested them with an experimental vaccine during the Gulf war, then they came up with “Gulf War Syndrome”. Then it was DDT exposure during the Vietnam war. Being in the military means you are a guinea pig for low pay.

      1. Yes, exactly!!! I have 2 daughters in the military and I am helpless! They know nothing about long term effects of this vaccine..!!!!.what about long term effects on them for child bearing! This is all so very wrong!

      1. I think they should start with the politicians first if they want people to seriously consider taking this vaccine. The House and Senate can go first, showing us their commitment, along with the folks who are pushing the vaccine like Gates and the others. All shots should be administered by the military to ensure they’ve not been replaced with a placebo.

    2. Seems like a plan to take down the Oath Keepers first.

      Makes sense from a strategic point of view – Cant have people sworn to defend the nation from all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC available to step in when the real SHTF in the winter. So get em poisoned or incapacitated before with an unproven drug containing who knows what before the fun begins.

      Sadly, most will do as they are ordered – line up with thier sleeve rolled up and take the shot.
      May God have mercy on them.

      1. It’s sad, I can’t believe people can’t see what is going on and the majority of Americans step in and put a stop to the Dems and the Deep State before we are a communist country.

  2. Why would Trump allow the military to be forced to get this experimental vaccine? He’s supposedly so pro-military, it doesn’t make sense.

    1. The military have always been forced to take vaccines. They’ve sadly always been used as guinea pigs.

  3. An accelerated vaccine is very unwise. Theres a reason they have failed for 30 years to come up with an RNA vaccine.

      1. That doesn’t fly once you are in the military. You HAVE to take the shots. I have a friend whose super healthy niece got a battery of shots when she joined up and collapsed the next day in class. Spend several days in hospital and then they sent her home as unfit; no admitting any fault with the shots.

    1. You can find states with exemptions at
      The best place to start your research is a
      Each place you look will send you to the next, the next and the next.
      Before you know it you will be way down the rabbit hole!
      Best wishes

  4. State sanctioned discrimination based on a purposefully released bio weapon from an opposing country. Chalk up another a big fat win on the board for China. Expect all research officially accepted by the government to be fraudulent or meet their preconceived notions of proper sought after results.

    Meanwhile, independent researchers are testing fruits, and pets, and farm animals, and inanimate objects for covid 19 (TM), giving them false human identities on the testing forms, and the tests all come back positive.

    We’d better get in to see the doctors and dentists again soon, before testing becomes mandatory for all services. With the way things are going, we’ll soon lose all access to all medical related services and then some. Resisting the mask is not even half of it, apparently.

    This is a massive unmitigated complete and total fraud. We are swiftly losing trust for every government agency and any other person whom plays along with this. Paint me red.

  5. If a vaccine is given to large numbers of people and turns out to be harmful, it will be too late to undo the damage. Many children in Europe now have lifelong narcolepsy as a result of the flu vaccine they received (Pandemrix). All human bodies are not alike, but vaccination treats everyone as if their physical status is the same as everyone else. I don’t believe that any vaccine can be “proven to be safe and effective.”

    A vaccine is not necessary; other methods can be used to prevent and to treat COVID-19. Vitamins C and D3 should be given to everyone to help strengthen the immune system, and hydroxychloroquine plus zinc plus an antibiotice such as azithromycin could be given at the first signs of the disease.

  6. I saddens me that we are using the people who are suppose to “protect and defend us” as “guinea pigs” for a vaccine that has not been properly tested. In my opinion this virus does not warrant a vaccine. It truly breaks my heart as I have grandchildren in the service and it destroys ur DNA?

  7. I would like to refer everyone to a peer review article published in Nat Med. 2015
    December ; 21 (12): 1508-1513, ” SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronavirus pose threat for human emergence. ” by Menachery VD et al. – including Ralph Baric, Univ. North Carolina.

    This group created a chimeric virus ( horseshoe bat virus plus mouse corona virus + ????) with a novel spike protein that enhanced infectivity and pathogenicity. In other words, the real purpose of this virus appears to be a gain of function – an offensive biological weapon ?

    Here is an important quote, ” Evaluation of available SARS-based immune therapeutic and prophylactic modalities revealed poor efficacy; both monoclonal antibody and vaccine approaches failed to neutralize and protect from CoV’s utilizing the novel spike protein.”

    More research out of Baric’s lab was published in PLOS Pathogens, Nov. 4, 2010, ” Zn 2+ inhibits coronavirus and arterivirus RNA polymerase activity In Vitro and ionophores block the replication of these viruses in cell culture .”

  8. Will it be mandatory because I’m not getting it!! I’m 73 and am afraid they will say in order to get SS &/ or Pension you will have to get the COVID-19 vaccine. It is all about Fearmongering with this more people have died from TB and Flu!!! They now have medications for it and people are recovering! Alot of people died who didn’t have to because of President Trump talking about Hydroxychloroquine and because it was him they didn’t allow it to be used in some states and people died! Those people are Monsters and it’s a Political Coup for them to use it against our President!! What’s the darn TRUTH about it!! Especially if its Bill Gates vaccine I will not take his vaccines no matter what they say!! Hes EVIL Personified! I hope I don’t come off crazy but these are my concerns. And my Family getting the vaccine is terrifying! And I think it’s wrong they are giving this to our Military!! Are they using them as Guinea pigs like they have in the past????

  9. Children’s health is another good source of information for the military person who asked above.

  10. Wow, what a plan, risk the health of 99% percent of population by injecting them with a rushed, long term effects untested, vaccine, in order to possibly help 1%…… Genius idea, when do we report this crap to HAGUE, the human rights court?

  11. When is anything done at warp speed a good thing? Unless you are a Trekie! This is awful that our military will be used for experimentation. I wouldn’t blame them at all if they all got out of the service!

  12. The military always gets the vaccinations, they have no choice and soon the rest of won’t either if people don’t wake up

    1. I’m service and I will refuse this vaccine. I will go to the press if I get kicked out after serving 18 years, 5 state active duties, and 2 overseas deployments. I’ve complied with every single vaccine and order but I will not to this one. Its my right and I’m pretty sure many of us will follow and support those who refuse.

  13. I have never served in the military but Iive in military community and I never felt more strongly that if we have an enemy within, this experimental vaccine injected into out service men and women “is it”.

  14. I have read the vaccine will have Hydrogel with nano particles from DARPA…changes your DNA and makes you apart of a ‘hive’. FEMA has been negotiating with DARPA to get the hydrogel. This technology was made to monitor defence personal even when they are the other side of the world! DARPA have confirmed that they can even terminate a subject remotely in the event of an extreme circumstance (for instance if a soldier is captured and is being tortured or about to be beheaded). DANGEROUS STEPS AHEAD!!! Our military COULD rise up en masse & refuse the shot.

  15. why not try Natural therapies ? Anyone know what is gonna be inside this vaccine ? Who is gonna protect America if this vaccine proves to be harmful to the soldiers ? This sounds like a plot in a horror story. Why not test it on the CEO of the drug companies 1st. oh yes that is right…no need to test for Safety…just like 5G

  16. This really scares me. Our military is not supposed to be a pool of test subjects, willing or otherwise.
    Anyone else read the article about the Spanish Flu and it’s origin? Experimental vaccine given to soldiers before they shipped out to fight in WWI. Many became ill And spread the “Spanish Flu” throughout Europe. If you believe this version of events, and I do, there’s nothing Spanish about the Spanish Flu!

  17. Somehow we all need to stand up together and and tell our president and Congress that we refuse a mandatory vaccination! I can’t believe this is happening! This is insane, we are like little sheep and the government tells us what we can and can’t do!!! Bill Gates needs to be stopped! And we need to get rid of our government/system! You all know their doing this for control, population Control, and the economy has collapsed and they don’t want you you to notice! I’m moving to Mexico!

  18. Are we heading back to post WWI flu pandemic? Testing this vaccine on military personnel seems to be the best way to accelerate this pandemic or create an even worst one!

  19. Over 300k gulf war vets sick and many of us from vaccines. We served on ships and other and were not on land during the first gulf war. 29 countries were in the Middle East for the war. 5 of 29 vaccinated us and 5 of 9 have many sick veterans. Go figure. For those that have their time served, I would consider getting out of the military and not re-enlisting. They will deny the vaccines had anything to do with your illness if you get sick. It took them over 13+ years to admit they caused our illness yet they still deny most compensation.

  20. Why does the word, vaccine, bring out so many people who think of themselves as experts but who actually know little or nothing?

  21. Natural therapies sound like such a great idea! Someone else mentioned about the importance of using Vitamin C and Vitamin D to help. That recommendation is definitely beneficial to the body! But, oops! No money to be made off of those two natural supplements!!! The problem with vaccines is that big Pharma won’t dare put ingredients in the vaccines that actually are beneficial to the body!! Why don’t they? A lot of people who are skeptical of vaccines, and rightly so, probably would be less skeptical if the producers of these vaccines would just care enough to do the right thing and put helpful ingredients in the vaccines instead of harmful ingredients :0(

  22. ENOUGH PREACHING TO THE CHOIR! Send your pearls to your government reps. at all levels–again and again and again…

    1. That is exactly what I do each week. I have compiled a thorough library of articles from,, and The subjects of concentration are the Covid-19 hoax, nutrition and the dangers of vaccines…. I then send reprints to 1) law enforcement leaders throughout America , 2) So-called experts I see on TV ( I do a lot of yelling at the TV ), and to–>3) medical officials. I realized that i need to get the info out there…every little bit helps. We all need to take the fight to the streets….Sharing our frustrations among ourselves accomplishes nothing. Presently I am in the process of designing and printing a newsletter for distribution. A good start for those that wish to follow my lead would be to build a list of law enforcement contacts in your city or town and mail them reprints on those hot issues I mentioned above. If you need assistance please email ( [email protected] ) the link to an article and i will convert it to a print-ready pdf file for you. Here is a screenshot of one of my folders

      We all need to be activists…. Spread the idea…lets all do what we can to change the direction this storm is going.

  23. The testing is greatly flawed, so even if you test positive, it may not be accurate. Stay away from all of it. Homeopathy is having great success against this virus and is a safe effective way to beat this virus. It is a cold virus, the fatality rate is 0.26!!! We should not even be locked down. This is Gates and Fauci who own the patent of this virus. It is a test for pandemics that Gates has been planning with “Event 201”. I am a doctor and would be happy to offer free advice anytime. Use your common sense, and do not fear the virus, but fear the mandated vaccine.

  24. June 26, 2020 Bill Gates Outspends U.S. Government and Provides $18 BILLION to WHO for COVID Vaccines

    The World Health Organization (WHO) announced today their plan to vaccinate every person on the planet with a COVID-19 vaccine. In order to do this, they have received $18 BILLION from two organizations funded by Bill Gates: GAVI and the Vaccine Alliance and the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI).

  25. Vaccines have NEVER been SAFETY TESTED or PROVEN to be SAFE.

    The CDC was SUED by ICAN in Court and the CDC LOST.

    The CDC was UNABLE to PROVE that VACCINES are SAFE.

    BIG Pharma said they had THOUSANDS of Peer Review Studies that Proved Vaccines were Safe but were UNABLE to Prove in Court that Vaccines are Safe.

    They DIDN’T have one Peer Review Study that proved they were Safe.

    Vaccines have NEVER been PROVEN to be Safe and have NEVER been Safety Tested. The CDC recently lost a Court Case where they were UNABLE TO PROVE Vaccines are Safe.


    There are THOUSANDS of Studies showing that UNVACCINATED Children ARE a lot HEALTHIER than VACCINATED Children.

    “Vaccines have Never been Safety Tested”

    RFK Jr. wants SAFETY Testing for Vaccines.


  26. Jul 16, 2020 TRUTH With Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Episode 8

    Polly Tommey covered a wide range of topics including Dr. Fauci’s failures and dialed-back vaccine promises, toxic vaccine adjuvants, Bill Gates’ GAVI and loss of individual freedom, annual flu death exaggerations and more.

  27. You tell ’em, Ricky! Vaccines have never been safety tested, and the CDC just recently lost a court case wherein they were unable to prove vaccines are safe,
    I was vaccinated against influenza a few years ago; yet, I came down with the flu a week later. It’s proven that this particular vaccine has also never been safety tested.
    RFK Jr. wants safety testing for vaccines and I hope he wins. Keep pressuring them, RFK Jr.

  28. “Soy Boys” are VACCINE DAMAGED. Brains are cooked as babies, by VACCINES, to varying degrees. It is outright ASSAULT. Maybe God forgot to give us an immune system? Or maybe Govts. now assume themselves to be like God? God does not bleed. God can not be EXECUTED for Subversion, Sedition, Treason and Murder. Time some of these “God-Like Leaders” who made Laws FORCING Vaccines upon children and others were Executed. Maybe if their necks were SNAPPED at the end of a rope, others may begin to tow the line.

  29. What if it kill or sickens all our military. Do you think that is wise? It would leave America WIDE open for the prophecied invasion.

    Do we have a 2nd Amendment militia as required by the NRA (Nobody Reads Amendments) er excuse me the 2nd Amendment?

  30. Rishma Parmia, your “References” are tags, and the superscript numbers at the end of each paragraph are just links to the paragraph (presumably for syndication purposes). It is disappointing that no links are provided to enable verification.

    Having said that, firstly I’m heartened to see the level of awareness of those commenting here.

    IMO the military are not only used as guinea pigs, as per the GWS causing anthrax vaccine (See the documentary “Vaccine Syndrome”.), but wars are an intended way of killing and disabling able-bodied patriots (deceived into facilitating regime changes etc. mostly for access to resources and) otherwise able to defend your country from within against threats “foreign and domestic”. I would not be worried about the Chinese or the Russian boogeymen, but about the UN troops already on US soil. (Mao BTW was educated/indoctrinated at the Yali school – a Yale University initiative – and supported by ‘bonesmen’ in his takeover, but that’s another story.)

    BTW, this video [1] is very much worth a look:
    Also see:
    [2] “A World at Risk – Annual report on global preparedness for health emergencies – Global Preparedness Monitoring Board” ( )
    [3] “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” by the Rockefeller Foundation Global Business Network *See ‘lockstep’! ( )

    Sorry to hit and run.

  31. Click on the word “References” in red at the end of the article. The references will open up.

  32. Take it easy. We are not guinea pigs. We get it after clinical trials, after animals, after healthy humans, after healthy children, and pregnant women. All are included in the trials. I have been in for 31 years and have had every shot there is. Not the least bit worried about this one.

  33. For One These men and women should have a choice whether or not they want this vaccine My son If he doesnt feel good about it should not have to have it .This is going to Far The Flu shots give People the Flu the Phenomena shot gave me Phenomena so Now another Vaccine to give all Our Loved ones This Covid is not ok .Many of us see what your Trying to do oh our Great Government. Leave them alone you already done so much over the years that’s its damn near impossible for some of them to even live a good life as it is .

  34. Just as military personnel had to get the Anthrax vaccine (a series nonetheless), COVID is no different. Haven’t died from getting a series of Anthrax shots a decade ago so…..

  35. I’m in the US Navy, stationed in japan, and the majority of the people I work with want a vaccine, not so much cause of the flu(most of us dont care about it at this point as all it’s done is fuck up our L&L) but more because we just want to go home for Christmas, be able to take leave, have unrestricted liberty, be able to PCS, litteraly just go back to normal. Try being on a ship for months on end with no port calls, all the gyms secured for weeks on end, all changes of station secured etc… Oh all leave secured indefinitely. Not to say I’m not a tad sketchy about it or that I’m not worried, but at this point, yeah, most want the vaccine if it means we can be normal again, believe me.

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