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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


U.S. Senator Rand Paul on Trusting Experts

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It is a fatal conceit to believe any one person or small group of people has the knowledge necessary to direct an economy or dictate public health behavior. We shouldn’t presume that a group of experts somehow knows what’s best for everyone.

It’s important to realize that if society meekly submits to an expert and that expert is wrong, a great deal of harm may occur when we allow one man’s policy or one group of small men and women to be foisted on an entire nation.

— Rand Paul, U.S. Senator from Kentucky


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  1. Thank Senator Paul! Mom, grandmother, wife and concerned citizen of the United States of America. We are being played.

    1. Brilliant, Senator Rand! But the “resist the experts” point you’re making here certainly means that we should limit the power of any one person based on his KNOWLEDGE—because how can WE know if he’s right. But does this not also suggest that we should limit the power of any one person. Our president has shown us that his guiding principle is a lust for power, praise, and personal wealth. Our VP has shown us his need to bow down before a stronger authority figure, either a God he knows by misinterpretation of Scripture or the amoral dictator who pulls his marionette strings. And then we have the example of you, pathetic man, offering us this weak argument in an attempt to turn us away from listening to a man of science, so that we might more readily subjugate ourselves to a power figure of your choosing. Your words, much like your mind and your soul, senator, are empty.

  2. We have an immune system. Created in perfection. Good to go from day 1 until the last of the summer wine. For those who have ears ? let them listen ?. (Suggestion)Pslam 115:3 ?

  3. I agree. 100%. Thank you Rand Paul. I have enough experience in health recovery processes (as a retired kinesiologist) to be able to identify the fake information of the people who make false claims. Citizens without this experience rely upon us to discern what is beneficial and what is not on their behalf when it comes to information shared in the media.

  4. This is crazy what they have done to our country. Made everyone fearfull. They are gettin rich why people are starving out of work and homeless.
    Add me to your list. I will not let them tell me what is good for me. They are not to speak for everyone. I agree.

  5. It is not widely known that Anthony Fauci stands to make more money from his possible vaccine for COVID 19 . Someone should look into the financial gains he has made as head of NIAID. The vaccine market is a 94 Billion Dollar Market. We need to just follow the money. Also it is time for this man to step down and let someone who really knows what to do during the health crisis take over and lead the way.

  6. Then who are we supposed to trust? is Rand Paul an expert? Who would he nominate to be an expert?

  7. I listened to Rand Paul and he spoke the truth about is going on with this corona virus. When will the public look deeper and see the lies behind the pandemic. We just had a suicide of a very close friend of the family, this is what isolation is doing among other tragedies. Wake up people before the contact tracers come knocking at your door to quarantine you for 14 days because you have been exposed to the virus. Scary!!!!

  8. Says the guy who refused to wear a mask, got the disease and then didn’t isolate himself and when to the Washington gym without a face mask or social distancing. Yea, I’ll put my money on the experts and having a medical degree use the info I got when studying infectious diseases, microbiology, etc.

    1. I don’t mind listening to people with infectious disease creds, but Fauci and crew aren’t the only experts on the face of the planet and some of us see clearly that they have startling conflicts of interest; they will become millionaires (or are affiliated with with those who will get rich) off their patented vax or anti-viral, yet millions are holding them and pharma up as if they’re Christ and all his apostles, the Buddha, Mohammed, or merry Ole’ Saint Nick; not questioning anything they say.

      Why? It is your responsibility as an adult to do so. You’re not a doe-eyed child!

      You trust so strongly bc one of them is the head of the CDC or a “task force”? Because they have pretty titles and positions? Does that make them infallible?

      I’m not talking about masks. Fine, wear masks to catch your water droplets. Asia has done pretty well with that one for a long time now way before Covid and us dirty shoe-wearing-in-the-house barbarians may do well to give it a try. I’m talking about the f’ing money.

      You want another expert to give a listen to? Here is a rebuttal letter written by 3 French scientists, one of them Didier Raoult who is France’s #1 go-to guy for vax making who was, afaik, the first to suggest (hydroxy)chloroquine: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7309807/

      Their letter makes it clear that this off-patent-and-won’t-make-anyone-a-millionaire drug is getting scammed. They aren’t the only docs saying this either. I could go on about another valid and cost effective therapy being shat on, but I have to get back to bed. Fauci,Gates, the CDC, all are eyes-deep in conflicts of interest. All stand to profit spectacularly and they will obviously Continue to claim they are the only game in town to achieve this. That’s what Paul’s statement warns us about. Choose the cup of a carpenter, not the one made of gold and jewels! Stop choosing poorly. Stand up to the CDC’s little reminder at the start of every video And article that they alone are the Sole arbiters of truth.

  9. Well said, Senator Rand Paul! This statement wraps up in a nutshell everything wrong with trusting Fauci, Birx, Redfield and Ghebreyesus. And let’s not forget the non-expert, the “friend” controlling all of these experts in his plandemic, Bill Gates.

  10. I totally agree with Senator Rand Paul. We should never allow a single person or small group dictate policy for the entire nation. However , Congress does that exact same thing all the time. They make decisions that apply to the entire nation with the exception of congress of course.

  11. Sure JA. Experts like who exactly. Corrupt Fauci, connected to Gates, the Eugenicist Madman, who is getting richer daily. Who those experts? How about the expert doctor whistle blowers, Oh!! I guess they don’t count.

  12. I mentioned to a buddy back in February that the virus, as an agent of destruction, is a brilliant method of creating a chaotic effect on the world economies. Unlike the bloodletting of war with armies, bullets, tanks and ships, this agent is invisible, odorless, cheap to make and rather easy to disperse. Regretfully, we cannot go back-in-time to regain what was ‘normal’ everyday activities. Terrorism / fear of the unknown continues to be embedded in the mathematical equation of our human experience.

  13. It’s really good to see the benevolent people speaking up against the system. This whole Covid thing is a depopulation event targeting the elderly but affecting all, while enriching the elite and corrupt. I’m glad I was born without blinders. Keep up the good words, my friends. People who don’t even know they need help need us.

  14. I hate to agree with him, but he is right on! Our vaccination program, for example, is an abomination, a tragedy, perhaps even the biggest hoax ever perpetrated upon a People in the history of this planet.

  15. This is what most people with a healthy critical mind would think, so I do not see why we should “celebrate” this senator … because what is he proposing to do here? he was elected to work for the citizen of this country, so now what? he makes a correct statement but what is his agenda and how is he proposing to help us regain trust????

  16. God gave us brains, which enables us to have Scientists, again with the brains God gave us. God gave us an immune system, which in our polluted world requires assistance, so we take nutritional supplements or eat less pesticides as we can afford, and consider moving our bodies with physical activities. Really to assume your immune system alone will help you through a decaying world system virus or disease process, is not using the brain God gave.

  17. Fauci , Birx, Redfield are all crooks…..they are working solely for their enrichment and have fooled the public with this fake plandemic…..look to Gates who is pulling the strings behind the scene….they should all be in jail (ask the governments of India, Kenya, Philippines who would like to prosecute them) for crimes against humanity…….herd immunity will prevail without a fake vaccine that won’t work and will only do more damage with all the crap in them (retroviruses, metals, lubricants, aborted human fetal cells, unknown DNA, bacteria, etc.)… do your research people and stop trusting the so-called experts….thank you so much Rand Paul for speaking the truth!!!!

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