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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Dangers of Wearing Masks in the Heat and Humidity

You add heat, humidity, probably months of more physical inactivity than usual because of social isolation and distancing, and now you mask up, it’s certainly going to make it a lot more difficult to breathe, which can lead to further respiratory complications. You also have a better chance of overheating when you’re wearing a mask when it’s this hot outside. Our body has several methods and mechanisms to help cool themselves down, sweating, etc. But one of them is through breathing out hot air, so if we’re, one, increasing our work of breathing because we’re breathing through a mask in the heat and the humidity, and then we’re unable to exhale hot air, then certainly overheating can occur.

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  1. I have not worn a mask since day 1. I refuse to be manipulated through fear and ignorance. While the rest of the population has fallen for this scam, there are a few who, through due-diligence, understand what is really happening. If I enter a store I tell them (the truth) of having a pre-existing medical issue which makes wearing a mask intolerable. I do not have to explain anything and am allowed in.
    4 weeks ago I asked a Whole Foods employee standing “guard” at the front entrance what would happen if I entered. He replied, they would call the police and arrest me for trespassing. Now I come and go as I please because I am exempt. It is against the law for any retailer to prevent you from entering the store especially if you have a medical issue – it is discrimination.
    It is a shame the majority of people have fallen for the scam and not exercised their Constitutional Rights. As someone once said, “My Constitutional Rights do not end because of your fear.”

  2. This is what I’ve been saying… If you live in the south where it might be 105+F and 100% humidity in the summer, it’s hard enough to avoid heat exhaustion if you’re in good shape and not wearing a panic-mask. But try doing anything physical outside in a mask and you’re asking for trouble.

    If people religiously follow these mask guidelines, I predict there will be a surge of heat stroke deaths this summer. And I think it’s a safe bet that CDC, doctors, etc will record the cause of death as ‘covid-19.’

    1. Totally agree with you. I have an autoimmune disease and having to wear the mask exasperated the problem.

  3. Wearing a mask has been proven scientifically to be detrimental and dangerous under many circumstances. You can read the article by Dr. Russell Blaylock. DO NOT COMPLY with this dangerous “recommendation”, especially out of doors. If you are challenged, you can say that your doctor has said it’s detrimental to your health to comply. If you must wear one indoors in essential shopping situations, try to be quick and wear a mask with ties and don’t tie the bottom or wear a loose bandana. The more compliance is challenged, the more quickly this ridiculous and dangerous practice will be discontinued. I believe this is being done in order to soften the public for compliance with upcoming, even more invasive directives. I believe that in China, people wear masks mainly because of the heavy pollution for which these masks serve some purpose because of the size of the particulates that are actually being filtered.

  4. Thank you for detailing how to protect from overheating wearing a mask.
    I live where it is very hot & humid.

    When outside, I place the mask UNDER my chin to prevent overheating and being able to breathe freely.

  5. Tom, a few weeks ago I saw a story about Chines children dying while doing exercises and outdoor sports while wearing face masks. There need to be press conferences by doctors telling the truth about this travesty. If doctors and scientists don’t speak up now, what will they do when “recommendations” and then mandates for treatments or vaccinations appear in the future?

  6. I’ve researched the effects of mask wearing as shared by doctors and scientific studies. It’s clear they can not filter out the miniscule virus particles, and they are really only useful to protect a patient during surgery from the accidental exposure of large droplets of spit or sneeze from a surgeon. And I personally can not breathe while wearing one. I have asthma and I cannnot get enough oxygen flow. I’ve also learned that masks not only reduce ? the oxygen in our blood, they increase ? the carbon dioxide in our blood. People are blinded by the propaganda on media. They don’t realize they are being conditioned to accept more and more mindless control and limitations. They are willingly accepting contact tracing which will END America as we know it. Neither is a vaccine the answer, but that is ALL they have been brainwashed to believe. Just say no! Resist the devil and he will flee!

  7. Pleurisy comes to mind. I won’t and don’t wear a mask. It’s stupid. For god sakes wash your hands and keep your hands away from your face. Also Italian Docs say this virus is losing its potency. ONLY. In America will this virus continue. Why because pharma will make sure it does.

  8. Frankly in my area (SouthWest Florida), I have not yet encountered any retail stores that I go to enforcing wearing a mask to enter and shop. If one would, I would simply not go (there are enough stores you can go to without being bullied to do something like that, i.e. wearing a mask, or gloves or anything). I really do feel a lot of compassion however for the retail workers who have to comply as it has been extremely hot and humid here in Florida particularly for the past 2 weeks and standing outside with no mask is already hard enough on anyone.

  9. The latest flip-flop has arrived. The Seedy Sea site’s newest vernacular is “cloth face covering” and is “recommended.” Surgeon general even spoke of using an “old scarf” after stating a mask is not effective. Where is the medical justification in this? Entertainment in watching people jump like mad marionettes on a string?

  10. Aint none of my business. I never thought anyone would wear a mask while jogging. The thought never crossed my mind about kids wearing masks while playing outside. Duh! I would think that being around other people outside would be a safer bet than being near people indoors behind four walls.

    After it was mandated in NYC that people wear masks in public places. I started looking at gas masks on line. I figured that the mask wearing frenzy would spread across the US, and I needed to find a mask I could live with. I had no intentions of smothering myself for 40 plus hours a week.

    And low and behold. My employer mandated that employees wear masks on the workroom floor. Luckily I discovered the face shields. I’d rather not have anything laying or hanging over my face to begin with. But given the fascist, fear mongering climate and my need to work. I purchased me some face shields on eBay. The foam area that covers the forehead gets a little warm at times. But I can breathe normally with the face shield on.

    I’ve been trying in vain warn people about wearing face masks for 40 plus hours a week. I suspect that some folks will be dealing with new or additional health issues as Dr. Russell Blaylock has warned. I also suspect that the “new wave” of covid19 that’s supposedly around the corner will hit mask wearers the hardest. I wonder if that was part of the plan all along.

  11. “Watch your little ones closely”? Who in their right mind would put a mask on a child, who is not “threatened” by this virus anyway. Have we all gone mad?

  12. I just had a nasty experience at a supermarket yesterday while waiting in the checkout line. A man about 10 feet away from me, while he was walking down the center aisle yelled out in a loud voice “get a mask!” I, subsequently yelled back & became the center of attention. I have not been wearing masks much because I refuse to be ordered to do this. When I did I became hot & dizzy, not feeling well at all. I’ve been reading about the dangers of breathing in co2 and decided, as I weighed pros & cons, that I will not be wearing a mask. I just turned 75 today and have not had a vaccination since 2014 & no colds or flu. I do have a severely vaccine damaged 13 yr old grandson. The mayor of our city has ordered us to wear a mask or face a $1000 fine.

  13. I worked at a Battery Plant, and masks (Respirators) were mandatory because of the lead oxide. I was ALWAYS sick with the Flu, Cold, sinus infections, etc… This is WHY I know wearing these masks will NOT protect you !!
    I will not wear one now. It is RIDICULOUS that ‘they’ think these paper / cloth masks will keep you / us from getting sick !!!

  14. I will NOT shop at a grocery store that requires masks! I’ve only worn one on two occasions, both at Costco, because they are clueless as to the dangers. As soon as I get in the door I pull the mask down below my nose. Worked both times and no one hassles you….in fact I’ve seen other shoppers doing the same thing, even lowering their masks to their chins. Come on Costco, do your research!!!

  15. AMEN!!! I have not worn a mask either since day one, except when I go into facilities as a CNA. This whole thing is unbelievable and hard to even fathom that most of the world complies and believes everything they are told. I will not fear or panic. He has not give me a spirit of fear .. but of power and love and a sound mind.

  16. Be informed that I am exempt from ALL REGULATION mandating face mask (RPD) usage in public. Based on medical criteria supported by verifiable testing and data, wearing a face mask poses a risk to my health, hygiene and mental well-being.

    A standard face mask is not a micron filter and cannot inhibit or prevent bacteria or viruses.

    Under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act, September 15, 2010) and HIPAA (Privacy Rule, 45 CFR Part 160 and subparts A & E of Part 164, March 26, 2013), I am NOT required to disclose my medical condition as covered in these confidentiality clauses.

    Department of Justice ADA Violation information line: 1-800-514-0301

    In accordance with the ADA, organizations, businesses or individuals can be held liable for any injury, inconvenience, loss of income, death or psychological distress pending legal proceedings citing consequential detrimental acts, effects, events or developments. Violations to rights under the ADA are subject to a first offense fine of up to $75,000 and $150,000 for any subsequent violation.

    Wearing a face mask is exceedingly hazardous, far greater than the threat of coronavirus.

    Oral bacteria build-up within a mask results in toxicity affecting the gums, throat and lungs. Covering the nose and mouth forces CO 2 recirculation, limiting the O 2 intake. Hypoxia (O 2 deprivation) and Hypercapnia (CO 2 rebreathing) impairs bodily and mental functions and can cause discomfort, drowsiness, work rate reduction, dizziness, headache, psych-ataxia, fatigue, disorientation, speech impairment, exhaustion, muscular weakness or twitching, paranoia, hyperventilation, depression, panic attack, syncopal episode or irregular heartbeat.
    A constant uninhibited air flow and oral cleanliness = disease prevention.

  17. I worked in a hospital my whole life.I am 75 yrs old.wearing a mask most of the day will make you sick.Not covid.If God wanted to keep us from breathing he wouldn’t have given us a nose and mouth.what about what just recently happenedin Minisota.a man died because his breathing was restricted.Have our leaders all gone mad.or is this the best conspiracy of our time.

  18. I worked in a hospital as a lab. Supervisor .I am retired.75 years old.wearing a mask and reabreathing your own air is not healthy.You will get sick,and not covid19.Is this what our leaders in positions of power want by making masks mandatory.they are trying to pit us against each other.our world is sick.Is this the treatment I have to look forward to in my retirement.So sad.It is very difficult to get enough air when it is close to 98 degrees everyday in fl.Now Manditory masks.what next?

  19. I want masks tested for bacteria after eight hours of wear. Dr. Oz tested toothbrushes. Inside Edition tested bath towels. Both were crawling with bacteria. Can you imagine how much is in and on a mask after hours of wear? And right up against our mouths and noses. Ewww!

  20. All I have to say about wearing a mask is this. I wear it when entering a business of any kind, not for me but for me incase I sneeze or cough. No, it does not protect me, it helps to protect you. Not perfect but it helps. Second on the street if crowded I again wear it. It’s bullcrap when you say you cant breath because its hot or humid. Any place thats not crowded, no its not necessary! Walking in the park etc no again. Those people that live in small towns and in the country o.k. But you people who live in Alaska in need to understand you live in wide open areas and can do what you will, thats why the lord gave us free will so we live by our own thoughts, us in big cities need to practice better and its also bullcrap to call us sheep. Come see me and we can discuss it over a drink of good whatever it may beCall me a sheep to my face and we will see who is a sheep. This is for you John. I like what you have to say but I do not always agree with what you say and thats my thoughts. My name is Pete Bates.

  21. I can not wear a mask. In my early days I was a underground hard rock miner. We were supposed to wear respirators but you were considered a sissy if you did. I breathed in lots of dust and fumes from dynamite. Then I spent three combat tours in Vietnam as an infantry and recon officer. I breathed in lots of dust following up B-52 and close support airstrikes. One of my specialties is bio/chem warfare (defense). We were taught how to wear protective equipment including masks. This required training. In college I minored in chemistry and still use this knowledge today. I know how particles are transmitted. At the age of 83 I have difficulty breathing. Thankfully my governor has listed exemptions to his mask mandate. I practice social distancing and hand washing. To avoid hostile stares and possible confrontations I go to the supermarket when it opens to avoid crowds. My wife just ordered me a face shield. Maybe this will work. I respect others but feel badly for them since they have little or no idea how COVID 19 is transmitted and the dangers of wearing face masks.

  22. So… our Okla. governor goes on national TV & claims “we’re ALL ABOUT freedom in Oklahoma!” only to turn around & later give the “choice” to individual cities & communities as to whether or not to MANDATE mask wearing. {I feel in my heart he knew all along that the larger cities WOULD!!} Therefore, my good thoughts of him dropped down SEVERAL NOTCHES! For being such a weenie and not continuing with the idea of “wear one if you WANT, don’t wear one if you DON’T want!”

    MANDATED mask wearing in ALL public places most likely starts tomorrow in the bigger cities as they are ALREADY prepping people for the idea! Of “how good” it is — and “how we should CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER & “protect” each other!! Even the hospitals run TV ads saying the same thing! GUILT!! Don’t you CARE enough about others????!!!

    Tell me, if YOUR mask works — then why do you INSIST that “I” wear one??? Doesn’t make an iota’s worth of sense!!!!

    I’m really bummed as w/asthma & very low oxygen to begin with — these silly things simply smother me! SMOTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!! Which means I guess I’ll be staying home & doing even grocery shopping online till all the hoopla is over with (though not counting on it being any time soon!)

    Even the state’s school superintendent has gone on TV with recommendations for school children to wear them at school ALL STINKING DAY LONG!!!!!!! Can you only imagine?? Makes me madder than blazes!! If I was a parent, I’d IMMEDIATELY pull my kid out of school!! If I had to be a kid/student in today’s ~~BEYOND CRAZY~~ world, and if my parents insisted I wear one for 7 hours a day in going along with all this craziness — pretty sure I’d SERIOUSLY consider running away from home!

    THIS WHOLE BLAME WORLD HAS GONE NUTS!!!!!! I truly think the “herd mentality” is something the globalists are pushing for, wanting & enjoying!! AND!!! The damage these masks bring on by making people sick COULD BE THE VERY THING they knew all along & thus, the reason they are mandated!!!!
    They will ALWAYS claim it’s covid — and not admit to it’s the masks which CAUSED sickness!!
    We should pray for the brave ones like Dr. Russell Blaylock!! I’m sure the “elites” (who’ve already ganged up to claim he’s ‘wrong’!!) would love to silence him permanently!!

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