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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Children Recruited in U.K. for COVID-19 Vaccine Trial

silhouettes of children

The University of Oxford’s Jenner Institute and Oxford Vaccine Group in the United Kingdom has announced that its researchers have begun recruiting children aged five to 12 years for phase II and phase III clinical trials testing an experimental COVID-19 vaccine the university is developing in partnership with AstraZeneca plc.1

Oxford’s ChAdOx1 nCov-19 (“chimpanzee adenovirus Oxford 1” novel coronavirus-19) recombinant vaccine is made from a genetically modified adenovirus that infects chimpanzees used as a viral vector into which the COVID-19 genome is inserted so the cells of the human body express the new coronavirus’s Spike Protein (S) and induce antibodies that are supposed to prevent infection.2 Some researchers have noted that, “Viral vector-based vaccines require assessment of efficacy and safety, including immunogenicity, genetic stability, ability to evade pre-existing immunity, replication deficiency or attenuation, and genotoxicity.”3 Others have emphasized that the selection of an appropriate viral vector for a new vaccine depends upon “a thorough knowledge of the infectious agent for which the viral-vectored vaccine is being developed.”4

There are gaps in scientific knowledge about the origin of the new coronavirus and the biological mechanisms involved in the way it infects and causes disease in humans but, like most COVID-19 vaccines being fast tracked to licensure, the vaccine being created by Oxford/AstraZeneca is compressing clinical trials testing into months rather than years.

Phase I, II, III Clinical Trials Of Oxford COVID-19 Vaccine Held Simultaneously

The phase I trial began in April when over 1,000 healthy adult volunteers received their experimental “ChAdOx1 nCoV-19” vaccine. Phase II expanded the age range to include those aged five to 12 years, 56 to 69 years, and those over age 70 to assess the immune response to the vaccine in people of different ages and find out if the immune system responses of older people and children are different. The phase III part of the study assesses how the vaccine works in a larger number of people over age 18 in terms of preventing infection and symptoms of COVID-19.

In the U.K., recruitment of children to participate in vaccine trials is usually done through doctors’ offices and by health care workers. The experimental vaccine being tested in clinical trials is often given at home and parents are asked to take regular temperature readings and a diary of their child’s reaction, with follow-up visits and blood tests.5 There is no financial incentive to join the vaccine trial, and parents can withdraw their child at any point. The clinical trial team also gives the child participant other routine vaccinations during home visits for the length of the study.6

Vaccine Trials Don’t Pick Up All Side Effects

Personal benefit and contributing to “the greater good” are the two most common reasons parents cite for enrolling their children in vaccine trials, according to Shamez Ladhani, MRCPCH, PhD, a pediatric infectious disease consultant at St. George’s Hospital in London, and consultant epidemiologist for Public Health England. He commented that, while there are risks, vaccine adverse reactions are rare—so much so that they often don’t get noticed until the vaccine goes on sale and is given to many more patients.

Dr. Ladhani, who is frequently involved in vaccine trials, said:

Some side effects you actually don’t find out until you have given 100,000 doses—that’s always a worry—but there isn’t a clinical trial that’s big enough that can pick that up.7

Children appear to be less affected by COVID-19, although their role in transmission of the virus remains unclear. In the U.S., 1.7 percent of COVID-19 cases for which age was known occurred in children younger than 18 years, even though they make up 22 percent of the U.S. population.8 Additionally, relatively few children with COVID-19 are hospitalized, and fewer children than adults experience fever, cough, or shortness of breath.

Children May or May Not Be Last to Get COVID-19 Vaccine

As scientists race to develop a COVID-19 vaccine, some are acknowledging that children could be among the last to be vaccinated.9 The process for testing a COVID-19 vaccine in children could take “extra months and maybe years longer,” according to Paul Duprex, PhD, Director of the Center for Vaccine Research and professor of microbiology and molecular genetics at the University of Pittsburgh.

However, Anthony Fauci, MD, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, commented that it’s possible that studies in children might “catch up” to those in adults, if they are done correctly. “There is no reason not to believe that [a vaccine] wouldn’t be available simultaneously for adults and children,” Dr. Fauci said.10

Duke University Professor Sallie Permar, MD, believes children are “key” to ending the COVID-19 pandemic and testing vaccines in children must be a priority because, “If we prioritize children now in the steps we take to end this pandemic, we will protect them while protecting all members of our community.” In USA Today, she recently advocated for experimental coronavirus vaccines to be tested in children once safety testing in adults is completed:11

Early trials of coronavirus vaccine safety and immune responses have excluded children. Once safety testing is completed in adult volunteers, however, leading candidate vaccines should be tested for safety and effectiveness in children. And once safety and efficacy are established, children should be among the first to receive the vaccine.

Throughout history, scientists have consistently found that infants and children are not simply small adults. Children’s bodies and maturing immune systems function differently from adults,12 which is why pharmaceutical products are often studied separately in children and adults. Already, scientists are pointing out differences in immune system responses by children to COVID-19 infections compared to responses by adults, who are at increased risk for complications.13

Oxford’s COVID-19 Animal Trials Failed But Manufacturing Ramps Up

The University of Oxford and AstraZeneca researchers are proceeding with testing the experimental ChAdOx1 nCov-19 vaccine in children, even though a May 13, 2020 published report indicated that small trials of the vaccine in mice and monkeys were not successful in proving effectiveness against infection. Although the animal trials provided evidence that the experimental vaccine induced a “robust humoral and cell mediated response” in mice and appeared to protect against development of viral pneumonia in monkeys, it did not prevent infection with COVID-19.14 15

On June 5, 2020, Market Watch reported that AstraZeneca has begun manufacturing two billion doses of Oxford’s COVID-19 vaccine before clinical trials have been completed and results analyzed and published, reportedly in August. AstraZeneca has received more than $1B in funding from the U.S. government to accelerate development of its vaccine and deliver 300 million doses to the U.S., which will include a Phase 3 clinical trial in the U.S. this summer involving 30,000 volunteer participants.16

According to Market Watch:

AstraZeneca has struck a $750 million agreement with two health organizations backed by [Bill] Gates and his wife Melinda—the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations and Gavi, the vaccine alliance—to provide and distribute 300 million doses fairly across the world. AstraZeneca has also agreed to supply the Serum Institute of India with 1 billion doses for low and middle-income countries, with a commitment to provide 400 million before the end of 2020.17

The company has indicated that as many as 30 million doses could be available in Britain as early as September 2020 and the U.S. could begin receiving supplies of the ChAdOx1 nCov-19 vaccine as early as October.18


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60 Responses

  1. covid fear of death has made everyone’s brain’s shrink. who would allow their child to be a human tester of this rushed covid vaccine? mystifying! do people see what I see or am I in the minority and people will be racing to get this vaccine in hopes that their old life pre covid will magically reappear, because, hint, hint, they are telling you, they being Fauci & Gates that this is the ONLY way things will go back to normal. Fascinating that no one questions these two because when I heard this, I thought, “something stinks like 10 day old fish”

  2. Absolutely Bloody criminal testing on children. it’s bad enough testing on adults but on children is abuse and medical tyranny.

  3. It beggars belief that a parent would put forward a heathy child for this. Insanity. My kids are never having this if I have anything to do with it. Keep your filthy vaccines, this is all about profit and control

  4. It’s just bonkers why children if they are the least affected by the disease.

    It’s astonishing that they already mass producing this vaccine before any resluts came back from vaccine safety, efficacy and before any piers could review those results. If it fails I bet they won’t publish it other than “good” results. Otherwise who then will take profit losses for that mass produced failure?

  5. CHILD ABUSE! Two trials on animals FAILED, so let’s EXPERIMENT and inject these toxins into our children. Be especially leery whenever the names of Fauci and Eugenicist Gates pop up!

  6. Who the hell would care so little for their own child that they would basically put them forward to be experimented on?? Anyone who would do this to their own precious child does not deserve to be a parent, it’s absolutely digusting and evil – diabolical in fact. Will any of these ‘scientists’ put their own child forward to be guinea pigs? No of course they won’t, they know better than that. This virus will burn itself out in no time – so why all these disproportionate measures…?

  7. More evidence that the vaccine industrial complex, including the “professors” in this article, are all psychopaths

  8. How is this not illegal. How can you make what could be a life changing decision for another human being? All for what? A chance of catching a virus with a death rate of currently 1.3% which in all honesty is probably far far less as we haven’t all been tested. TEST ON ALL THESE PEOPLE TRYING TO PUSH IT ON US!!

    1. That’s right, Gemma Emmett. Test it on all the people pushing it and the manufactures! This is Crimes against humanity!

  9. Absolutely shocking that children will be experimented on, especially as previous tests are not concluded, can these parents sue for compensation when their child suffers adverse effects or possible death? Perhaps Boris Johnsons or Dominic Cummings child should go first.

  10. Following on where Mengele left off. This has Gates and his population control all over it. Were enough lessons not learned in Africa and India? Or is that the plan? The more people wake up to this, the better. What you are doing here is nothing short of inciting legalised murder!

  11. Outrageous! To think that a parent would allow their healthy child to be injected with toxins that failed animal trials is beyond my comprehension!

  12. This Corona virus a load of BS it’s just the flu that ‘we have every year it’s a scam dont fall for it.

  13. Absolutely criminal.. the govt needs to be charged for allowing this. The drug companies need to be reprimanded and these trials need ro be shit down.. there is no pandemic. There is no need for a vaccine. People need to fight this by ANY MEANS NECESSARY and PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN from theae experiments for which the drug companies have no liability if your child dies.. let that sink in.

  14. i am deeply disturbed by this information. It seems that the ‘new’ narrative expounds that vaccines are going to be our saviours. How do we reach the mainstream media and break through this terrible lie.
    Who is going to be brave enough to expose the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation and the devastation they have caused around the world with their vaccine schedules; basically they have been experimenting on third world communities, now they are experimenting on our children. The pharmaceutical companies are falling over themselves to create the next vaccines, it is about to become a trillion dollar industry. And whilst millions of dollars are being donated to fund these vaccination trials, people are starving, don’t have clean water to drink and have inadequate shelter. When are people going to wake up to what is really going on here! These Vaccines are going to be our demise unless we all stand up and say NO!

    1. Any child that this ‘vaccine’ is injected into will be maimed for life, or worse. Make Gates and all of his cronies take it first.

  15. WOW. Seriously? Who would allow their child to be placed in this testing?? Horrible pharmaceutical companies!!!!! NO WAY!!! NO, NO, NO!!!!!! NO VACCINE THAT HAS BEEN RUSHED AND DOESN’T EVEN SHOW PROVEN IN ANIMAL TESTING. NO!!

  16. This is absolutely inhumane, they don’t have freedom of choice to make autonomous decisions as their children! We don’t want your vaccine so shove it where the sun doesn’t shine! 0.1-1% death rate we don’t hide away from flu that kills 45,000 a year and it has a vaccine?! Wake up people

  17. How can any parent even consider putting their children forward for this?
    Will they have read the on going reports about the failure and the contents of this vaccine?
    Do they understand that there is no come back on the manufactures if thing go wrong?
    Just unbelievable!

  18. Child abusers.

    Typical egoic profit hungry greed being exreted from big pharma. Vaccines don’t work. This entire planned Demic (demonic) is a sham. This is a hidden agenda of control, totalinariasm and blatant fraudulent manipulation of a media frenzied fear campaign perpetrated by ruling classes. I refuse to consent to your unnatural pseudo science that has already damaged countless human lives all over the world.

    I see through you and your Karma will be a heavy one.

  19. This defies logic and safety.
    1. Vaccine development can take 5years to prove that there are no lasting effects. Here they rush this through in a matter of months. There is no way this is tested and deemed safe.
    2. Vaccines usually come with small print disclaimers that indemnify manufacturers and NHS from any liability or lawsuit should vaccine have any adverse effect resulting in disability or death. This means that you cannot sue them if vaccine kills your child.

    If car manufacturer offered you a car that has not been fully tested and comes with full indemnity for the maker, would you buy it?

    Now wait uny government releases a law mandating every citizen to drive this untested vehicle….

  20. Absolutely Abhorrent that you think these ‘trials’ are what’s needed!..
    You are complicit in the Deaths from vaccines… they are NOT NEEDED…
    you are all LIARS… disgusting liars and part of the NWO

  21. This scares me more than the virus, that is nothing more than an epidemic! Are you actually condoning the use of a vaccine for a virus that is no longer active and science is still emerging on how the virus acts, on children! This is appalling and nothing more than genocide! Let’s see the people behind this farce put their families forward first!
    And why do you need my name and email address for me to comment?

  22. This appears to be inaccurate / false / misleading (or the recruiting has changed since this was written). I clicked through all fourteen locations that are recruiting for phase II and phase III trials. All of them require 18 or older.

    We need to be extremely accurate in reporting if we are going to convinced the uneducated masses to wake up and pay attention.

  23. The pathological lying society are coming for you. Mr Bill Gates kill Bill is the virus. He literally has bought the entire medical world.

    Is quite open kill Bill about killing millions of people as eugenicist he’s not shy about the matter now I suppose when you own the world health organisationIs (World hell organisation) and the governments it’s pretty easy to implement forced vaccines. A lot of people will not be aware that there is a petition on the government website in the US that has been taken down twice where he knowingly sterilise thousands and killed millions and has over 1 million signatures.

    Anybody can sign it I suggest you do.

    The world is a sick place but we are allowing it to happen. Also Dr Fauci is the salesman for kill Bill Bill Gates all this is really easy to find.

  24. This is inhumane and cruel. Why don’t the medical guys that are trying this out test on themselves first or even Boris?!


  25. Leesy you are not alone with those thoughts, I have had the same since the beginning of this so-called “crisis” which turned out to be a real crisis not about a virus as predicted, but about everything else that this campaign of fear engendered.

    However, what I wanted to add here is regarding the fact that aside the criminal act of testing something on children (I will not debate that as I am sure this group is absolutely disgusted about that), they are using a virus found in chimpanzees as a vector!!! what? I have watched several documentaries, and read articles, about the more than likely source of the AIDS epidemic related to a Polio vaccine campaign in the 50s which used cell lines from chimpanzees organs for production of the vaccine… and now they want to use a virus found in chimpanzees as a vector and inject that… what else would that create??? is the idea to eradicate COVID19 but start something even worse? if so those scientists are well on their way.

  26. Totally discusted that you would even think of pumping unknown toxic stuff into a child, you must have lost your mind! No one is going to let you do that.

    On another Note why are you not listening to the info from Italy and what their autopsies have clearly shown regarding covid19? We don’t need a vaccine, we need some Sanity regarding this whole mess!

  27. Wow, this is truly horrendous! How can this happen in 2020! Poor Guinea pig children being used to make millions for psychopaths, no way!

  28. How is this even allowed????? This is beyound comprehension – the safety of any vaccine has been questioned publicly for a long time and now it will be tested on children after a few months of development. And as a cherry on top of the cake the children are being given all other “routine” vaccines at the same time, “conveniently” in their own homes? As a mother of 2 young children, i wonder how uninformed can these parents be….

  29. Covid-19 is an exosome, a harmless messenger particle, expelled by the cells under stress (hipoxia, due to 5G). There is no virus, just a faulty test giving positive randomly, giving the illusion of a pandemic. People get sick and some die, as always, from anything, and they are counted as victims of covid-19, some even without being tested. The lockdowns are to ruin the economy and to force us to get the vaccine.
    I think, as David Icke says, that the microchip will be in form of nanobots inside the mandatory Covid-19 vaccine. They have been improving that technology for 80 years now. See the Volume 17, Number 7 issue of “The Phoenix Project”, July 8, 1997, pages 9 and 10, Mind Control: Part I, by dr Al Overholt ( The 2020 in the name of IBM’s project revealed in 1997 by The California Sun (re-posted by The Phoenix Project), meant the year 2020, when they planned to massively deploy it, through vaccines, now I see.
    Whoever does not get the vaccine will be considered a risk to public health, he will be placed in permanent quarantine, he will not be allowed to exist in this hellish society, in this Orwellian dictatorship that will fight everything good and true. You will not be allowed to go out, buy, sell, transact, work, study, travel, transit, stay in public places, nothing.
    It is written in the Bible, Revelation 13: 16-17:
    And he made everyone, small and large, rich and poor, free and slave, put a mark on their right hand, or on their foreheads; and that no one could buy or sell, but he who had the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

  30. I used to work at Wellcome making vaccines and would never use a vaccine made in this short a time,This vaccine is against something that has so little disease causing effects that I will not use it, I disagree with mandatory vaccination.My body ,My choice.

  31. The Oxford vaccine and others work by making our own cells become protein antigen factories rather like how Bt corn works. You will be treated like vegetables and genetically modified to produce the vaccine internally. What could go wrong?
    You have to be nuts to get one of these never before used and now little tested vaccines. Just say no to the vaccine and to the phone app and to all social distancing rules – which incidently have no basis in science. Rely on your immune system. It is your God given right.
    SAY NO.

  32. The only way to stop government forcing this vaccine on you with threats is if most people refuse to play ball. They cannot do anything if most of us refuse to participate. No vaccine, no idiot face masks, no social distancing, keep your cash, don’t waste it shopping for junk items – that will really make them mad. The whole project will collapse if most of us SAY NO to everything covid, new abnormal and the reset. And the whole covid thing is a scam if you care to examin it. It is actuall less harmful than the annual influenza!! says the chief medical officer for the UK prof chris whitty.

  33. Absutelly disgusting considering the track record of Bill Gates and his companies as stated and documented by robert Kennedy jr…no to forced vaccines…our freedom of choice.. or human rights under the Nuremberg code

  34. The achilles heel of the pro vaccine pharma corporations and their billionaire psychopath pushers is the indeminity issue. Contact your elected representaives and demand that vaccine manufacturers are forced to take responsibility for their products and actions. The vaccine mafia are running a for profit racket. The vaccines make you ill then they can sell more of their toxic drugs to make you better except that better for them is long term dependence on their products ie permanent ill health.
    See the bigger picture, this is the thin end of the wedge that seeks to destroy your freedoms and democracy and replace them with corporate controlled totalitarianism. No vaccine passport no access to travel or even more basic human rights. Watch the Spiro Skouras video on YouTube about the Global Reset. Get educated, take action – no one is going to do it for you.

  35. I live in the U.K. and I am ashamed of out government for accepting ‘poison funds’
    from the Gates Foundation to produce a vaccine that they knowingly will kill millions. Our Court of Appeal also upheld that local councils can vaccinate children in care without parental consent….this is the most likely source of ‘child volunteers’ . Troubled children who already have a disadvantaged lifestyle will be put at further danger to satisfy the psychopathic billionaires.
    No responsible parent would voluntarily have their healthy child vaccinated with an experimental. That is the criteria for volunteers, they have to be healthy…but then the vaccine will be given to hundreds of thousands of seniors with underlying health conditions and who have had previous flu vaccine that further depletes their immune function.

  36. Agree with you all. There is a Vaccine Transparency Manifesto published by Alliance for Natural Health and British Society for Ecological Medicine and they are asking people to send it to their MP’s . Available on and

  37. Outrageous! And they want to administer their “regular” vaccinations in conjunction with the experimental coronavirus. Five to ten years old! This is criminal!

  38. I am sure the vaccine will be initially publicly tested on the children of the senior political and business elite, on the judges’ and MI5 officers’ children, right?

  39. APRIL 09, 2020 Gates’ Globalist Vaccine Agenda: A Win-Win for Pharma and Mandatory Vaccination

    Vaccines, for Bill Gates, are a strategic philanthropy that feed his many vaccine-related businesses (including Microsoft’s ambition to control a global vaccination ID enterprise) and give him dictatorial control of global health policy.

  40. Totally appalling the lengths these money hungry Psychopaths will go to. The Govt is all bought, The Scientists are Pharma Pimps and the MSM spread nothing but disinformation and lies. Fortunately many are now waking up in the UK and realising the Scamdemic is nothing more than a cover for a Globalist Agenda and that all these clever Psy Ops like ‘Hope not Hate’ are funded by Soros and a complete inversion of Truth.

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