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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


University of Pittsburgh Researchers Use Genetically Modified Measles Vaccine to Create COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 vaccine?

Vaccine developers at the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Vaccine Research (CVR) have taken a part of the coronavirus involved in COVID-19 infection and attached it to a genetically modified measles vaccine that has been used for many years.1

According to CVR Director Dr. Paul Duprex, “CVR has a mandated role to respond rapidly to global outbreaks such as COVID-19; to develop animal models of disease; to use these to test the efficacy of candidate vaccines such as recombinant measles viruses expressing a range of SARS-CoV-2 [the virus that causes COVID-19] genes.”2

CVR Will Get COVID-19 Vaccine Grant from CEPI

 The University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Vaccine Research, as well as Themis Bioscience in Austria and Institute Pasteur in France, are part of an international group receiving a $4.9 million grant from the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) to develop a COVID-19 vaccine candidate based on measles-vector technology.2

Richard Hatchett, CEO of CEPI, said that they selected CVR, Themis Bioscience and Institute Pasteur as recipients of the grant to create the COVID-19 candidate vaccine because of the science behind their proposed strategy to use measles-vector technology.2

Hatchett said:

The measles vaccine is used here as a vehicle. Using the measles vaccine (also called MV) as a vector, recombinant vaccines can be designed to express antigens from other pathogens” including MERS, HIV and yellow fever among others.2

He added:

The use of the modified MV as a vehicle for vaccination against these pathogens makes it possible to deliver the antigens directly in the compartments of the immune system capable of inducing a protective memory response.2

CVR Receives Samples of Coronavirus for Vaccine Development

University of Pittsburgh’s CVR was one of the first research labs in the United States to receive the samples of the coronavirus in February 2020 from an infected patient in the state of Washington.2 The small vial contained a half milliliter of fluid and 50 to 60 million coronavirus particles. Dr. Duprex explained it was received in a box. Inside the box was dry ice and another box. After the second box was opened, there was a special container in which the sample was placed.3

The residents of Pittsburgh were concerned about samples of COVID-19 being sent to their city; however, Dr. Duprex reassured them of the safety measure taken to safely transport the virus. He said the box was transported by air and ground using approved shippers experienced in safely transporting biological and infectious materials. He stated, “Which is why we have the confidence we can do this safely, because we have done it for over 10 years. We have been rigorously inspected by the Centers for Disease Control.”3

Vaccine Candidate to be Tested in Lab Animals

The measles-vector coronavirus vaccine candidate will be tested in animal models to determine whether or not lab animals produce antibodies to both the measles virus, which researchers are expecting that it should, and also antibodies against the novel coronavirus.1


14 Responses

  1. So it seems like the bio-tech industry is slapping anything together, calling it a vaccine and getting grant money for it. I’ll pass!

  2. I will pass as well, as I do not want to get either measles (just a vehicle for the covid19, right? and how do they know) or COVID19, or anything else from what other ingredients added to the vaccine that could affect by body I would rather continue my daily regimen of building my own immune system.

  3. New Yorker in West Village:
    I agree and will also pass. After not vaccinating my son who is now in his thirties, always has been the epitome of health and as rarely had even a sick day, why would I chose a vaccine route at this point? Makes no sense. Eat well, exercise regularly, and don’t put foul stuff in your body!

  4. The vaccine-risk-aware community has been asking for years for a single measles vaccine to be made available as a CHOICE for those who want to vaccinate but do not want the MMR. Industry and the government refused to make one available.

    It is well-established that measles vaccine antibodies wane, leaving about 1/3 of fully vaccinated adults unprotected, and a third dose has been shown not to extend protection. The CDC and HHS know this and are greatly concerned that we are moving into an era in which there are more people in the U.S. susceptible to measles than there were before the introduction of the vaccine in the 1960’s — but susceptibility has shifted to infants whose vaccinated mother’s passive immunity isn’t strong or long-lasting, and adults. Both groups are more susceptible to poor outcomes than children, who used to get measles and gain lifetime immunity.

    I have deep concerns that attempting to create a COVID-19 vaccine attached to a measles vaccine is motivated, and incentivized, by a global attempt fix the mess caused by mass measles vaccination. The Moderna vaccine is deflecting attention so that this vaccine can be quietly tested. Fear may drive many to choose a C-19 vaccine, or for governments to mandate it it places they never had the political clout to mandate it before. But not only could such a vaccine be dangerous, based on the history of past attempts to make vaccines for SARS and MERS, but the attempt is like attempting to plug a failing dam with corks. It will not work.

    The only way to address the measles is with the technologies we saw were critically missing in public health and that now are being frantically developed: rapid diagnostic tools and on-the-shelf therapeutics like IV-nutrients, glutathione, HBOT, etc to safely treat cases. And that’s how we need to treat C-19.

  5. Currently medical professionals on mutiple platforms are saying you can become reinfected even after youve had covid-19. And it sounds uncertain at this point if anyone knows if individuals that have recovered have any antibodies. Forming no natural immunity. If true would that not render a vaccine useless? Since there is also such a huge spectrum of symptoms. Asymptomatic to fatal for some. Why not focus more on an effective treatment for severe cases.

  6. Affective treatments would not need the supposed protection from vaccines nor would it make so much money . When we are all dying from all those vaccines that have either given the virus or strewed up our immune system so badly. No one will be able to work to support the wealthy and do slave labor. Because they either be dead or so sick they could only infect everyone!

  7. I have not taken a vaccine in over 67 years and I am still here. Not chipping me either. Doing all natural for both my husband and myself. Good old ORGANIC Apples, etc. We don’t have the money but why not. I clean everything we ingest with vinegar. So with all the natural, how can you go wrong. I love ordering from Dr. Mercola. Good man!

  8. It is bad enough they are putting genetically modified vegetables and fruits in someone else’s grocery store (I don’t shop at stores that carry such junk), without expecting me to put their genetically modified junk into my own body. Like redpill, I’ll pass.

  9. Are these vaccines using the same preservatives (thimerosal) as previous vaccines with the same negative responses? The better choice is a proven treatment like hydroxychloroquine instead of a questionable vaccine

  10. Hard pass! We have the cure so no need for a vaccine. Now you know why there are so many vaccines – because there is no money in the cure. Always follow the money.

  11. We have the cure so no need for a vaccine. Now you know why there are so many vaccines – because there is no money in the cure. Always follow the money.

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