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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Face Masks to Prevent COVID-19: Conflicting Facts & Advice

woman wearing a medical mask

In a media briefing on Mar. 30, 2020, World Health Organization (WHO) officials confirmed that facial masks for the prevention of COVID-19 should be worn by those who are sick or in close contact with those infected, and are not recommended for healthy members of the general population.1 A day later, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence reassured Americans that, “The average American does not need to go out and buy a mask.” U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams, MD told Fox News the same day that masks were “not effective” to the general public and tweeted the admonition, “Seriously people-STOP BUYING MASKS!” Despite this guidance, masks and other supplies started to fly off the shelves as Americans stocked up due to fears of an outbreak.2

Conflicting Messages Sow Confusion

Then, on Apr. 3, 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) did an about-face and recommended that everyone use a simple cloth face covering when entering public spaces. Public health officials explained that the face masking policy reversal reflected new concerns that the novel coronavirus was being spread by healthy but infected people who had no symptoms.

The CDC’s new face masking recommendation did not give many details about what kind of face coverings should be used beyond: “cloth face coverings fashioned from household items or made at home from common materials at low cost can be used as an additional, voluntary public health measure.”3

After announcing the new recommendation, President Trump appeared to weaken the recommendations by stating, “This is voluntary. I don’t think I’m going to be doing it.” Dr. Adams admitted that the CDC’s guidelines on face masks have “been confusing” for Americans and he posted a 45-second do-it-yourself mask tutorial the next day.4

To further confuse the situation, the World Health Organization (WHO) released new guidance three days later on Apr. 6 saying that healthy people do not need to wear face masks, and that masks should be reserved for the sick, their caretakers, and healthcare workers. The WHO said there’s some evidence that caretakers of infected people can protect their health by wearing masks but warned:

There is currently no evidence that wearing a mask (whether medical or other types) by healthy persons in the wider community setting, including universal community masking, can prevent them from infection with respiratory viruses, including COVID-19.5

The WHO went on to say that community masking could lead to a “false sense of security” and cause people to ignore other evidence-based measures like hand washing and self-isolation.5

Efficacy of Face Mask Use Unclear

Lisa Brosseau, MD, an expert on respiratory protection and infectious diseases, explains:

When we talk, breathe, cough, or sneeze, we’re producing particles. Some of those particles may be droplets and others may be aerosolized. If you’re infected with a virus, it’s very possible virus will be inside the particles you produce…The size and concentration of these particles will differ depending on if they were produced by a cough or an exhaled breath, but the underlying principle is the same. Large particles will fall to the floor relatively quickly; small particles will travel further.6

Small particles don’t necessarily have a smaller “viral load” according to Dr. Brosseau, who hypothesizes that smaller particles are generated from the deeper part of the lungs where there’s more infection. She maintains that those smaller particles can travel farther and are more likely to slip through protective masks.6

For this reason, Dr. Brosseau disagrees with the CDC’s new guidance for face masking. She said wearing a face mask gives people a false sense of security:

If an infected person wearing a cloth mask coughs, there’s some possibility the mask could block the lateral projection of large particles But it’s not going to do much of anything for those smaller particles. I don’t think it should be a blanket recommendation. It gives people a false sense of security and encourages them to stop isolating, which is really the only thing that’s going to work.6

George Rutherford, MD, an epidemiologist at the University of California-San Francisco’s School of Medicine agrees that social distancing is essential and that cloth masks don’t provide the same protection as someone wearing a perfectly fitting N95 mask. But, he argues, “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”6

The CDC reports that recent studies show a significant portion of individuals with coronavirus are asymptomatic. Even those who eventually develop symptoms are thought to transmit the virus to others through coughing, sneezing or speaking before they show symptoms. Therefore, they say that a cloth face covering in public settings where physical distancing is difficult to maintain is meant to protect other people in case an individual is infected.7

How Long Does COVID-19 Remain on Surfaces or in the Air?

A recent study8 found that the SARS-CoV-2 (the virus believed to cause COVID-19) could remain on common surfaces for up to 72 hours or in the air as an aerosol for up to 3 hours. Linsey Marr, PhD, an expert on aerosol transmission of viruses at Virginia Tech University told The New York Times in March 2020 that an aerosol released at a height of about 6 feet should fall to the ground after 34 minutes. The amount of the virus that lingers in the air as an aerosol is also likely too small to infect someone, she said:

It sounds scary. But unless you’re close to someone, the amount you’ve been exposed to is very low.9

The WHO has cast doubt on study findings suggesting that SARS-CoV-2 is transmissible as an airborne pathogen, arguing that the experiment used “a high-powered machine that does not reflect normal human cough conditions” and therefore “these initial findings need to be interpreted carefully.” However, Donald Milton, MD, a professor and infectious disease aerobiologist at the University of Maryland, counters that, “Epidemiologists cannot tell the difference between droplet transmission and short-range aerosol transmission,” so because of the uncertainty about COVID-19, WHO should “employ the precautionary principle to recommend airborne precautions.”10

Shortages of Masks Tied to U.S. Exports in Early 2020

The N95 medical-grade masks, which are designed to fit tightly to the face, appear to be effective at filtering viruses for workers in health care settings. However, hospitals continue to report a shortage of masks.

On Feb. 25, 2020, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said that there were “30 million N95 respirators in the national strategic stockpile” and that 270 million more face masks were needed for health-care workers.11 Since then, the CDC has continued to warn that N95 and surgical masks are critical supplies that must be reserved for healthcare workers and other medical first responders.

An investigative report by USA Today published on Apr. 2, 2020, revealed one big reason for the shortage: millions of surgical masks were exported from the U.S. to China in January and February of 2020:

U.S. exports of surgical masks, ventilators and other personal protective gear to China skyrocketed in January and February, when the coronavirus was wreaking havoc in the country where it began and as U.S. intelligence agencies warned it would soon spread. American companies sold more than $17.5 million worth of face masks, more than $13.6 million in surgical garments and more than $27.2 million in ventilators to China during the first two months of the year, far exceeding that of any other similar period in the past decade, according to the most recent foreign trade data available from the U.S. Census Bureau.12

Does Face Masking Work for the Average Person?

Some experts have said there is little need for the average person to wear a face mask to prevent getting infected with or transmitting COVID-19. “In the research that’s been done, we don’t see any benefit at the community level for wearing the mask,” said Amanda McClelland, MPH., a senior vice president at Vital Strategies, a public health organization that focuses on global health threats.13

But studies of dorms and other high-density settings like households do show some efficacy for masks, according to Raina MacIntyre, PhD, professor of global biosecurity at the University of New South Wales Sydney in Australia. A 2010 study14 found that the combination of mask use, providing alcohol-based hand sanitizer, and education about hand and cough hygiene reduced the prevalence of flulike illness inside a college dorm to a greater degree than only hand and cough hygiene education. “If they work in high-transmission settings, they should also work in low-intensity settings,” Dr. MacIntyre said.15

A 2011, Cochrane reviewed 67 studies16 and found that face mask use, hand washing and isolating sick people, especially when used together, can be effective in containing transmission of viral infections in epidemics.

“The argument is that since anyone can be infected without knowing it and spread the infection, that everyone should wear masks,” said University of Maryland professor Donald Milton, PhD. He added, “In the U.S., where we are not prepared to test rapidly and aggressively trace and quarantine all contacts, surgical masks could be helpful.”

Are Homemade Masks Effective?

Evidence of the effectiveness of homemade masks is mixed. A study published in the British Medical Journal in 201517 found that healthcare workers using cloth masks were more likely to be infected with respiratory diseases than those who used disposable surgical masks, even when workers washed them at the end of each shift. Two laboratory studies18 19 demonstrated that masks made of household materials such as T-shirt scraps, tea cloths, or vacuum bags, aren’t as effective at blocking particles of virus in droplets and aerosols as surgical masks.

Still, the homemade masks did provide some protection—especially those made of vacuum bags, tea towels, and blended cotton fabric. A 2006 study20 of homemade T-shirt masks found they could provide a “measurable level of protection” from a challenge aerosol.

While some experts say wearing a homemade or purchased mask may help you remember not to touch your face, others note that they can be uncomfortable and require frequent adjustment. Individuals are also likely to take a mask off to eat or drink, then put it back on afterward. That defeats the purpose, said McClelland. She said:

People contaminate themselves more by touching the mask and taking it on and off their face.3

Deborah Birx, MD, coronavirus response coordinator for the White House coronavirus task force, notes that mask wearers must still continue other safety measures, including social distancing.

“Because homemade ones are not even as effective at filtering out virus as commercial surgical masks, which are not great, people should be aware that these are not protective and should not do anything you would not do without one of them on,” Dr. Milton said.

Proper Face Mask Use is Key Says Surgeon General

Dr. Adams says people should wash their hands before donning a mask and avoid touching their faces while wearing one. He also advised people not to touch their eyes, nose, and mouth while removing the covering, place the covering where it won’t be touched by anyone else in the house and where it won’t contaminate other surfaces, and wash hands right away.

Masking Requirements by State Governments Vary

The CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings “in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain, especially in areas of significant community-based transmission.”21 Although there is no national mandate by the federal government, several states and municipalities in the U.S. now require everyone to wear masks.

State government officials in New York joined Maryland and New Jersey in ordering residents to wear masks in certain situations. Los Angeles officials are requiring shoppers and workers to wear face coverings during “essential shopping,” and have authorized employers to refuse any employee not wearing a face covering entry to a work space.22

Universal Face Masking to Prevent Stigma and Discrimination?

Globally, face mask recommendations vary across countries. Use of masks in community settings appears to increase substantially once local epidemics begin. This increase in use of face masks by the general public contributes to the supply shortage of face masks in some countries, sending prices soaring and risking personal protective equipment (PPE) supply problems for frontline health care workers.23

There are societal and cultural paradigms around the wearing of masks to prevent transmission of infections. While face masks are commonly used as a preventive public health practice in many Asian countries, in European and North American countries it is something people only consider doing when they are sick.

Some social scientists and public health professionals believe that universal masking by the sick and healthy alike prevents identification, stigmatization and discrimination against individuals who wear masks because, if everyone wears a face mask, there are no perceived differences between the healthy and the sick.24


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  1. Just spritz some colloidal silver in your mouth before and after if you’re worried.

    I’ve been going to the stores and wherever I please with no mask on and you know what happened to me? Absolutely nothing. You’re more likely to compromise your health with a mask on for long periods. Wearing respirator masks comes with severe health risks. On average, your energy expense is 15% higher at all times with longer recovery periods, just because you wore a mask. Research energy use and safety issues with respirator masks. Read the dang insert. And a cloth home made mask is not any better. The reason masks are disposable is so you can have reliable air flow every time. These people may as well be working with a beer in hand, because they’re similarly inebriated due to continued lack of o2 and continued higher recapture and rebreathing of exhausted O2 depleted air.

    Requesting NVIC bumper stickers please. Now is the time! Just bought a 20 pack of learn the risk, the only safe vaccine is the one never taken. Putting that on my car today. Would rather have spent those dollars at NVIC and promoted NVIC instead. You need to push some products right now! The public absolutely must have more vaccine safety related bumper stickers and we need them now! Can we please have all these Vaccine Reaction articles in monthly magazine form? I will subscribe and be happy to pay and gift subscription for others. We need this material and these messages in more peoples hands immediately!

    People and groups whom exist only in the digital world wonder sometimes why they can’t move the message further. Or as I like to call them, the self captured audience. Break out of the box and play by a more open more fair set of competition rules. Digital only publication is not satisfying the publish or perish principal. You’re merely broadcasting to subscribed audiences. If you want to have more influence, put it on paper and push promotional materials which people can actually hold and touch. Thank you.

    New slogan push: Handcuffs for white collar criminals.

    1. “I’ve been going to the stores and wherever I please with no mask on and you know what happened to me?”

      I also use Colloidal Silver when I go out but I also spray it on a mask. I don’t wear a mask because I think it will protect me, it won’t. I read up on masks back during the Swine Flu episode so I know they are useless to prevent me from becoming infected. You know why I wear a mask? Because it’s not all about me. There are people working in stores and other business that are afraid of catching something yet they are still out there putting it on the line because many of them feel they are providing a much need service to their communities. I spend time talking to them and they voice their concerns and their concerns for their families. Many that I have spoken to have young children and they need to work. They are concerned when they see people who come into those business without mask or gloves. I know 2 people who’s employer has offered them 30 days off without pay if they are really uncomfortable being close to people who will not wear masks and 1 has taken the leave. Multiple grocery stores, the only food sources open now, have for hire signs on their doors and websites because they can’t keep staff. If they can’t keep staff who loses out? The public! So I put aside my own beliefs for 1 hour and:

      Put On A mask

      Because I appreciate what these people are doing.
      It’s not all about me!

      1. Comrade redpill you just nailed the whole foundation of communism. Hide under your bed and wear a mask, which is ineffective, if you want. Do not expect me to do that. This is the same scenario as the vaccine freaks promote. Vaccinate yourself for others. The greater good.. blah blah blah

        Costco starting monday is requiring members and employees to wear masks in order to enter the store. I would suggest everyone write to them, and explain to them with facts and evidence, and the law, why this is wrong, and unacceptable. This is only the beginning of the end of our freedoms, and ability to choose for ourselves, what is right for each of as individuals.

        Have you heard of microns? Masks are nothing but virtue signaling for a nwo cult who now think they are special and are on the “front lines” such as clerks in a store.
        They are seeking hazard pay. How insulting to those who have served in battle. What a bunch of lies and psyops. If you are uncomfortable, that is not my problem. Stay home and better yet, go to china or another communist country who will make you do everything for the greater good… Even weld you into your apartment while you slowly starve to death, for the greater good and all….

        I have nothing but disgust and contempt for these mask wielding karens and their male counterparts who think this gives them some kind of power over others. “For your own good” is a book written by Dr Alice Miller and it is very relevant to today’s police/nanny state. Now our public servants force with violence and threats of violence arbitrary edicts which are not constitutional, but based on their opinions of what is for your own good. This is a dangerous, slippery slope we have already traveled down too far. Nowhere in our founding documents are laws based on things as subjective as opinions. Nowhere are our representatives in office allowed to force their masters, the people, to do things because they think they are for our own good. Is anyone familiar with the jungian archetype the devouring mother?

        Most humans do not even understand facts and evidence or real science. It is all about feelings, like you said, lets not make anyone uncomfortable.

        If you think masks work, then why does anyone else need to wear one? Same presumption they make about vaccines. You have to get vaccinated for others. Well if your vaccine worked, then it wouldn’t really matter what others do, now does it..

        Lets stop being so short sighted. While people virtue signal and cower the u n and w h o are moving forward with their beast system and genocide. Lets replace the word mask with health certificate, now lets replace health certificate with vaccine… Do you see the bigger picture? This is a psyop to get people trained to accept the next stage of their evil plans. Whether you are religious or not, Revelation already warned us about this. Look up Ray Kurzweil and Gordie Rose with d wave. They are trans humanists and plan on eliminating humanity and replacing them with cyborgs. Even Elon Musk has talked about this. This is the how being rolled out right before our eyes.

        People are crashing their cars from wearing masks, it cuts off your supply of O2. These masks breed more than bacteria and show how easy it is to manipulate the masses.

        This is a crisis, all right. It is a final blow to the Supreme Law of the Land and the foundations of our republic. Your public servants think you are idiots and need to be told what to do. They have violated their oaths of office and committed treason by denying the people their God given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

        Nowhere are we guaranteed a life free from disease, and as Ben Franklin said, those who give up their liberty for “safety” deserve neither. It is my right to make my own choices, and I and I alone are responsible for my well being, no one else. This is another foundation of our Constitutional Republic. So long as your immune system is strong, there will be no issue. There are dozens of herbs, homeopathics, supplements, and foods which our body needs to stay strong, happy and healthy. Common sense is no longer common.

        The latest stats say 256 million people will starve to death by the end of 2020 because of the economic warfare masquerading as a health crisis. This is disgusting and these evil people who are engineering this need to be stopped. They are destroying our food supply chains purposely so this will happen. Bill Gates and his parents are all eugenicists and he has proudly stated, depopulation is a must, and among his crimes are a half a million paralyzed children in India, and untold numbers of dead and maimed children in Africa. Fauci and Birx are criminals as well. Look up Dr Judy Mikovits who was put in jail for being a whistleblower. Trump should be ashamed of himself for not arresting these scum.

        Write the DOJ, your reps, mayors and governors, and demand they stop their crimes, and then ignore their unconstitutional orders, which are null, void and without effect, which is your right, and get out there and live again. Other people’s lives actually do depend on this, as well as your own. Your silence is your acquiescence, and considered consent.

        1. “Comrade redpoll”

          “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”
          ― Socrates

          Your comment is moot.

          1. Nice try comrade, but even Socrates would tell you that your premise is communism. The “greater good” strategy has been used by despots for a long time.

            By the way, masks work great if your goal is to instill fear amongst the sheep.

            Take Off the Mask, turn off the Fear Porn (TV) and face the truth.

          2. Fortunantely Sur Redpill, you are not in charge of the legitimacy of other peoples opinions. I thank the gentleman above for setting you straight.

            The mask is dangerous to wear full time, gives a false sense of security.

            Additional comment at bottom of the comments roll here.

            Do you also agree I should lose all access to medical services and all care and access for not wanting to live in fear and wear the mask? How far is too far.

            By not wearing a mask 99% of people will actually get small level exposure which will allow them to build immunity without an overwhelming immune response. By wearing the mask you develop no immunity.

    2. Colloidal Silver can be dangerous. Hope it doesn’t get into your blood stream. It may cause bone marrow issues. Sound like you are young and should try to avoid getting the symptoms. There is a very good chance of those who are young and get the symptoms may find themselves having lung problems in about 15 to 20 years when their immune systems start to weaken which starts about 30 years of age. BE SMART!!! and STAY SAFE!!!!!

      1. I’m mid 40’s and have been taking Soveirgn Silver brand collodial silver for as long as I can remember.

        A drop a day keeps the doctor away. Stop parroting fear based pseudo science you read online.

        Arguments against vitamins, food safety, and health outside of the medical authority community and FDA are just biased talking points to continuate a stranglehold on valid science which points to these being more effective than prescription patented treatments for a wide range of ailments.

        The hundreds of billions of dollars medical industrial complex will do and say anything to hold on to their monopoly. Racketeering and paid disinformation specialists whom routinely frequent comment boards and try to influence others opinions in a subversive manner is in fact, one of their specialty well honed approaches.

  2. Absolute nonsense that face masks and social distancing do anything but destroy our common humanity. Illegal laws must never be complied with. Take back the commons end the lockdown and restore our civil liberties to congregate as we wish with those we want to. The fascist state has imposed a clear tyranny on us and we must seize our rights as a free people or lose them forever.

  3. Geoffrey P Shuey – AMEN! I fully agree. We must resist this tyranny and reclaim our liberties.
    Our household has never nor ever will wear a mask.
    We go where we want to and need to as we wish.
    We have friends and family over to our home without hesitation or limit.
    And if they try to come after us with vaccines … it will be war.

  4. Viruses are 1/1,000,000,000 meter. N95 masks (nurses) are 1/1,000,000 meter.
    Which is smaller??! Also, wearing masks produce moisture, which, we are told by ‘experts’,
    is the perfect environment for “The Virus”.
    Oh, and breathing-in your out-breath is breathing in CO2, which is unhealthy.

  5. I did buy some regular masks like they give you in the doctors office in case I go somewhere where they are required.[I have read of some counties where you can be arrested without one!]. That said I just use home made Thieves essential oil used by the criminals that robbed the dead during the Black plague. I mix it with coconut oil and rub it on my hands & face. Also made a spray for grocery carts by mixing Witch hazel with the oil & water to emulsify them. Smells great & doesn’t dry out your skin & repels pathogens.
    However the fact that those working on the front lines in hospitals do not have enough PPE in USA is a DISGRACE AND PUTS ALL AT FURTHER RISK!

  6. In my part of the world, mask-wearers slightly outnumber the non-mask-wearers. I’ve detected a faint aroma of superiority or moral righteousness on the part of the wearers, toward people like me (don’t wear one). To me, it seems like we’re being psychologically groomed. Everywhere you go, every media outlet, every website, google searches, etc etc, you are constantly bombarded with ‘COVID updates’. On the one hand I guess it’s good to know what is happening. But on the other, what is this complete saturation doing to our perception, subliminally?

  7. Dear RedPill – No! Thank you, but NO!
    When I hear that “we need to think about others” or that “We are all in this together” or “We all must sacrifice” or similar BS, I involuntary feel for a handgun. Because all this crap is a bunch of lies and propaganda, and unlike you, I grew up in socialist country and my distrust of propaganda was absorbed with breast milk. There is always an agenda under those “moral” high-ground banners, always dirty, greedy, selfish, controlling and deceptive agenda.
    I hope you don’t expect us to believe that we need to sacrifice our children for the profit of vaccine companies? Why would we believe that masks 5 weeks into the shutdown are going to protect us or somebody else?
    Why do you expect us to be stupider than you?

    1. Dear Irene.
      My initial reaction to your comment was to just dismiss you but since you made a number of ASSUMPTIONS I decided to respond.

      My question to you is: Do you know anyone who has the virus? I know 5 people. They have been confirmed via testing for I guess what you consider to be a fake virus. One has been hospitalized and was on a ventilator for 3 weeks. Just came home yesterday and is still quite ill. The other 4 had been recuperating at home. My cousin is one of them and she is quite frank in telling people that her illness is definitely NOT like the Flu. I know for a fact she has had the flu a number of times over the years because she is a minister and is always in contract with many people. I have often recommend products to help her boost her immune system. She says the Flu has never made her chest hurt as much as this illness has. 2 others have had mild symptoms but they say they are really run down and low on energy because they are fighting fevers off and on. The other is a nurse who contacted while attending to patients with the virus. She just finished a 14 day stay at home in isolation period because she has children. Even though her symptoms were manageable at home she stated she had difficulties breathing the first few days which is why she was tested. Here is a video from a nurse who attends virus patients and since it is a facebook page you can rant at him: and
      When you know and see people who are infected you get a real world perspective based on reality not based on your biased perspective because of your previous experience living in a socialist country and maybe some of the more confusing information on line.

      “We all must sacrifice”
      What is the sacrifice? Wearing a mask for an hour? My freedom has not been taken away because I wear a mask. It is choice. Choice means freedom.

      “Because all this crap is a bunch of lies and propaganda,”
      Please provide independent verifiable unbiased documentation from objective and balanced sources that substantiate this claim.

      “I grew up in socialist country”
      And you came to another socialist country which is America. Welcome.

      Where in my comment did I say there wasn’t an agenda? In fact, where I my comment did I even write the word agenda?

      “I hope you don’t expect us to believe that we need to sacrifice our children for the profit of vaccine companies?”
      If you have been a regular on this blog which I have been for years my position on vaccines is crystal clear so I need not school you on that.

      “Why would we believe that masks 5 weeks into the shutdown are going to protect us or somebody else?”
      Again, my CHOICE. In my state there is no mandatory wear regulation so I choose to wear it as stated above. It’s sad that it offends you that I care about the welfare of my fellow citizens.

      “Why do you expect us to be stupider than you?”
      Here’s the thing: Name calling is the last refuge of the out argued. When you must resort to name calling you’ve lost the argument.

      “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”
      ― Socrates

      1. The pcr tests are bogus, contaminated and create false positives. The cdc website declares they are not to be used for diagnostics. Why would you accept anything the government tells us, since they lie all the time?

        Instead of wearing masks, we should be sharing knowledge about how to boost immunity. This would serve others and actually help them. We should build their courage, not keep them in fear. Why is big tech censoring all info about nutrition? As they say, you can teach a man to fish, and he will then feed himself and his family for a life time, or feed him, and he eats only for a day.

        You are not just promoting a choice, you demand that everyone wear a mask. The mask is a symbol. Do not disrespect those like Irene who rebut your tripe. You are very wrong in your assumptions. Masks do not prevent disease, microns do not lie. Show me where they show they do. How about if you back up what you say with facts and evidence?

        So you know people who are ill. What is your point? Everyone has been ill, knows someone who is ill, or has died. Life is a blessing, and sacred, and death is as well. People die and get ill every day. This plandemic is working just as they planned. Do not conflate the issue because you are emotional. Buddha told a parable about a woman who lost her son. Have you read it? The death toll will and is significantly greater due to the absolute destruction of western society, which the u n has openly stated is their goal of this so called crisis. Many were ill, including myself, back in November, when this actually started, and none of those people nor myself, are making demands of others like you are.

        We have laws for a reason. You say America is socialist? It is because of people like you who aid and abet this. It was not meant to be that way. Our founders gave the peasants a foundation to rule over themselves, and the people have failed to safeguard it. Our Republic has been bastardized and turned into communism through the public school system, which many have written about.

        If you enjoy virtue signaling by wearing something that has not been proven to work, go ahead. I do not believe in pandering to people’s delusions, such as wearing a mask so they feel “safe”, just as I do not believe in doing the same to those who suffer from anorexia or gender dysphoria.

        Life is not about being comfortable or safe. In fact, the more you live, the less comfortable you feel, and that means you grow. I know all too well about death, dying and suffering as a farmer and one who rescues animals for over 20 years.. You can not argue with death. It is a mystery as to why some die and some do not. Sometimes, no matter what you do, death comes. Its just part of this sometimes very painful experience called life. It is true, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. The same applies to biology. There are 2 main strains of this “thing” s and l. Getting the s strain gives you immunity to the more severe strain, and this agenda is not helping people be able to build up their immunity.

        What is coming next will be worse, Fauci has already promised it will come in the fall. People need to get their priorities straight, especially in this soft, cowardly, weak culture America has become. They have no understanding about anything that is real. The coming education will be very harsh and painful, and it will be man made.The cities have distorted and cheapened everyone’s perception about life and reality.

        Wear your mask if you want, but do not demand others do. You are being manipulated and being used as part of the agenda. That is the bottom line and why you received so many responses.

        1. The pcr tests are bogus, contaminated and create false positives.
          -Yes, some of the test are funky but scans of their lungs have demonstrated otherwise which is what the Chinese were doing to diagnosis the virus when they were having trouble with the test.
          There is a specific patten of the virus in the lungs that differentiates the virus from regular pneumonia.

          “Instead of wearing masks, we should be sharing knowledge about how to boost immunity.”
          -If you read my comment, I stated I told my cousin how to strengthen her immune system so why would you assume I haven’t shared that bit of wisdom with other.

          You are not just promoting a choice; you demand that everyone wear a mask.

          -Please articulate why saying it is a choice, yet it is also demand. Dictionary .com definition of *CHOICE: the right, power, or opportunity to choose; option: *Demand: to ask for with proper authority; claim as a right: In no way does my comment issues a demand or imply it. You make no sense.

          The mask is a symbol. Do not disrespect those like Irene who rebut your tripe. You are very wrong in your assumptions. Masks do not prevent disease, microns do not lie. Show me where they show they do. How about if you back up what you say with facts and evidence?

          -A symbol of what? You didn’t say.

          “Masks do not prevent disease, microns do not lie.”
          -You need to go back and read my original comment but let my just repost it here”
          “I don’t wear a mask because I think it will protect me, it won’t. I read up on masks back during the Swine Flu episode, so I know they are useless to prevent me from becoming infected”

          “So you know people who are ill. What is your point?”
          -My comment emphasis compassion for others. Obviously, you missed that point of the Buddha’s teachings.

          “We have laws for a reason. You say America is socialist? It is because of people like who aid and abet this.”

          -If you live in America, you also aid and abet it with your tax dollars. Your tax dollars pay for the military, pays the salaries of government representatives, pays for things like, traffic lights to prevent accidents, public libraries, road maintenance and upgrades, police, fire dept, post office, landfill to dump your garbage, trash pickup, water departments, gas and electrical companies, state parks social security, SNAP, public schools, museums VA benefits and the list goes on. So, yea, my tax dollars and yours contribute to socialism. Do I like it? No, but it is what it is.

          “If you enjoy virtue signaling by wearing something that has not been proven to work, go ahead”

          -Go back and read my original comment.

          The remainder of you comment as well as the previous one reads like a word salad from someone who needs to rant because they lack the ability to deal with their own frustrations, so they dump it on others. Do you feel better? Glad I could help.

          1. Sir Redpill, isn’t it highly interesting to consider your comments, again, about a month later.

            After we now have learned that hospitals have a financial incentive to injure the patient with high pressure ventilators, effectively getting an additional $30k or more insurance and government sponsored income boost for doing so.

            After we have learned that effective treatments like interveneous vitamin C and the Quanine refined to hydro form along with zinc can rejuvenate the cell and kick the virus out of the body without needing such invasive procedures.

            After we learned corrupt racketeering is present, the lady at the cdc worked at the wuhan lab and Dr Faucci is a paid manager of Gates Foundation hundreds of millions of dollars funding grants. That Bill Gates holds the patent to this and seeks to profit via the vaccine forthcoming. That multiple persons have admitted to this being in the works for some time and they are already planned, equipped and ready, millions of syringes standing by. All true facts.

            That’s why hospitals really shut down. They suddenly got into the covid-19 subsidy income business. Regular patient care only paid a fraction of this. But Covid care, that pays a lot and they don’t even need to continue to see as many patients. Nobody died from the flue last month, they only died of coronavirus. Medical industrial complex whistleblowers on coerced covid reporting continue to come forward multiple people per day, sometimes per hour. Medical sanctioned murder is what they are saying.

            Follow you own advice Sir Redpill, read your own comments again. If you truly cared for the people you know whom were infected by this, you should have stayed by their said, not let them be intubated, demanded the intervenous C treatment, and done whatever necessary to get them a form of quanine, preferably hydrochloroquanine, but the chloroquanine in gin and tonic legitimate tinctures, or even any variable form like quanide, quinine, or even the quanaline bark mash would have all at least done something to assist with opening up the cells to accept zinc, to move towards healing faster. Please forgive me if I may have mis spelled a variant there. Quanine is a very well known substance, it is a bark from a tree and there are roughly 5 subspecies all with similar effects. The UV light test can verify it’s proper quantum state as being active, although the bark mash and bonded varieties may not have those characteristics. That’s sort of just the gin and tonic quick test to assure you have legitimate quanine. But no matter how you slice it, it’s something everyone should be focusing on now. I found multiple bottles of legitimate tonic for drink mixtures, droplet style bark mash, and legitimate condensed quanine available on amazon. I have this hawaiin version which is really great.

            Word salad. That’s good. From a guy who’s promoting fake news corporate profits first ahead of patient health and legitimate care salad.

      2. @Redpill
        I believe we all want to do the right thing by others.
        The science tho is truly on the side of those unmasking (‘for the truth’).

        Board Certified doctors believe this.
        S. Tenpenny:
        Z. Bush: (so beautifully said.. watch to the end)
        and of course
        S. Humphries: books, lectures etc etc..

        And it is harmful to wear one for health and implying fear.
        (“As recently as 2010, the US National Academy of Sciences declared that, in the community setting, “face masks are not designed or certified to protect the wearer from exposure to respiratory hazards.”)
        So, wearing to protect (or attempt to make someone feel comfortable) does not help the greater good, especially when thinking long term.

        The article ends with:
        “One should not attack and insult those who have chosen not to wear a mask, as these studies suggest that is the wise choice to make”

        @Sovereign Ag, Colorado, Irena — Well said.

    2. Irena, so many sense this is about a very diabolical agenda. It is. I wrote my opinion in 2 responses to red pill you can read if you like, we need real debate in order to stop this annihilation of our world and all that is good. Thank you for your response, and for refusing to conform. Very few are able to fight and prevail. Most cave without a second thought.

  8. Today the video of a 60 Minutes Report from 1976 regarding the fraud of Swine Flu and the Swine Flu vaccine was taken off You Tube because of “copyright” problems – censorship pure and simple. The 60 Minutes report could never happen today because journalists and networks are now bought and paid for by Big Pharma. The video can still be seen in this article by Robert Kennedy Jr.

    Truth no longer matters. Big Pharma rules.

  9. Red pill, I really like your informative posts and thank you for your thoughtful response to the article. I am also wearing a mask in stores and notice more people wearing them. I agree with your reasoning as well. I have a son who is working at a local grocery store and he appreciates the consideration from customers who observe sanitation and distancing, mask or no.

    I recently heard that a friend lost someone to Covid 19. Maybe no one we personally know will die or become extremely ill. However, some who think it’s not more serious than the flu and refuse common sense measures will likely find out the hard way that it’s much worse.

    1. Mary, watch out for your own health. Please see my post below with a legitimate set of 2 scientific articles. Wearing masks for long periods can create a severe hazard on your body. Using hand sanitizer too frequently can increase dangerous cancer causing uptake to your body over 100x. It’s all proven science, see my upcoming links below.

      And then there is the practicing microbiologists out of Bakersfield California, and their 1 hour long interview which the medical industrial complex is desperate to censor, having had an unknown number of total views because it kept getting reposted, getting hundreds of thousands and millions more views, then taken down, and reposted again, then censored again. That was likely watched by 50 million people. I hope you have taken the time to watch it too. There is a multitude of hit pieces against this, which all cleverly fail to acknowledge that the scientific paper the entire world relied on which pushed such high death statistics was not peer reviewed either.

      Were you aware the same person whom said mad cow disease was here and nobody would eat beef anymore, that sars would kill everyone, that ebola would ravage america and be on our shores, is the exact same long since discredited ‘researcher’ whom pushed the covid-19 scare on us which all the world governments relied? Oh yeah, this is conspiracy, racketeering, and manipulation of our liberties for their profit. These people should be in prison. They covered this on the Liberty Report with Daniel McAdams, although many others have covered this too. Just turn off the corporate tv box if you want some true facts on this issue. The sooner people tune out of the corporate programming television box, the sooner these criminals will be forced to relent.

      We do not need to be arguing about masks, well, we should, but not in this regard. See my below post.

      “Should we be wearing masks and behaving like this? (the doctor stated), No, absolutely not! Wearing masks reduces your immune system, it does not help it.”

  10. Scary how stupid you ppl are! Try not watching corporate news! Or listen to idiot rRUMP OR IDIOTS HE HAS IN THOSE POSITIONS! They want to destroy our government! Stop making it so easy. Read something for god’s sake! Embarrassing!

  11. Red Pill:

    Irena was correct about at least one thing – like it or not, you have taken the moral high ground. I definitely sense a tone of moral superiority in your comments. Those of us who do not comply with mask wearing, whatever our reasons, obviously do not care for our fellow humans as you do. “In my state there is no mandatory wear regulation so I choose to wear it as stated above. It’s sad that it offends you that I care about the welfare of my fellow citizens.” Groupthink is at play here, and the pressure to conform is very high. If we do comply, or cave, against our beliefs, not only have we colluded, we have silenced our authentic selves. One way to make ourselves feel better is to tell ourselves that we’re doing it for noble reasons. I am not saying that you have done this, but I am suggesting you take a closer at your own motives and behavior.
    And I too grew up in socialist countries, and sorry, but you’re incorrect – this country does not qualify. But healthcare for all for would be a step in the right direction.

  12. So hard to know what is true, what is not. But with that said, name calling, arrogance, lack of consideration, and any behavior such as that only shows the world where we are headed…the ALL ABOUT ME world. We are dangerously close to that as it is…proof in that is hoarding toilet paper, (really?!!!) antiseptic wipes, masks, and the list goes on. It’s not just the big pharmaceutical’s, nor just the government, it’s a vast majority of the “little” person who also needs to take responsibilities of their selfishness and greed. In times like this, where there are millions and millions and millions of people living in fear we should be dropping our ego’s rather than justifying them. We are all in this together. And that is the truth.

  13. Yeah Kathleen. The all about me attitude. That’s been going around. No, we are not all in this together. Some of us are in this for liberty and freedom. Others are unknowingly duped and are taking the side of criminals and racketeers, putting peoples lives and futures at risk over non nonsensical demands and edicts not based on solid science..

    We will soon be effectively unable to help with any market recovery because discriminatory medical edicts appear to be forcing us out of job, home, and state.

    So it begins. I was just denied these services for refusing to wear a mask and submit to personal question answering, and have my temperature taken every single time; Physical therapy, orthopedic surgery on my arm, any and all medical treatments at Kaiser Permanente clinics, dental for us as adults, and dental for the children. Basically we lost all medical and are now effectively uninsured because we refuse to comply with mandatory mask wearing. Even though we’re supposed to have a free ride 100% covered insurance through our employer. So now we have no other insurance options, and no access. No optical. No preventative. No nothing. Wear the mask or lose all access to any and all hospitals or health based facilities in Colorado.

    My wife whom holds the job which provides the insurance must suffer the fear and intimidation which is full time mask wearing and a daily medical ‘health’ inquisition.

    It’s not even a law, this is private hospital company decisions based on errant over reaching government advisement from people whom now appear to be racketeering.

    This is discrimination and just because ‘it applies to everyone’ does not mean it’s not discrimination. Broadly applied discrimination is still discrimination.

    We will not partake in training our children to live in fear, and we will not live that way either.

    We’re not afraid of the mask, we’re afraid of everything that comes after that. Hospitals, dentists, and most health practitioners are abandoning the principals of voluntarism and medical autonomy right now.

    This is likely to disrupt our entire lives. We will have to sell the home, find new jobs, travel to do so, and find another state. We will need a state that does not force masks, does not force vaccines, allows vaccine objectors opt outs to still obtain public and adult collegiate schooling, in a non-urban setting.

    We’re going to take what is likely to be a $50,000-$100,000 loss, possibly much more, as we find new jobs at the worst possible time, walk away from only 8 years left on our home payment schedule, repurchase in an unknown area, deal with insurance, legistics, moving, and then hope a similar discriminatory state does not befall us in a different state location. It’s that or accept poverty and an effectively uninsured status, or submit and relinquish our rights and liberties of independent thought and independent choice.

    The mask is not for your protection. The mask is to signal your submission.

    It will be your turn to deal with this soon. You are next in line. If you do not stand up for me now, I will be unable to stand with you in the future. Requesting assistance in Colorado.

    Also an interesting talking point; Full time mask wearing can be very dangerous for people. Thick cloth masks create a user experience much like respirators and there is a lot of science and safety studies there for review. Masks are dangerous for your health and should only be worn for short periods. They heat you up, wear you down faster, distract you, and lead to increases in on the job injury, working mistakes, and cumulative health issues the longer you wear them. Here:

    Hand sanitizer increases dangerous chemical uptake through the fingers. Here:

    Yeah, you bloggers want to talk liberty and science. I’m your huckleberry. Go ahead, skin that smokewagon and take away my rights. See what happens.

  14. Apr 19, 2020 The Truth About Fauci Featuring Dr. Judy Mikovitz

    Dr. Mikovits began a 20-year collaboration with Frank Ruscetti, a pioneer in the field of human retro virology. She helped Dr Russetti isolate the HIV virus + link it to #AIDS in 1983.

  15. I was basically told that if I wanted to continue going to work, I had to wear the face mask. If it is that safe to go back to work, why are they requiring people to return to work wear masks and sitting 6ft apart? Certain stores I’ve been to have told me that I have to wear a mask in order to enter their stores and purchase their items. This is immoral, evil, wrong, and wicked. People are being denied a means to make a living and to purchase food and other items because they won’t wear a mask. I refuse to wear the mask. This entire COVID-19 is a psyop and a hoax. What recourse can one take to fight against this?

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