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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


I Could Have Freed A Thousand More

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“I freed a thousand slaves.
I could have freed a thousand more
if only they knew they were slaves.”

— Harriet Tubman

Reading Harriet Tubman’s quoted wisdom caused me to draw an uncomfortable parallel to what is seen today in the vaccine risk awareness movement. Do these profound words from a celebrated American abolitionist apply to the many millions of parents and professionals who blindly accept the current vaccine ideology? Legislators, authors of public health policy, and the mainstream media all would have us believe that childhood infections are what threatens our future. Rather, as governments across the world introduce legislation to impose vaccination by coercion, punishment, financial hardship and censorship, it is the loss of our rights and freedoms that is the greatest risk we face today.

A Prison That Has No Walls

The challenge in waking up humanity to the loss of our most fundamental rights and freedoms is that the enslavement is being masked under the guise of ‘consensus science’ and ‘the greater good’. This form of enslavement is difficult to discern because the prison has no walls, the method of capture uses no visible chains, and the coercion is sold by trusted medical professionals as health promoting rather than freedom denying. Relentlessly, we are inundated with carefully contrived messaging from medical industry propagandists whose goal is to convince us that being deprived of our right to make medical decisions for ourselves and for our children is to everyone’s benefit.

One method of securing this enslavement is to carefully create the widespread perception that it is the anti-vaxxers, those misguided individuals who fail to accept science, who are the ones who ought to be denied their right to informed consent. It is the anti-vaxxers who must relinquish their right to make medical decisions for their children and surrender their bodily autonomy. Those who advocate for vaccine mandates seem unaware of Abraham Lincoln’s caution — Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves.’

Just because on chooses what a government mandates doesn’t mean you have freedom. If you can’t choose not to participate, if you are denied your right to informed consent, or if you can’t choose the degree and timing of the participation for yourself or your child, are you truly free? If we are to believe the mainstream media, it would appear that most people would rather preserve the narrative that vaccines are “safe and effective”, regardless of the mounting evidence to the contrary, than preserve their freedom to choose.

It is also disconcerting that in a world where bullying and discrimination is universally condemned, the masses are willing to not only tolerate, but actively participates in the bullying and discrimination of children and parents who choose to exercise their ethical and legal right to informed consent. It is not just other children and parents participating in the bullying. We have teachers and principals exposing and outing the unvaccinated and selectively vaccinated in classrooms. We have public health officials tracking down and intimidating minors. We have journalists fomenting hate with contrived and distorted fears of false epidemics. And we have legislators inciting aggression by comparing healthy unvaccinated children to “loaded guns.” These public sentiments triggered some citizens to openly declare that they hope for the death of unvaccinated children and farther, would like to see the ghettoization of the unvaccinated population. Where have we heard this inflammatory rhetoric before?

First They Came for the Children

Diane Doucet, in her articulate and powerful presentation to the New Brunswick legislative committee on vaccine mandates stated:

If mandatory vaccinations for all age groups is the final goal, which I suspect it is considering the simultaneous push for similar laws all over the world, then the government and media have done a spectacular job of introducing it in a manner that has minimized resistance. By introducing mandatory vaccinations to select groups at a time, those not directly affected don’t feel the need to stand up and speak out. To try to secure this agenda, a small vulnerable group has been identified as the initial target for forced medical experimentation, our children.

Mandatory vaccination will soon be imposed on the adult population. Eventually, every adult will have to decide between keeping their job, their home and their ability to participate in society and their so-called freedom to choose. People will also be at risk of losing their jobs if they speak out against mandatory vaccinations.

This move towards forced medical experimentation is spreading like a virus from schools to daycares, to workplaces, to airports, even to doctor’s offices. Soon there will be fewer and fewer places where the unvaccinated and selectively vaccinated will be able to go freely. They are being pushed into a smaller and smaller space until one day, there will be nowhere left to go. A prison without walls.

Doucet adds:

Make no mistake about vaccine mandates. We are not talking about quarantining individuals infected by a disease. We are talking about the segregation of healthy children and adults from participating in society. Their crime is that they do not consent to handing over their bodies to the tyrannical will of a vaccine cartel which is accountable to no one.

The policy makers look down upon the citizenry with arrogance. We live in a system that views the common people as being too ignorant to decide what’s best for themselves and their children. When corporations, health agencies and government institutions treat people like chattel and punish those who do not submit, you have slavery. If an institution can take it upon itself and do what it wants to people’s bodies against their will, then you live in a slave system. We find ourselves here today, wondering how we managed to slip this low.

How Do We Escape this Dystopian Future?

How can we free those who don’t want to be freed?

How can we protect our ethical and legal right to informed consent when the majority don’t appear to value truly informed consent?

How can we successfully advocate for the right of parents to make medical decisions for their children when so many are willing to give away this right to government agents?

How can we educate someone who doesn’t want to know?

How can we get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it?

How can we free a person who thinks they are already free?

We live in a very challenging time. The forces against us are significant. Their capture and enslavement is almost complete. And yet, we can’t allow ourselves to despair. We have to persist in our efforts to wake up humanity. Whether they know it or not, their future and freedom depend on us.

This article was reprinted with the author’s permission. Ted Kuntz is the parent of a vaccine injured child now deceased.

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  1. Thank you Mr. Kuntz. Your words brought tears to my eyes. May the legacy of your child bring hope, passion and vision to all the parents of children. May we fight to have the American right to have the freedom to make choices conducive to health and wellness for our families. You wrote so well, the future of humanity depends on us.

  2. It’s interesting to me that Sojourner Truth is ignored, as well as the honest history of universal slavery throughout the world differing only in degree, and only ever totally eradicated in nations influenced by the Bible. Mostly the King James Bible, though even the allegorized & gnostic, humanly ‘improved’ versions tend to retain enough truth to hinder slavery for those who take it as written, understanding what applies today & what does not, rather than viewing it through a sin-excusing philosophical,crafted idolatrous & elitist lens which excuses illegitimate authority & abuses of authority. For the ‘common good’ means that individual soul liberty can be abridged & conscience searing manipulations used to that end. Rarely do we hear about tribal & pagan slavery involving castration, cannibalism, priest-craft manipulation, blood sacrifice as well as forced sexual servicing and labor. Western slavery grew out of these things and denied and wrest scripture to subjective & relativistic pagan mores in order to excuse it. Truth sets men free. Propaganda & bias enslaves.

  3. We must continue to be brave and do what we can to fight this great opposition of freedom. Remember that we have each other and refuse to give up even when the task of fear and pandemics look to overwhelm us. We will not be shaken.

  4. Many thought it would never happen. But it is happening. Mandatory vaccines or don’t be allowed in school… parents not allowed to take children to school… parents arrested and charged with education neglect… CPS takes children…

  5. I wish I could get everyone in Maine to read this before the referendum on Tuesday, March 3rd. Read–and think about what is said.

  6. Wonderful expression of what we all face as we struggle to “wake up humanity.” The facts are so clear, if only they would choose to see them! Thank you for writing this.

  7. Free 718-page eBook by Dr. Alan Palmer on vaccine truth. “1200 Studies-Truth Will Prevail”: //

  8. Ted, I am so sorry for your lost, but grateful for your powerful words and your determination to fight. It is by questioning the established norm that we will progress. I had written a few senators and congress representatives (both republicans and democrats), including some of the candidates for the presidency and I was shocked and saddened by 1) the lack of responses from most; and 2) the lack of understanding not only about vaccines themselves but my and all citizen’s right for freedom of choice for the few who replied. We cannot let our guards or demands down, and I am ready to fight for my freedom of choice.

  9. Beautiful! I don’t think anyone could say it better. My oldest child was seriously injured by vaccines. No more vaccines for us. Period!

  10. Great article. I agree with the vision – why would the pharma-cartels stop at just children. That’s just a strategy to vaccinate everyone on the planet.

    We can’t reason with that cartel because this is not really about facts. They’ve structured their campaign around “THE BIG LIE” and they intend to have so many people repeating the lie that it becomes truth and the truth will sound like a lie. War on anything never worked. Ie. war on drugs.

    So the only question – is our strategy for fighting this a winning strategy? Can we keep pilling up science to prove the threat of vaccines and eventually the dam breaks an we win? Somehow I think they’ve already thought of that. The BIG LIE strategy can defeat overwhelming odds. We need to look at our strategy and ask, “was this designed around the idea that the CDC or pharma or congress will eventually see the light?”

  11. Isn’t it ironic that of all the diseases which have threatened or continue to threaten humanity, for which there are vaccines, we now have a pandemic-threatening disease for which there is no vaccine.

  12. WOW, Ted & Denise! Beautifully & passionately & truthfully articulated!!!!!!!! You are the mouth pieces for us freedom fighters! We must persist no matter how painful- for ourselves, for present & for future generations. Through divine guidance and the support of like-minded souls, we will persevere and march on.

  13. Ted when I first read the title “I Could Have Freed A Thousand More”, I thought it was going to be from Oskar Schindler. One of the final scenes in Schindler list–“I Didn’t Do Enough”, makes me think all the time I haven’t done enough.

    Thank you

  14. It seems that a huge problem erupted when dissenters spoke out about an obvious problem with our young children…their developing brains. For 50 years no one seriously cared about “shots” in any significant way…whether you did or whether you didn’t..which ones you got, which ones you didn”t. Nobody asked, nobody cared. Why is that? Because there was no big problem with our children’s developing brains, until there was. So now we have a Czar of “shots”. ….a hierarchy of powerful, richly-supported Czars who are guided by money, prestige, and power. The few experts who care first about children’s developing brains are cast aside with the parents and injured children.
    Attack versus understanding….That is the behavior that shows something is terribly wrong in a free has lost its balance, its freedom to dissent, to say, no, that’s enough. We need to explore this. But quarterly profits and capitalistic drivers don’t accept, no, that’s enough, neither do powerful entities, nor the directed wealth that buys propaganda.
    This fight is pernicious, evil, and cruel. But Truth and Freedom are inseparable.

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