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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Baby Botlale Died a Day After Vaccination

[The mother] says that in the morning of 5th of December 2017, when she took her six-week-old baby to the hospital to get immunized, it wasn’t like the baby was sick of flu or something, it was an appointment to go to the hospital for her to get immunization… And then after she gets injected with the immunization suddenly the baby takes a turn for the worst and there are things that are happening to her that are not understandable. There’s brown foam coming out of her nose. Eventually, when she died she was purple. Apparently, her entire back was purple at six weeks.

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  1. Could you please put the location in the article? At least the country would be helpful. This is so sad & so unnecessary!
    Thank you!

  2. Outcomes like this are not rare, as the criminals protecting this perverse industry tell us. These things happen thousands of times every year. And those are the deaths. The life long disabilities and compromised immune systems, and numerous other injuries are in the untold thousands. We are allowing this criminal industry and government to destroy our children, all for money. This is the gravest issue humanity faces, a completely out of control, greed driven, organized crime racket, masquerading as health care. How many thousands of criminals supporting these crimes, belong in prison for the rest of their lives?

  3. And again, vaccinations are NOT immunizations. The public dialogue has made them the same, but they are not. Immunization happens when the body becomes immune to a certain infection or disease. Vaccination does not necessarily lead to immunization.

  4. The issue I see the most with pro-vaccine frantics is they believe that vaccines are safe or antivaxxers are exaggerating the adverse events. We need better reporting systems and we need more Doctors and nurses aware that such reporting systems even exist.

  5. Comments from doctors and nurses are forbidden; regardless of their certainty or education. They are owned by the companies which educated them. I know many, I have a graduate education and personally know physicians. Humanity is still very young.

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