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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Forced Vaccination and Nonviolent Civil Disobedience

3 brave women

There they were, quietly standing with arms locked on a street next to the California state Capitol building on Monday, Sept. 9, 2019 and refusing to move: a grandmother and two young mothers. Carol, Lisa and Lauren were there with other parents to beg the California legislature to show mercy and allow enlightened doctors with a conscience to grant vaccine injured and vaccine vulnerable children a medical exemption to vaccination that cannot be taken away by government officials.1

Standing there with sadness and fear of the unknown in their eyes, they were surrounded by parents speaking words of comfort, while others shouted to the legislators inside to “oppose SB 276” and “you are not representing California for all.” Then someone started singing “Amazing Grace,” while mothers pushing strollers held their children in their arms and watched armed policemen from the California Highway Patrol form a circle around them.

As one patrolman informed them that if they did not move, they would be arrested and, if they resisted arrest, force would be used, the group of mostly young male patrolmen with a job to do looked uncomfortable. As they watched the three women stand there and refuse to move, perhaps they were thinking of their own mothers and grandmothers, their sisters, wives or daughters.

As I witnessed from Virginia on live video streaming the events unfolding in California 3,000 miles away, my heart was breaking for the pain and anxiety I could see in the faces of those women, who were taking an action that they never dreamed they would have to take. I knew that the love, which compels mothers to sacrifice everything to protect their children, outweighed their fear of what would happen to them if they did not move.

And as the patrolmen gently approached and handcuffed mothers, who were courageously protesting an abusive law that would make all doctors agents of the state, I knew that the vaccine safety and informed consent movement launched in America in 1982 by parents of DPT vaccine injured children had entered a new era.

In the tradition of women in history who fought for the right to vote, and who protested against child labor, and who marched during the civil rights and women’s liberation movements in the 20th century, three women in California calmly stood their ground and set the stage in the 21st century for nonviolent civil disobedience opposing forced vaccination laws in America.

It has been four years since California legislators eliminated the personal belief vaccine exemption for children to attend daycare and school. Now they are cruelly coming for families with children, who have already been vaccine damaged or are at greater risk for being harmed by vaccines. Taking New York2 3 and Maine this year, the forced vaccinators are revealing who they are and how far they are willing to go to deny the existence of vaccine damaged children or dismiss their lives as expendable, in order to achieve a 100 percent vaccination rate in every state.4

It is time to reflect upon why we, the people, have elected the kind of politicians who are voting to compel every American living in every state to use every vaccine that Big Pharma sells and the federal government orders doctors to administer – no questions asked and no exceptions.

A system that will not bend will break. When the government must resort to using fear and coercion to demand that parents choose between risking the lives of their children or giving them a school education, that system is already broken.

The three mothers in California, who were arrested for refusing to move out of a street near a building where legislators were passing a law that will harm their children5 were the first, but will not be the last, to stand their ground against forced vaccination laws in America.

The revolution to end medical tyranny and forced vaccination through civil disobedience has just begun. It is a peaceful revolution to restore respect for human rights and civil liberties, driven by the love that mothers and fathers have for their children, and it is long overdue.


1 Gomez M. Hundreds of parents protest California exemption bill SB276, some arrested. ABC10 (Sacramento) Sept. 9, 2019.
2 National Vaccine Information Center. New York Bill Removing Religious Exemptions Turned Into Law on One Day with No Public Hearings. The Vaccine Reaction June 14, 2019.
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    1. Yes. I ask everything in the Universe to bless and protect all the mothers and the Fathers who stood for the truth on 9-09-19.

  1. In my Catholic Faith,September is the ‘Month of Our Sorrowful Mother’, honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary. Praying the Rosary and asking Her to help these Mothers and their children and for all children in harms way, seems like a very good idea.

  2. As a juvenile justice professional, I have seen increased numbers of young people coming through as being “on the spectrum.” I am concerned about how many people are being treated as criminals because their bodies and executive functioning of their brains have been injured. It serves the oligarchs to have the minions diminished intellectually, physically and have caring people too busy caring for suffering loved one to pull ourselves out of individual struggles and make a stand for the greater good. To these bold and brave souls, I salute your bravery and pray for the blessings of this endeavor to equate forced vaccinations as the intrusive crime that it is!

  3. What happened America? Isn’t this the land of the Free? What happened to our rights? Mandatory vaccinations are WRONG.

  4. This stirs something very deep inside of me: sadness, strength, anger, fury, outrage! We need thousands of parents to do as these women did. I applaud you lovely and courageous women! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Would they arrest all of us if we were to do the same? This is absolute insanity we are in this position. This is no different than Hitler and all other communist leaders who killed millions of people. Forced vaccines, forced fluoridated water, forced GMO, forced 5G, hmm….

  5. that crooked tooth newsome can not even read–he is a plant and worse than baldy–his day is coming to an end and buck tooth pan will soon be stomped on and squashed–wait and see

  6. Today I woke up with a start. My mind was totally clear after having taken a nap, about why every politician we count on to represent us in California, has accepted an obscene amount of money from Big Pharma, and now only represent Big Pharma Corporatocracy and not the people.

    Now that the NSA & other entities have the populace fully surveilled, Blackmail can now be used to force our representatives into silence & submission. Everyone got their chunk of payola and even if there is someone with “nothing to hide”, there are always many creative ways of destroying a person’s reputation, career, family, friends through any means they choose to do so. Therefore, we can count on everyone who used to be our representatives, to no longer represent us. It’s bought & paid for with all their personal details ready to be released in the most horrific ways imaginable. Done. Alexa? What do you have to say about this invasion of privacy?

  7. Why isn’t the ACLU bringing a “freedom of choice” issue to SCOTUS? The government encroaches more and more on parental freedom. Both pokitical parties are compliant and unfortunately President Trump is also one of them who wants ALL children vaccinated.
    The damage done to those children who are victims of forced vaccination IS FOR A LIFETIME as is the lifelong guilt the parents feel for betraying their children and allowing vaccinations of any kind to be given.
    It is always possible to give vaccinations when your child is older but it must remain a freedom of choice. Your child cannot be one of the ‘ACCEPTABLE” damaged children. It IS your responsibility.

    If you have to remove your child from school DO SO !!!!

  8. Recently, GreenMedInfo posted a recent report in the Sacbee showing the millions California legislators have received from the pharmaceutical industry. At $95,150, Senator Richard Pan got the biggest bribe. Here is the list:
    Sen. Richard Pan* D-Sacramento $95,150
    Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins D-San Diego $90,250
    Sen. Ed Hernandez* D-Azusa $67,750
    Sen. Holly Mitchell* D-Los Angeles $60,107
    Assemblyman Brian Maienschein* R-San Diego $59,879
    Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León D-Los Angeles $56,648
    Sen. Isadore Hall D-Compton $52,400
    Sen. Jerry Hill D-San Mateo $50,209
    Assemblyman Henry Perea D-Fresno $49,550
    Assemblywoman Shirley Weber D-San Diego $47,000
    Assemblyman Mike Gatto D-Los Angeles $46,491
    Assemblywoman Susan A. Bonilla* D-Concord $45,600
    Sen. Andy Vidak R-Hanford $42,800
    Assemblyman Tom Daly D-Anaheim $40,300
    Assemblyman Kevin Mullin D-South San Francisco $38,400
    Assemblyman Adam Gray D-Merced $37,000
    Assemblyman Rob Bonta* D-Alameda $36,750
    Assemblyman Anthony Rendon D-Lakewood $36,200
    Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez* D-Los Angeles $33,850
    Assemblyman Richard Gordon D-Menlo Park $33,100

    Crooked, bought and paid for politicians. For shame!

    1. This is just the tip of the iceberg! Imagine the millions that New York is receiving from these pharmaceutical companies. And this will continue throughout the country if we keep electing these politicians who do us harm. We must continue to fight for our children and their future!

    2. How true and I believe that those figures only represent the campaign donations. I believe there are other perks such as transportation and enrollment in various medical conventions sometimes in exotic locations.

  9. This IS nazi Germany all over again. The “state” now owns your children, the “state” can force any sort of vaccine or medication on them without your consent, the “state” will not accept any responsibility for damage caused by these poison shots yet the “state” will dictate that in order to receive a constitutionally guaranteed education your child MUST be poisoned, brain damaged, injured, and maimed! If you do not comply the “state” will arrest you, kidnap your children and force vaccinate them! WHAT SORT OF MADNESS IS GOING IN HERE AND HOW DID WE ALLOW THIS TO OCCUR! ANY AND ALL POLITICIANS WHO VOTED FOR THIS INSANITY MUST BE HELD TO ACCOUNT FOR EVERY CHILD INJURED BY VACCINATION, AND IF ANYONE DIES THEY SHOULD BE ARRESTED FOR MURDER. Not only is this draconian legislation illegal, immoral, and dangerous, it goes against the Nuremberg Codes of Justice which we signed! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. RICHARD PAN AND GAVIN NEWSOM SHOULD HAVE HELL TO PAY. This socialist/communist/fascist legislation MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO STAND. It is a violent, evil, and repulsive law that is tyrannical in nature and makes every physician a state sponsored terrorist! It destroy’s the doctor/patient relationship and forces dangerous, unproven, and poisonous substances to be injected into your children without any medical rational whatsoever. ENOUGH!!!

  10. RFK, Jr. and Del Bigtree will need a lot of donations to fund the legal battles against the Goliath pharma companies and the government agencies they control. Let’s hold fundraising parties in every neighborhood! We have cried enough. Let’s show them what we can do with the help of Divine Feminine Grace!!!

  11. We are witnessing the greatest medical fraud in history, being forced upon US citizens against their will and consent. This goes against the Nuremburg Code, The Geneva Convention, The Constitution, The United Declaration of Human Rights, and violates all civil and personal freedoms. It violates all medical ethics and informed consent. It is a criminal act to do what they are doing. This is organized crime, masquerading as health care.

  12. When the physician insisting on vaccinating your child refuses to sign this……..

    I, Dr.___________, accept full responsibility for any negative reaction or outcome from injecting my patient,____________, with these vaccines,_____________________________.

    …….ask him why he won’t sign it.

  13. We must stand against tyranny of all sorts, and this is the worst kind. No person can consider themselves free if they cannot choose how they will take care of their own body. Being forced to take medicine or undergo medical procedures of any type is a great breach of individual liberty.

  14. If we could find the people who are lobbying OWR government officials and find out what they are saying and giving $$$ to them – then we may be able to get to a source of the misinformation these lobbyist are spreading and counter their words and money. How?

  15. Need to see this across the whole country! These mandatory vaccines have simply gotten out of hand and are in the hands of a tyrannical government and pharmaceutical industry. Write to President Trump and get him on our side making America great again without this tyranny. Praying for all who are willing to take this kind of stand!

    1. Many voted for Trump because he said he would challenge the vaccine companies. He did not as he is a coward. Writing to him will have no effect.

      1. If everyone emails the White House they would be bombarded. The country has had enough with these pharmaceutical companies and forced vaccinations. Remember 2020 is an election year. Let’s all remind him of his promise to challenge these companies. So far he has been keeping his 2016 election promises. We would like to know where is ours! WRITE!

    2. Vaccinating is a state’s responsibility, and so this is why pHARMa is taking down state by state. I am sure President Trump is aware of this and has spoken about this. But he is also dealing with all the other Deep State players who profit off of people’s misery.

  16. It’s so sad that it all has to come to this. If the ruling people in the government and pharmaceutical industry Would stop being so concerned about money then maybe progress could be made. Children are being maimed for life by some of these vaccines and more research needs to be done! With autism rampant And our Childrens Health is at such a low level intelligent people need to stop and review what is happening. Otherwise we’re all living under a tyrannical dictator ship which is unacceptable in America. Write to President Trump and inform him of the Tyranny that is taking over America and pray he will take action to stop it. Pray for all those who have the courage to take a stand against this deadly assault on our freedom.

  17. I would stand with them. Ready to endure being arrested to spare another child injury. It makes me furious that it has gone this far. Simply put we must honor the words first do no harm and remember the reason for informed consent.

  18. Who are those responsible for the incredible mess that the present day generation of Americans, especially New York and California find themselves in? A series of inexplicable decisions by our elected lawmakers and corporate executives have paved the way to the crisis we must deal with now. Corruption has grown entrenched, like an inoperable cancer, into nearly every organ of our establishment.
    We must heed the words of one of America’s greatest statesmen, Thomas Jefferson: The executive power in our government is not the only, perhaps not even the principal, object of my solicitude. The tyranny of the legislature is really the danger most to be feared, and will continue to be so for many years to come. Experience has shown, that even under the best forms, those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny; and it is believed that the most effectual means of preventing this would be, to illuminate, as far as practicable, the minds of the people at large…
    Perhaps its fate that like the 4th of July, we will once again start to be fighting for our freedom, not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution — but from health annihilation. We’re fighting for our right to live, to exist in the manner we choose. We decide what to put into our bodies, not a lawmaker or pharmaceutical corporation. Now we are engaged in what can only be seen as a great civil war, testing whether our nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. The time has come for everyone who wants to be healthy and for the masses to speak out and campaign against the deliberate attacks on censorship of information and independent science, informed consent and the things potentially harmful to our health. An electronic burning of the books has begun. We must rally against policies that are being enacted by the corrupted lawmakers on behalf of the pharmaceutical corporations who have been profiting from the agenda to sicken the nation in the name of disease prevention and health. Rather than directing negativity toward the so-called “anti-vaxxers” and blindly labeling them anti-science, we should be demanding more science, and decrying pharma’s influence over those who were put there to protect and serve the public and not corporate profits.
    It is no longer ok to poison our bodies, our food, our water, our air, and our environment. It is not ok to have vaccines that are not properly tested, have thousands of reports of harm and then force or coerce people to take them regardless of genetic issues, risk or, religious and personal beliefs instead of a focus on improving the safety. The greed of one corporation harms all as well and must be stopped. Those who are pushing vaccines and pharmaceuticals for money are being harmed by those who push glyphosate and gmos over health, and they are being harmed by those who push Emfs and 5g over health, and they are being harmed by those who push fluoride and biosolids over health, and they are being harmed by those who push plastic and chemicals over health, mercury amalgams and on and on. Greed of one harms all. Profits over peoples health must end. If we cannot look within as a nation and see that, then there is no hope for humanity to survive. We must change and do the right thing for the sake of humanity which truly now hangs on a precipice.
    The world may little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it will never forget what we can start. It is not just for you, but for all the living, and future generations that we are here, to now dedicate here to the great task remaining before us – the unfinished work so these catastrophic mistakes will not continue. That this nation, under God, shall have a new rebirth of freedom and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.
    There have been certain points in human history where people have stood up to strong destructive forces against what often appeared to be insurmountable odds. Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot. Nothings going to change. The fact its just not.
    This is the new civil rights movement. Alone, a snowflake. But together, an avalanche. Its time to join and not be silent. Begun, the health wars has…

  19. Our family stands with these protesters.

    Based upon the teachings of the Bible, it is my religious conviction to not vaccinate. Public Law 97-280, passed by the 97th Congress of the United States of America, declares the Bible to Be the “Word of God” and directs citizens to “study and apply the teachings of the Holy Scriptures. “The Bible teaches that the truthfulness of an issue is to be sought and should stand on no less than two or more witnesses (Deuteronomy 19:15). A diligent search for truth on the safety and effectiveness of vaccinations reveals there are many studied, informed and qualified witnesses who have found and teach that there are serious health risks involved with vaccinations. Even Senate Bill 732 before the 103rd Congress of the United States known as the “Comprehensive Child Health Immunization Act of 1993”, made known the fact that there are risks to vaccines. The following words are from that bill: “Vaccine information materials should be simplified to ensure that parents can understand the benefits and risks of vaccines”.

    Therefore be it known that I choose not to be vaccinated. The Bible teaches that there are clean and unclean animals and acts, and that God’s people are not to do the unclean. Furthermore, the Bible teaches that we shall keep the blood pure, and keep the seed from being mixed. Obviously, when genetic materials from bacteria, viruses, yeast, animals, birds, and other humans, (aborted fetal tissue), are injected into us during routine vaccination, the blood gets contaminated, and genetic changes occur. These changes, according to reputable scientists, can even lead to cancers. God warned not to do this.


    All vaccines are made in violation of God’s Word.
    Vaccines are made with toxic chemicals that are injected into the bloodstream by vaccination.
    All vaccines are made with foreign proteins (viruses and bacteria), and some vaccines are made with genetically engineered viral and bacterial materials.
    A conflict arises if you believe that man is made in God’s image and the injection of toxic chemicals and foreign proteins into the bloodstream is a violation of God’s directive to keep the body/temple holy and free from impurities.
    A conflict arises if you accept God’s warning not to mix the blood of man with the blood of animals.
    Many vaccines are produced in animal tissues.
    A conflict arises if your religious convictions are predicated on the belief that all life is sacred.
    God’s commandment “Thou Shall Not Kill” applies to the practice of abortion.
    When you believe that the practice of abortion should not be encouraged or supported in any way, a conflict arises with the use of vaccines produced in aborted fetal tissue.


    My Buddhist religious objection to immunizations:

    ALL vaccinations include animal and/or human products, including:

    Human cells from aborted fetal tissue and human albumin.
    Pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brain, guinea pig, dog
    kidney, cow heart, monkey kidney, chick embryo, chicken
    egg, duck egg, calf serum, sheep blood and others. Also,
    gelatin produced from selected pieces of calf and cattle
    skins, de-mineralized cattle bones and pork skin.

    Beyond this, ALL vaccines, without exception, are
    tested on animals in corporate pharmaceutical torture
    chambers across the globe. Even those vaccines that
    predate routine animal testing, and so were not tested on
    animals in their development, are today so tested batch by
    batch as current supplies roll off the laboratory floor.
    Whatever the debatable benefits of our national childhood
    immunization program may be, the moral and karmic cost in ongoing,
    unrepentant, intentionally-inflicted animal suffering,
    mutilation and death is mindbogglingly, exponentially
    higher. From my Buddhist perspective,
    immunization represents a spiritual abomination of
    unimaginable proportions.

    Vaccines are medical fraud. They make people sick, suppress our immune
    systems, kill, maim and injure! Get educated, read ‘Dissolving
    Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History'(2013),
    co-authored by an M.D. that documents it all for you to see for

  20. It’s hard to reason with anyone; we are indeed in a modern day witch-hunt with the same irrationality functioning. We don’t fully understand the immune system and we are closing our eyes to evidence of vaccine harms in order to protect the orthodoxy, and we look around and see that the “problem” today isn’t our biased science or the corruption of medical science, but the unvaccinated witches who are causing all these problems, just like the medieval witches were blamed for the ungodly bad weather that medieval Europe was going through.

    It’s hard to imagine what the problem is when you’d be about 50 times more likely to die from lightening than from the measles. It doesn’t matter; the mob is riled up and we want to burn some witches.

    But wait: if a certain percentage of those sickened in a measles epidemic had evidence of the vaccine-strain virus, then it stands to reason that they could not have been infected with the wild virus. Did the vaccine strain virus jump ship and convert to the wild type? Are the vaccinated the source of measles epidemics?

    Maybe, but no one who plays to the mob wants to do any objective thinking. Irrational mob rule is upon us and no, we really aren’t much better than the witch-burners. Our irrationality is just more sophisticated, that’s all.

  21. Convene a grand jury and issue arrest warrants for those denying the law of the land, the constitutional rights of citizens. These mothers first mistake, asking the government permission to maintain liberty and personal rights. We need no permission. The rights of Americans were not created in the constitution. Rather the constitution was written to reflect the life liberty and prosperity already present with the human condition.

  22. In mothers we trust. 200,000 years of reliable service. You don’t have to fall all over yourself to say thank you; but we’re getting really tired of taking your crap.This is our modern day Suffragette Movement; the modern day Civil Rights Movement. Trust mothers. Put medical predators in their place. Don’t make mothers clean up the mess…again.



  25. A large proportion of the citizenry, including doctors and nurses, are absolutely brainwashed on this issue, as our a lot of politicians, whether they receive pharmaceutical money or not. The only politicians I’ve seen that aren’t totally on board with immunizing everyone for anything the CDC recommends are those who have relatives they witnessed who were affected by a vaccine reaction.

    I don’t buy some of the conspiracy theories about Bill Gates–maybe I’m ignorant on that, but it appears he and his wife think like most people that vaccines are a public good and should be administered to everyone. Most of my friends think this as well. I have two friends who are nurses and cannot even start a conversation about it. I tested the waters with one of them, about giving Hep. B shots to infants at birth–she said some argle bargle about how good that was, to “imprint” the immune system when it’s still pliable. How to we even begin to discuss this?

    It’s impossible to have a conversation with most people about this, they will not have an open mind. I’ve recently begun talking about the over vaccination of pets, as this seems to be gaining some traction. Maybe this is a start.

  26. Tyranny by Pharma-linked Congress.
    American freedom is not only being threatened to become obsolete, they are killing and crippling our children.
    No parent can allow high-risk vaccines with 0 liability. Especially to already-injured children.
    It’s the Depop Socialist Liberal goons. Those who value human life by killing full term infants.
    They don’t need camps and barbed wire any longer.

  27. Maybe it’s time to stand up as “we the people” are with more of us then them. I live in the Netherlands and in Europe it’s all the same corruption and vaccine mandates everywhere. Bill gates is the main sponsor of the WHO. WTF? The CDC in Amerika destroyed evidence of vaccines related to tics and autism? WTF? >> click > read more
    Read “when healing becomes a crime”. A lot will become clear. Look at Dr. Rath EU political speach ( things will become more clear to you.

    These mandate vaccinations are illegal. By law itself. There is no evidence that they will work or that they are safe. There is loads of official documents that proof that there is a great risk in taking vaccines including death. So they cannot mandate taking a risk for death or other serious side effects. The people who are corrupted and think they have the power to rule another person are hiding behind the system itself. None of them have the guts to speak one on one with a mother who’s child is hurt or even died by vaccination.

    It is the people who are”doing” their jobs and arrest people for taking a stand against corruption and betrayal of civil rights who are wrong. They should all stand up against a corrupted political system and not be defending it. How do you sleep at night I wonder? I hope for you and your families your own kids won’t be hurt the next time you get forced to get a vaccination. It’s Russian roulette and each vaccination your child will be at more risk.

    The California Gov. Gavin Newsom comes from a maffia family so that explains why.
    on YT: 4 Corrupt Families Of California ~ Newsom, Brown, Pelosi & Feinstein

    In Finland parents do their own scientific study
    Finnish Citizens Conduct Own Vaccine Safety Study and Question Health Authorities Letting 12-Year-Olds Make Own Decisions About HPV Vaccine without Parental Consent

    article and link to the study

    Full text of publication

    I send my love and support to all the people who stand up against corruption and fight for the lives of their children.

    How can we unite world wide?

    Lars vH

  28. Big Pharma is harming our pets through mandatory yearly rabies shots when only one shot is needed and should be followed by a yearly blood test called a titer, to check for immunity.

  29. Thank you for this post, thank you to the very brave and giving of their time mothers and grandmothers who protested (I would be willing to do that myself), and thank you for the excellent comments and information given here. It warms my heart to know their are many others who see the big picture, and are willing to stand up to this tyranny that is being forced on our children. God please help us to speedily overcome these inhumane and unconscionable policies that are resulting in tragedy for all of us.

  30. It is not only a fraud, it is a conspiracy. The politicians are being bribed with Big Pharma dollars. The media is also bribed with Big Pharma advertising dollars that are spent to prevent any independent investigative reporting on the adverse side effects caused by vaccinations. Social media and the internet are also doing their best to propagandize this issue. Do a google search with the words ‘vaccines and autism’ and you will not find any articles that substantiate this relationship…only articles that refute any such relationship. We need to say alert and stand up for our God given liberties.

  31. Why does it have to be non-violent? Injuring and killing babies and children is extremely violent and premeditated! And please remember – Hitler and Mengele were no deposed by peaceful demonstrations…

  32. I was just contacted by a pharmacist to have a Hepatitis A second dose but I told her I had 2 doses in my lifetime.
    Interesting enough she told me that her son had gotten a third dose and his whole arm swelled up .
    I’m glad I know what I have taken in the past .
    Hopefully this pharmacist will Re-think the course on immunizations for her child.
    This was actually a mistake that he had received a third dose a terrible reaction for the child. Scary!!!

  33. This is everyone’s fight I guarantee you that some of those politicians have children who are not vaccinated. I’m sure most of these politicians I’ve been bought out by the pharmaceutical companies who make these vaccines. Keep the fight strong until we get this overturned we are the majority and we will win this aggression towards our children.

  34. These Big Pharma criminals have bought and paid for these politicians and government officials. Now they’re hunting the Dr’s giving exemptions and extorting private health records from schools to hunt down children that are not vaccinated.

  35. People like Bill Gates heavily invested in Monsanto and vaccine industry. In 2011 in India alone 47,500 children were paralyzed from his vaccine effort. Same is going on in Ukraine and Australia, almost everywhere and of course in US. He has donated billions of dollars to vaccine research. You know what that means right? He basically financially stimulated pro vaccine advocates in the medical, political and media spheres. But we also need to keep in mind UN action plan Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 which is called Sustainable Development Plan. However, if you look closely into it and what it translates to in real life, it is basically a population reduction plan. A vaccine tyranny that we dealing with is part of depopulation plan. And it’s bigger then local politicians, bigger then even US. It’s global plan that cannot be stopped by simply voting some people out. Nor we can vote them out anyway. There will always be uneducated majority locking critical thinking determining the outcome of the elections. Or at least that is what we will be told by MSM. If voting someone out on local level is our best hope, then we have no hope. Vaccination of humanity to reduce population can only be stopped as global effort. During complain Trump promised to review vaccination issue, but as you can see … Asking people to hope for voting outcome is deception and waste of time.

  36. Do you remember how in 2015 hundreds of thousands of signatures were stolen that would repeal SB277?
    So much effort went to waste, what a tragedy. We were so close. Have there been any investigation of this crime? Who benefited from it? They will do it again if they have to, because they know nothing will happen. Hoping on voting again? Really? How many times are we it? Maybe it’s time to start thinking out of the box? The problem is that we are out in the open, while our paid enemies meet in secret and conduct fraud and sabotage against us covertly.

  37. While I agree 100% with everything written here, who in their right minds would still be sending their children to these absurd indoctrination centers posing as “schools”???? They are teaching kindergarten children that it’s normal to mutilate your genitals to impersonate the opposite sex for crying out loud. Get your children OUT!

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