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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Vaccination | Real Time With Bill Maher

Let’s first talk about the topic that’s getting everybody crazy in America… measles and what goes on here. And when I start these conversations, I have to say I’m not an anti-vaxxer, never have been… I’m an anti-flu shot guy, cause I think that’s […] and I think the fact that it was 23 percent effective this week bears that out. But, you know, if Ebola was airborne I’d get the vaccine tomorrow. But the attitude of the media this week kind of […] me off. It was just a lot of shut the […] up. It reminded me of the Iraq war, the first weeks… just don’t ask any questions. And I was wondering if that bothered anybody else, and then I was wondering what you think we should do about this problem of parents who may not want to do it versus the public good.

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  1. Thank you Bill! Kids today are getting 72 doses of vaccines beginning in pregnancy. This is not protecting kids anymore, but creating more diseases. I work daily with parents who come to me with all kids of issues and vaccines schedules that have 30 shots by 1 yr old. This is simply greed and not using common sense.. Homeoporophylaxis has been used for over 200 years and is a safe, alternative to vaccines. We can do both, and give parents a right to choose without FORCING them to inject. metals, and additives, formaldehyde, aborted fetal tissue and more into a 2 month old baby. Their immune systems are not ready to handle this load. It is insanity and kids are dying! I am not an anti vaccer, my father had Polio, and I vaccinated my kids. My daughter had a full seizure in the office directly following a Hep B shot. It does not matter which shot, it is which one will be the last straw. Russian Roulette is what is happening now. I would love to come on your show and discuss safe VACCINE DOSES for U.S. CHILDREN 1962 1983 2018
    5 24 72
    Polio Smallpox DTP
    DTP (2 months) OPV (2 months) DTP )4 months) OPV (4 months) DTP (6 months) MMR (15 months) DTP (18 months) OPV (18 months) DTP (4 years) OPV (4 years)
    Td (15 years)
    *In 1986, pharmaceutical companies producing vaccines were given full federal protection from lawsuits resulting from vaccine injury or death via the Childhood Vaccine Act passed by Congress. If vaccines are so safe, why did they need a law to protect from liability?
    After this law, vaccines became HIGHLY profitable. There are almost 300 vaccines in development, and mandatory vaccine laws for children – and ADULTS – being pushed in most states.
    Influenza (pregnancy) DTaP (pregnancy) Hep B (birth) Hep B (2 months) Rotavirus (2 months) DTaP (2 months) HIB (2 months) PCV (2 months) IPV (2 months) Rotavirus (4 months) DTaP (4 months) HIB (4 months) PCV (4 months) IPV (4 months) Hep B (6 months) Rotavirus (6 months) DTaP (6 months) HIB (6 months) PCV (6 months) IPV (6 months) Influenza (6 months) Influenza (7 months) HIB (12 months) PCV (12 months) MMR (12 months) Varicella (12 months) Hep A (12 months) DTaP (18 months)
    Influenza (18 months) Hep A (18 months) Influenza (30 months) Influenza (42 months) DTaP (4 years)
    IPV (4 years)
    MMR (4 years) Varicella (4 years) Influenza (5 years) Influenza (6 years) Influenza (7 years) Influenza (8 years) Influenza (9 years) HPV (9 years) Influenza (10 years) HPV (10 years) Influenza (11 years) HPV (11 years) DtaP (12 years) Influenza (12 years) Meningococcal (12 years) Influenza (13 years) Influenza (14 years) Influenza (15 years) Influenza (16 years) Meningococcal (16 years) Influenza (17 years) Influenza (18 years)
    The US gives 2-3x more vaccines to children than most developed countries, yet we have skyrocketing rates of childhood issues that are NOT seen in other countries. Things like asthma, childhood diabetes, food allergies, childhood leukemia, developmental delays, tics, ADHD, autism, lupus, arthritis, eczema, epilepsy, Alzheimers, brain damage, etc… It’s NOT a coincidence
    Vaccines contain toxic chemicals that do NOT belong in our bodies, such as aluminum, (known to cause brain and developmental damage even in small doses), polysorbate 80, MSG and formaldehyde (known to cause cancer in humans).

    I love you Bill!!!

    1. Patricia

      Pls send this to BILL. U need to be on the show u need to
      Use his megaphone! Otherwise it s bs

  2. My child and I owe NOTHING to a child sent to school with leukemia. I am a nurse and I would NEVER put my patients’ health before my own. The idea of the Greater Good is not American. Period. Simple biology dictates that Self Preservation is one of the most important principles we can abide by and not so easy to ignore. The value of liberty extends to medical freedom. Add to this the FACT that vaccines are Not foolproof and many do not even respond or respond adversely WITHOUT having any RECOURSE for injury. NO ONE has the right to ask another to take such a risk.
    You will not put a gun my head so easily.

    1. I agree completely. As a parent it is my responsibility to protect MY child. And if anyone has taken the time to read each of the 11-25 pages per vaccine inserts you will see that it is clearly stated that they have “not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, or potential to impair fertility” (pg 6 MMRII insert, pg 8 Hep B and I could list them all because I have read them all). Leukemia is cancer. How do we know that this poor child isn’t suffering BECAUSE he was vaccinated? WE DON’T! Because studies have not been conducted! I am tired of people trying to make me feel guilty because I am choosing to protect my child and not someone else’s. Is this selfish? You bet it is!

  3. Vaccines do NOT eradicate disease nor is the science settled… This is just the same song and dance, absolutely nothing has changed. This just makes me angry…

  4. The science is not clear, John McCormick, Senior Writer. Perhaps you ought to do some actual journalism–you know, real research?–before you make statements like “vaccines do not cause autism”. And the worn out argument that measles is a deadly disease makes me wonder why there are so many people in America. In my generation EVERYONE got the measles and it was so rare to have a death that I never even heard of it until the last ten years of media hype. But of course, this man has no clue about all the studies that have shown the problems with GMOs, either, so maybe he doesn’t have to actually think for a living.

    And y’know, there may not be many professors that are “vaccine skeptics”, there are many, many scientists that are “vaccine skeptics”. How about Chris Eckley, for example? His work on aluminum in the body surprised even him.

    And thank you Bill Maher for bringing some sanity to this conversation.

  5. To Patricia Regalia, not sure which turnip truck you just fell off but it’s teally scary to me that you say you “work with families”!? As a pediatric healthcare provider, you have painted a completely ambiguous picture for parents! Anyone worth their salt knows that in order to effectively titre the vaccine serums, small doses are given at different intervals in order for the body to begin & continue to produce antibodies to fight the diseases. Secondly, the vaccines are COMBINED at 2, 4, 6 & 12 months for DPT. You make it sounds like the patients are getting 12+ injections when it is only 4. Some children that get measles are actually dying from complications. If vaccines are not given then children will also start dying again from diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, small pox etc. 1,000’s will die every year.

  6. When the damage is done to your child, the risks are 100%. We should have the choice to make this decision or not. Period.

  7. Good : maybe this limp conversation opens a door, to deeper conversations, just because you don’t trust the vaccine industry does not make you crazy. Nice to have Bill join into the conversation.

    Bad : sad to hear Marianne pro MMR, and the entire conversation was still lopsided and weak .

  8. The entire vaccination approach in the U.S. is a kind of silent “war” against the populace. And like the military it’s almost mandatory across the states. Treating the most vulnerable (our babies) like pin cushions is a flashback to boot camp where they line us up in medical and jab both arms at a time, while processing us through… its all very disturbing, although I didn’t think so at the time. Heck I even volunteered for an experimental vaccine in my division, which is listed in my service record. I just don’t understand why they even required our consent when it stated half the division would be given the vaccine and the other have a placebo.
    After 3 days with severe high fever and “bunk ridden” in the middle of winter at Great Lakes, Illinois I began to sorta question it all after the fact… and then the war… once I hit the 7th fleet my carrier like the others were tasked with conducting flight operations and doing figure 8’s in the Persian Gulf. Suffice it to say it wasn’t long before we were told everyone on the carrier had to be vaccinated for the threat saddam posed with his chemical weapons (we sold him through Donald Rumsfeld, the head of the Department of Defense at that time). It’s all twilight zone stuff…
    So again, like boot camp we were told to line up outside medical and receive the “Anthrax” vaccine. And like the states we began to hear about side effects! Women’s hair falling out, rashes, stomach issues, etc. I believe Gary Matsumoto wrote a book called, “Vaccine A”, which details the events of the first gulf war I.e. “Gulf war syndrome”…. then again the depleted uranium tipped bombs could have been a factor…. tragic
    Anyhow, that’s all for now.


    I have a hundred more articles . All of them condemning toxic ,poisonous and debilitating vaccines!

  10. The MMR vaccination is one of the most dangerous vaccinations there are. The CDC proved it can and does cause Autism, but that’s been buried. (I believe the youtube video is still up) The question that will provide the answers is, why was the MMR vaccine created in the first place? The measles, mumps and rubella vaccines used to be administered separately and supposedly available in single doses to this day, but good luck finding them as an option.
    The answer is profitability. We have a broken system when the pharmaceutical companies pay for the medical journals our Drs. are indoctrinated by and the insurance companies are threatening Drs. who treat unvaccinated children turning those Drs. into slaves of the system. Add in most in govt are heavily vested in the pharuasectual industry and the fact that the media are on the bandwagon and profiting as well and it’s easy to see it’s greed above all else. An annual multi Billion Dollar industry is going to do and say anything when they have to answer to stockholders.
    I used to work for a well driller who when he needed a new vehicle drilled each persons well 100′ deeper because, well they don’t know any better and it won’t hurt them.
    There is no way in this day and age that 74 (or whatever that # is today) vaccinations are necessary for the good of mankind when 12 used to do the job.
    Someday, somehow the pharuasectual industry will be held responsible for what they are knowingly doing just like the tobacco industry was. Remember when the tobacco industry swore that cigarettes didn’t cause cancer, right up until they admitted it did?

  11. Vaccines are creating life-long pharma customers. There is no money in health, only sickness.

  12. Bill says there are no studies comparing populations that receive vaccine and those that don’t there are studies comparing Amish (who don’t vaccinate) and populations that do.

  13. Bill Maher is literally the only news/comedian with a pair of cojones. The ONLY one who brought RFK Jr. on to interview. One by one my favorite late night guys stabbed me in the heart with their pharma whore bullshit. Thank you Bill Maher. This ain’t over. #QuidProCuomo – lawsuits in action.

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