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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Russell Blaylock, MD on Attenuated Viruses Becoming Pathogenic Again

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We know that when you inject live viruses in people, in a certain percentage of those people that virus will live for the rest of their life in their body. And they did a study on elderly people looking for measles virus in their tissues, and what they found is that if you looked at their brain, 20 percent of their brain had live measles virus in it. And if you looked at their other organs, about 45 percent of their organs had live measles virus in them

Now, when you make a live vaccine, what you do is you attenuate the virus so it won’t cause the measles. That’s the whole idea… that you take this virus and you run it through tissue cultures until the virus loses its ability to produce the measles illness. And you call that an attenuated virus, and you inject it into the person… hopefully getting an immune reaction and develop resistance.

Well, the problem, and this is discussed in the virology literature, is that when this virus enters your body and it doesn’t die, because of what we call a persistent virus, and grows there for decades, because your body is producing free radicals all the time, particularly when you get ill from something else, those free radicals bombard that virus’ DNA and it can attenuate it back to a fully pathogenic virus and even produce new diseases. And that’s why we know there’s a correlation between measles, vaccination and things like Crohn’s disease and even multiple sclerosis.

— Russell Blaylock, MD, retired neurosurgeon


Blaylock Report. BEFORE you TAKE Dangerous Vaccines. YouTube (published May 18, 2014)

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  1. so what you may be saying is we’re all going to die, early, but not as early as the government workers get rich filthy. But some of them make the laws—and the Constitution has been attenuated, so government can force citizens to buy drugs/ins. from them, put gag orders on them, arrest them without warrants or cause, and do anything rich corporations pay them to do. THE FDA TESTS NOTHING; they accept thin-sliced baloney from the MFR.
    _ The mainstream major media—notably on TV, will lie and cover-up, while censoring anyone who speaks the truth, for they are “souled-out.” MOST AMERICANS have no idea what they’re eating, with shat they’re being given shots, and what the Asian & Puerto Rican drugs+impurities are they just ate.
    _ Drugs are tested enough so they don’t kill you in time for the MFR to be sued. Vaccine makers are a PROTECTED SPECIES, since the 1986 law, so they cannot be sued, for injury or death. They increased their profit margins—not only by the gov forcing Americans to buy their junk products—but by filling them with much-less-expensive industrial chemicals, like mercury, thaliodomide, aluminun—even fetal body parts. THAT’S WHY VACCINE COURT MADE THE GOVERNMENNT PAY OUT OVER $4 BILLION DOLLARS, TO DAMAGED/DEAD FAMILIES—SO FAR.
    _ Wasn’t it 2013 when the CDC scientist insiders came out as whistleblowers, proving they had known —since 2000—vaccines cause brain-damage autism??? And nothing has been done, because all gov—notably YOUR “representative”—are on the take, the Executive Branch alphabet “agencies” are “captured” by the drug makers, and YOUR DOCTOR is “detailed” to push their drugs.
    _ Have YOU had “YOUR” flu shot? Because nobody in gov cares if you live or die, they just want to get paid. Did you know? Mom, dad, DID YOU?

  2. Here is an interesting bit found on the blog:
    Pathways to Family Wellness
    How Do Vaccines Work? Immune Mechanisms and Consequences

    In 1995, Golding and Scott, published the need for strategies to make vaccines that would generate the “required” Th cell to the corresponding microorganism. Since that time, attempts to produce vaccines that would generate a “natural”- type response have failed. So, we are left with vaccines that generate “protective” responses as a second choice. How does this work? In vaccine-induced Th2 responses, called humoral responses, the body produces large quantities of specific antibodies that block the virus from entering cells. This response is why a vaccinated child doesn’t get a full blown infection and why the child won’t spread as many viruses into the environment. However, antibodies cannot get into cells to eliminate viruses once the viruses are in the cells or cannot kill infected cells themselves. THEREFOR, THE BODY HAS NO CHOICE OTHER THAN TO INTERNALIZE THE VIRUS AND BE CHRONICALLY INFECTED WHEN THE BODY IS FORCED INTO A TH2 ANTIBODY RESPONSE. THE BODY IS ESSENTIALLY CONSTIPATED WITH VIRUSES THAT IT CANNOT EXPEL.

    The body works to externalize and eliminate viruses when the Th1 response is generated. So we understand now that when a Th2 response is induced, “it drives the infection deeper into the interior and causes us to harbor it chronically.” It is commonly held that the presence of antibody to viruses is a sign of a chronic on-going infection not a sign of immunity.

    -Golding S., Scott DE., Vaccine Strategy: Targeting Helper T Cell Responses. Ann. NY Acad. Sci. 754:126-137, May 31, 1995 (FDA scientist)
    -Moskowitz R., How Do Vaccines Work? Pathways, Is. 10: 5-9, 2006
    -Taylor,J. Which Arm of the Immune Response most Likely Plays the Predominant Role in Host Defense Against Influenza Virus: humoral or cell-mediated? Medscape Feature, 1998, 08.98, p.443

    Because the body is constipated with viruses as Scott & Golding stated in their research-it would stand to reason that people vaccinated with live viruses, attenuated-are basically incubators capable of shedding at any time. This has been shown to be true:
    -A Vaccinated Man Has Been Emitting Virulent Polio for 28 Years
    (Long-term shedders of poliovirus have been identified before. It’s a rare phenomenon, and for it to occur, several things have to happen: Someone has to be vaccinated as an infant with the oral polio vaccine, which contains a weakened live virus; has to have an immune-system deficiency that keeps the body from eliminating the vaccine virus after immunity develops;-The article says 70 people have been discovered but if there are 70 identified there are most likely thousands not identified around the word)
    -Finland Looks for a Mystery Person Spreading Poliovirus
    (TAMPERE, Finland–Somewhere in Tampere, Finland, someone is excreting polioviruses. He or she has been doing it there since at least 2008, passing stools laced with polioviruses then flushing them into the sewers of Finland’s third largest city.)

    -This review can also be used to emphasize the danger of ignoring evolution when deploying live-attenuated vaccine viruses, since without due safeguards, evolution may reshape the virulence or transmissibility of these agents. Moreover, virus vaccines themselves can and have influenced the evolution of naturally occurring viruses;
    The Double-Edged Sword: How Evolution Can Make or Break a Live-Attenuated Virus Vaccine-

    There is a difference between being infected with a endemic virus naturally via the nasopharyngeal pathway which initiates a TH1 immune response and having a virus injected into the muscle causing a TH2 shift or response.

    Bottom line: Vaccinated people are contagious and I don’t think anyone knows for how long.

  3. Based on this article, if a virus is injected into a child and the virus never really dies, could this be a reason why some children with Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome (also known as PANS) continuously have PANS symptoms? It is said that PANS is an autoimmune disfunction since the pathogen causes the body respond to it by attacking itself (the brain). Not all children have the same symptoms, but have similar symptoms and not all children respond the same way to treatments.

    Also, since children are injected with vaccines typically before their immune system even develops, could the injection of these vaccines at such an immature stage of immune system development be causing some children to develop PANS?

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