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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


A Baby Died After Vaccination

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I watched every mother’s nightmare unfold yesterday in a conversation on a local online mom’s group.  It began when the baby’s aunt asked frantically for prayers for her nephew, who had gotten his four-month shots that day and was found unresponsive in the evening.  Then we learned the baby had apparently bled from every orifice and had swelling of the brain. The aunt shared that they kept the baby “alive” to give family time to arrive at the hospital.  And then, the baby died.

The aunt told us the probable diagnosis was SIDS. When the family questioned the doctor about whether the vaccines (pneumococcal, H. influenza (HIB), rotavirus, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus (DTaP) and polio, and perhaps hepatitis B if he had not yet received that at birth) administered just hours before could have caused this massive organ failure and death, the doctor denied the possibility of any causal relationship between the baby’s death and the vaccinations he was given. The doctor justified that conclusion on the basis of the infant not reacting poorly to the series of shots given at two months.

So a healthy baby goes in for a well child check with a minor cold, receives multiple vaccines and is dead within hours but there is no possibility the vaccinations played any role in the infant’s sudden death?

It is always tragic when an infant dies. As a family physician responsible for the care of many children, my distress is felt at a professional as well as a personal level when a child dies. Why did this child die and what could have been done to prevent this baby’s death and saved these parents from the lifetime of grief that results from such a loss?

I reached out privately to my colleagues for support.  Some responded with sincere sadness and worry. One physician friend recalled a night on call as a resident when a two-month-old died following a hepatitis B vaccination given earlier that day. The attending physicians wouldn’t let my friend report the death to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) because they deemed the death after the hepatitis B vaccination to be “a coincidence.” My story brought back those memories for her and she felt awful and conflicted.

Another physician friend told me “It’s sad when babies die,” and went on to admit concerns about vaccines, but ended by saying, “But of course the benefits outweigh the risks.” In response to my concern about the temporal relationship between a healthy child receiving vaccines and that child dying within hours, a common theme among these doctors seemed to be, “correlation does not equal causation,” and “they may harm some but overall they’re more beneficial to the majority.” No one seemed interested in exploring the deadly correlation in this case or in learning more about how injecting not just disease antigens but many other chemicals, adjuvants and foreign DNA into infants might affect them.

As a physician, stories like this one make me ask some difficult questions. Since nothing in our medical training has prepared us to recognize or respond to treat vaccine reactions, and we don’t seem to be able to recognize death as an adverse reaction when it happens within 24 hours of receiving a vaccine, how in the world are we going to recognize any of the other milder warning signs of vaccine adverse events that could harm a child’s health? Is it possible that this baby had symptoms that his body wasn’t handling his earlier shots, and due to adherence to the prevailing one-size-fits-all mindset, those signs went unnoticed?

A colleague of mine stumbled upon a book called Every Second Child by Archie Kalokerinos, MD. Dr. Kalokerinos found that many babies who presented similarly to the baby in my town turned out to have vitamin C deficiency (scurvy). He found old studies supporting the use of high dose vitamin C, and began using that treatment. Dr. Kalokerinos won the Australian Medal of Merit in 1978 for lowering the infant mortality rate from 50 percent to almost none. He felt so strongly about sharing his findings that he gave his book away rather than selling it.1

If we care about protecting the “greater good” then why is it so politically incorrect to care about the individual casualties of what is presumed to be a “good” medical intervention? If we are so smart and have so much science behind our decisions, why would we not look at those who die after vaccination to find commonalities for the purpose of finding ways to prevent a vaccine-related death or injury?    

We should not be afraid to explore the relationship between vitamin levels, electrolytes, genetics, family history, breastfed versus formula fed status, method of birth, prenatal history and antibiotic use, and the specific and nonspecific negative effects of vaccines. It seems unethical for physicians to demand the full cooperation of parents in vaccinating their children with every one of the 50 doses of 14 vaccines currently recommended by the CDC starting on the day of birth through age six, only to be abandoned with a shrug and “it’s for the greater good” when their child is injured or dies after receiving those vaccines.2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

I want to know why the lives of those who might die from “vaccine preventable diseases” matter more than those who die from vaccines? If we don’t know why a four-month-old baby in our community died, don’t we owe it to that child and his family to at least be curious?

Note: The author is an integrative and holistic medicine physician and a founding director of Physicians for Informed Consent.

This article or commentary provides referenced information and perspective on a topic related to vaccine science, policy, law or ethics being discussed in public forums and by U.S. lawmakers. The websites of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) provide information and perspective of federal agencies responsible for vaccine research, development, regulation and policymaking.


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  1. I’m so sorry this child died. We do owe it to the family to be curious as to why. And we shouldn’t be afraid to explore the relationship between vitamin levels, electrolytes, genetics, immune status and the effects of vaccines. How many more babies must die before we do explore these relationships?

    1. My baby just passed away June 12, he was only two months old. Coincidentally, he received his 2 month shots earlier that morning. He took 4 vaccines and as we do not know why he passed so suddenly, I do question that the vaccines had a cause in his sudden death. We are waiting for a toxicology report and hoping for some answers.

      1. My baby also passed away after receiving his shots..I told them I blame the shots just they say no because he had a lot of other problems also, he was hospitalized since birthed and passed away at 5 months his heart stopped. But just the night before I put him to sleep and early in the morning I got a call & saw them doing chest compressions. Since then I blame the shots I don’t care what anyways says my baby was perfectly fine the night before when I tucked him in.

      2. Juliana, may I ask where you live? Here in CA we are fighting a bill that would take away 95% of even medical exemptions, we need people like you to help us not bring more harm to children who are already at high risk of serious reactions.

    2. my baby just died January 15th at 2 and a half months old after receiving his 2 month immunizations on January 13th around 4:45pm. he was extremely irritable and tired afterwards. I could barely wake him up to feed him, he was so exhausted. when he finally woke on Saturday he was extremely fussy (but always smiling, I have a video of him the night before he passed, still smiling full of love) I had a hard time getting him to sleep somewhere around 4am, he woke up crying at 10am, I made him a bottle and he fell back asleep. so I laid back down as well. when I woke up almost two hours later, I found him laying on his back in the same position, not breathing. I called 911 and did cpr until paramedics arrived. what looked like blood was coming from his mouth while I issued cpr. they pronounced him dead at 1pm…i don’t understand it! he was PERFECTLY HEALTHY. he was 8lbs 11oz when he was born on Halloween. such a healthy, haply, sweet baby boy. his funeral was last week. I want answers! i don’t believe he died of SIDS. It’s uncanny how he just received his 5 immunizations friday late afternoon and was dead by early Sunday afternoon…

  2. This is completely heartbreaking and devastating. It is utter negligence and malfeasance to see no one take responsibility when a child dies due to vaccination. It is not okay and never will be. When will things change? It’s such a backwards world we are living in. I feel the same way about abortion. We have somehow justified our actions claiming women’s rights, when everyone I know who has been through this has regret and sorrow beyond measure.

    1. Not everybody who had a abortion has “regret and sorrow beyond measure,” I am sure. Most get past it with aplomb. I don’t share your devastation.
      Researchers should explore these case and seek to understand the causes of the deaths. But line doctors must do what their training tells them is most likely to work given the situation they have, and can’t solve all cases in real time. There will be some deaths along the way. The miracle is that we’ve come up with procedures to save the vast majority. We hope to come up with ways to help the rest as we learn more. But we must make that effort.

      1. I used to attend the Vinyard in Anaheim many years ago. I attended a healing conference and when the associate pastor preached on abortion and had an altar call the front was packed with women who had gone through an abortion and I have never seen women travail with such grief in all my life. I will never forget their contrition and the healing they received that night. In listening to his message, I thought he was too black and white about it and seemed to be too harsh, but when they came forward and received forgiveness and healing, God showed me that it was His work being done. There were so many women up there and all were releasing many years of regret, guilt and pain. So, I disagree with you.

        1. I know women that have had abortions and they have dealt with it with aplomb, as a previous poster stated. So we may agree to disagree. In the setting you described where women were encouraged to come forward with grief, that’s what you’ll find. Women in grief. Those without grief may not have been there asking for forgiveness in the first place.

      2. They get through it with aplomb? I just learned a new word. Thanks. (“Self-confidence or assurance, especially when in a demanding situation. Dianne passed the test with aplomb.”) However, the context for your usage of the word suggests a different meaning. “The German soldier got through killing Jewish victims with aplomb.” “The young girl survived the death of her parents and raised her younger sisters with aplomb.” “The woman moved on from the abortion procedure with aplomb.” Those are real-life situations using the word “aplomb” in a similar context to how you used it, and I think the meaning is different. In that context, I think the meaning is less, “with self confidence and assurance,” and more of, “with a detachment from the emotions of grief, guilt or sorrow one might normally feel.” I see the similarity in use, because Dianne passes the test without the feelings of fear, or nervousness or anxiety one might normally feel. But in the case of Dianne, you might say her aplomb is the result of her clarity of thought, and her commitment to her studies. But in the case of the girl who survived the death of her parents and raised her siblings, you would say her aplomb is the result of other things, such as, the demands of the situation: 4 sisters, one is a young newborn, and there is no time for grief right now. I’m sure there is a word for this in the medical literature laying out the mind’s coping mechanisms. But just like your mind turns on the “fight or flight” instinct when imminent danger presents itself, your mind can turn off inconvenient and untimely emotions and instincts when necessary. Grief is very inconvenient sometimes. I don’t blame the young girl. Sometimes you just can’t grieve. You can’t face the reality because it’s so vastly devastating that you would be devastated beyond recognition, and someone might have to be there to help you peel yourself up off the floor and get you help. Grief is foreign to a lot of us, and being foreign, it looks that much scarier. The women who don’t feel remorse and grief and sorrow after abortion, I believe have just turned it off, or their brains have done that for them. But grief sometimes waits for you, as was my experience 14 years down the road. And when I look back at those years before grieving, compared to my life now, I see a 14-year-long pause. It was as though I was pausing a certain area of my field of emotions. I just didn’t have time to grieve. It was as though I was just surviving. So I can’t agree with you that a woman who doesn’t feel remorse or guilt after an abortion is just moving on with aplomb. It’s something else. I feel for her. God forgives her and understands all the nuances of the situation she was in and she is loved. She does need to grieve eventually to heal from it, but maybe the time isn’t now. That being said, I believe the doctor who, day in and day out feels no remorse or guilt for the innocent lives he has taken with abortions, is comparable to the German soldier who felt no remorse for the innocent lives he took. You can watch interviews with soldiers such as this. I saw one explain this very phenomenon. “We were so trained and indoctrinated from a young age to think that they were hurting our society, and that they were somehow sub-human, we had a kind of hatred for them. We were doing good to kill them. We felt disgusted by them.” I don’t know what you call that but I think peer-pressure plays into it. Soldiers all in a group as a member of a larger whole, just getting things done as they’ve been trained. Doctors feel pressure from their peers and are trained in a similar way to how soldiers are trained in that they are not taught to think critically and use their conscience, instinct, or creative genius. Like how the cashier new to vegetables has to compare your cilantro to the chart with the pictures, and accordingly type in “58 cents”, a doctor learns to diagnose and subscribe medication in a similar fashion.

      3. Elwood, if you read carefully, you will notice that Indo did not state that everybody who had an abortion has regret and sorrow…merely that everyone Indo knows who has had one has had regret and sorrow. I’m not sure you are correct in stating that MOST get past it with aplomb. Perhaps, in your circle of acquaintances, this is true, but you are unable to correctly state that MOST do.
        Your comments reveal that you do not seem to have much respect for life, in general. I’m sure if your own child was one of the “deaths along the way”, you might feel more compassion for others who have experienced that heartache…but then again…perhaps, not.

      4. Nothing in this was about abortion! Where is your response coming from? This was about a healthy 4 month old that died the same day as getting 4 month vaccines and the lack or research into the possible connection.

      5. The gig is up. The vaccine industry is fraudulent, corrupt, and blatantly lying to parents and patients. There is too much profit-making and next to none accountability. ICAN and Robert F Kennedy recently sued the agencies for safety data on the MMR. Of the small population (800) they studied for 42 days, 50%+ suffered respiratory and gastrointestinal infections for nearly the entire test period. Instead of a 7-day childhood illness that provides not only lifelong immunity, but protection against cancers and heart disease, we make children really sick, some die, and then demand boosters because they don’t work! The mumps portion doesn’t work, either. 9,000 cases of mumps after vaccine. Titers can be done for Rubella. We aren’t practicing medicine here. This is evil and corrupt. We need independent oversight, and repeal the blanket immunity or there will never be any reason for manufacturers to make safe vaccines.

      6. Your comments are a product of the culture & education of conscience-less immorality. The more immorality you see & gear, the more desensitized to it you become…sadly

      7. Funny that when we talk about abortion, nobody ever ask Pro-choice people; Where would you be if your mother had done that to you instead of loving you? She’s been responsible with her sexuality. What disgust me the most, is when it’s used, like most of the time now, as a contraception method! So, I hope that in 2020, more women will respect themselves (it’s a choice, right?) and learn also that adoptions are in high demand and those exist… So your mother gave you a chance at life finally ? Right ? It very easy to decide of the life of others! Ask Nazis…

      8. Follow the money!
        The incidence of chronic illnesses and death among children has increased in direct proportion to the increase in mandatory vaccinations starting in the late 80s (You know, right after approval of “The Act”)).

  3. My Love and Sympathy goes out to the Family. I’ve heard too many Cases just like this. This baby should Never have been Vaccinated with a “minor cold”. I hope the family pursues this further……….legally ……….although it will be a battle. Stay Strong.

    1. As hard as it is to believe, the CDC has changed their recommendations regarding not vaccinating a sick child. Now it’s considered perfectly fine to vaccinate a child that has a minor cold. I guess there were too many children missing their shots. The injustice to all the children that have been injured just to preserve the myth of “protecting the herd” just makes me so sad and so mad.

  4. I knew of a family in Virginia that suffered the post-vaccination death of a child. The pediatrician threatened the family with having their other children taken away or calling the police on them if they reported the death to VAERS. So naturally, the family kept the death quiet.

    1. Please urge the family to report the death to VAERS and report the pediatrician to the hospital/clinic and state medical board. He/she does not have any authority or reason to call the police on the parents or have the children removed from their parents. If the family decides not to report this, please consider checking with VAERS for guidance in reporting this yourself.

  5. Sacrificing lives for profit is good for business. For the “greater good” brings us back to the early history of some societies that practiced human sacrifices to a so called deity for the “greater good”. Consider the eugenics program in the late 19th century and early 20th century of forcing sterilization on so called “imbeciles” for the “greater good”. This concept was taken to the extreme by Nazi Germany which did medical experiments and eventually killed many children considered unfit to live, and of course murdered millions of people considered sub-human in the concentration camps. The eugenics concept never disappeared, it morphed into the current vaccination program. If a child or adult dies or is injured from vaccines, they are considered unworthy and a negligible person. We have not advanced as a society since our barbaric human sacrificing days because we are still doing sacrifices, now to the god of money. It is really disgusting what we have become.

    1. I had never conceived of the mandatory vaccine movement stemming from a continued mostly unconscious support of eugenics. This feels like one of the cultural messages that is so subtle and under the radar most of us don’t even know we are susceptible to it. Thank you for that heavy contemplation for me this morning.

    2. You are right. You can check the WHO guidelines on population control using abortifacient proteins from the ’70’s. These same proteins showed up in tetanus vaccines in Kenya targeting young women of child-bearing age. Ethnic Catholic doctors found that target group for a tetanus vaccine odd & had the vaccines tested, finding the protein in them. It was later denied. You can also find TED Talk with Bill Gates linking population control with vaccines, as with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

      1. Heather, maybe so, but it sure gave a jolt to those who refuse to educate themselves on this issue. All one has to do is look at the ratio between books written by healthcare professionals both pro and anti-vaccinating, and you’ll see that it’s very heavy on the anti-vaccine side. That’s what I did before I read even one book on it. Then I went to the way-back archives and found 14 books (of course out of print) that were against vaccinating (none were for it). That took all of an hour to do. Then I began my reading both pro and anti-vax books by MD’s and medical researchers with PhD’s. That took 3 weeks, and my husband also did the reading.

        We both are now certain that when we start our family, our baby(s) will not be vaccinated. We’ll go with letting their own immune systems make natural antibodies that will last a lifetime (no booster shots needed every 3 to 6 yrs). We may make an exception with polio but only because it is ingested and not injected. At least when a med is taken orally, your liver is involved with detoxing any toxic substances, which is not the case with injection of a med. We’ll take our chances on high dose Vit C and think that is a better alternative to playing Russian roulette.

    1. Jennifer Craig, how DARE you speakthat way to grieving parents? I certainly hope your comment was unnecessary hyperbole.

      If not, then you are just as bad as the militant pro-vax crowd who makes memes about and cheers at the idea of un-vaxxed children dying from polio (or other ridiculous scenarios). Empathy is a MUST if we are ever to meet in the middle on this issue, to offer education and have reasonable discussion. Shame on you. Shame, shame, shame.

    2. What would evoke sympathy in your heart? If this does not, then perhaps your heart has been stolen or you are just an A.I. trolling websites that dare to question the status quo. Either way, I reject your comment and your heartlessness. Maybe your soul needs a check-up?

    3. Jennifer, the polio vaccine is not oral. It’s an injection. It hasn’t been oral since the 1990s and it was not a safe vaccine, it causes polio, and still does to this day in other countries.

      1. Yes, I read they’re still giving the live polio in third world countries, like India, where close to 50,000 cases of Non-polio paralysis have resulted from the vaccine. I do not trust the polio vaccine in the US either. There is no independent, inert placebo testing done on any of the vaccines so no one actually knows if they’re safe. It’s very important to determine if your child has a common mitochondrial disorder that inhibits their ability to detoxify metals and other chemicals. No vaccines are safe with this condition.

  6. I called the MEDICAL BOARD,EPA,CDC, FDA, and THE VACCINE COMPANY MY SON WAS JAMAL DEZMONDRE SEAN HARDY 11/1/2014-1/2/2015 they call did not care i was given him Gerber good start gentle the blue can
    With the Federal Court Gerber over ruled the police and FDA testing it 2019 I’m still confused

  7. This is heartbreaking. The baby has no choice! Parents are trying to do the right thing and have to then live with what happened to their baby. The vaccine industry has done one study and refuses to do any more. The scientists involved who spoke out about their opinions that did not meet the big pharmaceutical companies, were accused of wrongdoing and made out to be idiots. They were kicked out of their profession after years of study. If big pharma has nothing to hide, do another scientific study on why so many children die and/or spend their lives vaccine injured. This is definitely about money at a child’s expense. It makes me sick they are getting away with it. How do they sleep at night? Sickening!! Shame on all of them.

  8. That is so very tragic. I pray for peace and comfort for this baby’s family.
    I’m so grateful, that no one knew my business when I chose to not vaccinate my babies, 42 years ago. People who seems actually intelligent, act like you’re feeding your kids arsenic if you don’t vaccinate.
    God bless this family.

    1. We are thankful for this ORGANIZATION that helped us to make wise decisions about vaccines! We have 5 healthy children and Praise God for them! We are also outspoken and greived to hear these stories that are 100% preventable!!!

  9. Heartfelt condolences to the mother. Thank you so much for writing this, Cammy. It is so frustrating that many whom society deems as “intellectuals” are truly brainwashed, desensitized, gullible, and/or blind. Thank you for your independent spirit and good ethics. I can only imagine taking a stand is quite difficult in your world.

  10. I’m so sorry about the death of this baby & for the family. I do know what my conscience tells me about all this poison being injected into little babies. It really doesn’t take a scientific study to determine the truth of what’s happening in catastrophic industrial drugging of our children.

    Something I find extremely disturbing is that I haven’t read in one of the articles that there has been an autopsy on a baby after having died after vaccination. Isn’t autopsy ever done in a case like this? Since when does a child ever contract ALL the diseases they are injected with, including all of the heavy metals & DNA from the minced up aborted fetus tissue & other animal DNA–at once? NEVER.

    How was it that any group of doctors could legally/ethically determine what a baby died of, calling it a “coincidence”? They are still finding ways of justifying their own participation in an industry designed to protect only its financial interest, for the sake of their careers. The doctor who wanted to report the infant’s death to VAERS, should be supported in doing so.

    I watched a program that described how the vascular walls of the baby is “scraped” by the extreme immune response to foreign invaders in the system. No wonder he bled out.

    Thank you for the well thought out article.

  11. My 2.5 month old grand daughter died within 12 hours after she was injected with 6 vaccines. 2 of my sons had adverse reactions. One would have been deemed a SIDS death had he not been in my arms when he quit breathing and my husband started mouth to mouth on him. He had two grand mal seizures after that, and continued to have seizures for 7 years. He quit breathing and had the grand mal seizures 1 week after the vaccines. My other son at 15 months quit talking, started screaming, and had melt down after meltdown hours after receiving vaccinations.He didn’t speak clear words again until he was 3 years old. He has also been diagnosed on the Autism spectrum. Through all the years we have only had one doctor give us any subtle indication that vaccines were the possible cause, and all he did was rub his fingers together to indicate it was all about big pharma making the big bucks. I’ve thought a lot about why many children appear to do fine with vaccinations and others become disabled or die from them. I have a double MTHFR mutation which means my body doesn’t detox as efficiently as a person who doesn’t have the mutation. I know each of my children got 1 mutation from me as I have 2. My husband doesn’t have a MTHFR mutation. but maybe my children also don’t detox well or maybe fast enough to clear out the bad ingredients in vaccines? I have no idea if that could be the cause of my boy’s adverse reactions or my grand daughters, but an MTHFR mutation would be an easy thing to test for when a baby is born. Everyone is pro vaccine until they have a child die or become disabled and then they may question the safety of vaccines. The last paragraph in this article really hit me, because it is absolutely true. Medical science researches so many things, so why don’t they research why some babies are dying or being injured from vaccinations? Thank you Dr. Benton for seeing this through the eyes of the injured and those who lose their lives after being vaccinated.

    1. Mar, I am so sorry for the tragedies you’ve endured. Your experiences are heart-breaking! I agree that you are probably on the right path with your comments regarding genetics, etc. I believe it should be considered abusive to inject a child with so many vaccines at one time! I recently went with a young friend to her baby’s well check up. The doctor was aggressive and verbally abusive (as well as dishonest) in trying to get the mother to agree to a rigorous vaccination schedule. Apparently, that is the thing now…for doctors to threaten, belittle, and scare parents into believing vaccinations must be given on a fast-paced schedule with no variations. The doctor was so arrogant and misleading. I was shocked. It was disheartening to see my young friend cave in the face of such pressure. When I tried to question the doctor, based on knowing what my friend’s original intentions were regarding vaccines, I was rudely told to shut up. The doctor then got very close to my friend’s face and basically told her the baby would die without the vaccine schedule the doctor was insisting upon. No parent should be lied to about the efficacy or dangers of vaccines. Everyone should become informed on the Parental Rights Amendment and demand to see it passed before we truly have no choice in America.

  12. Dr William Thompson said the CDC hid evidence that MMR causes Autism! Vaccine injury Court paid out over three billion in damages not Because their safe. The Supreme Court of the United States said that Vaccines are unavoidably unsafe!

  13. Well written article. Thank you. It frustrates me to know the coercion that takes place concerning vaccinations. This statement in the article truly saddens me, “The attending physicians wouldn’t let my friend report the death to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) because they deemed the death after the hepatitis B vaccination to be “a coincidence.” We can only wonder how many reactions never get reported. So many people will not believe there is any danger in getting vaccines until someone close to them is affected.

    1. I am surprised at the comment “…attending physicians wouldn’t let my friend report…,VAERS..” Your friend is perfectly able to report to VAERS on her own and doesn’t need approval from anyone. Unless I’m unaware of a recent change. I myself have reported an “adverse event” following one of my child’s vaccinations.

      1. That is true it could be reported by someone else, however the report the powers that be will pay attention to is the attending physician and if enough attending physicians would do this MAYBE something would be done about the problem.

  14. Another, ignorant Doctor, “only doing the job his Masters told him to do”.no brains, no critical thinking, and no heart…This is not “medicine.IMO….Ask if he “vaccinated” his children?

  15. we must be curious… absolutely! it’s part of the learning process. years ago i learned how indispensable it is to honestly admit that “i do not know” instead of making up a reply to pretend that i know something. it has helped me enormously in my personal quest to understand the meaning of my life. when one does not know, simply admitting it, opens the doorway to gaining deeper insights and understanding. one day, hopefully soon, we may learn that we are much more than our intellects. may we get in touch with the wisdom of our hearts. may all be blessed.

  16. Poor baby and family. But it proves the very sad point:

    If you get shot by a gun and die later that day, you were shot to death.

    If you get a shot from a doctor and die later that day, it was a coincidence.

    “It definitely couldn’t be related to the vaccine we just administered, because vaccines are safe.”

    Trying to point out that the kid was fine in the morning will just make them angry. They rather ponder what mysterious thing must have happened to the child, while discounting the obvious.

    Imagine them saying that about the guy that got shot by a gun. “Well yes I know we just shot him in the heart, but still we can’t be sure it was the bullet. He could have been mortally wounded by some mysterious force just moments before being shot. We will do a thorough investigation to see if we can uncover the cause. Just don’t mention the bullet, what are you, crazy?”

    What gunman wouldn’t that that if he knew everyone would agree with him?

  17. I am very glad I am not part of that very small contingent of CARING DOCTORS! It must be terrible being unable to change a dreadfully damaged system, and watch helplessly while that system continues to kill innocent children (or worse still, leave them permanently damaged). It is even worse when you realise that doses/injection of Vitamin C, before, and in the event of a reaction, after the vaccine has been administered, would at worse, massively alleviate the problems, and in many case solve the problem. But it is generally not prescribed; it is treated as ‘snake oil’ despite the massive amount of successful interventions, and fully researched work proving it’s efficacy reaching back more than 80 years!

  18. I too want to know why the lives of those who might die from vaccine preventable diseases matter more than those who die from vaccines.

  19. I am so sorry. A friend just took her child in for her 4 month shots. How awful for this family, and all the families of those killed and injured by vaccines. Every 2nd Child is a very informative book. Highly recommend it. I downloaded the free PDF. Praying for the family of this baby!

  20. Hello:
    Very heroic of you to stand up to the massive Vaccination arm of Big Pharma.
    What a rigged “game” this paradigm of “herd immunity” is. Lets commence some open source science into the vaccine industry. How much money has been paid out to VAERS children/parents from either being seriously harmed or killed??

    It saddens me that Big Pharma wields so much power—–in the lobbying capitals of the world and in the allopathic medical practitioner’s offices. The small “box” of the GP’s standard of care basically demands that its’ medical brethren don’t dare to stand up out to the collaboration and collusion of the major “string pullers”. The very obvious escape hatch that “correlation does not equal causation” fall back position has an appalling lack of real science backing it. Fear tactics all the way! Truthtellers go away—-there is nothing to see. So you say. This fabricated PROFIT BEFORE PEOPLE corporate way of doing business must cease. Too many people/children are being hurt and killed. However, the Truth will prevail. These corporate behemoths are being shown out for what they stand for. They are on the wrong side of history. Repent you evil ones—–we all are being judged—via karma and spirit. God Bless you, dear soul.

    1. The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has paid out 4 billion dollars since its inception in 1988. And only 1/3 of the total number of petitioners are compensated. When the government gave the pharmaceutical companies immunity from lawsuits (because the vaccine makers threatened to stop making vaccines due to so many law suits) the “vaccine court” was supposed to be a non-adversarial and quick process to compensate injured or killed children. It is now anything but. It can take years for a family to receive an award and they don’t have to automatically compensate a family if the injury isn’t on the table of possible injuries from the vaccine. So what have they been doing but slowly removing the number of possible injuries from each vaccine. The worst thing we need to worry about is the states taking away our right to refuse vaccines for religious or philosophical reasons leaving only a medical exemption (which is almost impossible to get). Follow NVIC to find out what bills your legislators are filing so that you can give them your input. We are fighting all the lobbyists from pharma and the medical associations so the battle is a bit like David and Goliath. We need lots of Davids to fight them.

  21. previuosly in my country there is also a case of a 9 month old baby died at his babysitter’s house. First everyone think it was a case of child abuse and police report was made by his parents. However post mortem of the baby revealed there there was no evidence of physical injury and the baby died due to blood clots in the brain (evidence of hemorrhage in the brain). According to mother her baby was not well and having fever for around 3 days prior to the incident.

    In the newspaper report it was not mentioned on vaccination but in our national vaccination program MMR is mandatory to be given at 9 month of age.

    I came to know about polysorbate 80 as one of the ingredients in MMR vaccine ; it acts as an emulsifier as well as an agent to open up the blood brain barrier. May i know in details what is the pathophysiology of how the hemorrhage happen in the brain. How MMR vaccine can lead to bleeding in the brain.

    looking forward to your answer as we the medical community here, currently are debating about the benefits and the risk of vaccines. Tqvm

  22. No vaccine is beneficial ever because vaccines are in direct conflict with our design. I’m glad Vitamin C can help, but the best practice is to stop vaccines. We’d see a lot more healthy children and doctors who would learn, as they once used to know, how to support through minor childhood illnesses. Just like doctors should still know how to deliver breech babies, but they’ve lost the skill. Medicine should be reserved for the ill; doctors do not learn how to make anyone healthier.

  23. I first became interested in this subject over eighteen years ago when I met a flight attendant from Utah that wrote a book about her son. The book is entitled “I don’t want to be Ty”. Her name is Robin Gaffe and the story was a real warning to me about vaccinations to children. Her son was six months old when they took him for his shots. The child had an ear infection and a slight fever but the doctor assured them that as long as he was on antibiotics he would be fine. The reaction to the shots was horrific. The child lived but suffered so much for the next several years that the mother used one of his comments for the title of the book. Perhaps you can find a copy of the book that was written in 1999. It’s well worth a read.

    1. Dr. Kucharski
      They sleep at night because their souls have been bought by Big Pharma and our government. It’s easy to hurt others when YOU can’t feel pain. What a sad and scary world we live in. I have become very afraid of doctors in general and I have stopped going unless I just have to.

  24. I find it shocking that adverse incidences following vaccination are not reported. Is it cause and effect, or coincidental? We’ll never know if there are no statistics to examine. And the only way to get statistics is to report all incidences within ‘x’ hours or days of vaccination. Otherwise the same mistakes will be made again and again and again, with the same outcomes. Pretty sad for a country that thinks they have a great medical system. It again causes one to ask whether vaccination is for the benefit of the patients and citizens, or for the benefit of the drug companies.

  25. Excellently argued. You reached the crux of the problem, an unacceptable lack of curiosity over the deaths and injuries of “the few”.
    How can we possibly know that “only a few” are injured for the sake of the many if we aren’t counting them through proper reporting.
    I am always so grateful to read medical professionals with healthy and honest caution, thank you.

    1. agreed… and — yet another layer, if I may ? — this points out an irony — even an hypocrisy, in the left; in which they say themselves (when it suits their purpose !) “if it saves even one life, we have to do it!” — but when it costs a few lives, or one, but they still insist on their goal “at any cost” — then a few lives are nothing, mere “acceptable loss”; acceptable to them.
      I wonder if there is any end to their justifications? Is there an ending point to their self-assessment as gods?

  26. Amazing! There is NO EXCUSE that doctors don’t know about vaccines potential side effects in this day of so much in the media about it.
    It is immoral to just look the other way!

  27. This is heartbreaking. Thank-you for writing in such a clear, insightful and compassionate manner. I agree one thousand percent.

  28. I’m not a parent so I can’t imagine what they must be feeling. I think it’s highly irresponsible for any doctor to just put it off as coincidence… Doctors these days are afraid to think for themselves afraid that they’ll lose their license if they practice outside the box. I have never understood why newborn babies get a hepatitis B vaccine at birth, unless your parents work in the medical field or are IV drug addicts I do not understand how a child that young could be exposed. More Americans need to be educated that the drug companies have no financial responsibility therefore no true incentive to make a good product. If I had a child and had to have a vaccine I think I would follow Andrew Saul PhD recommendation to give vitamin C supplementation prior to vaccination and after if you absolutely must get vaccines.
    I read somewhere recently that speaks about our beliefs…do you know something to be true because you’ve experienced it yourself or do you to believe it to be true because that’s what you’ve been told…don’t be afraid to question authority because a lot of times authority has it wrong but they’ve had their pockets lined…
    I think people are starting to wake up but we have a long way to go… Its sad that some of the most vulnerable members of society must pay the price to line the pockets of pharmaceutical and congressional members of society. People, tell your friends and families what’s going on so we can educate them and eventually stand up to the powers that be…and be stronger, smarter, and healthier, and able to truly make an informed choice instead of being forced to take the vaccines that we don’t believe have merit.

  29. This breaks my heart. So needless. Thank you for not “toeing the company line,” and for asking the hard questions. May God bless you in your work.

  30. These situations cry out for justice. Is our medical establishment really so inert, so uncaring, so blind. The relationship between vaccines and SIDS in such a scenario is obvious to any reasonable person.

  31. I wish you could publish this article in the Washington Post or the New York Times. Many some people would wake up.
    But I know they would not publish it, because they are blind pro-vaccinations. I do not know why people can see risks in other things, but not in vaccines. How bad does it have to get, before they react ?
    Thank you for this article, sharing your concerns. At least some doctors act responsible.

  32. I have 7, thank G-D healthy children, that have never been vaccinated. They are Totally healthy and are not plagued with all of the issues their vaccinated friends have… I think this is the greatest scam the medical world has ever pulled off.

  33. I have a 3 year old son who is healthy as a horse. He has never been vaccinated. When he was born, an on call pediatrician walked up to me with a loaded syringe of hepatitis B vaccination and try to administer it without my consent. I blew my lid and got between her and my baby and said no very sternly. She scolded and scoffed at me. Then, a few weeks later, we took our son to the pediatricians clinic office for a wellness check. Again, I had a pediatrician walk in the room with a loaded syringe saying time for your shots. My wife and I both said absolutely not. He said why? I said have you read the inserts on the vaccinations purchased for your clinic? He said no. I said, you might want to take a look at those inserts before you vaccinate another child. He got mad and stomped off. When we go to the pediatrician now, we’re labeled as “those parents “but my wife and I don’t care.

    1. I’ve been “THAT parent” for 14 years. Son is extremely healthy, never has had anything more serious than a mild cold. Even when I have to sign medical waivers for school trips, I write in bold letters “NO VACCINES” because I don’t want them trying to sneak something in when he is away from me. They think I’m nuts, I’m sure….but I’m fine with that. My kid is healthy, and I want him to stay that way. You’re doing the right thing! Never, ever give in.

  34. Absolutely!! Thank you for this common sense article! I hope many will read and consider such an obvious bias and this terrible travesty!

  35. As Spiritual teacher Byron Katie might say, we could question the thought, “Of course the benefits outweigh the risks.” And acute reactions such as death and autism aren’t the only ones to start noticing. Now we have strong evidence showing that chronic disease in adulthood may be linked to vaccinations in childhood. Doctors are probably meeting their need for “ease” by not questioning vaccinations. It is so much easier to have a protocol to follow unquestioningly. And so much easier to be trained in a medical school and not question the training received from the teachers. But as John Taylor Gatto has persuasively expressed, we have been intentionally dumbed down in the last 150 years to think only in terms of right/wrong answers, and not to explore the infinite nuances of the truth. Robots, we are, marching through life to the beat of a drum played by “those who control things”, never questioning the intentions of the drummer.

  36. May Our Lord and Our Lady comfort this family and may they also give courage to the entire Medical Establishment to acknowledge the many dangers of vaccinations. This must become an out right war for our children. Do not give in….fight these bullies with all your might.

  37. Forwarded to family members. Great article. News Vs Narrative. News presents facts, and asks you to form your own opinion, providing challenging positions and questions. Narrative demands you agree with a pre scripted line of reasoning, or somehow you’re a bad person or ignorant. News Vs Narrative, aka, objective journalism vs fake news. Learn to identify the difference. I keep telling people if they don’t subscribe to the Vaccine Reaction Newsletter, they don’t have the whole story. Thank you.

  38. They are murdering our children and accepting no responsibility for it! This cannot go on! I’m so angry about this. They MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO GET AWAY WITH THIS. This is worse than immoral, it’s a crime against humanity.

  39. If SIDS was the diagnosis, the baby would not bleed like that or have brain inflammation. A very big case needs to be made of this. This physician is not a scientist or informed about the risks that are stated by the drug companies. This baby did this spiritually to wake us up and protect other babies to come. Everybody in the chain from the vaccine maker to the CDC who promotes vaccines to the doctor who injected the child needs to experience large financial loss so that other people will think twice about being so sure of themselves about “safe” vaccinations. This is an outrage. I hope this babies life was not lost in vain. This should be national news. My heart goes out to the family. I am so sorry. Mothers. Fathers. Tell your friends and neighbors and family when the conversation is appropriate to stay away from vaccinations. I’ve been studying the subject for 20 years from many angles and these substances are not safe and they go against the natural course of immunity. If you think organic food is a good idea, then think of your body as the soil- which it is- and don’t put known toxins in.

  40. This is only going to get worse. Unless parents stand up and say we are not going to vaccinate at all. I know people who, after they have their baby, that baby never leaves the mother. If you let them take your child, you don’t know what happens. There are people who have never vaccinated their children. It will come to a point, or places even now, that they won’t let your child go to school. Or, maybe your child cannot get a driver’s license eventually, or get a college degree. This is how they will make sure we are all vaccinated. They could arrest anyone. They could take your child away. These are evil minded and hearted people. The drug people that make these vaccines, know what they are doing. They have sold their souls to the devil, literally. They want money, they want your children dead, or dying, along with everybody. They don’t care, along with our government who lets them do this.

  41. “For the greater good” is a wrong and evil philosophy. It reminds me of civilizations that practiced child sacrifice so that their crops would be successful or so that they would succeed in a war. It also reminds me of cultures that used to sacrifice a virgin or virgins to their gods for the benefit of their society. What is good for the individual is good for society.

    Similarly, the theory of “herd immunity” is nonsense. Everyone is an individual and all bodies are not the same and do not react the same. Vaccination goes against common sense. We have an immune system for a reason; also, a mother’s breast milk helps to protect her infant from disease. Vaccination means injecting foreign substances, including heavy metals and bacteria or viruses, into the body. Our skin is a barrier against invasion of the body by bacteria and viruses, etc., but vaccination overrides that barrier and also bypasses the digestive system.

  42. “The benefits outweigh the risks” and “it’s for the greater good” arguments do not work with me! My job as a parent is to ensure the benefit and greater good for MY child! I will not sacrifice their health and their life for someone’s ignorant notion that harming my child somehow helps everyone else in society. And no offense, but my main concern if for my child, and I would hope and assume that everyone else is mainly concerned with their child. That does not mean that we all don’t care about each other and look out for each other, but I’m not going to do that at the expense of my own child because drug pushers want to make a profit.

    The push to force a one size fits all vaccination regime on every child in the world is appauling. Politians attemtping to take away our rights to refuse this medical intervention is even more appauling! We need to stay strong and continue to say NO.

    Someone else here asked about performing autopsies on babies. Sometimes autopsies are performed, but it seems that it’s a common practice to chalk up a baby’s death to “SIDS” instead of actually performing an autopsy. It’s almost as if babies are seen as more dispensable that an adult, which is sickening. What’s also a concern is I have heard about other babies dying and bleeding out of every orrifice. There have been parents that have been charged with child abuse and even sexual abuse because of this! Parents have said that they believe it was from the babies recent vaccination, but of course society doesn’t believe vaccines cause any harm, so it’s easier to accuse a parent of beating or raping their baby to death. My heart goes out to those families.

  43. The elements of common law murder are:

    through criminal act or omission
    of a human
    by another human
    with malice aforethought.

  44. Interesting. I tried to save this on Pinterest and got the following message:

    Something went wrong

    Sorry! We blocked this link because it may lead to inappropriate content.

  45. The medical personnel are more brain-washed than the rest of us. They paid a lot of money and spent years of their lives for that brain-washing. Cognitive dissonance prevents them from seeing the truth and admitting they have a responsibility in EVERYTHING given to patients! This insanity won’t stop until everyone of us, wakes up! We all need to take responsibility for doing the research, not stopping at the fake media that is paid for by the same global elite that own the medical universities! The FDA just admitted it has NOT done safety tests on vaccines for pregnant women and/or their fetuses!

    God did not make a mistake! He did not design human beings deficient in vaccine ingredients! We are created with everything we need to thrive!

    Blessings to every family of vaccine injury. Blessings to everyone to wake up to the crimes-against-humanity that is Big Pharma, especially vaccinating babies who don’t have an immune system yet with which to develop immunity!!! Insanity! Injection of anything is barbaric! Unless YOU yourself are so sure vaccines are necessary and safe, that you are willing to get 50 vaccines injected into yourself, along with your child in the first 6 years of their life, adding to the dose for your size, weight, etc, JUST SAY NO! Stop Big Pharma by collective boycott!

  46. If Trump wants to pass an Executive order, he ought to pass one forbidding the MANDATORY administration of vaccines to anyone residing in the U.S.

  47. Part of the problem is that you actually unwittingly give your child to the state when you apply for a birth certificate. If you do not get a birth certificate, the state has no authority as to what treatments you do or do not give your child. They cannot take your child away if you do not have a birth certificate. Go to to find out more about the chicanery the so called govt, actually a municipal corporation, has pulled against all of us.

  48. It is time to take a look at the vaccine schedule, what is given, when it is given, how it is given and whether it is needed. I am not totally against all vaccines but I am against vaccines that can serve no purpose except to harm a baby and additives/adjuvants put into them that are dangerous and should not be allowed. Let’s take the Hep B vaccine, why does a baby need it on the first day of life? The only reason a baby would need the Hep B vaccine is if the mother had Hep B. Couldn’t the moms be tested for Hep B before a baby’s birth and if she does not have it the baby could avoid the vaccine? Why are we giving a needless vaccines to 1-day old babies for no benefit but possible harm? Why do so many vaccines need to be given at one time? Why do they need to be given so early in a child’s life when their immune system may not be mature enough to handle the onslaught? These questions and more need to be explored but it does not seem that big Pharma and Congress wants them looked into which is very distressing because more babies will needlessly die. It is a sad, sad situation.

  49. Perhaps someone with standing could get a lawyer to prosecute the “doctor” for:
    At common law, an intentional unpermitted act causing harmful or offensive contact with the “person” of another.
    Battery is concerned with the right to have one’s body left alone by others.”

    The Rockefeller, Pharma Corprocracy, fueled by Wall street money won’t be satisfied until it is legal to commit battery on everyone of us and we all have autistic kids. Great business model: stick’em, sick’em, treat’em forever. Criminal diabolical and profitable!
    I wonder how many parents are in jail because of “shaken baby syndrome”?
    I you’re going to ruin your life at least you should have the option of INFORMED consent!

  50. Too many parents refuse to see the light because they had their kids vaccinated and would have to admit that they should not have done so. To those parents I say, get over it, swallow your pride and get rid of your arrogance and join those of us who wish they had not handed their children over to the ‘professionals’. Had I known then what I know now !!!! Mothers of the USA….follow your God-given instincts…protect your children, no matter what the sacrifice.

  51. The poor baby had a cold!? Vaccines shouldn’t have even been administered while the baby was sick no matter how minor the cold.

  52. Pediatricians are paid $400/fully vaccinated patient by Blue Cross. When at least 63% of their patient population is fully vaccinated, they are paid a $40,000 bonus!

    pHARMa controls our media networks with millions of advertising dollars. Now they control news and commercial content, rhetoric, habitual narrative and lies.

    pHARMa lobbies millions of dollars into the pockets of our Congressmen and women. pHARMa industry was the top campaign donor for CA Senator Richard Pan, who then passes SB277 after the Disneyland “measles epidemic”, eliminating exemptions for CA children if they want a public education.

    The highest priority within the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is population control. Oh, wait a minute…aren’t vaccines supposed to prolong lives? Exactly!! Think this through more carefully, folks! Bill Gates is NOT a humanitarian.

    pHARMa has been completely immune from all liability for vaxx death and vaxx injury since 1986. ZERO safety studies have been done or submitted to FDA since then, thank you Robert Kennedy Jr.

    VAERS, CDC and FDA agree that only 1% of vaxx injury or death gets reported to VAERS and ends up in the secret vaccine court, where the parent has to sue the Federal government (not pHARMa or doctor) over their child’s injury. Only 1/3 of these cases is being compensated (up to $250,000 for death). The other 2/3 are denied as fraudulent claims. This is 1/3 of 1% of the vaxx damaged!! This is insane!!

    Coroners are not legally allowed to determine the cause of death as vaccine injury. They are required to call it SIDS/SUID…tens of thousands of dead babies are unaccounted for!!

    Wake up, everyone!! We have a killer coyote in the hen house, and the coop owner/protector of those hens put it there!

  53. “The doctor justified that conclusion on the basis of the infant not reacting poorly to the series of shots given at two months.” It’s incredible how unscientific doctors can be. Several highly plausible possiblities:

    1. The infant suffered internal, imperceptible damage from the previous series and was unable to handle the second set.

    2. One (or more) of the shots in the second set was contaminated. These are biological products, and as much as the industry and the CDC would like you to believe that all vials are identical, there’s a reason why lot numbers are supposed to be recorded.

    3. The infant was more ill than anyone realized–maybe headed for a downturn in a few hours–and the vaccines overwhelmed his system.

  54. A mother keeps her body pure for nine months, and then hands the child to the US Government! I can not understand a parent not doing enough research.

  55. As pointed out by this article, high dose vitamin C given before and after vaccinating a child will help to minimize the toxic effects of the vaccine ingredients. The work of Dr. Kalokerinos was referenced which is also seconded by Dr. Thomas Levy, MD, in his book “Curing the Incurable”. Sure the right thing to do is stop mandatory vaccination, but that is not likely to happen soon, so counter measures to to vaccine toxins should be employed when parents are threatened to vaccinate their children. Vitamin C, ascorbate, is not a vitamin but an essential organic compound for all humans, primates, and guinea pigs, that are unable to make their own. So the need is to get the proper amount through diet and supplements every day. Ascorbate is the glue that holds the body’s soft tissue together, along with the material in the bones. The bleeding of the child described in the article is the body’s attempt to martial all the ascorbate in the body to fight the toxins from the vaccine, hence the glue is being removed from the tissue causing bleeding and organ failure, then SIDS. The same goes for glutathione, which is depleted to fight the toxins, so when a child gets a fever after vaccination, Tylenol should not be given to fight the fever as this also depletes the glutathione. Read Dr. Levy’s other books and one will learn that heart disease is scurvy of the arteries and osteoporosis is scurvy of the bones.

    1. Sci-reader. So happy you’ve posted this information that all pediatricians should not only know themselves but be telling their patients. Our CDC is so afraid of anything that might harm the vaccination program that they are unwilling to provide any information about how to make vaccines safer if it would also show they can be unsafe. They are truly protecting pharma and the vaccine program at the expense of our children. How many children will have to be injured before something changes? It is up to each parent to do their own research and up to us all to make sure our legislators don’t take away our right to refuse vaccines…something they are filing bills to do as we speak.

  56. The article stated, “So a healthy baby goes in for a well child check with a minor cold, receives multiple vaccines….”

    I thought that you were NOT supposed to vaccinate if the baby and/or person is immunocompromised.

    Does a minor cold constitute immunocompromised? If yes, then the doctor should be sued for malpractice.

    From the web: “Some children should not get DTaP vaccine or should wait. Children with minor illnesses, such as a cold, may be vaccinated. But children who are moderately or severely ill should usually wait until they recover before getting DTaP vaccine.”


    “Children with mild illness may still get vaccines – even if they have a fever. A mild illness is usually not a reason to reschedule vaccinations. Your doctor can help you decide which vaccines your child can still receive safely.Aug 3, 2016”

    Really? “may be”, “should usually”, what measuring stick or test does a doctor use to determine the safety limits to administering vaccines? Do they use a gut feeling? Is it based on fever temp, 100, 101, 102?

    Does the vaccine contain live virus which can complicate things even more?

    Your thoughts please.

    1. Michael, the act of giving a vaccine itself “immunocompromises” any human being. The invasion of the body by injected substances so alarms the immune system that it is distracted from dealing with any pre-existing infection.

      This was well illustrated by my own baby’s case. She was on a reduced/delayed vaccination schedule because of my concerns about vaccine risks. At five months she was to receive one injection, a DTaP. A week before the scheduled vaccination, I took her to the doctor because she had a minor rash of tiny white bumps on one arm. The doctor said this was a minor bacterial rash that many babies get, and nothing to worry about it treat. I asked if her DTaP should be postponed. The doctor said no, we could go ahead with the vaccine with no problem, and the baby would probably be almost over the rash in a week anyway.

      One week later, my baby had just a few tiny white bumps left; I don’t remember the number but it was less than ten. She was given the DTaP. Four days later, her entire body was covered with that “nothing to worry about” bacterial rash. The white bumps were so thick on her skin that her skin felt like sandpaper.

      This was only one of a long list of adverse effects my baby suffered from that DTaP. It took her eight weeks to apparently recover, but she has chronic, complex health problems and one of her current doctors says “I think we are still seeing effects of that vaccine injury from the DTaP”…16 years after that vaccination was given.

      The doctor, BTW, when my daughter had been ill with one adverse effect after another for three weeks after the vaccination, said “I don’t know enough about bad reactions to vaccines to advise you on whether the baby should get her next vaccine on schedule.” He had his nurse call the vaccine manufacturer, who told her, “This is a normal reaction to DTaP” — and so the doctor declined to file a VAERS report.

      I filed a VAERS report myself. I had scribbled down notes every day during her 8 week recovery from that single vaccine injection, and I included everything in my report. Recently I looked up my baby’s record in VAERS and found that it has been tagged with 18 different SMQs (diagnostic search terms intended to aid researchers using the database), including codes for encephalitis, encephalopathy, meningitis, anaphylaxis…

      Vaccinating a baby who has any pre-existing infection is dangerous, in my opinion, because the immune system is distracted and dysregulated by the vaccination that any pre-existing infection is given the opportunity to “run wild.”

      By the way, the only place I’e seen an adequate description of a “classic” DPT/DTaP reaction, which is what my baby had, is in Fisher and Coulter’s book “A Shot in the Dark.” I highly recommend this book if you want to understand the adverse effects of these vaccines.

  57. The baby’s doctor needs to study history. The 1913 Nobel Prize winner in medicine won the award for his work in creating the term anaphylaxis as a severe reaction to vaccines. “After an initial low dose of a substance, a new dose some weeks later could produce a severe reaction. He called the phenomenon anaphylaxis. The result had important implications for our understanding of allergies.”

  58. My son, who is now 58 years old was given the measles vaccine at one year old. He came down with the worst case of measles and we nearly lost him. Shortly after that he began having seizures and was diagnosed with epilepsy. He suffered for years until I consulted with a homeopathic doctor who slowly weaned him off the meds and under control. At the age of 36 he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis that has severely affected his lifestyle. We are very anti- vax. Two years ago my husband was admitted to a hospital with pneumonia. We warned the the EM not to administer any vaccines. The next morning there was a card on his table advising us that he was given pneumovox 23, a pneumonia vaccine. We were furious, the risk team apologized profusely. My husband became totally helpless within days and died within 6 weeks. The hospital phonied up his death certificate Which I eventually had corrected. I consulted with 3 law firms but they said there was no way to prove the case. He was 88 but mentally very normal. In the end it was like end stage Alzheimer’s. God help all of the helpless children and adults sacrificed for Big Pharma.

  59. It is not just human infants that can suffer severe vaccine reactions – our furry children (dogs and cats) can also be seriously affected. If you have a puppy or kitten, wait until they are at least one year old before giving a vaccination, and then demand the simple vaccination not this crazy mix of over 30 viruses.

  60. Thank you for adding your voice to the conversation. I love it when medical doctors join expose the many anomalies associated with vaccine administration. How can anyone claim that “the benefits outweigh the risks” when the risks are ignored and the benefits remain unproven. For the baby in question, the risk was 100% and the benefit, zero. This is one reason why we must never give up the principle of informed consent.

    Moreover, a SIDS “diagnosis” is, in my book, really no diagnosis at all. What sense does it make to tell parents that their infant died suddenly of “sudden infant death”? And if there’s a syndrome component, as the “S” in SIDS states, what exactly are the other factors that contributed to the syndrome? No one says.

    To test the “coincidence” theory isn’t difficult. We need to impose a moratorium, say of two years, on all vaccine administrations and then observe just how many cases there are of spontaneous seizures, paralysis, encephalitis, autism spectrum disorders, and spontaneous anything else.

    Unfortunately, this cannot take place without establishing an honest and ongoing conversation with those who, I’m sorry to say, are convinced that vaccine safety is beyond debate.

    I look forward to hearing more from Dr. Benton.

  61. Each story I hear weekly just sickens me. So so very sorry. I honestly feel for this mommy. Our son also would have been classified as SIDS. Just a nightmare when you are told they are perfectly healthy. I continue to pray that Doctors would study each vaccination, ingredients that they are administering and the side effects (short term and long term) and take into consideration of the family history. THEY have a responsibility to KNOW what THEY are giving! Not just what they are taught. Lots of prayers being sent to the family. Dang, how awful to be online in the group and someone is telling what is happening and we all cant do ANYTHING to help! Just feel our horrible experience over again. Memory stays- Visual, audio, smell, touch and feelings

  62. As the parent of a child who died after a pediatrician confirmed severe reaction to her first DPT over 30 years ago, written off as SIDS….I’m wondering why these children are still dumped under a SIDS designation…..a child bleeding out orifices, certainly does not seem to qualify…..and you are absolutely correct in that no one in the “establishment” is the least worried about reducing the number injured or killed from these products…..suspect because they are afraid they might learn that risk factors would significantly reduce the amount of their $.

  63. American medicine has gone down the tubes along with the country’s ethics. Lederle, a company earlier involved with the DPT vaccine denied that any gran mal seizures could happen after having the vaccine is administered. They lied, they knew. Japan and other countries thought the US was nuts for giving infants that vaccine or any other one to humans so young. The questionable MMI is still a concern.
    As for you dan, your comment is beyond ignorant.

  64. If this happened to a dog or a cat the veterinarian would say it was probably due to the vaccination. Why such denial?

    1. The denial is because Big Pharma doesn’t want to take the hit on this kind of thing, nor does our loving government. They are all sleeping together. I find this a tragedy that didn’t have to happen and I find the doctor a piece of disgusting humanity. Assuming that you can call him a human being.

  65. dan
    Thank you for your unique and compassionate view on a child death. We greatly appreciate your thoughts and prayers. Said no one ever.

  66. My heart breaks for this mom and family who lost their precious child, no mom should ever have to face such a loss especially because of Big Pharma. This is all about money, our money, being poured into the pockets of people who don’t give a rip about our lives, our children, our future!!!!
    Please, please, please do your research!!! We have the Internet at our fingertips, we research everything else, why not research the affects of vaccinations. There are countless studies!!! Think of it this way….If everyone was jumping over a cliff, would you? If everyone was placing their babies under a semi-truck, would you? Research, ask questions, listen to both sides, pray and then make a decision that you will want to live with for the rest of your life! Your child may survive, but then again your child may not!!!

  67. Our third child, Francis, received Pediarix (DTap, HepB, ipolio), HIB, and Prevnar all at the same visit on March 13 at about 2:30pm. He behaved as usual in the hours that followed except he grew very tired earlier in the evening. He took breastmilk as usual. His eyes looked so weary but he still tried to give us a couple last smiles. He was in bed at 6:30pm which was at least an hour earlier than his usual bedtime. My husband and I checked him a couple times, the last time being 9:30pm. His sleep was unusually still, he never stirred when I watched him for several minutes. This was also unusual. He never woke up to feed that night. Francis was found dead in his crib at 5:41am the morning of March 14.

  68. Get an independent autopsy. It sounds like the baby may have developed sepsis, in which case it’s likely that the clinic weren’t following proper procedures for maintaining sterility, and the vaccine (or the syringe it was administered with) were contaminated with bacteria.

    1. A reasonable person knows that it is far too much vaccine for an adult let alone a baby. The key word here is reasonable.

  69. Agreed! We are so afraid of liability and taking blame, of upsetting the big money made by vaccines and hospitals. The pressure is huge. Liability creates policies that are not best for patients and don’t allow for individual choice. Our own doctor has been forced to change his vaccine policies because liability insurance felt that he was creating risk by not adhearing to CDC vaccine schedules. Why is it a big deal if our family chooses to give MMR at age 4? I feel that it is my choice as a parent. In the 1950s there was little that could be done if a parent was endangering the life of their child. Today we have gone too far in protecting children. We assume that the government should decide how to parent our children. Another issue is finding care. The only doctors locally that accept non-vax families and alternative schedule families are Direct Care doctors that do not accept insurance and you pay an annual fee for service.

  70. That is too many vaccines to give at once! The FDA and CDC need to better educate parents and space the vaccines out!

  71. Any time a child dies, the FIRST question should be, “When was the child last vaccinated and which vaccines were given.” I really think all states need to add this information to ALL death certificates so this info can be tracked for research & statistical purposes. Healthy adults have mysteriously died within a month of getting the flu shot. No one is making the connection. The Federal Govt is heading toward trying to remove religious & philosophical exemptions, and the court recently ruled that states have rights to newborns DNA without parental consent. The states sell the DNA for research. Our personal rights are being stripped away and it’s a total violation of the Nuremberg Code!

  72. [email protected] These “doctors” know EXACTLY what they’re doing. They’re part of a euthanasia system that trades children for money, future lifetime profits and human body parts. Medicine? This isn’t “medicine” This is premeditated MURDER and they KNOW it. Medical school? What does medical school teach these doctors? It teaches them that they are SLAVES for money to the pharma companies. It teaches them to STFU about ANYTHING to do with vaccines and maintain the standard established criminal system to maintain and enhance the pharma companies profits lest they speak out and lose their “business” and or are found face down in a ditch. Medicine is NOT “medicine” it’s a BUSINESS. And the “business” of America is FRAUD.

  73. There should be a mandate that all mysterious deaths occurring within X hours of a vaccine are required to be reported to VAERS. Otherwise these deaths are in a vacuum. Physians are in no position to determine the cause of death. Let the statistics speak.

  74. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2015 and to say my world came crashing down would be an understatement. My life had always revolved around my horses and my love for competing in showjumping so the future didn’t look bright. My diagnosis took over a year from when I first started having issues. When I was competing, my vision would blur, my muscles would go weak and I would fall off the side of the horse for no reason as soon as my core temperature raised. October last year my neighbour introduced me to Best Health Herbal Centre and I purchased their MS herbal formula and used it for six weeks. After six weeks of usage, I had a total decline in all symptoms. All thanks to Best Health Herbal centre. For more info visit w ww. besthealthherbalcentre. co m

  75. WHERE did this occur? What state or country? When? All of these important reporting details are missing from this article. Don’t assume it was in the US…many stories like this are not. I don’t disagree that this may be happening but usually most Drs here do spread them out, if not switch Drs. I just want more facts in this article.

  76. I would like to know HOW this kind of information about vaccines and the tragedies connected could ever reach beyond Fox News? This sort of thing NEEDS to reach the main stream liberal news media but I don’t expect it ever will. Too many liberals and making too much money for that to happen.

  77. I agree with you Tom. Dan must be a part of that herd mentality. Perhaps he would like to have a vaccine with 8 plus mixes of medicine in it and see how he feels later.

  78. No doctor ever told them of the possibility
    What could happen to their babe
    They just could not foresee
    The doctors say hush don’t say a word
    Remember it’s all for the good of the herd.

  79. SO let me get this right… The doctor doesn’t understand that the risk of injury from medication applies EVERY TIME medication is given? By that logic, since I survived the last car accident I was in, I will survive the next one, no reason to drive safely. Any doctor who does not understand the basic idea that threat is not limited to past experiences should lose their license.

  80. So, if a baby dies the night before the day of a scheduled vaccination it’s because of SIDS. If she/he dies the night after the vaccine it’s because of the vaccine itself. Post hoc ergo propter hoc.
    For sure that’s how common people brains work, but, thanks God, not how science does.
    And, by the way, we exist as individuals only because we are in a herd; just figure out people living in their own plastic bubbles, bouncing against each other. A world I leave to others.
    We should all cool down and wait for the autopsy report to asses the real cause of such a tragedy.

    @ Sabrina M. Bowen
    right as you are, you simply forget to tell the difference between probability and randomness. You may suvive a car accident and that does not increase your chance to survive next one, that’s true. But if you drive down a city street at 80 mph your probability to crash is thousand times higher then if you drive the same street at 20 mph, even if you have a very small probability to crash also at 20 mph though… that’s what past experience teaches. You can make a scientific experiment yourself, if you don’t believe me. And past experience also shows us that you may survive a 80 mph car accident and die in a 20 mph one… that is randomness. We are all fooled by it. And it’s the force that moves the world.

  81. No autopsy was done to determine exactly why the baby died? I find that irresponsible. The baby died after a vaccine. They probably also had experienced other things that day. Did it ingest something it shouldn’t have? (The bleeding from orifices seems to not fit with any side effect known to vaccines). Did it fall off a couch and suffer internal bleeding? My point is, that child did not exist in a vacuum until the point of its vaccines, so pointing to those as the cause of its death is, again, irresponsible unless there is proof.

    1. They did an autopsy and called it SIDS. There was no sign of trauma other than the swollen leg from the injection. There is a mechanism that they write about in Every Second Child that could explain the mechanism of the bleeding and this is a recurring theme seen in post vaccine “SIDS” per many parents reporting. You should check it out. All this happened within 12 hours of the vaccines so not sure why it is irresponsible to address the possibility of 6 doses of vaccines given prior to the death.

  82. There needs to be independent research done and investigations into all the babies who have died after vaccinations. Vaccinations should be stopped world wide until thorough research is done. It should not be mandatory. If intelligent people who have done their research and disagree with vaccinations, they should be able to refuse having these dangerous poisons injected into their baby. Too many babies die or are permanently damaged and the doctors are forbidden to say the cause is vaccinations. They will lose their job if they do. They are all too scared to speak out.

  83. I have 3 children.the first 2 were never vaccinated. The last one was given hep b vaccine at birth without my knowledge and consent back in 1999. He is the only child with a lot of health issues including allergies seizure. He had interest in becoming a chef but one day he came out the shower I think he was about 8 and all 10 finger tips looked like cottage cheese. His toes were fine. I have taken him to doctors who are unable to tell me why his finger tips looks like cottage cheese when he put his hands in water. He appears to also have eczema on all finger tips. His toes are healthy.

  84. My grandson also passed away July 4th 2019. He recieved his two month vaccines July 3rd 2019. He was found unresponsive early that morning with blood coming out his nose ears and mouth. Medical examiner did an autopsy and determined it was SIDS. I do not believe that for one bit. He was on his back that night, nothing around him that could cause suffocation. My family and I are heart broken. We need answers and they are not giving them.

    1. I am so so sorry. It clearly not just a coincidence. You don’t get blood coming out of the nose and ears from SIDS. Such a tragedy.

  85. Sorry to hear about “one more baby shoot to death” and sorry 🙁
    I can not say it another way – but that is what vaccines seem to be doing more and more these last years and this SIDS they claim is the cause of the death..Well, something needs to have triggered this reaction and when the only thing happened to the baby a few hours before it gets sick and then dying.. And kind of irony the “SIDS” or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome” – have anyone heard about illness by the name “death syndrome”? So all babies must have got illness who have the name “death syndrome”… Sadly to say doctors and so-called healthcare worker are totally brainwashed when it comes to vaccines- but might also have something to do with their insurances- they are threatened with they will loose it if they do not vaccinate our babies/kids.. ER Nurse Shares His Story of Vaccine Reactions

  86. my baby just died January 15th at 2 and a half months old after receiving his 2 month immunizations on January 13th around 4:45pm. he was extremely irritable and tired afterwards. I could barely wake him up to feed him, he was so exhausted. when he finally woke on Saturday he was extremely fussy (but always smiling, I have a video of him the night before he passed, still smiling full of love) I had a hard time getting him to sleep somewhere around 4am, he woke up crying at 10am, I made him a bottle and he fell back asleep. so I laid back down as well. when I woke up almost two hours later, I found him laying on his back in the same position, not breathing. I called 911 and did cpr until paramedics arrived. what looked like blood was coming from his mouth while I issued cpr. they pronounced him dead at 1pm…i don’t understand it! he was PERFECTLY HEALTHY. he was 8lbs 11oz when he was born on Halloween. such a healthy, haply, sweet baby boy. his funeral was last week. I want answers! i don’t believe he died of SIDS. It’s uncanny how he just received his 5 immunizations friday late afternoon and was dead by early Sunday afternoon…

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