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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


1,800 Children in South Carolina Improperly Vaccinated

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Greenville Health System (GHS) of South Carolina reported last month that one of their employees administered “less than optimal dosing” of vaccinations for common childhood illnesses during well-child visits and that it was recommending re-vaccination for those potentially affected.

GHS, which will soon merge and be renamed Prisma Health, sent certified and regular-delivery letters in late November to families of approximately 1,800 affected children ranging in age from two months to teenagers. The children represent 14 percent of patients from two GHS locations: Pediatric Associates in Easley, SC and Pediatric Associates in Powdersville, SC.

Robin LaCroix, MD, medical director of the GHS Children’s Hospital in Spartanburg, SC explained that an internal audit as part of normal monitoring identified the vaccination dosing issue and an investigation identified it as human error. Dr. LaCroix said that vaccines are normally administered by employees with nursing certifications, and that the employee in question is no longer with the practice.  

Even though South Carolina health officials believe very few children received inadequate doses, they recommended that the 1,800 children, who were vaccinated by that employee, receive all the vaccinations again to “err on the side of caution.” The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends repeat vaccinations when initial proper dosing cannot be confirmed.

Both Pediatric Associates locations are administering free re-vaccinations through mid-December. Reportedly, the pediatric practices will take steps to make sure the affected children receive full doses of all the vaccines they may have missed due to employee error .1 2

Vaccine manufacturer package inserts contain information on vaccine ingredients, reported vaccine adverse events and contraindications and precautions to use of vaccines. Review vaccine package inserts and obtain more information about diseases and vaccines here.



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  1. Does not sound too safe to me ! How do parents know if their children do not get too much ? There are so many vaccinations already and then they have them redone with a stronger dose?

  2. Wouldn’t it make more sense to check for antibody levels (titers) on these children before possibly injecting them with another dose of adjuvants, organisms, preservatives, heavy metals, foreign DNA, etc…??

  3. The third world countries that manufacture these vaccines don’t even allow their own citizens to be INJECTED.
    Pediatricians playing Russian roulette with newborn infants and contaminated vaccines.
    Pediatricians love to torture newborn they know they will be highly rewarded later on for the injuries.
    New World Order Healthcare doctors killing for a living.
    Healthcare killing off my family and friends
    Contact the Census Data Bureau to see how many families have been exterminated by the American Murder By Association

  4. Third world countries that manufacture these vaccines don’t even allow their own citizens to be injected with it pediatricians love to torture newborn infants with contaminated vaccines laughing as the infant cries out in pain and agony ,because they know later on they will be highly rewarded for the injuries
    Doctors at the CDC and FDA playing stock market pump and dump with the pharmaceutical companies all day..
    Government paying billions of dollars for vaccine death and injuries to protect the pharmaceutical trillion-dollar industry all censored by the pharmaceutical owned media.
    Healthcare slowly killing off my family and friends.
    The new world order health care doctors killing for a living.

  5. This is healthcare gone crazy! Double dosing? More harm than good! Leave the poor kids alone! Let them be!

  6. This is lunacy and madness to across the board mass revaccinate as if these are just benign medications that can be administered by a clerk at Walgreens or techs at Doctors offices where nurses no longer reside Believe it or not nurses are trained to look at lot numbers,bottle and doses and sites on where to give these toxic injections As with all drug error and almost a class action sized group of people you might want some advice and not from the vaccination club.Get titers and ask questions This could well kill you or people you love Best wishes and truth to those who seek it Prayers for those who stand a chance of being revaccinated and death.Horrible mess

  7. They need to explain more thoroughly just what the mistake was. I do not understand the mistake the staff member made at all.

  8. So to rectify a possible under-dose, they recommend over-dosing? Braniacs.
    And are we to believe ONE single employee vaccinated 1800 children? Hell of a worker…

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