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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


NY State Senator Dies of Sepsis

Jose Peralta

Eight-year-old Amely Baez of LeFrank City, New York died on Feb. 5, 2018 of “flu-related” symptoms, according to local health authorities. Published reports did not indicate whether the child had received the influenza vaccine.1

New York State Senator José Peralta (D-East Elmhurst) said Amely’s death was tragic and that it “reminds us of how dangerous the flu outbreak is” and he urged New Yorkers to “protect themselves, and their children, and get vaccinated.” He added, “We need to ensure we do everything possible to combat the spread of this deadly virus as the number of hospitalizations is increasing. The influenza vaccine can be the difference between life and death.”2

Partly in response to Amely’s death, Sen. Peralta partnered with NYC Health + Hospitals/Elmhurst to sponsor free influenza vaccinations in LeFrank City on Nov. 17, 2018. Some 90 area residents were vaccinated. “The influenza vaccine can be the difference between life and death. I want to thank NYC Health + Hospitals/Elmhurst and LeFrank City management for making Saturday’s flu clinic possible and providing potentially lifesaving vaccines to the community,” said Peralta.3 4 5

On Nov. 20, Peralta, 47, developed a fever. The following day, he became “disoriented and had trouble breathing.” He was taken to Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, NY where he died that evening. “We really don’t know what happened,” said Peralta’s wife, Evelyn Peralta. “He just took a turn for the worst.”6

Peralta had reportedly been ill for at least two weeks. According to the Associated Press, Mrs. Peralta had told reporters that her husband had felt pressure behind his ears and headaches for a week or more and had gone to see a doctor.6

An article in The New York Times quoted Sen. Peralta’s director of communications, Chris Sosa, as saying, “It was like pulling teeth to get him (Peralta) to talk about not feeling well. He just thought he was having symptoms related to getting the flu shot.”7

Peralta’s death was attributed to sepsis—an overstimulation of the immune system triggered by an infection and leading to “septic shock.”8 9 10

“His body was poisoning itself,” said Mrs. Peralta.10

As described in 2014 by U.S. physicians writing in the medical journal Virulence, “Sepsis and severe sepsis (sepsis accompanied by acute organ dysfunction) are leading causes of death in the United States and the most common cause of death among critically ill patients in non-coronary intensive care units (ICU).”11 This year, a group of physicians in Austria wrote that, “Sepsis was recently redefined as life-threatening organ dysfunction caused by a dysregulated host response to infection. For decades, it has remained a highly lethal condition in which dependable diagnostics and therapeutic decision-making are far from optimal.”12 

Sepsis is also associated with systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS).8 9 As described by researchers in China in 2015:

SIRS (systemic inflammatory response syndrome) and sepsis are two different entities of the same disease complex both leading to multiorgan dysfunction and eventually death of the patient. SIRS is defined as an overwhelming systemic inflammation without infectious component. In contrast, sepsis is a potential fatal medical condition that is characterized by a severe systemic infection accompanied by a dysregulated systemic inflammation.13 

Steve Peters, MD of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota said, “Sepsis occurs when chemicals released into the bloodstream to fight an infection trigger inflammatory responses throughout the body. This inflammation can trigger a cascade of changes that can damage multiple organ systems, causing them to fail.14 

Health authorities do not know what caused Peralta to develop sepsis. According to Mrs. Peralta, “The doctor said it’s rare, [given] his age and that it happened so quick… he was healthy. He was a healthy guy.”10

Currently, there is no evidence that Sen. Peralta’s sudden death was caused by the influenza vaccination he had recently received.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), common side effects of the influenza vaccine include soreness, redness, and/or swelling from the shot, headache, fever, nausea and muscle aches. The influenza vaccine can occasionally cause fainting and the vaccine has been associated with Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS), which is inflammation of the peripheral nervous system.

Additionally, the influenza vaccine can cause severe allergic reactions that may be fatal, including difficulty breathing, hoarseness or wheezing, swelling around the eyes or lips, hives, paleness, weakness and a fast heart beat or dizziness.15 There are ingredients in influenza vaccines that can cause some people to have reactions.16

Learn more about influenza and influenza vaccines here.


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  1. Vaccine mandators do everything they can to deny that the flu vaccine set off this systemic inflammatory response.

  2. No thanks to the alleged life-saving flu shot. I’d rather get the so-called flu and let my body do it’s natural thing. R.I.P. senator 🙁

  3. This is crazy omg please stop believing this nonsense about getting all these shots when our bodies are meant to fight off bacteria without poisonous drugs…

    1. Humans have been “fighting off” infections without drugs or vaccines fro millennia.
      Billions have died from the infections in the process. Last century, around 300 million died from smallpox alone, as an example.

      1. Juanita, you’d best get your smallpox vaccine then. Be sure to get your yellow fever vaccine and plague vaccine, too. Those diseases are still out there and once killed millions too, and if vaccines are necessary then you’re surely doomed without them.

      2. The same old fake stories to help push vaccines and profits for the drug companies. Better nutrition and better sanitation are responsible for better health. You stupid and dishonest.

      3. Juanita,
        Many of the people who died you are referring to actually had the smallpox vaccine. In Leicester, England the vaccine was made mandatory in 1853 and there was a 95% vaccination rate. Still deaths rose. From 1857-1859 there were 14,000 deaths from smallpox. From 1863-1865 there were over 20,000. Between 1870-1872 45,000 deaths, mostly due to a massive outbreak in 1871. Come 1885 80,000 people rallied in the streets in outrage and refused to vaccinate anymore. They started isolating people who came down with smallpox, disinfecting their homes, and having people who were immune look after them. Death rates plummeted, while towns all around them continued to have outbreaks. Same thing happened in 1855 in Massachusetts. Forced vaccinations and same results, climbing smallpox death rates. Same thing happened in multiple countries around the world as far as Japan.

        1973-1976 Vol II according to The World Health Statistics Annual
        “There has been a steady decline of infectious diseases in most developing countries regardless of the percentage of immunizations administered in these countries.”

        Supreme Court of the United States of American in 2011, Bruesewitz vs Wyeth
        DpT vaccine injury case
        “Vaccines are unavoidably unsafe.”

        Think that last one pretty much says it all.

      4. Please provide data to substantiate your claim. Also, it’s know that the Smallpox vaccine actually killed more people than it saved. Check out the European statics. PLUS: Tom Mack, the country’s foremost authority on the Smallpox vaccine stated this at a meeting in Atlanta in 2002 when George Bush wanted to mandate the Smallpox vaccine during the Gulf War-
        “If people are worried about endemic smallpox [long lingering or permanent presence of the disease in the population], it disappeared from this country not because of our mass herd immunity [derived from the vaccine]. It disappeared because of our economic development. And that’s why it disappeared from Europe and many other countries…[its disappearance is] not from universal vaccination.”
        Read entire speech below plus commentary from blog owner.

        Tuesday, December 17, 2002


        DECEMBER 17. The public does not realize that medical conferences are held almost every day of the year, somewhere in this world, and that at these conferences there are mainstream professionals who, now and then, spill a few important beans which are overlooked by the press.

        Such a conference—on the smallpox situation— was held in Atlanta on June 19 and 20 of 2002. The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices heard a number of speakers, one of which was Dr. Tom Mack of USC, who said about himself: “My credentials include probably spending more time working up [analyses of] population-based outbreaks of smallpox than virtually anybody ever has.”

        Mack had a few VERY interesting things to say.

        “Most important determinant to the eventual number of [smallpox] cases is whether or not somebody gets put in the hospital. And everything should be done to prevent that.”

        What? Well, Mack is simply making clear what everyone wants to deny: the best place to spread an infection is the hospital. And since that is so, why is there such a push to vaccinate hospital workers? The push should be to keep smallpox cases out of the place altogether. Doesn’t quite line up with the government picture of emergency measures for smallpox containment. “Unexposed [to the smallpox disease] community members have negligible risk. There is a substantial risk from a vaccine…It is the single most dangerous live vaccine.”

        “That protection [from the vaccine] will not be maintained. It will gradually wane and we’ll have to do it [vaccination] again and again.” This from a mainstream doc who has some level of faith in the protective value of the vaccine. He is painting a very grim picture—people vaccinated again and again, thereby increasing many times over the health danger of the vaccine.

        “The informed consent that you would have to prepare to vaccinate somebody in the public, if it’s honest, would have to say that dangers would exceed the benefits.” BOOM.

        “If people are worried about endemic smallpox [long lingering or permanent presence of the disease in the population], it disappeared from this country not because of our mass herd immunity [derived from the vaccine]. It disappeared because of our economic development. And that’s why it disappeared from Europe and many other countries…[its disappearance is] not from universal vaccination.”

        That’s a wow and a half. Mack is echoing several medical historians who have pointed out that better and less crowded housing, better nutrition, better sanitation are the real reasons for the disappearance of smallpox—and a host of other diseases. But Mack is not an historian. He’s a prominent USC doc who has worked inside smallpox in several areas of the world.

        Mack favors, by and large, containment of smallpox by isolating people who have the disease.

        But the US press has no stomach for protracted debates. I mean, why not do a show on NBC where Mack and some government “expert” sit down and square off and talk this out? Why not REALLY give both sides, instead of only pretending to?

        Would the public be interested? You bet.

        Would the government be interested? Would the vaccine manufacturers be interested? Ah, there is the rub.

        No guts, no glory.

        The TV networks have turned into complete mush, despite their “hard-hitting pieces.” They fold up and walk away with their tails between their legs. They rationalize their position by saying they don’t want to panic people, they want preserve and serve national security, homeland security.

        When HBO made its recent movie, Live From Baghdad, about CNN coverage of the Gulf War, it failed to mention that CNN’s only real triumph was transmitting live feed of lights showering the night-time sky. The movie was about the valiant reporters who risked their lives to get that feed of white lights in a green sky to the world.

        It’s called a soap opera. Whereas journalism is supposed to be about facts, and about where those facts lead. Dr. Tom Mack had some real facts when he spoke in Atlanta last June. Anybody out there have enough money to start a news channel? Want to rip the lid off the networks? It’s a hell of a lot better bet than the NASDAQ.

        The interesting thing, however, is that the incidence of smallpox actually increased once vaccination programs were instituted. In Jenner’s time, there were only a few hundred cases of smallpox in England. After more than fifteen years of mandatory vaccinations, in 1870 and 1871 alone more than 23,000 people died from the disease. Later, in Japan, nearly 29,000 people died in just seven years under a stringent compulsory vaccination and re-vaccination program.

        This increase in smallpox deaths was associated with a noticeable lack of protection not the best combination of events. For example, in Germany, over 124,000 people died of smallpox during the same epidemic. All had been vaccinated. Additionally, (unaltered) hospital records consistently show that about 90 percent of all smallpox cases occurred after the individual was vaccinated.

        This lack of efficacy and increase in disease incidence, while other communicable diseases were declining, led to the refusal of smallpox vaccination by some countries. This resulted in a drop of the incidence of the disease that is quite remarkable. In Australia, when two children died from their smallpox shots, the government terminated compulsory vaccinations. As a result, smallpox virtually disappeared in that country (three cases in fifteen years). When England began to reject vaccination, then the incidence of smallpox deaths decreased accordingly.

  4. Can’t believe it!!!!Mr. Peralta died 2 weeks following the flu vaccination. He was ill for those 2 weeks. And there is no evidence that he died from the flu vaccine? What caused the sepsis? Any chance it was the flu vaccine? Hmmm

    1. Do you have difficulty reading? He died three days after the vaccine, but had been feeling ill for two weeks previously. Still, I wouldn’t trust an anti-vaxxer to get their facts straight.

      1. VICP has paid billions to the victims of vaccine related injuries. Thousands of independent doctors are fighting the corrupt government paid CDC doctors. Don’t worry though. Continue to be an advocate for tv doctors and pharmaceutical companies. Like the good sheep that you are.

      2. Suskmaster, (rightly so), I think you need to go over this article again, maybe with a magnifying glass. It does not state WHEN this suck master (of the gov’t) got his flu shot. You are just so quick to defend other suck masters like yourself that you and all your suck master friends just look so foolish.

      3. Maybe you do…
        This from the original article:
        “Peralta had been ill for at least two weeks, but was reluctant to visit a doctor, according to his director of communications, Chris Sosa, because he assumed his symptoms were related to his recent flu shot.”

      4. An article in The New York Times quoted Sen. Peralta’s director of communications, Chris Sosa, as saying, “It was like pulling teeth to get him (Peralta) to talk about not feeling well. He just thought he was having symptoms related to getting the flu shot.”7

      5. Suckmaster did you forget to read Peralta’s own assessment:
        … An article in The New York Times quoted Sen. Peralta’s director of communications, Chris Sosa, as saying, “It was like pulling teeth to get him (Peralta) to talk about not feeling well. He just thought he was having symptoms related to getting the flu shot.”7

      6. The flu vaccine is known and proven to LOWER a person’s immunity to other infections. Sadly, Mr. Peralta may have had an infection before being vaccinated. The shot destroyed his ability to fight it off and as a result he lost his life. Vaccines destroy innate immunity… FACT.

  5. My father died in the first swine flu shot in 1976 and dropped dead in 3 days and he was a very healthy man and not taking any medicines. Since then I had the flu shot once and never again due to “chemicals” in it and see so many dying from it and the pneumonia it can cause and lead to dying. Today’s world people are too weak due to eating the wrong foods, taking other medicines, not taking care of their bodies. I feel sad that this man died but since it took place soon after his vaccination, there is in my mind the shot undoubtedly was the cause of his death. Too many have died from the flu shot and the WHO/ and local groups do not want to admit it. I have seen the same thing happening to people always taking antibiotics because of the chemicals in those shots.

  6. They’re refusing to tell us when he received the flu shot, even though he is quoted as saying he felt he had symptoms related to it.

  7. Considering the millions and millions and millions of people who have been vaccinated with dead (inactivated) flu vaccines for decades you would have expected a correlation between flu vaccine and the rare condition of sepsis to be known, if one exists. In the US, that is the purpose of the ongoing research into vaccines and side-effects using the data from millions of Americans.

    This article is a nice attack on the flu vaccine. There is only one sentence that matters:
    “Currently, there is no evidence that Sen. Peralta’s sudden death was caused by the influenza vaccination he had recently received.”

    Nice try

    1. The Senator is not the first person to die from sepsis or develop debilitating life changing illness after getting a flu shot.

      -Get Your Flu Shot? DOJ Report From Vaccine Court Reveals Flu Shot is Most Dangerous Vaccine in U.S.

      How many people taking advantage of “free” flu shots will know that there is a long list of debilitating side effects from the flu shot, as compensated by the U.S. Government in the federal Vaccine Court?

      These side effects include (among others):
      -GBS – Guillain–Barré syndrome
      -TM – Transverse myelitis
      -ADEM – Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis,
      -CIDP – Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy
      -MS – Multiple sclerosis
      -SIRVA – SIRVA stands for “Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration
      -Myasthenia gravis
      -Peripheral Neuropathy

      All of these debilitating side effects were reported as being compensated in the most recent DOJ report on vaccine injury compensations published September 6, 2018, and past reports ( have also listed DEATH being compensated as a result of the flu vaccine.

      3 years ao my cousin was forced to get a Flu shot because he worked in a hospital although he didn’t work with patients. He was diabetic and had heart issue but everything was being controlled with diet and medication. He got the flu shot a week before Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving evening had a massive heart attack after dinner in the presence of his children and grandchildren. The Flu shot can cause not only the above issues but it can cause inflammation that affects the heart:

      Ann Med. 2007;39(5):392-9.
      Residual adverse changes in arterial endothelial function and LDL oxidation after a mild systemic inflammation induced by influenza vaccination.
      Liuba P1, Aburawi EH, Pesonen E, Andersson S, Truedsson L, Ylä-Herttuala S, Holmberg L.
      Author information


      Several clinical studies have suggested possible increase in cardiovascular risk during and in the first weeks after an acute inflammatory disease. Using influenza vaccine as inflammatory stimulus, we investigated whether arterial endothelial dysfunction could persist beyond the inflammatory state, and whether amplified oxidative modification of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) accompanies this vascular disturbance.

      The brachial artery responses to hyperemia (flow-mediated dilatation (FMD), and to sublingual glyceryl trinitrate (GTN), and the carotid intima-media thickness were assessed by external ultrasound in eight healthy male volunteers (age 17-30 y) before, and 2 and 14 days after intramuscular administration of influenza vaccine. Plasma levels of high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (CRP), fibrinogen, cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP), and antibodies against oxidized LDL (oxLDL) were measured at each time point. Data are means+/-standard errors of the mean (SEM).

      Influenza vaccination caused a slight elevation in CRP (from 0.5+/-0.1 at baseline, to 2+/-0.6 mg/L, P = 0.01) and fibrinogen (from 2.3+/-0.1 to 2.7+/-0.1 g/L, P = 0.01) at 2 days, which completely resolved at 14 days (CRP: 0.6+/-0.2 mg/L, P = 0.9, and fibrinogen: 2.3+/-0.1 g/L, P = 0.8 versus baseline). OxLDL antibody levels rose significantly at 2 days (from 1+/-0.1 at baseline to 2+/-0.4, P = 0.04), and remained elevated at 14 days (1.7+/-0.3, P = 0.1 versus baseline). FMD of the brachial artery decreased at 2 days (from 8.3+/-1.2% at baseline, to 5.4+/-1%, P = 0.05) with a further decrease at 14 days (4.9+/-0.8%, P = 0.03 versus baseline). The dilatory responses to GTN and the carotid IMT remained unchanged throughout the study period (P>0.5).

      Abnormalities in arterial function and LDL oxidation may persist for at least 2 weeks after a slight inflammatory reaction induced by influenza vaccination. These could explain in part the earlier reported increase in cardiovascular risk during the first weeks after an acute inflammatory disorder.


      Flu shots are the most compensated vaccine from the NVICP.

    2. Sepsis is not rare… it’s a leading cause of death. The reason that mainstream media doesn’t report the associations between vaccines and health failures is because the vaccine industries and mainstream medical communities have succeeded in preventing it.

    3. Would he be one of those many with mitochondrial dysfunction? That is why you should not give vaccines to anyone, without prior testing. You fool.

  8. From the article:
    “Health authorities do not know what caused Peralta to develop sepsis.”
    “Currently, there is no evidence that Sen. Peralta’s sudden death was caused by the influenza vaccination he had recently received.”

    And the “health authorities” won’t ever “know” because no “evidence” is worthy of discussion when an agenda must be implemented. So, nothing to see here folks. Move along.

    1. Another Child Dies a Tragic Sepsis Death
      Family’s devastation after their healthy three-year-old daughter dies from flu less than 72 hours after she began to feel unwell

      By MailOnline Reporter

      Published: 16:47 EST, 3 January 2015 | Updated: 10:03 EST, 4 January 2015

      An Iowa family was left shocked and confused after their three-year-old daughter died from the flu not even three days after she fell ill.

      Ayzlee McCarthy, of Elk Horn, spent December 26 running around the house with her siblings and playing with her Christmas gifts: dress-up clothes and a doll of the snowman Olaf from the Disney movie ‘Frozen.’

      A day later, her legs ached so badly, she couldn’t walk.

      Then on December 28, Ayzlee was rushed to a hospital in Des Moines and hooked up to an IV.

      She died the following morning, just 13 days after her third birthday, of influenza A and B with sepsis, The Des Moines Register reported.

      Her distraught mother, Amber McCarthy, is struggling to understand.

      ‘She was healthy, she had a flu shot — the whole thing is so unreal,’ Amber McCarthy told the Des Moines Register.

      -Newlywed Died of Sepsis after Flu Shot
      -8-Year Old Utah Girl Dead From Flu After Being Vaccinated
      -Doctors Prohibited From Speaking Out On Death of Teen Caused By Flu Shot

      There’s a lot more. People die from the flu shot.

  9. What a joke. The guy is okay one day and then promotes a vaccination program, receives a vaccination in his “brave” PR program to get his community to get vaccinated, and 3 days later develops worse symptoms, including a fever and disorientation, and you expect me to believe it wasn’t the vaccine in the vaccination? Ha! Ha! Ha! Boy have I got some beautiful bridges to sell you, if you get a vaccination…. Vaccines are poisonous and the body recognizes that…Get educated and then make an informed decision, not one promoted by people with private agendas….the vaccine one included…

  10. What a joke. The guy is okay one day and then promotes a vaccination program, receives a vaccination in his “brave” PR program to get his community to get vaccinated, and 3 days later develops worse symptoms, including a fever and disorientation, and you expect me to believe it wasn’t the vaccine in the vaccination? Ha! Ha! Ha! Boy have I got some beautiful bridges to sell you, if you get a vaccination…. Vaccines are poisonous and the body recognizes that…Get educated and then make an informed decision, not one promoted by people with private agendas….the vaccine one included…I am sorry he lost his life…Sad…

  11. Are you kidding! How long will people be deceived! So sad?another loved one gone because of greed.How many more vaccines will big pharma come up with that harm kill people in which they are not held accountable, responsible for? Corruption!

  12. Articles like this are as bad as the efforts of Doctors and Pharmaceutical companies to fear monger the population into getting vaccinations. I do not support vaccinations, but articles like this cast dispersions without evidence. They build on the prejudices of a terrorized population through innuendo and move no one closer to legitimate information that allows people to make truly informed decisions.

  13. Wow! So sad. My heart and deepest thoughts go out to Senator Peralta’s family. Given the information he was given on the goodness of the vaccine, he was only doing what he thought was right. We all need to be communicating the truth about the dangers of vaccinations – as I know many are – until we see a change in the way the CDC and medical communities are “pushing” this. Thanks for the article.

  14. The CDC even says don’t get the shot or spray IF…

    People who should talk to their healthcare provider before getting nasal spray vaccine:
    People with moderate or severe acute illness with or without fever.

    I don’t know if Mr. Peralta got a shot or spray during his own clinic but if he did, those technicians or doctors who gave it to him did not follow the CDC directions. Don’t mistake my tone, I don’t agree with vaccinations but it seems to me that this is stupidity first and malpractice second. It’s stupidity thinking shooting toxins into your blood stream can help (period) and malpractice not doing an examination before you give the shot….but who has time for an examination when the vaccinations are “proven” effective.

  15. Seemed like a good cause though, and a great political platform. It is too bad for the Senator, but he only had the upside information. Now think of all the elderly and babies whose caregivers and decision makers are deciding to allow their doctors to administer the flu shot. Now, think of all those doctors, who you would think have all the information required to make a proper decision. Now, think of the educational institutions and cultural institutions in the world that teach the doctors that it’s all OK. How are we going to get through this without many more tragedies?

  16. Yeah, sure not related …We cannot see the correlations for ourselves, we MUST believe the STATE and all its officialdumb.

  17. Quite tragically ironic that he himself was quoted as saying ““The influenza vaccine can be the difference between life and death.”

  18. No evidence the sepsis wasn’t caused by the flu shot? How many more previously healthy people must develop sepsis following a flu shot for there to be evidence?

    “Katie McQuestion, a 26-year-old radiology technician from Kenosha, Wisconsin, got a flu shot to comply with hospital policy and had no underlying medical conditions, but she caught the flu and developed a serious complication from it: sepsis. She died on Jan. 2.”

  19. My husband was given the pneumonia vaccine after being diagnosed with aspirational pneumonia,without our consent. Within six weeks he was dead. The neurotoxins in the vaccine destroyed his brain, without a doubt. The irony is we have been anti- vaccines since one of our children developed seizures after the measles shot and now suffers with MS. Everyone should see “The truth about vaccines” and check out what your putting in your body. Vaccines have become Big Pharmas goldmine at the expense of humanity.Learn how to nourish your body and maintain a healthy immune system.

  20. God only knows what they are putting into flu shots, and no one can predict how each individual will respond to the inflammation caused by them.

  21. Senator Peralta followed his own misguided advice and got the flu shot. Two weeks later he mysteriously dies of severe sepsis. As expected, the medical profession will deny that the shot had anything to do with his death.
    Amely Baez died of “flu-like” symptoms. There is no mention of her vaccination status. However, it is my opinion that if she had not been vaccinated, it would have been headline news and the story would have been about a needless death and parents would have been blamed.

  22. Ignorance. All commercially available vaccines have neurotoxins. Read Dr Suzanne Humphries book on Illusions of vaccines if you want to further educate your family on the propaganda behind vaccines.

  23. Confusing writing. Headline says senator died, then article opens with 8-year-old died. Then moves to senator’s death. What does the kid have to do with the story? The segway is vague.

    1. The very man who promoted the flu shot to save lives because an 8yo girl died from “flu-related “ symptoms then died shortly after getting the flu shot himself. Get it?

  24. So Mr. Peralta dies within 2 weeks of getting a flu shot and they use this to push getting flu shots. Gee, that makes sense

  25. Well if this don’t bring all new meaning to the idea of dying for your beliefs….. There is no way to tell if the vaccine is to blame. However, it also highlights the idea that people (men get blamed but us ladies have the same issue!!) don’t ask for help until after disaster is well under way. Be vigilant – whether or not you vaccinate! Without your health you are nothing, and you can be incredibly healthy and wait just a bit too long –

  26. How to avoid the flu and the other junk out there….stay out of public places, dont eat out, and strikely stay away from brats, they carry more diseases than a cock roach.

  27. So sorry for this. If it was related to the vaccination he received, I certainly hope the connection can be verified.

  28. Tragic to lose people that are this young(8 YO and 47 YO). But, I wonder if we’ll ever find the answer to both deaths and any of the underlying co-morbidity of both if any existed. It’s all too obvious from my 10 + yrs of researching this subject area that Big Pharma has no Objectivity

  29. I got a flu shot about 12 years ago & ended up on my couch for 5 days in severe pain. My infectious disease specialist decided the next year to give me an antihistamine first & then the flu shot. The same thing happened, so I have not gotten the shot since then. I had the swine flu in 2009, took elderberry for 5 days & on day 6 felt fine. In 2017 I had classic flu symptoms & this time was quite ill, but treated it with Oscillococcinum, elderberry & Coptis chinensis. When it started to go to my chest I put eucalyptus in my diffuser & cleared that up & made a good recovery.

    My mother had influenza in 1918 as a small child & never had influenza for the rest of her life despite being exposed to it many times. She never saw the need to get a flu shot.

  30. Avoid doctor’s office by all means. That is where sick people are. That is where your health gets compromised. If you know a nurse, ask them about health. They usually can give you better advice than the needle and medicine prescribing doctors.

  31. While sad for his family’s loss, it will take the death of vaccine absolutists( Big pharma owned doctors and politicians) for them to tell the truth- vaccines have killed and harmed more people in first world countries then they helped. The data is overwhelming.

    So Jose you got what you gave- death via vaccine. Karma.

  32. They are liars. They know what caused the systemic inflammation he had. They don’t want to admit that they are killing the children, old folks and our animals with the over vaccination of everyone. Money is the bottom line. Big Pharma is sleeping with the government and they are all having an orgasmic affair. Makes me disgusted. It is another back door approach to socialism in our country.

  33. Too bad he and his doctors didn’t know about I.V vitamin C treats Sepsis he’d still be alive.
    Oh well, so much for the flu did that work out for him?

  34. 2yrs ago my husband was admitted in severe sepsis and total body failure, intubated. This occurred 10 days after receiving the flu vaccine. 4days after receiving the vaccine he became sick with nausea, vomiting, dehydration, and severe fatigue. I took him into urgent care on Thursday, where labs were normal and he was given 2L of IV fluids and sent home. By Saturday he was in severe respiratory distress. He was transported to ER by Medics, where all labs came back profoundly abnormal, and he was intubated and in ICU treated for profound sepsis. This was the same ICU where he had been an RN employed for many years. Because of great care from our “friends”, he survived. And of course no one believes me when I say this is a result of the vaccine. I too am an RN. I refused the mandatory vaccine last year. I swore I’d always quit working when it became mandatory. And so I retired from my position in the cath lab a year ago.

  35. No evidence? Ok. BUT there sure is a Hell of a lot of CIRCUMSTANTIAL evidence. That’s good enough for me. Of course what’s the one thing that he did that’s out of the ordinary? Flu shot. But hey it can’t be that. CDC, “we’ll investigate”, riiiiight. The politician paid the ultimate price for his stupidity. I bet if he could do it over again he wouldn’t get a flu shot. I have a hard time feeling sorry for a politician. Good riddance.

  36. When I have communication with my United Health Care representatives, they do their due diligence and inquire as to whether I have had my annual flu shot. I say no;,never have , never will, (unless it is given me without my consent which seems to be standard procedure in our hospitals) and since taking large quantities of excellent supplements, I don’t get flus and colds as I did pre-supplement days. Well much to my surprise the reps have been very supportive telling me how awful they felt after the shot and one gal was hospitalized for two weeks! All my friends who get their shots every year are sick over and over again. Working last year, I was the only one in the crew who didn’t get sick even though I was several decades older than most of them. Reckon I’m saving my insurance company soooo much money. I say stop being opinionated and look and read the evidence. As long as the law allows I’m vaccine free. Hopefully that day will never come that I have to outrun the vaccine shooters!

    1. Well done Julie Kraker.
      I too am unvaccinated never ill RN now retired and remain sounding the needle alarm…DONT.

  37. so you are NOT saying he Senator took a flu shot, along with all those 90 folks in the example they wanted to set?

    Yet the mentioned NY TImes article brought it up?

    Let’s be clear.

  38. Dear TVR Staff, Please provide the basis of your judgement that “there is no evidence that Sen. Peralta’s sudden death was caused by the influenza vaccination he had recently received”?

    How much more do you need? There is already a *preponderance* of evidence:

    (1) Vaccination has a sensitizing and pro-inflammatory effect.
    There is much evidence in medical research that vaccination, including influenza vaccination in particular, has a sensitizing (overstimulating and in an inappropriate manner), pro-inflammatory effect on the immune system, and may increase susceptibility to related and unrelated infections. In fact, the term “vaccine-associated enhanced respiratory disease” (VAERD) has even been coined to describe that effect. (These effects arise from both the immune-sensitising ingredients and the sensitizing and invasive effect of direct injection.)

    A few examples of such research findings include, in relation to influenza vaccination:
    • that “(vaccine-induced) non-protective antibody is associated with immune complex(IC)-mediated disease after infection” and that “preexisting vaccine antibodies may enhance other viral infections in humans” ( and

    • that “Vaccine-Induced Anti-HA2 Antibodies Promote Virus Fusion and Enhance Influenza Virus Respiratory Disease:;

    and that the vaccination:

    • increases the risk of the H1N1 strain of influenza ( and

    • increases, by 440%, the risk of non-influenza viral upper respiratory tract infection ( and

    • suppresses cytotoxic T lymphocytes necessary for fighting pathogens (

    (2) The flow-on result of the sensitizing effect of vaccination is that influenza complications can occur directly as a result of the vaccination.
    – that the flu virus particles in a flu shot are not completely or permanently inactivated
    It is assumed by many that the process used to inactivate viruses is 100% effective. However, the process is subject to the (mathematical) asymptotic factor, so the inactivation of the virus is incomplete (, and

    – that the inactivation is limited in duration, as the inactivated virus is able to revert to its former virulence (, and

    – that the injection process bypasses important defences against the flu virus, leaving the body more vulnerable to active viral particles.

    (3) Sepsis is a well known complication of the disease influenza

    Sepsis is also defined as overstimulation of the immune system (in a harmful way), which is exactly what vaccination has a propensity to do.

    (4) Some governments acknowledge that vaccination may cause sepsis
    e.g. Australian Immunisation Handbook 9th edition, Appendix 6: Definitions of adverse events following immunisation (

    and finally,

    (5) Patients are the best witnesses of their own symptoms
    Sen. Peralta himself was the best witness of the development of his own sepsis symptoms in relation to the timing of his ‘flu vaccine – he knew exactly when he started to feel unwell.
    Despite a natural bias towards downplaying its adverse effects, Sen. Peralta acknowledged a strong temporal relationship between his shot and the development of his illness.

  39. At this point, I can’t help but wonder if the so-called FLU vaccine was for the FLU that was purportedly given to Senator Peralta, or if he was given the WRONG drug or even KNOCKED OFF, on the orders of some DIRTY LOWDOWN WRETCH under the GUISE of a FLU vaccine. DIRTY politics is STILL alive and WICKED!

  40. this article creates its own facts. Per Peralta’s wife

    “They need to do additional tests,” she said. “There is no final conclusion yet. They don’t know” what caused the fatal blood infection, she said.

  41. An individual developing sepsis after a flu shot is not rare if you do some research.

    More tests? Your faith in the CDC is completely illogical considering the number of drugs that they have allowed on the market that they knew for a fact could kill or harm people. Also, the CDC has a propensity for lying to the public. Let’s go with the current lie that the Flu shot can protect elderly people with heart problems. Why the lie? Because it’s the elderly that is leading the charge in refusing to take flu shots. If you read the headlines of articles they use two words that gives them (pharma & the CDC) plausible deniability in the articles: the articles use the words “linked to” and “may”. Despite the fact that there are multiple studies saying the flu shot causes inflammation the CDC wants people to believe it can reduce heart attacks with absolutely no proof.

    Remember this: VIOXX that caused 27,000 HEART ATTACKS in the US alone before it was removed from the market. Research it. It took years to remove it despite Mercks own researches going to congress and giving data that showed the drug was killing people, it stayed on the market and the public wasn’t warned. Why do you think that even if further testing showed that the vaccine caused the Senators sepsis the public would be told? All drug press reporting passes through the CDC and do you think they would let this out? The CDC has no oversight so who is going to force them?

  42. I get the flu shot almost every year – I’m 72 years old. Nothing bad has happened and I have not gotten the flu. How can this be if flu shots and all other vaccinations that I have had are so poisonous?

    1. Considering the number of paid trolls on comment boards such as these, we only have your word that not only have you gotten a flu shot every year, but you’ve never experienced any adverse effects from it or any vaccine. See that’s the troubling part of your statement to me because this article is about a specific vaccine yet you felt the need to inject “other vaccinations”. There is no way to substantiate your claim so you really don’t add to the discussion and your injection of “other vaccinations” IMHO is suspect.

    2. “How can this be if flu shots and all other vaccinations that I have had are so poisonous?”

      Are there foods you like and others don’t? That’s why.
      Everyone’s body chemistry is different. But than again, we only have your word for it that you’ve never experienced any adverse effect from any vaccines.

  43. You are Very Wrong about Vaccines !!! First Look at the missing CMAH . You have fake science about Vaccines !!
    Go to Genova Diagnostics . net Get tested for toxins ! We Stopped Autism ! Vaccines do not cause Autism

    Contact us if you want the truth !!

  44. All Congress persons should be force vaccinated with entire vaccination schedule and 2 weeks later take a vote on how many would like to strike down the 1986 law that indemnifies pharma from any liability for vaccine injuries.

  45. This is weird. He is a perfectly healthy man and then dies of sepsis? The flu shot I don’t trust because whose monitoring the amount of vaccine that goes into the vile. Whose distributing the ingredients (what Country). I read the flu vaccine chemicals are coming in from different countries. Is this so? Is this a hit n miss shot? If you’re lucky you get a vile that’s not contaminated? I’m 63 and still have not gotten a flu shot. I’m thinking about getting the flu shot but I’m hesitant.

  46. The one who makes the vaccines bill gates him nor his family take them. President trump said he has never had a vaccine the truth is out their all you have to do is look. I never have been the same since i was brainwashed into flu shots at work starting around 2007 last one 2014 then the lord started showing me information. Wake up America in jesus name amen.

  47. The one who makes the vaccines bill gates him nor his family take them. President trump said he has never had a vaccine the truth is out their all you have to do is look. I never have been the same since i was brainwashed into flu shots at work starting around 2007 last one 2014 then the lord started showing me information. Wake up America in jesus name amen.

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