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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Gardasil Was Linked to My Daughter’s Death

Christina Tarsell

Hard evidence refutes Stephen Neidenbach’s recent false and misinformed letter [in the Capital Gazette] on the HPV vaccine and the court case for the Gardasil-induced death of Christina Tarsell. By law since 1986, you cannot sue pharma for injuries and deaths due to childhood vaccines.1

Congress instead created a system called the “vaccine court” to process such claims. Thus a claim was filed in the “vaccine court” for the Gardasil-induced death of my beloved 21-year-old daughter, Christina Tarsell. The court rigorously assessed whether the evidence presented satisfied the rules of law in the “vaccine court.”

The evidence included testimony and reports by experts, reams of studies and medical records. The court determined that we had met our burden of proof according to the law and “Ms. Tarsell is entitled to compensation.” All of the court documents are available on the Court of Federal Claims’ website and on my website.

It was determined that Christina died from an arrhythmia induced by cross-reactivity between Gardasil and the calcium channel in her heart. The court paid particular attention as to whether the arrhythmia existed before inoculation with Gardasil. An extensive review of Christina’s 20-year medical history, including 30 specific medical appointments showed no arrhythmia before HPV vaccination (tabulated on page 22 of the judge’s report).

The final judgment stated: “Ultimately, because of the finding that Christina began to experience arrhythmia after her HPV vaccination, Ms. Tarsell has presented preponderant evidence of a logical sequence of cause and effect, connecting the HPV vaccination to the ensuing arrhythmia.”

Health and Human Services offered no alternative explanation for what happened to Christina. It is telling that HHS chose not to appeal. By a preponderance of the evidence, HHS conceded that Christina died from the HPV vaccine Gardasil.

Neidenbach clearly never did any research before opining publicly with false, unsupported statements that are clearly refuted by legal documents. Christina was the 23rd HPV vaccine death reported; there are now over 400 and counting.

Consumers need to know that HPV vaccines like Gardasil can and do cause death and serious injuries as acknowledged by the vaccine court. In the interests of truthful reporting, the Capital Gazette should retract Mr. Neidenbach’s misinformed and erroneous letter.

Note: This article was reprinted with the author’s permission. It was originally published in the Capital Gazette.


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  1. Just an FYI, I tried to pin this and it was blocked by Pinterest as “May be leading to inappropriate content”. I find this very upsetting because this this the kind of article that needs to be read by every young person and parent in order to make informed decisions.

    1. Pinterest has adopted a policy of blocking any and all negative information or comments about vaccines and vaccination. Truth and facts are apparently of no concern to them.

    2. Or Pinterest is in on it as well. Selective publishing, could be bought by Big Pharma like many others. Example 70% of many major News stations get their funding from Big Pharma. Hence selective news reporting and lots of commercials about medicines & vaccines. Ugh… when will the ugly head of the serpent be chopped off? I pray for the family of this poor young lady & that she is resting in peace. Poor girl never expected to die from a vaccine all peds deem safe. Heart breaking!

  2. I just sent this article to a friend of mine in Ohio. I agree w/Diana. This article should be read far and wide by every single parent/young person who may be considering this vaccine as an ‘option’ in their overall healthcare.

  3. Any saves of these types of vaccine articles are being blocked by Pinetrist. A violation of Freedom of Speech??????? If it is not in their belief system they get blocked???

  4. You all need to boycott Pinterest then. We must speak with our actions when no one is listening to our words? I am always open for discussion on any topic as long as the other parties have done their research. Blocking scientific studies and information is unexceptionable.
    The Organic food movement is proof it works. Way more organic products available at my local stores now. Still a ways to go but moving in the right direction.

  5. Gardasil 9:
    Merck shows no authority, Mercks’ No Attorney for the MSDS sheets, is not stated on the Material Statistical Data Sheets label, as is required for such approvals, The law cannot prove Gradasil9 is safe or not safe

  6. Wake up Americans! The adjunctives in many vaccines/immunizations ( mercury, aluminum) for infants, children, and adults are causing many neurological complications(autism, allergies, seizures , Alzheimer’s, dimensia, etc.) that are being denied, lied about, and ignored due to the billions of dollars made by BIG PHARMACEUTICALS and their drug pushing Pediatritians and Family MDs!
    Just research the alarming increase in these neurological damages over the last 30 years and increasing every year!

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