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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


The Theory of Herd Immunity Has Nothing to Do With Vaccination

woman made a mistake

There is a better than even chance that if you ask someone at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or the World Health Organization (WHO) or your family physician who first discovered the poliovirus and when they did it, they would have a hard time coming up with the right answer. The answer, by the way, is Karl Landsteiner, MD and Erwin Popper, MD of Austria in 1908.1 2 

At the same time, it is unlikely many at the CDC, WHO or most medical doctors would be able to tell you the name of the person who came up with the theory of “herd immunity,” which serves as the foundational basis for justifying mandatory vaccination campaigns. The name of that person is Dr. Arthur W. Hedrich, a health officer in Chicago, Illinois. He observed that, “during 1900-1930, outbreaks of measles in Boston, MA appeared to be suppressed when 68 percent of the children contracted the virus.”3

Later in the 1930s, Hedrich observed that after 55 percent of the child population in Baltimore, MD contracted measles the rest of the city’s population appeared to be immune to the disease. It was these observations that led to the formulation of the herd immunity theory.3 But note that the theory was based on unvaccinated populations that were exposed to the disease and developed natural immunity to it. The protection came from the fact that each population was exposed to the disease and a certain percentage of the people got it.

The original theory of herd immunity had nothing to do with vaccination. The first mass vaccination campaigns for polio and measles in the United States, for example, did not occur until 1954-1955 and 1963 respectively.4 5 6 That’s three decades after Hedrich constructed his theory. The underlying assumption of the theory was that a community as a whole would develop a certain degree of natural protection from an infectious disease after a portion of its members actually came down with the disease, recovered from it, and became immune to it.

In other words:

The more members of the herd (community) who were exposed to an infectious disease and developed natural immunity to it, the less of a threat that disease posed to the entire herd (community).7 

Somewhere along the line between the 1930s and 1950s the theory of herd immunity was corrupted and resurrected as:

The more members of a herd (community) who were vaccinated against an infectious disease and developed immunity to it, the less of a threat that disease posed to the entire herd (community).

Notice the clever sleight of hand there. Suddenly, the importance of exposure to an infectious disease was eliminated and replaced with vaccination, and the importance of natural immunity was diminished. That’s a problem, because both of those elements are key to Hedrich’s theory. Hedrich was not thinking about a vaccinated community or vaccine-induced—“temporary”—artificial immunity when he thought up his theory. He was thinking about the process of how a disease works its way through a community and how that community, eventually, naturally builds up a resistance to it as a result.

Dr. Hedrich would not recognize his theory today. He would likely be the first to speak up and say, “Uh, no, that’s not at all what I had in mind. You missed the central point.”

Just about anyone with the equivalent of a high school education can answer the question, “Who developed the theory of relativity.” Einstein, of course. The theory is central to the science of physics. Although some have tried to question it, no scientist or professor of physics of any note would dare try to misrepresent or redefine it.

Yet, ask any public health official or health care professional involved in giving vaccinations to correctly explain the theory of herd immunity and who developed it, many would probably fail on both counts. Why? Because they have not made an honest effort to study the history of the theory. They have erroneously accepted as truth the relatively new myth promoted by public health officials around the world that herd immunity can only be attained through a highly vaccinated population and that every unvaccinated individual threatens the health of and weakens the herd.

Hedrich’s theory of herd immunity has been twisted by the myth that vaccine acquired artificial immunity is identical to naturally acquired immunity, which is false. That myth serves to perpetuate the idea that only strict enforcement of mandatory vaccination laws will protect society from disease, which is also false.

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  1. Among other sins, this is a semantic game, played poorly. The meanings of words and concepts can and does change over time.

    The current meaning of herd immunity with infectious diseases for which a vaccine exists relates to the percentage of vaccinated individuals needed to protect those who aren’t vaccinated or are vaccinated for whom the vaccine is ineffective.

    You might not like that meaning, but that is the common meaning today.

    1. Sheldon, you are the one playing semantic games…

      The point being made is that the values that the word held and the accredited truth associated with it have now been misappropriated to another undeserving activity.

      In this way a deception is being intentionally perpetrated.

  2. Something that seems to be left out of Hedrich’s theory too, is the very strong probability that the parents of the kids he was observing most likely already had measles themselves as children too. Exposure and recovery confers life long immunity to that disease and Mom was passing it along in her breast milk to her suckling children; ’til they were old and well developed enough to endure their own bouts of the disease, and create their own life long immunity to it, thus the “herd immunity”. Vaccinations confer only temporary immunity and must be repeated, but at the same time are introducing immune system attackers with the vaccines, AND depriving the child’s immune system a valuable learning tool at the same time as well. Some are starting to dare to voice the belief that those early “childhood diseases” serve a purpose in helping strengthen and train our immune systems to tackle the nastier bugs life can throw at us.

    1. Thank you for this information, seems much more helpful than the article. The obscure information about Hedrich’s original theory doesn’t automatically make the current take on the theory incorrect. More information was and is needed in this article, to debunk the current promulgation that is out there.

    These are the 2 words we must scream to everyone.
    They have removed nature and replaced it with needles.
    Synthetic, artificial toxic ingredients!!
    They believe man-“kind” has invented a system to out smart mother nature by using needles toxic ingredients.

    1. I understand the sentiment, but screaming is the best way to get people to put their fingers in their ears. There has to be a better way. I believe someone said ‘cooler head usually prevail” or something to that effect. Let’s try to use an approach that will get people to listen.

  4. The phenomenon observed by Hedrich was simply the ebb in the natural, cyclical ebb and flow of infectious illness. It protected no one.

    Nor was – is – measles a threat. If there’s a threat, it’s inherent in the immune status of the individual child; his or her ability to sustain the symptoms we call the disease, but which in reality are Nature’s rather remarkable program of recovery from infection, which often proves cathartic. Quote from a British MD, from the February 7, 1959 issue of the British Medical Journal:

    “In the majority of children the whole episode has been well and truly over in a week, from the prodromal phase to the disappearance of the rash, and many mothers have remarked ‘how much good the attack has done their children,’ as they seem so much better after the measles.”

    The only protection from illness is a healthy lifestyle, beginning with diet. The resulting, robust immune system will minimize the number of times you develop infectious illness, and assure productive, successful recovery when you do.

  5. Very good commentary with the points well taken. One thing I often hear repeated is that measles, mumps etc.. are diseases. I’m not alone in objecting to this ‘scary’ description of minor illnesses which used to be known as passing infections. Cancer is a ‘disease’. Lyme is a disease -but definitely not a passing infection. Any illness which runs its course and then clears of its own when properly addressed and leaving the host with lifelong immunity should not be considered or called a disease. This term leaves readers or listeners with a subconscious impression that contracting these infections may leave them permanently impaired when actually quite the opposite is what occurs.
    When as a child I got the chicken pox, measles or just a cold virus – no one would have said I had a disease because it’s simply not an accurate description.

    Lastly, Einstein was an unfortunate choice of comparison to what we’re dealing with today. His relativity ‘theory’ has also never been proven. But what is known is that he was a flagrant plagiarist who stole others research and put to his name. He was promoted by that ‘community’ to advance an agenda of the times and continues to be. Behind the scenes, todays ‘scientists’ quietly acknowledge this but go along with the meme that Einstein was brilliant rather than a loon. Why? To continue the snow job that quack science is the end all be all not be questioned.

    1. Kudos Julie… “Quack Science”, Indeed!
      I wish more “College Educated” people in this nation had the ability to question & critically evaluate the “Science Theories” they hear rather than just embracing and religiously regurgitating them.

  6. I suggest the concept of “Herd Immunity” is based on ignorance. It does not take into account the fact that viral exposure/infection does not always result in disease/symptomatic infection. Had Dr Hedrich known more about viruses and understood that many of those infected with measles likely never became ill; he would never have suggested the foolish “Herd Immunity” theory. In fact, if the pre-profit minded, free thinking physicians of his time had the technology available today: They would have embraced REAL scientific methodology and focused their attention on why the immune systems of so many prevent infections from developing into disease, rather than investing all of their resources into developing patented & profitable vaccines which many of us now realize are neither safe nor effective. FYI, I have been a care focused RN for 29 years and never had a symptomatic Influenza infection and never had an Influenza vaccine.

    On the CDC website there WAS detailed information about Polio that provided information about how to kill the virus (intense heat, UV lights, formaldehyde & CHLORINE) as well as the actual statistics related to symptomatic infection. That page was replaced with this one: For those who have difficulty understanding statistics; the CDC says that the unvaccinated immune system can prevent 72% of the population exposed to the virus from developing a symptomatic Polio infection. They then report that “almost 25%” of those exposed develop minor symptoms. That means ~97% of our unvaccinated population does not need to worry about poliomyelitis developing into a crippling and potentially deadly infectious disease.

    Only 3% infected with polio developed serious symptomatic infection but it seemed like an epidemic every summer because thousands of people in every community were being infected at their public swimming pools. Polio is spread through stool. One dirty diaper or dirty bottom could contaminate thousands of gallons of water. Any swimmer who got that seemingly clean water in his mouth was susceptible to infection. The summertime polio epidemics ended in the early 1960’s when public health laws mandated that public swimming pools maintain a CHLORINE level that killed/inactivated the virus which caused polio. The Polio Vaccine never prevented symptomatic polio infections but beginning in 1963 it did infect untold millions with SV-40.

    1. Excellent post. Thank you. It is very difficult to know this and not speak out to the ones who are believers in the medical system. The inefficient immune responses, the un-targeted consequences, are usually not realized until one experiences these consequences themselves.

    2. Hello Jack,
      Thank you for taking the time to put this information from the frontline online – it is really appreciated and frightening.

    3. Great comment Jack.
      I was looking for information on developing immunity without the history of infection just this past week and would love to read more about it. Could you share any good sources with me?

      Thank you

    4. Jack, whether you’ll ever see this reply I’ll post anyway, SV-40 is a pretty typical RNA virus that inhabit animals and humans all the time. Overall they are harmless and non-cytotoxic. Most whom I’ve seen make a big deal of it don’t realize the harmless genetic make up of RNA virus….which are actually long known in virology as “passenger” or “associated” or “simbiot” virus. Regardless cytotoxic (DNA) nor non-cytotoxic (RNA) virus, neither are the catalyst for anaplasia. Many who claim harm by SV-40 or refer to it usually give it the ability to cause cancer. HPV neither is guilty of causing cervical cancer. Duesberg has an article on SaneVax re: HPV, cervical cancer and Gardasil.

  7. They cannot answer medical or historical or any questions unrelated to giving the run-around. Answering citizens is not their job. They are only there to ensure they all get paid & benefits so they don’t have to get real jobs.
    They are corrupted-absolutely Executive Branch alphabet Agencies, twisted remnant extensions of a once-great Republic. They outnumber CONgressjacks something like 4000-to-1.
    Many of the Agencies are sub-branches of what sometimes are Constitutional branches from the Cabinet. Yet, they exceed their mission & delegation authorities, left to run amok because the “leaders” are too busy making money far beyond their salaries.
    THE AGENCIES SHOULD BE HERDED INTO GUANTANAMO, yet they’ve paid off CONgressjacks and others who might have oversight or hold them accountable. Big Pig Pharma owns YOUR “Representatives,” now; YOU are NOT “Represented.”

  8. First let me open with the fact that I am not a fan of vaccination and have stopped getting mine. I believe the adjuvants cause more harm than good in most cases and we give far too many vaccinations to the far too young. That said i remain open minded and question all views on the topic mainly because I don’t believe we have much true science available to us on the this subject. What we do have was mainly put there by big pharma and biased. The question I have with this article is it also assumes that the “artificial” immunity provided by vaccination does not produce the same “protection” that the “natural” immunity did. The argument as presented makes a leap here which leaves it open to question and diminishes the strength h of the rebuttal. So the question of does a “vaccine induced immunity” have the same effect on a community as a “naturally induced immunity” remains open to interpretation and begs unbiased scientific finding. (That said I’m still avoiding whatever vaccinations possible until I see more proof either way).

    1. I’m not sure the article claims what you say it claims, namely, “it… assumes that the “artificial” immunity provided by vaccination does not produce the same “protection” that the “natural” immunity did.” That’s not what the article is saying. It’s saying that the concept of herd immunity was predicated on herd immunity derived from the natural progression of childhood illnesses, long before the same concept was co-opted to explain how vaccine-derived immunity apparently works. That’s all.

    2. So the question of does a “vaccine induced immunity” have the same effect on a community as a “naturally induced immunity”.

      No. Vaccinated children are contagious and therefore there cannot be herd immunity.

      Here is the conclusion of a study done years ago by 2 FDA researchers about vaccines:

      In 1995, Golding and Scott,2 published the need for strategies to make vaccines that would generate the “required” Th cell to the corresponding microorganism. Since that time, attempts to produce vaccines that would generate a “natural”- type response have failed. So, we are left with vaccines that generate “protective” responses as a second choice. How does this work? In vaccine-induced Th2 responses, called humoral responses, the body produces large quantities of specific antibodies that block the virus from entering cells. This response is why a vaccinated child doesn’t get a full blown infection and why the child won’t spread as many viruses into the environment. However, antibodies cannot get into cells to eliminate viruses once the viruses are in the cells or cannot kill infected cells themselves. Therefore, the body has no choice other than to internalize the virus and be chronically infected when the body is forced into a Th2 antibody response. The body is essentially constipated with viruses that it cannot expel!

      Un-vaccinated children who are exposed to measles will generate the immune response that is required to make permanent immunity as well as kick out the virus from the body. The normal, healthy body’s response to viruses is to externalize them. To suppress this natural response can be as hazardous to our health as suppressing waste elimination from the bowel or toxin release from the skin. Natural Th1 responses generate cell-mediated responses that serve to both neutralize viruses by producing antibodies and most importantly stimulate the immune cells necessary to kill any cells infected with viruses. The body works to externalize and eliminate viruses when the Th1 response is generated. So we understand now that when a Th2 response is induced, “it drives the infection deeper into the interior and causes us to harbor it chronically.” It is commonly held that the presence of antibody to viruses is a sign of a chronic on-going infection not a sign of immunity. Our bodies generally need to have Th1 cells to defend against viral,
      Gram-negative bacterial, and fungal infections, and tuberculosis, as well as to protect against cancer. Th2 response is necessary to protect against Gram-positive bacterial, parasitic infections, as well as to neutralize toxins from microorganisms and the environment. A balance of Th1/Th2 cells in the body is defined as immunostasis (or immune balance) and is required for optimum health and wellness. Vaccines promote a failure in immunostasis by making the Th2-type cells dominant.

      Golding S., Scott DE., Vaccine Strategy: Targeting Helper T Cell Responses. Ann. NY Acad. Sci. 754:126-137, May 31, 1995

    3. “The argument as presented makes a leap here which leaves it open to question and diminishes the strength h of the rebuttal. So the question of does a “vaccine induced immunity” have the same effect on a community as a “naturally induced immunity” remains open to interpretation and begs unbiased scientific finding.”

      I would like to respond to your statement cited above. Over the last several years, there have been localized outbreaks of various diseases such as measles and mumps in different parts of the country. There are always big MSM headlines on these outbreaks and the Big Pharma supporters are quick to jump on these outbreaks to push for more vaccination. What never gets much press after the outbreak is that, invariably, upon checking the facts, it always turns out that the vast majority of those who became ill WERE VACCINATED already, which shows very clearly that not only do the vaccines not work, but the ‘herd immunity’ theory behind the vaccination policy is utter nonsense.

  9. By the time I got done being verified as “not a robot” I totally forgot what I wanted to say. Thank you for that.

    1. I am with you there. I have read enough reports where many disease vectors, bacteria, viruses, etc have been identified in a healthy person, yet that person did not have any of the diseases the ‘germ theory’ states they should have.

      If your immune system is compromised, even by just being extremely tired or malnourished, then these vectors get a chance to do their stuff.

      If you are healthy, with a healthy and robust immune system (read gut health here), these things can sit around inside you for years and do absolutely nothing.

      There’s your vaccination – get healthy!

  10. Childhood illness are necessary for children to avoid more critical illness when they become adults. I have read the reason these illness occur in childhood is because a child’s immune system basically knows what to do once infected. It’s like our immune systems are primed to use the virus for the body’s benefit. When you delay the illness until the teen years or adulthood-the illness can be dire. For instance mumps which have been going around for the last few years because the vaccine is fraudulent:

    Merck accused of stonewalling in mumps vaccine antitrust lawsuit-

    Mumps in children is not a big thing. It’s uncomfortable for a day or two but if allowed to run it’s course the child develops life-long immunity with no problems. BUT if a child develops mumps beyond the childhood years there is the possibility of meningitis and/or damage to the testes, ovaries, auditory nerves or pancreas. Having being infected with the virus naturally it incurs a certain amount of protection from certain types of cancers in adulthood. This seems to be a phenomenon with all childhood illness that the CDC and the radical extremist medical profession have deemed dangerous and life threatening.

    Vaccination did not save the world. Improvements in public health care, sanitation, better food, clean water, improvement in hygiene, overall better quality of life is what has improved the health and well being of humanity-not vaccines.

  11. My brother-in-law refused to get vaccinated for ’flu’ and subsequently almost died. Now he gets vaccinated every year during ’flu’ season. I, on the other hand, have been vaccinated for it every year and have never had a full blown case. I realize this is anecdotal, but it convinces me. I have never had a bad reaction to vaccination of any consequence. My definition of herd immunity is that there is a threshold number in every population which will protect most of the population, which is less than 100 %.. This accounts for the fact that many avoid infections without being vaccinated. It is, of course, unethical not to make vaccination available to anyone who wants it and many do. In Canada there is mandatory vaccination only for people in health care, as far as I know. I’m very glad it is offered free in the case of ’flu’’ vaccine for seniors such as me. There is no doubt in my mind that vaccination was a life saving invention, and no anecdotal evidence will convince me otherwise. A proper gold standard double blind study of sufficient size would of course be another matter, particularly. if the statistical significance was repeatable. Ignorance and prejudice can be fatal, and is therefore dangerous…

    1. @Don Fox – Here’s my anecdotal account: I have never received a flu vaccine. I’m 53 and can’t remember the last time I had the flu. Same goes for my mom, who is 88. She also doesn’t remember the last time she had influenza. We do remember that it wasn’t so bad that we almost died. I’m guessing the fact that our immune systems are strong helps in our fight with illness. My mom takes two prescription drugs (one she feels is unnecessary and I agree), which is unheard of in a woman her age. Vaccination does not guarantee immunity. I will stick to not receiving any vaccines and being healthful as a result.

    2. And just for more info, here is my story.

      I got my flu vaccine every year as a child. My mother was a nurse and usually brought it home and injected my brothers and myself.

      We all usually got the flu every single year, and it was always blamed on it being a minor strain that wasn’t covered by the flu shot of that year.

      This continued into adulthood until about 15 years ago, when I just missed getting my shot. That year I didn’t get the flu!

      I haven’t had a shot since, and neither has my wife or kids. NONE OF US have had the flu since then. How unusual is it for primary-school aged children to not get the flu every fall/winter?

      That’s my story – my doctor thinks I have made it up, as do most of my friends, but I will swear to it.

  12. Such bunkum by non-medically trained victims of conspiracy theorists. I wish no-one ill but if you are parents and lose or have disabled a chil whom you criminally refused to hsve protected, I hop you can live with yourselves.

    1. Lol, “non medically trained”.

      Humanity has managed for quite a while now, wholly due to herd immunity and the passing down through the generations of this immunity.

      It does not take a medically trained “expert” to see the problem here, think for yourselves, do not be hoodwinked by these charlatans.

      However inducing fear to create profits regardless of the damage done is the real crime against our children.

      So if you really care for your children, give them a natural birth ( no c section), breast feed, plenty of sunshine, fresh air, organic fruits and vegetables and you will have a very healthy progeny, without the need for vaccines.

      P.s. I speak from experience, of which i am an “expert”.

    2. Excuse me? Criminally refused?

      When did it become a matter of criminal law to get myself and my children vaccinated?

      Where is this a legal requirement?

  13. Some of these responses on here show why scientific education is so important.

    D. Smith… you don’t believe in germ theory? Are you fucking serious? Are you a fan of spontaneous generation or miasma (where smelly air is what causes disease)? Tell me, are diseases just evil spirits that fly into your body to cause you misery? Do you believe the earth is flat too? Are you going to show how water flows off an orange in order to prove how oceans could not stay on a round planet (nothing to do with gravity ofc)?

    The majority of vaccines are inactivated or killed pathogens. Which means they CANNOT infect you. However, the antigens in the vaccine stimulate your immune system and confers immunity because the second time your immune system encounters the antigen (from an actual infectious pathogen), it can raise a really strong response against it. This immunity is not always lifelong, but neither is the immunity due to recovering from an actual infectious disease. The process of developing immunity, whether from a vaccine or from contracting the disease and fighting it off, is WHOLLY NATURAL IN BOTH CASES. And please, the term ‘natural’ does NOT necessarily mean it is safe, or better for you. Strychnine is a highly toxic poison and will kill you, but it comes from a tree… a natural source. Must be great for you, right!?

    For those of you crowing how YOU never get sick and you never got no stinkin’ vaccine, well great for you that you have a working immune system. How about having some fucking consideration for others who can’t receive vaccines because they are immuno-compromised, either due to a condition they were born with or because of a treatment they are undergoing for a disease or fighting cancer. Or maybe those newborn infants with undeveloped immune systems. Fucking pricks.

    Redpill, I know you would like to think you’re doing everyone a great service by showing them the ‘truth’ in your eyes, but your opinion and those of your conspiracy theorist friends are not valid if they’re just fucking wrong. Your opinion is NOT equal to, or more valid, than hundreds of years of scientific research and experimentation. Oh, and copy/pasting your text from a conspiracy website is not making you look more intelligent. It makes you look fake and not even motivated enough to write your own words, much less do research to defend your position.

    For those of you who say vaccines aren’t necessary, you clearly cannot remember how debilitating some of these diseases were. Try looking up the iron lungs, or pictures depicting children suffering from smallpox. Learn about typhoid Mary, who as an asymptomatic carrier, infected over 50 people with typhoid fever then had to be forcibly isolated to protect everyone around her. Then come back and tell me how terrible and unnecessary vaccines are.

    1. You sir are what we call in the uk, a knob.

      So take your righteous pompous shill-ery and stick it up your arse.

      Sorry for the name calling, but you started it, na na.

      Lol seriously though, how much do you get paid an hour to paste this stuff onto these comment sections, at least swap the text about a bit so when i see one of your ilk again, i will have to hesitate a while before sending my shill spotting reposte.

    2. Dear Mez, Antoine Bechamp would reject the “germ theory” of disease. That is, while we acknowledge the existence of viruses and bacteria, it is quite a different question to declare that exposure equals illness. The notion of “Typhoid Mary” comes to mind. One could find a certain virus or bacteria in my blood or tissues, say polio myelitis, but such would not necessarily manifest illness. Bechamp, using the language of the “Law of the Terrain” insisted that a healthy body would not fall prey to the “germ” – like “water of a duck’s back” we might say?

      My daughter has never received a vaccine. She did have chickenpox – that was before I learned to give her lots of vitamin D3. Since age 3, when I started with daily doses of vitamin C (usually 1,000 mgs), plus E for her skin, and B, D3 (anywhere from 20,000-40,000 IUs), and a host of minerals, she has never had even a cold.

      (And she has never suffered all those other things that the vaccinated kids have: eczema, allergies, ear infections, learning disability, juvenile diabetes, non-Hodgkins lymphoma, brain fog, inability to tie her shoes, hypersensitivity to light, noise, or touch, etc.)

      I always encourage parents to eschew the vaccines, and turn to organic food, lots of water, Himalayan salt, and high doses of vitamins and minerals. It works for us, and those vaccine-damaged children that I assist.

      Best wishes

  14. Vaccines contain e coli bacteria—on purpose! So technically, vaccine enthusiasts are benefiting from ‘turd immunity’. Herd immunity can only be acquired by getting childhood diseases naturally, not through toxic vaccines, containing mutant viruses.

    Escherichia Coli-derived Virus-like Particles in Vaccine Development

  15. Sorry folks but Alan is correct. You can go back to those good old days before vaccines and let nature cull the herd.

    Only problem is in protecting a very very few that may react adversely to some med or vaccine
    you will relive the history of major numbers of children never reaching 12 years old and aging populations dropping like flies as well. Walk thru those old cemeteries and see how well kids fared or not before vaccines.

    Your acceptance of genetic natural selection works but is a cruel harsh way to live but may help slow down human overpopulation.

  16. Alan’s purely emotional response is devoid of any scientific basis and further hampered by his belief that medical doctors have any understanding of immunization beyond that erroneous description by Mez in his salty, ad hominem-laced diatribe, above. Yours is slightly less emotional, but just as certainly bereft of scientific support. Unfortunately, we’ve created an environment where we have no true idea of how many children are being harmed by vaccination … any more than we are sure how many children are being protected by vaccination. I think we both know that the answer won’t be discerned by a “walk thru those old cemeteries”. The CDC, which should be the best source, can’t be trusted because of obvious financial and other conflicted interests. The SCOTUS has given the vaccine manufacturers a free pass so they have little motivation to advance the state of the art or even divulge what they know about the current state. The CDC, FDA, the entire medical establishment, as well as the mainstream media, are totally conflicted by financial and other non-health related interests. The Pharmaceutical industry leads all others in lobbying and media spending, fueling financial conflict in everything they touch. Scientific education won’t end this argument… because it’s not education but rigorous application of the scientific method that holds the answers. If this were an argument between true scientists, we’d be comparing the results of well-designed and executed RCTs. There are, however, no scientists equipped with such results because these trials, it’s argued, can’t be run “for ethical reasons”. We’re left with the hyperbole of characters like Paul Offit (who is not a scientist) implying that as many as 10,000 vaccines could be simultaneously delivered to your 2-year old… and the deliberately scary headlines about measles “outbreaks” in Washington state where 100+ kids have the measles. On the other side, we have parents who see the conflicts of interest, can read a vaccine package insert, see that they have little recourse if their child is “damaged” and understand that their highest responsibility is the welfare of their child. Most of these people, incidentally, have grandparents who all had the measles and lived long enough to at least bounce their grandchildren on their knee. They weigh the potential risks of side effects and adverse reactions of vaccination against the odds of a measles “complication” and come to a decision… which is their right. Should they decide not to vaccinate, they see that the only kids their decision puts at risk other than their own are those of like-minded parents who choose not to vaccinate… because vaccination is protecting the children of parents who chose to vaccinate… which is their right. Of these two parent groups who are each concerned about the risks posed by vaccination vs no vaccination, who has the stronger argument? Would you count on the altruism of the vaccine industry food chain to make the decision… or would you endeavor to make your own informed decision about the relative risks? Seems pretty clear to me. Let the parents decide.

  17. Alas, I remember growing up in the fifties when the only vaccines given were for polio and smallpox and watching so many of my classmates dropping like flies all around me from the childhood diseases.

    It’s why so few of us baby boomers survived childhood.

    Folks need to ask themselves this one question: How many people have I known personally in my entire life that died from a communicable disease?

    In my case, the answer would be a big, fat zero.

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