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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Just a Bunch of Crazy Mothers | Hillary Simpson

As a mother of a vaccine injured child, the hardest comment to hear from people is when they say, over and over again… “Don’t listen to them. They’re just a bunch of crazy mothers.” I am a mother. I am the one who knows the rhythm of my child’s heartbeat. I am the one who gave life to this baby, no easy feat. I am that baby’s first food, first sustenance in every sense of the word. Emotionally, physically, spiritually. Whether the first or the third, I have what it needs to survive and thrive. And now they’ve grown a little… As a mother, I know when they need to eat or poop or get a big hug. I know when they’re hiding. I know if they’re lying. I know who hit who first, without even trying. I know how they like to sleep.

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  1. I am a crazy mother, of a child not touched by vaccines but is touched by a rare gene mutation that causes prolonged seizures. I believe whole heartedly that if she had received a shot it would have killed her. I have devoted a decade to studying vaccines and their reactions, I knew years before having my daughter that she would never have them. My precious girl only rarely has seizures now. I have been a warrior for her in protecting her from doctors that think they know best, and believe me they have got an earful from me on a few occasions. Would you inject neurotoxins into a child with a neurological condition? I think not! My daughter is safe because of my knowledge and ability to not take bs from pushy doctors. I bawled as I watched this video, you are an amazing mother and I honor you.

  2. Just a Bunch of Crazy Mothers | Hillary Simpson

    Hillary deserves a Presidential Citation for this presentation. I have sent it out to 50 people and hope they all pass it on so that by next week,millions will know the vaccine culture for what it is….a tragedy. Thank you,Hillary Simpson.

  3. Hillary Simpson’s “Crazy Mother” video about vaccine injury should be up for the highest of awards. It is spot on. Dealing with the prejudices formed from the aggressive vaccine propaganda pushed left right and centre. Those of us whose lives have been changed forever thanks to a vaccine (Chronic Fatigue, Auto-Immune/chronic disease, allergies etc) know too well EXACTLY what has happened to us. Sometimes we discover the truth a long way down the track, but the truth eventually comes out, especially if you have good doctors who do not have a vested interest in the pharmaceutical industry.


  4. My husband and I just had an experience about vaccines this weekend. When my 11 year old daughter broke out in a fever and rash that lasted more than 24 hours, we decided to make sure she was okay.
    As soon as the nurse discovered we no longer vaccinate, they decided that the rash looked like Measles.

    They had asked us why we don’t vaccinate, “Was that by CHOICE?”

    (Of course, it was. What else would it be?)

    Then they got their point across when they said,
    “Well, we can’t be CERTAIN it’s the measles because we’ve never SEEN them except in picture in a book. Because they just not around anymore.” DIG.

    They reported it to the Health Department and the H.D. ordered us to a Children’s Hospital 30+ miles away, where we were directed to a particular door, and met there by staff and taken directly back and put in a DECOMPRESSION ROOM in which we had to stay and no one was allowed in or out except certain staff.

    In total we were asked 5 times if her vaccinations were up to date, but they never showed a negative reaction at our answer. But you could guess what they were thinking. And soon we KNEW what they were thinking.
    During the exam, I asked, “Where on earth would she have picked up MEASLES?”
    The doc said, without looking at us, “I’m not so sure it IS measles.”
    She then decided it wasn’t and left the room to tell the contagious disease people.
    On her way out the door, she quickly said, laughingly, “Maybe this will make you reconsider vaccinations-save you the SCARE next time.”

    My husband said, “Ummm, NO.”
    And we both thought, “WE weren’t scared, YOU were!”
    But she hadn’t waited for a reply. She got HER dig in, too.

    Then they took photos of her body, for my daughter’s file, supposedly.
    Then they did chest xrays to check for pneumonia which this diagnosed virus has been known to give.

    WE had been treating our daughter with Advil, Benedryl and fluids.
    Turns out this is exactly what the Urgent Care staff told us to do, as well as the Children’s Hospital staff.

    So we were not ‘stupid parents’.

    I wonder who is going to foot this big bill?

  5. Many blessings to you Hillary for the courage to share your articulate, heartfelt & sacred personal experience w/others in hopes that the honest facts about “unavoidably unsafe” vaccines will be fully acknowledged sooner rather then later. The highly accelerated rate of recommended dosages & frequency are extremely concerning as are some of the highly controversial ingredients/adjuvants in formulations. If it’s true this will be 1st generation of children to not outlive their parents…how is this acceptable & is there a possible corallation? 50+ yrs is indeed a highly unethical amount of time to still be waiting for longitudinal comparison studies of Vaxxed VS Unvaxxed especially when there are more then enough people willing to participate. I’m blessed as another “crazy mother” & even honored as a “crazy grandmother”! I’m always open, learning & sharing as a holistic seeker of health & well-being for myself, family & friends for the last 40 yrs. I honor & fiercely claim my intuitive sense when making important decisions regarding my health & encourage others to do the same while firmly believing that we respect each other’s right to informed consent. Thank you Hillary for staying empowered…for your own sake & that of your loved ones.

  6. Another crazy mother here.
    Baby had 2 Vax reactions including uncontrollable screaming. The doc said coincidence
    Neonatologist told me …the foreign one… definitely neurological reaction… and confirmed the first was in the NICU & that’s why his apnea came back! Why he came home on a monitor. That each would get worse.
    So we quit vaccinating & I researched.
    VAERS denied my report.
    The nurse never put it in his file!
    I know!
    So he has NO medical exemption.
    I’m not a crazy mother!

  7. Awesome. We have witnessed the harm also. My “crazy mother” of my boys has saved their life and I have learned to doubt and question my “western Medicine” training and dogma. Thank you Hillary. I am sharing this video……

  8. What a great video. Impactful, rhythmic, accurate, strong. This is a beautiful testimony. I’m passing it on to others.

  9. I really agree with you Hillary! I have not done exhaustive research as you apparently have…Do you know about the Ketogenic Diet that Johns Hopkins pioneered and which cures epilepsy? It is proven to help to restore the body’s healing mechanisms to a great degree. Also, hope you write a book for parents, to save them wading through volumes of materials/studies. God bless you and all mothers…and dads! You will be in my prayers!

  10. My youngest child is as strong and healthy as an Ox with a total of 11 vaccines in her life and none before the age of 2 and not a single flu shot. My oldest… allergies, asthma, tics, anxiety, OCD, learning disabilities, vision problems, sleeping problems, un explained illness as an infant, ear infections and on and on. He had over 30 vaccines including several flu shots and so so many before he was 2 until one day I learned became clear stopped believing the doctors and started listening to my gut. The guilt I carry when I watch my youngest living a healthy normal life remembering when my oldest was her age and how he was having night terrors, ear infections and couldn’t breath from his nose because his allergies where so bad. How I wish I could go back in time my heart will always be broken from this.

  11. I’m sure your a really great mother and treat your children well, but I’m not really understanding your point here. You claim that vaccines are causing things such as allergies, autism, and sickness in general but you forget about the millions of lives vaccines save each year. Diseases such as polio and smallpox have been completely eradicated. Not only that but the harmful chemicals such as aluminum and mercury you claim are in these vaccines come in such small doses that the effects of it are completely microscopic. On a daily basis, just through food and water, your consuming way more toxins such as aluminum than the dose in a vaccine. One last thing I want to point out is your tendacy to point the blame at something like a vaccine and not consider the other plethora of causes of sickness. My mother, who is currently in her mid-40s developed allergies randomly. She had no recent vaccines and developed similar symptoms a “crazy mother” would say was caused by vaccines. My pint is you should consider other possibilities before making a decision, you don’t want to make a fool out of yourself.

  12. I really wish people like Jayden, who commented above, were aware that there is a difference between INJECTING something and INGESTING it.

    Try injecting a shot glass full of whiskey and you’ll see what I mean.

  13. Great speaking and thanks so much for sharing Hillary. Let’s keep getting the message out; I’ve shared/incouraged others to hear you. Your point about the discrepancy between oral ingestion and injection is something to note and understand. Nursing, biology, nutrition; it’s well understood that intestinal absorption of nutrients, or toxins, is not 100%. Conversely, all-of-it injected into your body; it either stays there forever or it is absorbed, carried around in the blood and excreted in urine or detoxed in the liver. It would be interesting to note, study, what kind of absorption we have of toxins. From experience I know, eating some twenty-thirty cloves of garlic; your GI tract finds garlic ‘hot’ too. It passes through real quickly, in less than a few hours. It passes quick and you can still feel the ‘heat’ when blowing out the back door. I know garlic like that. Not much gets absorbed, I’m sure. That said, what impact is there to our intestinal flora with such?

  14. Thank you thank you thank you. I just saw this video. I just watched out of pure curiosity as to who you were, because, all due respect, I had no idea. Little did I know that 5 minutes into watching your video you would be describing exactly the things that I experienced with my sweet son. The deep sleep, then screaming after vaccination followed by green mucus stool with blood for months, then unexplained food allergies and on and on. I just started crying…just sobbing because then you said, there is no time to react, but you had to do something. And you did. It’s like we have the same story. I healed my sweet boy trailblazing my way blind to eliminate anything harmful his body would come I contact with. From clean soaps in the bath to homemade baby formulas….so much learning. It took two years for him to heal. But he did.
    I’m empowered by you, I’m impressed by you and I feel understood by another mother. Thank you for sharing and I hope your son has done healing. God bless you. Truly!

  15. I’ve been called a crazy mom x2 in the last week. Your video and a cup of tea were the perfect antidote! It’s an honor to be called crazy for a good cause.

  16. I’m with you and stunned that freedom of speech does not apply to vaccinations. We’re losing the right to choose while entire countries are banning Bill Gates and his free vaccines. I write for those who are sick and not sure why. Often this applies to those metals toxic, those poisoned by drugs and those suffer from poisons in our consumer goods. We have a permissive FDA and money still speaks louder than words.

    I write Lead Head and Search for the Cause, Not Just the Cure on Facebook.
    I also write Search for the Cause, Not Just the Cure as a dot com. We are fighting the same fight.

  17. I believe vaccine risk awareness should be something every single mother, father and person in general, are aware of, but I don’t believe abolishing vaccines is the right way to go about it. There are many despicable people out there who -if given the choice- would not vaccinate their children or kids in their custody simply to not waste money or time. If you believe your child does not need vaccinations, speak to your doctor, nurse, family physician about it and if they don’t listen find someone who will because a doctor oath is to first do no harm, but many times not looking specifically enough CAN harm children. I saw a comment on another website from a crazymother that she had received no shots so she had gone through varicella and measles, that her children had been vaccinated and she was sad they wouldn’t have the natural immune strength she now had because she had had said viral infections. I wanted to clarify that yeah, vaccines are “a little bit” of the disease being injected to the bloodstream, this is so the body can create the white blood cells needed to fight that disease if you are around it, I wanna say -to give some perspective- it’s like getting chickenpox without the rashes and dots. Not all vaccinations are bad, vaccinations have saved millions of lives and eradicated conditions and diseases that would take the lives of millions of children and adults too, yes, they have taken lives too, but I believe abolishing vaccinations is not the answer. What we need to do is push for change to allow for more specific regulations and research to be done so that parents with concerns for their children’s’ safety can be put at ease and that if vaccination is not right for the child then they not get it. No more ignorance but more mindfulness to the dangers of vaccinations in several different cases in which they can cause more harm than good.

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