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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Girls in South Africa Seriously Ill After Getting HPV Vaccine

HPV vaccine
Ivanka’s parents believe they should have had the right to exercise informed consent to HPV vaccination on behalf of their daughter, but the consent forms only listed swollen arms and feet as side effects of the vaccine.

Zanrie Nieuwoudt, 11, of Nelspriut, South Africa received the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine Gardasil at her school in March and September 2016.1 In December 2016, Zanrie began experiencing migraines, fatigue, dizziness and nausea.2 In January 2016, she suffered pain in both knees. Zanrie underwent MRI scans and blood tests which came back as “normal.” She was flown to the capital city of Cape Town for evaluation by Pieter Fourie, MD.1

Dr. Fourie is also treating 10-year old Ivanka Nortier of Cape Town. Doctors suspect Ivanka suffered brain inflammation—”HPV vaccine associated encephalopathy”—after receiving the HPV vaccine Cervarix in April 2016.3 Ivanka’s parents said they signed consent forms given to them by their daughter’s school health program stating that the HPV vaccine program is intended to reduce the cervical cancer rate.3

According to Nortier’s parents, their daughter collapsed at school  in July 2016 and has not been able to attend school since then. Ivanka suffered body pains from her fingers to her toes and was unable to speak and walk on her own for three months.3 Her father, Nino Nortier, said: “Only once world-renowned pediatrician Professor Pieter Fourie examined her, and three MRIs, a brain biopsy, full blood tests and a lumbar puncture came back clean, did he find out what was wrong with Ivanka.”3

Dr. Fourie’s report stated: “Ivanka presented with a very rare neurological ‘pseudo’ encephalitis type syndrome over a 12-week period that affected her cognitive, consciousness level and motor coordination. A very slow progressive recovery has been noted after two intravenous immunoglobulin dosages. A possible etiology of post HPV vaccination is suggested.”3

Ivanka’s parents believe they should have had the right to exercise informed consent to HPV vaccination on behalf of their daughter, but the consent forms only listed swollen arms and feet as side effects of the vaccine.3 “Our main concern is that improper consent forms were given and not all factors were disclosed. We found out later that the vaccine contains aluminum oxide which is a neuro-toxin,” said Mr. Nortier.3 

Ivanka is back in the hospital due to severe pain and weakness. “The doctors tell us it is difficult to prove medically if it is the vaccine or not because all the tests and blood results come back clean,” added Mr. Nortier.4

According to Dr. Fourie: “It was impossible to know how our genetic background predisposes us to be more susceptible to infections of certain autoimmune diseases.”4


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  1. Doctors have not been trained to diagnose the awakening of multiple viruses and other pathogens caused by a sepsis-like condition as the result of vaccinating a child with a Human Leukocyte Antigen DRB1 or DR15 genetic HAPLOTYPE, which has the power to awaken many dormant viruses that the child ever had during her lifetime. This was only discovered in 2014, and was then published in medical journals:

    1. I skimmed through this research article you mentioned and did a word search for vaccination, immunization, leukocyte, antigen, DRB1 & DR15 and I did not find anything in there referencing what you described. ?

  2. The pathogens referenced above are actually the ingredients that are collectively labeled ‘vaccine’. The only things that should EVER enter the human body are clean air, pure water and foods of our biological disposition – fresh raw fruits/vegetables/nuts/seeds/sprouts. Anything and everything not included in the above categories will contribute to poisoning of the organism. The symptoms labeled mumps, measles, chicken pox, flu, etc. are all due to mal nutrition. They are nutritional problems not medical problems. Avoid so called ‘vaccines’ even if it means home schooling or whatever unless you don’t mind that your offspring are being poisoned rendering them possibly inoperable for an indefinite period of time, infertile and even death and for what benefit? There is no benefit. Of all the medical scams, this is the oldest and one of the most deadliest.

  3. So much can be related back to parasites. See the ground breaking work of Dr. Hulda Clark. The combination of certain parasites with the ingredients in vaccines can trigger severe reactions in some. See also the youtubes shared from AutismOne conference that relates.

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