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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Autism Symptoms in Pets Rise as Pet Vaccination Rates Rise

Ill golden retriever on operating table in veterinarian's clinic

Story Highlights

  • Research is underway to evaluate reports of autism-like disorders observed in dogs.
  • Canine autism shares many of the same characteristics as Autism Spectrum Disorders in children.
  • Many of the same behavioral characteristics of autism in pets are also associated with adverse reactions to vaccines.

Just as the incidence of Autism-Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) has risen alarmingly in children over the last half century, there is evidence that similar behavioral disorders have been observed in pets, most widely reported among pet dogs. It is too early for mainstream veterinary authorities to confidently confirm that dogs can develop autism, but there are numerous reports of behavior patterns in pets that mirror autism behavior in children. Studies are underway to evaluate the possibility that animals can become autistic.1 

Autistic Behaviors Recognized in Dogs

Though the appearance of autism-like behaviors has been observed in dogs since the mid 1960s, the first researcher to specifically relate some of those behaviors to autism was Nicholas Dodman, DVM, who initially set out in 2011 to look for a genetic cause of obsessive tail chasing in bull terriers. This behavioral characteristic has been observed in as many as 85 per cent of a bull terrier litter and often results in self-maiming.

Presenting the evidence from his study at the 2015 American College of Veterinary Behaviorists, Dr. Dodman reported an autism-like condition, noting that “the vast majority of affected dogs were males, and many had other strange behaviors or physical conditions that accompanied the tail chasing, such as explosive aggression, partial seizures, phobias, skin conditions, gastrointestinal issues, object fixation and a tendency to shy away from people and other dogs.”2 He and his associates were further able to establish that two biomarkers common to children with autism were also present in the affected dogs.3 

Referencing diagnostic criteria from the American Academy of Pediatrics, some of the most commonly recognized features of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) in children include challenges associated with social interactions and communication, and “restrictive and repetitive interests and activities;”4 boys are five times more likely than girls to have ASDs; and autism in humans also is frequently associated with aggression, gastrointestinal and skin disorders, and object fixation.5 6 

Solid research is lacking in the field of canine autism, but a collaborative study called Canines, Kids and Autism: Decoding Obsessive Behaviors in Canines and Autism in Children” is currently underway in hopes of shedding light on the condition as it occurs in children and pets.7 Funded by The American Humane Association, researchers from the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center, Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, and the University of Massachusetts Medical School are hoping to develop a genetic test for autism that will benefit both humans and animals.8 

“Canine Dysfunctional Behavior” May Be Autism

Though most animal behaviorists still prefer to categorize animals with these traits as having “canine dysfunctional behavior” rather than “autism,”9 those who concede the condition may in fact be autism describe the condition as both “idiopathic,” meaning the cause is unknown, and congenital,” meaning the puppies are born with autism behaviors rather than developing autism sometime after birth. Theorizing that the syndrome may be caused by a “lack of mirroring neurons in the brain,” studies also suggest that autism may appear in puppies as a result of parental exposure to toxins or unnecessary vaccines.10

Adverse Reactions to Vaccines in Dogs

From paralysis to seizures, and from immune-mediated hemolytic anemia to injection-site fibrosarcomas, adverse reactions to vaccination are not uncommon in pets. Often attributable to annual vaccinations that some veterinarians consider totally unnecessary, vaccine reactions also may lead to allergies, skin problems, behavioral changes, and autoimmune diseases.11

Behavioral Changes Following Vaccination

Some of the most common behavioral changes are associated with the rabies vaccine, which is the only vaccine federally mandated for pets and must be re-administered at least every three years if not annually, depending on how the vaccine is labeled. Usually the two vaccines are identical, but a vaccine labeled for one year must be given annually, even if it is exactly the same dosage and formulation as one labeled as a three-year vaccine.12

Many veterinarians now agree that, as a general rule, dogs who have been vaccinated once tend to retain immunity for the rest of their lives, as can be confirmed through titer testing,13. However, no such testing is considered acceptable proof for opting out of the required rabies vaccine,14 so the immune systems of pets are artificially manipulated with the rabies vaccine time and again throughout their lives.

Reported changes following rabies vaccination may include those that mimic early symptoms of rabies itself such as increased aggression toward humans and other pets, loss of affectionate behaviors, excessive barking, and destructiveness.15 Such behavioral changes are often attributed to “Rabies Miasm,” a term used to describe an underlying disease process, in this case a condition akin to a mild form of “chronic rabies.”16

Could There Be Another Explanation?

Interestingly, many of those same “rabies-like symptoms” also mimic the ones described in discussions of canine autism.

Globally, the animal vaccine industry has been valued at $6.27 billion in 2015 and, at a calculated annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.9 per cent, it is expected to rise to $11.40 billion by 2024.17 North America and, particularly, the United States remains the lead market for animal vaccines, accounting for 37 percent of the total. Much of that market is fueled by the human companion (pet) animal segment. There are more pets in the U.S. than anywhere else in the world and, coupled with strict regulations on vaccination of companion animals in this country, the pet vaccine market is not expected to decrease.

Given the current laws requiring annual or three-year repeat rabies vaccinations, and the routine veterinary practice of vaccinating pets annually, it may come as no surprise that we are seeing an increase of autoimmune disorders and autism-like behaviors in pets.


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  1. The modern canine diet should also be considered in aberrant canine behaviour. These are usually cereal based and contain byproducts (sugar beet, vegetable fibres,sawdust) and questionable protein sources such as soya and hydrolysed poultry meal.

    Just as the GAPS diet helps children, feeding raw meat to dogs often gives a remarkable improvement in coat, digestion and behaviour.

    1. Feeding RAW to Dogs is a more desriable option, however, these days what meat does not have Vaccines, Hormones, Antibiotics and other stuff in it, therefore still administering those very same problems via diet to your Dog. Just a note.

  2. Sadly, I fear the introduction of the concept of doggy autism will ironically only mean widespread testing on dogs to develop an autism vaccine, possibly even inducing autistic-like behavior in dogs by overdosing them with vaccines. Sigh.

  3. I have been wondering about this myself. Another thing you might look at is the thundershirts now used by so many dogs.

  4. ok…that is great to be aware of this. But as long as veterinarians will continue to vaccine over and over, year after year the same poor dog, and even pressure the pets owners by reminding him or her everytime they have a chance that is “time to vaccine again” instead of simply stopping the pressure on the pets owners, refusing to keep over vaccinating the pets, stopping making a profit by turning their main clinic’s income more than profitable just with administering vaccines, denouncing the danger for the pets to get over vaccinated, NOTHING WILL CHANGE!.
    Just like for the kids… some people denounce the problem, they write about it, they talk about it, articles are written about it, but nothing is ever done by the veterinarians to denounce this “silent pet genocide”!
    I guess just like for children, big pharma’s and all involved in the distribution and administration of vaccines are not ready anytime soon to put the pets’ quality of life before their own personal gain!!!
    Medical care of children and pets is no longer a devotion it has sadly become a business and just like any business, the goal is making profits !

    1. Your dog needs puppy vaccines–usually around 12 weeks–before that the maternal antibodies protect the pup. Vaccinate once–TITER test–any-ANY- amount of measurable antibodies means your pet is protected–they are protected for life–you only need to titer once- if they show ANY amount your pet is good! You cannot-CANNOT-booster an immune response-they are immune or they are not! No such thing as a “little” or “low” immunity. Read up on what Dr. Ronald Schultz DVM and also considered the world’s foremost expert on animal immunity has to say. Boosters are a cash cow for vets–and they are killing out pets. Immunity does not run out a year from their last vaccine. Total BS!

    2. Like every other financially driven consideration, it is the consumers responsibility to be well informed and drive the market. Have pet insurance? Cancel that, it’s nothing more than a profit tool to promote more spending on vaccines. Don’t ask someone else to save you. We are The People, we are the power. Save yourself. “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” Eve and whomever else is listening; Rights are not negotiable. They are permanent. Stand up for your rights, it’s your civil duty as a free American to do so.

    3. No, the goal is to CONTROL THE POPULATION.
      They do that by making us ill; keeping us
      preoccupied with caring for our loved ones
      (including pets.) Remember, they are EVIL!

  5. Autism as a diagnosis may be unfair to those who do have autism.

    BRAIN DAMAGED due to vaccine injury is the correct diagnosis.

  6. I was told by one veterinarian that the 3-year rabies vaccine IS different from the 1-year, not in dosage or strength, but by the fact that it contains an aluminum adjuvant, while the 1-year vaccine is not adjuvanted. I don’t know if this is true or not–can someone look into this?

    1. A rabies vaccination in dogs is to be repeated in one year if it is the first rabies vaccination given to an adult dog or if the dog is under 1 year of age. The follow-up rabies vaccinations are given every three years. It is the same vaccine.

    2. It is your responsibility to look into this, if you’re the one spending or using insurance money to buy vaccines for yourself, your children, or your pets. There is an easy way to do this; “Show me the manufacturers insert.” Don’t let them give you the dummy version safe lies printout. Demand the little tiny folded paper that unfolds into a nightmare of tech specs, and read the long list of ingredients and dangers. You know you’re being lied to when the expected excuse why you cannot have the insert comes into play. No insert, no shots. It’s non negotiable.

  7. Do we need any more proof that vaccines cause autism, instead of spending our time being politically correct and not wanting to upset pharmaceutical industry and bribed politicians.

  8. I only just asked this question myself. Squeeze vests are used to help calm autistic people. The squeeze box that Temple Grandin made for herself many years ago. I got to thinking about the storm vests or thundershirts that are now found in every pet store for dogs. We are seeing more and more use of them now a days. We know animals are more in tune with the weather and react to it as well so some might discredit this link of autisim in dogs to just that. Personally, I think that this may be another link to dogs being harmed by vaccines and over vaccination.

  9. Along with this is the now accepted practice of giving pets Prozac for a quick fix to behavior problems (usually caused by neurotic owners or their environments). With the increase of vaccine caused odd behaviors, more Prozac will be doled out to counter those behaviors. Dogs and cats will have their own shelf in the medicine cabinets.

  10. My two-year old dog’s mother was given a rabies vaccination about four weeks prior to whelping. My otherwise brilliant energetic polite young dog cannot read other dog’s social cues and also has had episodes of violent dog-to-dog aggression. I have spent many thousands on training, including repeated controlled exposures to other dogs, and have not been able to make any progress in these areas. She just cannot comprehend normal social cues. I have come to accept my dog as being “on the spectrum”, having worked professionally with the ASD human population—it was not difficult to draw the parallels!! Thank you for this article. This is the first I have heard of any formal study on this subject, but it is real and needs to be acknowledged.

  11. Well, let’s just give the human anti-vaxers more fuel for their “I won’t vaccinate my kids because it causes autism” fire. I bet you got Jenny McCarthy on board almost immediately. Unless you have undisputed, researched and provable fact that A. Vaccines are causing “Autism” in canines and that B. The symptoms that are being displayed are not due to an allergy, genetics, a neuro disorder not related to autism, abuse, neglect, or a host of other reasons not related to autism, then your article is irresponsible, untrue, disputable dribble. Unfortunately there are people in the world who believe “if it’s on the internet, it must be true”. Shame on you for starting this drama in the canine world.

    1. I agree. Can’t stand anti-vaxxers and it saddens me that you are the only one commenting that seems to agree that all this “vaccines cause autism” crap is bull. Last thing we need is not only parents not vaccinating their kids out of fear, but now owners not vaccinating dogs out of fear.

    2. You are so WRONG! Vaccine damage is REAL and Prevelant ! We as a society are overvaccinating our infants,toddlers,children,teens,elderly and OUR PETS to disease and death!.YOU need to do some reputable research–God knows it is easy enough to find. Your statement is truly ignorant and completely false. We are the sickest industrialized country in the nation —we have the highest rate of SIDS and the highest rate of day of birth deaths—and we have escalating amounts of diseases in our companion animals. Do the research–there is plenty of published peer reviewed studies—do some actual homework before you spout nonsense!

    3. Raising questions, voicing concern, and recognizing a need for further research is not “starting drama.” It is the responsible, intelligent and caring thing to do.

    4. Wanna guess how many Amish are effected by Autism? One. The one that was vaccinated. Any other words of “wisdom” that you care to share today?

    5. I would hope that this angry post does not include an aversion to research in order to either prove or disprove autism in dogs since the research might be helpful in detecting causes of autism in children & adults. My 3rd son was as typical as sons 1 and 2 until his 1st MMR shot whereupon he suddenly displayed serious signs of autism which he has to this day as an adult age 49. Too many parents observed the same traits to ignore the same reaction to have them also ignore the NEED for all the honest research possible.

    6. +1. This article is strong on fear and weak on tested (or even testable) data. Folks – refusing to vaccinate your dogs will lead to more death and pain for your dogs, not less. Look at the horrific rise in serious, preventable diseases since the anti-vax movement started. Think for a minute – its loopy to avoid vaxxing out of autism fear – getting rabies is much WORSE than getting autism… And you won’t get autism this way anyway. You’re going to look back on this in 10yrs time and wonder why you got duped into something that wreaked so much misery and suffering.

      1. Consider this…..my dog sanctuary….70 dogs over 25 years.
        No vaccines for the last 20 years after witnessing two littermates be severely harmed after 2 year booster shots.


    7. Some points to make to Camille:
      1. Your short paragraph engaged several logical fallacies, including (but not limited to) ad hominem (the Jenny McCarthy reference), argument from ignorance (that if you can’t provide undisputed proof, than it must be false), dogmatism, bandwagon, circular argument, and emotional appeal. In other words, a standard response from a pro-vaccination foot soldier. Please Camille, if you intend to be taken seriously, learn to use logic.
      2. The article in question is presenting data, and drawing a logical conclusion based on other data we possess. Please learn not to impugn, marginalize or ignore data because the possible cause scares or upsets you.
      3. Please familiarize yourself with Hill’s Criteria of Causation. There are many ways to establish causation OTHER than via a double-blind study performed by the very entity who benefits from DENYING causation.
      4. The burden of proof does not lie with the absence of the thing, i.e. Nature. If you are advocating vaccines, then the burden lies with YOU to prove they are safe.

    8. Camille,

      The problems with the ASD increasing so rapidly is because the numbnuts starting using aborted fetal cell tissue for growing vaccines. They say no worries, no problem we remove those cells after growth. Sorry, I am not stupid….you cannot remove all those cells. So, just like getting an organ replacement, you must take medication so that your body does not reject the organ. THIS is the problem with the aborted fetal cells. They are causing people’s/children’s/pet’s bodies to go through a rejection process ON THEIR OWN BODIES. Pet vaccines were very clean, no alum, no mercury, no green monkey kidneys, no cancer cells, etc. Then they brainwashed the vets to push pet vaccines just like they did with human medical doctors. I got the needed shots for my cats and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM (7 cats) have died of CANCER. My Khao Manee (who at 3 needed the rabies booster) was sick for a week and a half afterwards (I mean really really sick…at deaths door sick).

      I WILL NEVER, EVER GET ANOTHER VACCINE FOR MYSELF OR MY PETS. THESE MADMEN ARE NOW WRITING LEGISLATION TO MANDATE THAT YOU, YOUR CHILDREN, YOUR PETS, ETC. GET ALL “RECOMMENDED” VACCINES. Of course the phamaceutial industry lobbyist attorneys are actually WRITING the legislation and then paying off the legislatures on the state and federal levels to pass these mandates as law.


      Screw them. SCREW. THEM. ALL.

    9. I could not agree more. Why are vaccines always blamed as the culprit for medical or behavioral issues we do not fully understand? Autoimmune disorders have not increased- our improved technology has helped to properly diagnose them.

      This type of fear-inducing article with no medical studies to back it up is exactly why we are seeing an increase in parvo in adult dogs now. Rabies is a zoonotic fatal disease that kills thousands of people world wide every year. How would you feel if you or your child were bitten by an unvaccinated dog in a rabies endemic area?

      There is zero medical evidence that vaccines cause autism. The study that resulted in all of this fear was falsified and is no longer considered credible. Vaccines have come a long way in just the past 10 years, and we are seeing fewer reactions than ever. Please look at the references for this article, which was not written by a DVM.

    10. Do you have proof that vaccines do NOT cause these problems? Scientific proof?????? Open your eyes and look around you!

  12. Hi,
    I am very confused. I have two cats. I Got them the rabies and first year vaccines as I had to neuter them and all had be done together but this year I didn’t yet give them the follow up vaccines
    I really wish to understand should I or not ? If I should which ones I should give and which ones I must skip. I am really scared to lose them for any negligence on my part. Please suggest. Thank you

    1. I’m copying here my comment from above:

    2. Please speak with your veterinarian. Vaccines are FAR less frequent than previously- many veterinarians use vaccines that are only given every three years. Cats are the number one domestic carrier of rabies. Please protect yourself from this deadly disease.

    3. After 35 years of research, I am in the camp of ALL vaccines are ALL poison, ALL the time. There are ways to strengthen the immune system, and injecting toxic poisons combined with biological waste products is NOT one of them.

      So many people have not connected the dots for so many years, because the the information that would help them “get it” has been withheld, purposely.

      Read Pat McKay’s “Natural Immunity.” It is available online as an e-book. You might have to search through the links to find it, but it can be found.

      I also had a booklet published, “The Vaccination Connection,” which can now be read at the website of People for Reason in Science and Medicine (PRISM.org)

    4. You should not give your animals ANY
      vaccines; they’re all P-O-I-S-O-N.
      Just fabricate evidence of the
      rabies vaccine if you have to.
      Your pets are worth it!

      1. Uh, yeah. That’s extremely illegal. People, don’t do what Debra Trojan is recommending. You can get into big trouble if you do, like go-to-jail trouble, especially when you falsify a medical document, impersonate a medical professional, and lie about a fatal disease that can be transmitted from an infected animal to humans.

        Debra Trojan is crazy. Like legit crazy.

  13. I have no doubt that this is true!! If it happens to our children there is NO reason NOT to believe that it would happen to our animals too… I don’t when my pet will ever get another vaccine except for the rabies (which I am forced by law to get). I wish the states would come into the 21 century and acknowledge the titer test for rabies so that could also be put on the back burner!!!

    I appreciate the National Vaccine Information organization for what you do and your efforts to help us protect ourselves from a society that truly is killing us!!

  14. In horses the condition is called “headshaking syndrome.” The condition is often begins within 2 weeks of vaccination. Many horse owners know the condition started or is worsened after being vaccinated. Many horses are vaccinated twice per year. Most are vaccinated yearly with many vaccines.

    1. Think nagalase… That’s the big story behind the missing dead doctors from several years ago. It’s probably not a coincidence that the shills went all out in defense of this stuff…

  15. Hi, It occurred to me my dog possibly has some autistic traits. I have an M.S. in Special Edu & a QMHP. Autistic spectrum disorders was my main area of research. This is a male purebred Scottish Terrier. I have his sister who shows none of these symptoms. When I first got him I noticed that he would become very stiff when held and stare of straight ahead. He refused ever to be put on his back, belly up, and indeed never sleeps this way either. He was described by the breeder as timid, but at 70 yrs old, having had dogs most of my life, I knew something was wrong. I am not seeing this stiffness when held in the symptoms list. Have you come across it?
    Thanks, B. Ingersoll

  16. Our dog definitely experienced increased agression toward humans after his rabies vaccine, in addition to increasing itching. A toller, he had already recovered through homeopathic intervention, from a vaccine reaction to the vaccines from his breeder before age 2 months. We are still trying to undo the effects of this rabies vaccine, even a year after the fact with our holistic vet. Thus far, we have been unsuccessful.

    1. You could research low doses of chlorine dioxide in water. And/or find someone with a rife machine. DMSO can also be given to animals and is very safe as long as the dose doesn’t exceed a certain amount (long term use of high doses produced some problem with the lense of the eye, I think in dogs, but it’s not necessary to give such large amounts). If you’re not familiar with these things then thoroughly research them, keeping an open mind. Vetinary use of dmso I think is licensed in the US, and it’s also approved by the FDA for a limited number of human applications (although it has very successfully and very safely been used for many, many, many more. It’s one of the most widely studied medical substances there is and I’m quite convinced from personal use that it is a miracle in a bottle).

      Anyway, you could try looking into those things. If you choose to use any of them, go super easy with them. Detox can be way too intense otherwise….

      Obviously I’m not a vet or licensed medical professional so all medical decisions for animals or otherwise should be undertaken on the advice of/in consultation with a properly qualified individual. This post was made for information purposes only.

    2. Natural Chelation works well for humans. Find a way to load his system up with cilantro herb (raw, or infused through a liquid, don’t boil or effects go nill). And Garlic low cooked or raw. The cilantro releases metal bonds, and is a relatively unique herb this way. Hispanic populace has lower statistical instances of heavy metal poisoning, likely because of preference for cilantro in traditional cooking. The garlic is unique as it’s one of the only foods which will bond with the metals and actually take them out of your system via urine. If you only eat cilantro, the metals rebond right away somewhere else. Recipe is for a huge bag of cilantro, low heat in water like tea with butter or oil to allow infusion, add tea for flavor. Then make sure each individual consumes no less than 2 whole garlic heads. We take ours light sizzled with dash of beef and lots of fresh onion. Our first cilantro garlic cleanse was really tough, we all got major headaches. That’s because the metals released from nerve endings and tissues, leaving damaged organic matter exposed. Then we got better, and stayed better. We simply never vaccinate our pets. Nobody can make us. In our quest for a new dog, we’re surprised to learn it’s getting tough to get one without the government approved tracking spy chip rfid device. Screw that! My dog is not a rfid digital transmitting vessel! Certainly I have better things to spend money on than dog and cat vaccinations.

    3. Hi
      I have had really bad reactions at times with both my dogs.
      With the vitamins I sell I used them and save my 1st dogs eyesite and later her life.
      Just now getting my sheperd over the rabies vaccine she had last May. Never again will do a titer test. They do need some of the shots but not all of them st the same time. Just my opinion only.
      Ever have another dog will do things different.

    4. Mark, then I think that you can opt out of the rabies shot in the future–isn’t there an opt-out for medical reasons? Also, check to see if you can find an NES practitioner. You can send your dog’s hair, and they can test and treat your dog. This will go beyond what most holistic vets have. It sounds crazy to those who are not used to energy treatment, but really works.

  17. If you believe this article, you’ll believe anything and there’s no point explaining real science (as compared to the utter made up science here). Is this the level of intelligence now? And you all say we are broken!! Idiots! ?????

  18. It’s not autism. Let’s call it what it actually is, vaccine induced brain damage, in humans and animals.

  19. Camille, I’m a human nurse with a biochem background. “Anti-vaxxers are typically people who actually have enough knowledge about human biology to know that putting heavy metals into the brain (via the bloodstream) is contraindicated for ANY reason, even in small amounts. There’s no reason to believe that any other animal would not react similarly. Need I remind you that vaccines are often first tested on non-human species? As for the whole host of other issues having to do with everything from latex and formaldehyde to animal proteins (injected into muscles), telling me this practice is safe or that “reading on the internet” is a means to becoming misinformed, I can only tell you that this expert says you don’t know what you think you know. But then, all the world is warring over erroneous information these days… Thanks to the media and the government entities who claim to be working toward “the greater good.”

    1. You must be an ADN because like all nurses you don’t know shit. There isn’t a vaccine that goes directly into the bloodstream or the muscle in animals. My Mom and sister are nurses.
      I am also a human ICU nurse, BSN with a biochem, organic chem, micro, bio, A&P, immunology, embryology, zoology, physics, doctor of veterinary medicine background.
      I never heard so much inaccurate BS as I did from other nurses in ICU report. As it’s is not anasarca; autism is not auto-immune, etc.
      Aren’t you vaccinated? For everything? How can you be a real nurse and not be vaccinated.

      All of you anti vaxxers will die a slow horrible death when you get rabies from your pets. And you will cry like titty babies when you have to pay for 10 days plus quarantine when your dog bites someone.

      Darwin effect. Go on with your bad selves. B’bye.


  21. You people are just plain stupid. If you really believe this undocumented lie and take it just as is, then you shouldn´t be having pets for starters. You are not qualified to care for yourselves, much less for them. Please don´t reproduce!

  22. I’ve had adopted feral cats for many years. When I could tame them enough to be housed in our home, or taken to the vet …when I had a job and money to do that, I eventually noticed that the animals began to have a different reaction after vaccines. About the 2nd day after vaccines, their guts would bloat like an overweight pet. Personalities changed, some became fearful, they weren’t as friendly as before the shots. And the vet could never find anything ‘wrong’ with them. The last two groups I’ve had were worse off than that. Of course, being born feral, some just disappeared but they had been neutered and had vaccines. I have one left from last group, a male,,now 2 years old, and he had the same reaction only…it took him nearly a year to get over the bloat. And then, it was time for boosters. By then, I also had adopted a big cat that had haunted my house for about 4 years who I used to chase off. But it became buddy to the last two cats so I let him stay. He’s docile but skittery. And dare I say,,doesn’t like to be looked in the eye. Neither cat adapted to just being held. He didn’t have the bloating but the one who was already at home here,,has again become bloated just the second day after shots. Kept both in the house a couple of days as they acted really sickly. I was afraid to let them out as they appeared a little disoriented. They got only the basic shots wereas the group just before got every shot all in one day….stupid, I know, I forgot the lesson of my grandson who has regressive Autism. Our law requires rabies shots but….I may be sufficiently awake this time to just forget them…. unless I can find a holistic veterinarian. Yes….the toxic effects seem to have gotten worse in the last 10-12 years…imo.

  23. Oh great. Another puff-piece of pseudo-science designed to confirm the preconceptions of the anti-vaxxer, anti-science crowd. I have a great idea: Don’t vaccinate your pets. Then when they die of preventable diseases, or have to be killed and necropsied for rabies if they bite someone, you can feel really good about your principles.


  25. We learned the hard way that Merial is Merck for animals. And that firocoxib is Vioxx for dogs. We took our newfoundland/st bernard mix off of it after 2 days due to explosive diarrhea and vomiting. After researching, I was astounded this is still on the market! But knowing what I do about the FDA and this business, I shouldn’t have been surprised.
    I’ve been an autism mom for 16 years and I can see the correlations. Having a child with autism results in many therapy and specialists appointments, and lots of opportunities for kids to be used as guinea pigs in a “game” of prescription roulette. Lots of money to be made from desperate parents….
    I went to school to become a certified medical assistant. 80% of my education was shots and meds; the other 20% was medical terms. It was around graduation time when I started reading vaccination studies and inserts with a newly trained eye. Needless to say, I graduated with honors and got my certification but I’ve never used it because I can’t assure parents that vaccines are ok. I cry everytime I hear my grandkids have gotten one!
    I did a working interview at a vet’s office and the 1st dog had Addison’s disease and a med list longer than nost people have. It was then that I knew my medical training would never be used in mainstream medicine or veterinary medicine.
    Thank you for bringing this subject to the forefront! The people of the world need to stop seeing doctors as all knowing gods.

    1. What makes you confident that your “newly trained eye”, following a short course in giving shots and learning medical technology, makes you competent to disagree with essentially all the world’s immunologists, pediatricians and vaccine scientists, “Autism Mom”? No humans are “Gods”, but your brief exposure was not “medical training”.

      I feel for struggling families with children who have developmental or behavioural disorders, and I understand the desperate need to help them, but exposing them to infectious diseases is not the solution.

    2. Thank you for your personal story. I was a RN for 20 years and all I did was pass pills. I thought I could help people become
      “healthy” but that is not the goal of our medical system.
      I am so surprised at the venom and emotional responses to your post. Health care is not a one size fits all for people or for animals. Each case should be taken individually. I get titers for my pets now after having a very unpleasant experience with the rabies vaccine and my puppy.
      But I doubt that the drug companies will ever admit that side effects exist. Too much money involved.

  26. I don’t know if there is a connection, but the only vaccine I get my pets are for Rabies. That is a necessity and could be a danger to the pet and humans if every bit by a rabid animal. I have never gotten the feline leukemia vaccine for my cats. In 40 yrs they each have lived long lives. I only intermittly have gotten my dog tested for Heartworm, cost has prevented this consistent medication.
    I definitely do flea/tick meds as I have had flea infestations without it , so that is a no brainer to me.

  27. The link between the increasing prevalence of childhood vaccinations and the ‘rise’ of ASDs in humans has been thoroughly debunked. There is a huge difference between a correlation of events and a casual relationship between them.
    If ASDs do exist in dogs it is something to be researched and studied. If overvaccination is an issue in pet animals (which, in fact, I believe it can be), it, too, should be studied. But just because two problems coexist does not mean that one caused the other.

  28. I’m inclined to believe that vaccine does cause brain damage in part of the population without regards to difference of causation and corelation as it seems that most of you are brain damaged.

  29. I have a pet land snail. After a visit to the vets, just being in close proximity to vaccines I have noticed a complete change in character. Before he/she was lucid, focused, witty and we’d sit for hours chatting and putting the world to rights. Now he/she is quieter, more reflective and withdrawn (into his/her shell). I’m worried what has happened to him/her and I blame it all on something totally unrelated because I need something to blame.

    I’ve also noticed that during the Summer months both the murder rate goes up and so does the sale of ice pops. The chemicals in ice pops are making people kill each other. How do we make this stop?

  30. Reading the article I realise that stupidity is on the increase among anti-vaxxers. But hey, that´s been a long time coming.

  31. Only a couple billion? I don’t think they would purposefully poison people and pets for so little money.

  32. “Given the current laws requiring annual or three-year repeat rabies vaccinations, and the routine veterinary practice of vaccinating pets annually, it may come as no surprise that we are seeing an increase of autoimmune disorders and autism-like behaviors in pets.”

    I’m curious why this does not come as a surprise to the author. Since there is NO causal connection between vaccination and autoimmune disorders or autism in humans, why would we expect one in animals?

  33. “Given the current laws requiring annual or three-year repeat rabies vaccinations, and the routine veterinary practice of vaccinating pets annually, it may come as no surprise that we are seeing an increase of autoimmune disorders and autism-like behaviors in pets.”

    I’m curious as to why this comes as no surprise to the author. Since there is NO causal correlation between vaccination and autoimmune disorders or autism in humans, why should we expect one in animals?

  34. The Anti Vaxx movement hereby herein becomes truly desperate.

    Dogs and Cats are not humans. Animals are not humans. Grow up.

    This article conforms to a specific recipe on how to write an anti vaccinations article.

    It tries to appear feasible and open minded but really ends up commenting on how much the Pharmaceutical industry makes per year.

    Childish, sad and ultimately a relic of a time not yet gone.

  35. Vaccines are not good for anyone. That includes pets. Vaccines are a money making scheme that has far too many negative consequences on all of us.

  36. We can rest assured that the pro-vaccine comments are from “ghost writers” for the vaccine makers. That has to be the case–anyone with an IQ above 10 and has done the research, has to know how dangerous vaccines are.

    1. Wait, I can get paid for this? Who do I contact? Considering that I know how to take down crap papers like the Geiers, Tomljenovic, Goodman, Hooker, and the gang, I should be a valuable asset. If I can get paid for it, bonus!

    2. Ok hold up — you’re a physician and you’re saying this?? Awesome. Remind me to NOT take my family to your practice.

      How do you still have your license??

  37. So I guess I will be seeing more Distemper and Parvovirus infected dogs at the clinic then as pet owners will decide not to vaccinate their dogs. They are deadly viruses and require 2 to 5 days of hospital care and a high bill ! The dogs are kept in ISO , and I’m guessing not many of you have had to care for and watch these poor animals suffer with the vomiting , bloody diarrhea and loss of appetite, cleaning them every 4 hours, covered in poo , the stench is terrible…even after all this the outcome can be fatal if not caught in time. ..but go ahead , don’t vaccinate , I will be seeing your dog shortly

    1. No, you (nor any other conventional vet) will see our animals. We stopped the shots and our current critters are in the best health of any we’ve had for over 40 yrs. FYI, our last 2 cats had no shots, ate an organic raw diet, were never ill and died in their sleep at age 23 yrs. I’ll take that any day over vaccine damaged…or rather destroyed…ones.

  38. If you folks are so damned desperate to feel sophisticated and worldly-wise, I wish you’d find a way that wouldn’t cause thousands of deaths.
    And no, I’m not in the employ of big pharma; I’m just someone with a brain, who is old enough to remember polio epidemics.

    1. Your comment makes no sense. What deaths are you talking about ? Also, most of the cases of Polio in the late ’50’s were actually caused by the vaccine itself because the polio virus was not attenuated properly and spread the disease. Look up the Cutter incident and you’ll see why.
      You have a lot to learn about history.

      1. you are absolutely correct!
        People don’t know their history!
        And the next generation comes along, with no knowledge of previous situations, lies or harm from the vaccines and believe the same lies again!
        They depend on people not doing their research!

  39. Once 85% of a breed behaves a way, it’s no longer an atypical behavior. It’s how that breed behaves. It’s the ones that aren’t chasing their tails obsessively that are the ones with atypical behavior.

    And if an entire breed is behaving bonkers, PROOOOBABLY it’s more to do with genetic defects resulting from generations of inbreeding in an attempt to keep the breed “pure.”

    Again, all that is shown here is correlation. Correlation is not causation.

  40. Those references are a joke. Most if all are not peer reviewed journals and what kind of format is this “author” using for her references? It sure isn’t APA style or any other legitimate scholarly scientific style reference.
    And only the real scientists will know this. Which makes this opinion..not fact.

  41. Hey…dum dums…this is what’s called an ABSTRACT. An abstract is a part of a peer reviewed research article. It’s kind of like Cliff notes. This is from THE article by Dr. Dodman. In laymans term this is what he is saying…that there is elevation of 2 substances in the brain of kids with ASD and these Bull Terriers displaying (PHENOTYPE) a stereotypical behavior of tail chasing. Children with ASD are characterized by communication and emotional disturbances. THERE ARE ALSO STEREOTYPICAL BEHAVIORS of ASD. :

    Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are neurodevelopmental disorders characterized by defects in communication and social interactions, as well as stereotypic behaviors. Symptoms typically worsen with anxiety and stress. ASD occur in early childhood, often present with regression and have a prevalence of 1 out of 68 children. The lack of distinct pathogenesis or any objective biomarkers or reliable animal models hampers our understanding and treatment of ASD. Neurotensin (NT) and corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) are secreted under stress in various tissues, and have proinflammatory actions. We had previously shown that NT augments the ability of CRH to increase mast cell (MC)-dependent skin vascular permeability in rodents. CRH also induced NT receptor gene and protein expression in MCs, which have been implicated in ASD. Here we report that serum of ASD children (4-10 years old) has significantly higher NT and CRH levels as compared with normotypic controls. Moreover, there is a statistically significant correlation between the number of children with gastrointestinal symptoms and high serum NT levels. In Bull Terriers that exhibit a behavioral phenotype similar to the clinical presentation of ASD, NT and CRH levels are also significantly elevated, as compared with unaffected dogs of the same breed. Further investigation of serum NT and CRH, as well as characterization of this putative canine breed could provide useful insights into the pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of ASD.

  42. As someone who has studied vaccination reactions in pets over 2.5 decades of clinical practice and experience, and have spoken to some of the most prominent experts in this field on the topic, as well as read the science, vaccinations in veterinary medicine, HAVE been shown to increaser allergic reactions to grasses and pollens(known as Canine atopy, and probably THE leading immune mediated disease plaguing pets today)(veterinary paper by Frick et al), CAUSE transient, if not permanent production of thyroid autoantibodies in the dog, leading to potential hypothyroidism, as well as the more commonly known entities of autoimmune mediated blood disorders of red blood cells and platelets, and vaccine induced sarcomas seen in cats. . There was also a prominent paper published many years ago by the Hayward Foundation by Larry Glickman, VMD, on staff at Purdue at the time, that showed autoantibodies produced against practically EVERY tissue in the body post vaccination including various connective tissues, heart muscle, and even the animal’s own DNA!!!. Oddly the author never pursued these studies further, and I soon saw him under the employ of a major vaccine company manufacturer promoting the use of the Leptospirosis vaccine , one of the most dangerous noncore vaccinations, in my experience and opinion. And a short time later, that same author was hired by one of the leading corporate veterinary practice owners in the country to publish and promote data on the safety of the 6 month heartworm injection in dogs, which had been previously banned for years by the FDA because of safety issues. I think I have quoted enough science and clinical experience in this brief space here for this audience.

  43. I have been a dog breeder for fifty years and I have seen the devastation of diseases such as distemper in the 60s and parvo in the late 70s and lepto in the 80s a kennel I know had a lepto outbreak from being overrun with mice that where carries and it blinded 85% of the dogs! I have also seen 60 puppies die in a week and was helpless to do anything!! This is junk science and should not be taken as real research because it is not. As for people autism has been around for thousands of years just because someone came a long and put a name to a certain type of retardation doesn’t mean it is new nor that it has been increasing!! In the past low functioning autistics where confined and high functioning ones ie aspergers people where considered odd!!? Vaccinate our dogs or take a chance of having them be crippled or die a horrible death!! More liberal kooks with crazy ideas!!

    1. Wow, Tom, I was listening to you, respecting your experience until you started talking about autism in the human population and you are absolutely WRONG and I hope you will respect my experience as my daughter has autism and i have been in that world for 24 years now. First, anyone who spends even a short amount of time with special needs individuals knows there are HUGE, HUGE differences between mental retardation and autism. I once thought as you did until I spent time around many others with various levels of autism and mental retardation and other mental disorders. Now I can quickly and easily tell the difference! Those with autism have MANY characteristics UNIQUE to them that are not in mental retardation. The list is long and the traits obviously different. If you are trying to say that diagnosticians, people who do that for a living, couldn’t tell the difference all those years when even I…just a parent….can, that doesn’t make sense. They didn’t MISS this diagnosis of autism and call it mental retardation for years. There are NOT 1 in every 68 adults (as there are children) with autism locked away somewhere. We would have known this DECADES ago. I am 54 years old and of the thousand of people I have met in my lifetime, I only knew of ONE family who did as you say, and put their child away in an institution all those decades before this autism explosion. By autism statistics, 1 in every 68 families I knew should have been doing that. More importantly, if this is just ‘misdiagnosis, then as this correct diagnosing made the number of those with autism rise, then it should have made the number of those with mental retardation decline, BUT IT DID NOT. The number of mental retardation has remained consistent while the number of autism has skyrocketed. You also are implying that there is not a full spectrum range on the autism scale. My daughter does NOT have aspergers and therefore just considered “odd” or quirky yet she by no means would be considered the kind to institutionalize. there are THOUSANDS upon thousands of those with high functioning autism who clearly fall in that same category. Those with autism can be VERY bright in MANY areas, including academics. They have abilities that those with what we would consider standard MR, would not have those capabilities. Those with autism also come with a variety of specific medical conditions with their mental impairments that are not a factor in standard MR. There is SO MUCH that makes mental retardation very different from autism but I wanted to list just a couple.. For those with experience, it is clear that although the diagnosis has been around for a while, the explosion of those being afflicted has become a recent epidemic. I think as all these cases begin to overwhelm the school systems and as adults, the disability payrolls in a way as never before, people will one day not be able to deny this. When I was young, and from a large city school system, we had ONE small class for the disabled. When my daughter was coming through school, in the same school system, there was an entire WING to the school for the disabled.

    2. As the mother of a son with autism, I find your comments very disturbing. You need to do some research and educate yourself on the subject and on vaccine safety. I pick and choose vaccines for my dog as she developed severe allergies after receiving multiple vaccines in one visit to our vet. I also stopped vaccinating my son’s after discovering they had severe mercury toxicity and aluminum toxicity as well, both ingredients found in vaccines.

    3. Juliette de Bairacli Levy was able to naturally prevent and cure rabies, distemper, parvo and much more but NEVER in vaccinated animals. Too much damage done to them. The truth is what is being presented here, not opinion or fake “science.” Did you know there is NO study proving vaccine safety?

  44. My family has owned dogs for over 60 years and have also been involved in dog rescue for over 40 years. This article is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. These same vaccine damages are happening in animals. Many dogs are taken to shelters or given to rescues with behavior problems being the #1 reason. The damage to their intelligence is astounding. Many dogs aren’t able to be trained properly to be good pets. They never become house trained and will soil anywhere; they’re unable to be trained to obey basic commands. They never socialize with other dogs, and on and on. The evidence is overwhelming; only fools and corrupt pharma and governments say otherwise. This family stopped shots long ago and our dogs now come only from natural rearing breeders who never vax and who feed only the correct diet of raw meat and bones. What an amazing difference in the animals!

  45. My children have regressive autism. Their immune systems were damaged by vaccines and I used a holistic protocol to help heal the immune system. This article caught my eye because I believe the immune system and titers should be checked before vaccines are given. I am not surprised by any backlash, I was told by the medical community that vaccines were not the cause, nothing to see here. My children are healing because I listened to those looking for the solution.

    1. God Bless you! Please let me know what those immune cleansers are. Organic foods for my lil guy and toxic metal cleansers have increased his speech. No one would believe me….if there is no evidence of proven safety, then please, critically think! Thank my vet also, for telling me about canine autism. My senior doesn’t do anything, go on trips, board in kennels, why all those shots? why all the fillers in vaccines? So glad I can send this to all the dog lovers in my life. God bless for those who quest for an answer and not follow blindly!!!!!

  46. When the nurse asked me why I wouldn’t take the flu shot offered, I handed her the MSDS for the shit they were trying to inject me with, pointing to the ingredients and explaining what Thiomersal is…a mercury adjunct. Mercury, toxic heavy metal, poison. In ANY quantity.
    In order to ‘receive’ this vaccine, one must sign a federally-mandated EPA form that says one consents to the ingestion of a toxic substance EXCEEDING the federally-mandated safety limits. I made the nurse read it all. At the end, she handed me back the paperwork and walked away without another word.
    My little guy Chihuahua has been autistic from the moment we got him as a rescue pup. Lots of love, attention, good food, prozac for a year, space to be alone when he wants to be, have made him as happy as he’s going to be. He’s still antisocial, nervous, and cleans his paws constantly, but much better now.

  47. I want to say a very big thank you who help me out with my mental condition, my family and I never believed I will be fine and come back to my normal senses again, anyway all thanks to my wife for contacting great doctor EHIS Uribhor, great doctor Uribhor sent her a medicine to give me for a period of one week only and All thanks to God now that I am fine and forever be healed. I have come back to normal senses and I can do all things and resume work now, contact same doctor on {[email protected]} and he will help you too…

  48. I worked for a long time as a emergency vet tech and the brilliant dr I worked with called this “vaccinosis”. Over vaccination is not only killing our kids it’s killing our pets. Keep drinking that kool aid folks.

  49. In 1978, a cat Parvovirus – feline panleukopenia virus (FPLV) somehow lept into a virgin species … the dog with appalling results. In under 2 years it spread to every dog population ever tested for it in the world , and later infected even wild wolves and coyotes. It was first noticed in Belgium and the Netherlands in 1977-78. It exploded across Denmark, Australia, USA, Japan & New Zealand where it killed millions of puppies through inflammation of the heart and in older dogs through fever, vomiting and diarrhea. This explosive spread was explained by the tracking if dog feces on travellers’ shoes. However the question remained— How did it cross over from cats to dogs????
    Cats & dogs have shared human dwelling for at least 5000 to 10000 years. They have been fighting, scratching and biting in all this time and it never affected the dog species. So, what veterinarian virologists now believed was that FPLV jumped species during vaccine experiments in which love cast virus was innocculated into a tissue culture made from dog cells wherein it became adapted to its new host. To establish exactly where this occurred, examinations of preserved blood samples found 3 seropositive cased from Greece dating to 1974. Thus..we now have Parvovirus in dogs.
    But..you know, it gets even better. Since monkeys and apes are similar to humans, their use as an experimental animal for human vaccines have been widely used in the mass production, attenuation and testing with devastating results.
    In the 1950’s with Jonas Salks polio vaccine on the Asian Rhesus monkey kidney cultures.
    If anyone trully does the research, you will also find that the AIDS virus, & Ebola virus have been distributed through vaccination. In fact, Rockerfeller has owned the patent on the Zika virus since 1947. The CDC owns the patent on the Ebola virus. Baby fetuses are used in the processes to manufacture vaccines. Is it any wonder why we have such a high rate of ill people who have been vaccinated compared to those who have not been.
    In fact, there is so much evidence to research and become informed with, it is surprising to read peoples comments promoting mass vaccination. The harmful effects goes beyond the safety lines of reason.
    When the CDC promotes media hype about the next epidemic, such as a measles outbreak in Vancouver, BC Canada (13 infected out of approximately 1.5 million in the whole of the lower mainland), do the math. WHAT EPIDEMIC????? Reassuringly the epidemic will come from above in the sky. It can rain upon us through the deposits out of the exhaust of airplanes. After all, they have done this already in the 60’s over the city of Los Angeles with the Saigon Flu bug to test who, what, how many, death, severity….etc. So having said that, can anyone really think an epidemic is not possible in-spite of any and all harmfull vaccinations? When they want us dead, we will be dead. When they want us sick, we will be sick. Anyone of the people on the forum can call me out on the things I have said, but at 62 years of age, I have been researching since high school and don’t speak about that which I have not thoroughly researched. Ignorance is not bliss….it lets the wolves in to kill the sheeple.

  50. Very good comments in this thread. For those that are critical, understand that what is really being asked for is safety testing which it is not happening. Thus because there are so many reactions, once experienced you no longer trust the professionals and the deeper you go you realize how much is at stake. Vaccine “hesitancy” has been around a very long time, as mam56 has so wonderfully described. Humans and pets are test subjects. Evidence shows that the distemper virus jumped to the dog species. Early settlers to the US brought a disease with them that the native population had no experience with and many died. The dogs fared a little better and maybe because those that survived had some immune functions that supported that. A vicious cycle gets created (accelerated by international imports that are not vetted). Vaccination is becoming the alter of health and that is one of the biggest insults to everyone as they also suppress the science and information that is needed to solve this complex dilemma. I’m in Dr. Robb’s Army fighting to get a titer bill passed in Arizona and standing with the families also in the legislature. Step up and be counted and know that you are alive. Mam56 I am Mam50 and a long standing member of holistic living. Nice to meet another #grannywarrior.

  51. The science behind these antivaccine claims are lacking, and this is dangerous stance that could cause significant pet deaths.

  52. “Over 300,000 pets die each year after their shots” according to a doctor I recently interviewed. I’m guessing it’s more, since I did not report my cats terminal organ failure after her shots. ‘Same with my buddy and his dog.
    Important to note that cats do not present antibodies in the traditional manner. And since a vaccine’s only job is to produce antibodies (not confer immunity), it seems an avoidable risk. Having made that avoidance since then, my new cat enjoys a healthy, robust and disease-free and vaccine-free life (at 11 and still going strong).
    Thanks for taking a look at my film about Thimerosal in shots at http://www.50centsmovie.com
    PS: The typical Lab now lives to 10, whereas, in 1970, they lived to 17. Hmmmm….

  53. From what I have read here, it seems that only the anti-vaxxers actually do the research. They are concerned people that have gone out of their way to look into things a little deeper and come to their own conclusions, rather than simply believing the mainstream media. The anti-vaxxers are anti-vaxxers for good reasons, not just to annoy the pro-vaxxers. The ant-vaxxers care every bit as much for their pets (and children) as the pro-vaxxers… no actually, they probably care more because of the effort they are putting into finding out the truth and making bold decisions.

    And look at all you pro-vaxxers, you have done no research whatsoever and are simply relying on what you have been told to be the truth, or simply following (like mindless sheep) what your vets tells you. I think the correct term is probably ‘brainwashed’.

    It is a fact that autism in children is rising in line with the increase in vaccinations. Now 1 in 54 kids in the USA is diagnosed with autism, and 1 in 6 diagnosed with some sort of behavioural problem. But of course it is not down to vaccines because (as the clown somewhere above put it), ‘vaccines are safe’. Yeah… right!

    Have any of you pro-vaxxers even looked into what a virus actually is… no? The fact that it is our very own cells that produce these so-called viruses in the first place? The fact that are are not even living? You haven’t… really? Yet you talk with such authority on something you know so little about… just like all the folk on the TV.

    It would be laughable if it weren’t for the fact that you outnumber the intelligent folk by such a margin, that your ignorance is likely to doom the rest of us with yourselves.

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