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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Should Doctors Lose Their License Over a Difference of Opinion?

The art of medicine. It’s the cornerstone of medical practice. If medicine were all science, and only science, then we wouldn’t need human beings as doctors. We could just use computers. Or robots. They’d probably do better if medicine were simply the act of decision-making based purely on facts. How much easier would medicine be if we could just type every symptom we have into a computer and have it spit out a diagnosis? And a treatment. Maybe throw in an automated scan or two, a pinprick for blood analysis. Maybe keep a human computer tech on standby in case one of the machines decides to go haywire.

But doctoring also takes judgment. It demands a personal touch. It involves intuition. A human being must take into account every single factor involved in every patient and make a decision on what to do each and every time that patient walks into the office. And it’s OK for doctors to disagree with one another; opinions can differ. That’s why many patients will seek a “second opinion” for complicated medical situations—because there rarely is just one absolutely correct answer.

There are actually some doctors and legislators who would have us take the human touch out of medicine; eliminate opinion and judgment from medical practice. Every patient should be treated exactly the same way, there’s only one best answer for a medical situation, and a doctor’s professional opinion doesn’t matter. The first step in this attack on the art and science of medicine is to threaten all doctors with losing their license if they don’t insist that their patients receive all vaccinations on today’s schedule.

Wait, what? Some doctors allow some patients to decline vaccinations? Of course they do, and for a variety of valid, scientific reasons. It’s called a medical exemption to vaccination. If a child had a previous moderate to severe reaction to vaccines, he or she has the right to decline further doses. If one child or parent in a family has had a severe reaction, subsequent children are also at risk. The law in California actually directs physicians to consider family history when discussing vaccine decisions with families.

Now, some legislators are calling for us to go after these doctors for exercising their judgment and take their medical licenses away. This infringement of government is one of the worst slippery slopes that could end in complete takeover of medical decision-making and a terrifying loss of medical freedom for physicians. Not only is the government demanding that it knows what medical decisions are best for your children regarding vaccinations, now it’s demanding that it knows better than your trusted doctor, and if your doctor makes a professional decision that varies from governmental guidelines, watch out. The new California law came after parents; are we going to let them come after doctors next over a matter of personal practice and opinion?

But they are clever. They are disguising their takeover as a demand that all doctors follow the “standard of care” when it comes to vaccinations. This standard would call for 70 doses of vaccines to be given to every single child without question… Or, with only questions that the government deems valid. A one-size-fits-all approach. Forget that many of these diseases which we vaccinate against are long gone. Forget that some infant vaccines are for sexually-transmitted infections. Forget that some vaccines are for mostly harmless diseases.

You want to talk about Standard of Care? Informed consent for all complex, invasive medical procedures is the standard of care, just as it is for vaccination. A personal physician guiding each and every patient through the pros and cons of every medical decision is the standard of care. Mandating a complex treatment, punishing a doctor for failure to convince a patient to accept that treatment, or taking a doctor’s license away for exercising their professional judgement on that treatment, is so far outside the standard of care that perhaps legislators should lose THEIR license to legislate for even suggesting such a thing.

Most doctors support the concept and practice of vaccination. But few would agree that the government should force any complex medical treatment on everyone. And to threaten doctors with losing their license because they broaden their scope of practice beyond a narrow “norm” dictated by a select few and have a different opinion about what their own personal patient should receive is concerning… gravely concerning.

Note: The article was reprinted with permission. It was originally published by the Immunity Education Group—a community of medical and legal professionals, businesspersons, educators, journalists, and advocates who are passionate about immunity education and the right to informed consent.

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  1. This trend began when Evolutionists began to discriminate against those scientists who believe in special creation…even Intelligent Design. Then, it was Global Warming, that became Unquestionable. Or Climate Change. Settled Science is NOT Science! We all need to read the story of Gallilo vs the Catholic Church. The new “religion” is Settled Science. Now, they are taking over medicine, and making its dogma more dogmatic than any church. A free people must be able to have freedom of decision over their own health care. Otherwise we have tyranny, as under Hitler, Stalin and Castro. This was one of Hitler’s crimes..using Science as a political tool of his tyranny.
    Is history about to repeat itself?

  2. I think that this question is built on a faulty premise. The question should be: should doctors even be required to obtain permission from the state (i.e. a license) in order to practice medicine in the first place?

    And I would say that the answer to this question is no. Medical licensing is the original sin of our medical system. It gives patients false assurance that their doctor is competent while at the same time it institutionalizes quackery in practice.

    Patients would be far better protected if competing private firms were to certify healers instead. The firms which proved to be the most reliable would thrive, while firms which did not perform well would develop a poor reputation and go out of business. When the state monopoly does a poor job, it goes on nevertheless, since it feeds on tax revenue, not funding from consumers who value its services.

  3. In his outstanding book, “Divided Legacy”, Harris Coulter, presents the real history of medicine in this country. Funny how corruption exists from the very beginning of this enterprise we call “medicine”. In it’s original charter, which has been “lost”, the AMA decided to destroy all other forms of medicine which did not agree with its own. Beginning then, doctors who dared to associate with herbalists, homeopaths or others using methods outside those approved by the AMA, were disbarred and/or destroyed.

    The AMA was manipulated by the burgeoning chemical industry – AKA pharmaceuticals. Those who didn’t toe-the-line found themselves ostracized or in court.

    In 1936, Morris Fishbein, the head of the AMA, met with the genius, decades ahead of his time, Royal Raymond Rife who had built 5 microscopes with resolutions better than the electron microscope. Rife had invented a machine to destroy all known diseases related to micro-organisms, especially cancer. He had already proven his device worked at killing and curing cancer when they met. Fishbeing, who flunked medical boards twice and never practiced medicine, told Rife, if he didn’t sell the AMA the patents and rights to his machines, his genius would never see the light of day.

    And so for the next 40 years no one ever heard of Rife until an article written in the “East-West Journal” of 1976.

    The corruption of medicine, government and just about everything on the planet is such that no one can ever trust politicians, the medical system or any so-called “authority”. The ONLY authority I have come to acknowledge is Death. I work very hard to find answers to everything in my life. Much of the time I do. In those cases I am my own authority. When I do not, I continue to research and listen to that little voice inside myself which, when I’ve followed it, has never steered me wrong.

    People are lazy. They would rather listen to the “authority” making it easier to avoid being responsible for themselves. Just watch regular TV – they have all sorts of “authorities” – the weather authority”, the traffic authority” and finally the TV doctors who are the “medical authority”.

    Politicians and government agencies (federal down to local) are OWNED by the drug, food and chemical industries. There is no escaping it without a lot of hard and diligent work. But it can be done. Flood your cowardly politicians relentlessly day and night. They just might listen.

  4. In 1913 Rockerfeller and Carnegie created western medicine and opened Sloan Kettering in N.Y.They bribed most medical schools with their money to only teach patented medicine especially chemo and radiation because that is where the money is.As a result slowly all plant based and homeopathic cheap medicine was trashed and we have today a nightmare of insanity in the medical community because of greed.Western medicine is great for a gunshot wound but not for most illnesses.It is all about profit.

  5. I don’t know if robots would be able to use emotional appeal to convince patients to get treatments they don’t need.

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