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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Is YOUR Baby Getting Too Much Aluminum?

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Vaccine manufacturers use a lot of aluminum, but no research has ever proven that vaccine aluminum is safe for babies.

Aluminum is a metal that seems harmless. We wrap our food in it, cook with it, and swallow aluminum in food and water every day since it occurs naturally in the environment. There is aluminum in breast milk and even more in baby formula. And aluminum is harmless, unless it gets into our bloodstream and finds its way to our brain. Because aluminum is a neurotoxin, and, like mercury and lead, it kills brain cells. This heavy metal has been implicated in autoimmune problems and neurological disorders (like Alzheimer’s), and is particularly toxic to the developing brains of young babies.

Fortunately, most swallowed aluminum passes harmlessly out through our intestinal tract. But what happens to aluminum that is injected directly into our body? Research tells us that most injected aluminum gets eliminated through the urine, but some deposits in our bones and brain, especially if we get too much aluminum all at once. So why would this neurotoxin be allowed in so many medical treatments, including most vaccines given to babies? Aluminum is added as an adjuvant, which means it’s designed to help certain treatments work. But is it actually safe?

There are only two research studies published decades ago that measured the elimination of injected aluminum in humans. One study involved only one person, and the other tested aluminum in six adults over a five-day period. 30% of the heavy metal remained in their bodies by the end of the study. Since then, aluminum research has been restricted to animals because it is now considered too toxic to study in humans. And ALL animal research has demonstrated that aluminum is toxic to the brain, bones, and the immune system.

Additionally, in 1997 doctors discovered that hospitalized premature babies being fed through IVs were unknowingly receiving 50 micrograms of aluminum each day, which impaired their neurological and mental development. They published their findings in the New England Journal of Medicine. Since that time the FDA has required warning labels on IV solutions and medications and put a limit of 25 micrograms on every IV feeing bag used in hospitals. But there was one medical treatment that was excluded from this FDA regulation—vaccinations.

What would you say if you found out that almost every baby in America receives up to 1225 micrograms of aluminum in vaccines at every infant check up? That’s 50 times the FDA safety limit, and it happens three times in just the first six months. Even at birth, all babies get 10 times the FDA safety limit of aluminum in one hepatitis B shot.

Vaccine manufacturers use a lot of aluminum, but no research has ever proven that vaccine aluminum is safe for babies. The strongest argument defending aluminum in vaccines comes from the Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), where some vaccines are made. The Center claims there is no cause for concern because we eat and drink far more aluminum than we ever get in vaccines. But CHOP ignores the fact that swallowed aluminum does not enter the bloodstream, whereas all of injected aluminum does. They also assert that since we’ve been using it in vaccines for over 70 years, it must be safe; however, as we all know, mercury and lead used to be considered safe too.

All scientific and government regulatory agencies state that aluminum is toxic to the brain. So why is aluminum not being regulated in infant vaccines? Shouldn’t we prove aluminum is safe before giving it to every baby in so many doses? And if a large dose is undeniably toxic to developing brain cells, isn’t even a small dose a cause for concern?

Asking questions about vaccine safety doesn’t make you anti-vaccine.

Note: The article was reprinted with permission. It was originally published by the Immunity Education Group—a community of medical and legal professionals, businesspersons, educators, journalists, and advocates who are passionate about immunity education and the right to informed consent.


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7 Responses

  1. I am a doctor from Brazil and I request authorization from the author for publication and disclosure of the article in the Portuguese language.

  2. “But CHOP ignores the fact that swallowed aluminum does not enter the bloodstream, whereas all of injected aluminum does.”

    Absorption of ingested aluminum is about 0.3%, and CHOP ignores this important fact.

    Injected Al adjuvant does NOT enter the bloodstream. This does not mean its safe. The injected Al adjuvant is eaten by macrophages, and its transported through the body via the lymphatic system, including into the brain.

    See this article on the topic:

    Al adjuvant comprises nanoparticles, which has distinct toxicity compared to soluble aluminum salts. The toxicity of nanoparticles is completely ignored by vaccine promoters.

  3. I believe that most Aluminum comes to us via aerosol spraying (chemtrails). it is also nano sized and can enter the bloodstream and is small enough to pass the bloodbrain barrier. This is not taken into account when it comes to climate change and it is changing our ionosphere.
    Most research on this comes from Clifford Carnicom who has his own lab.
    Also see and farmwars.

  4. Of course our kids are being poisoned by so many chemicals in vaccines .Why? Because Rapacious Big Pharma wants to keep us sick all our lives so we use more of their medications. This is obvious.

    Unless, we seriously start mobilizing in huge numbers, the CDC and the FDA will continue to do the bidding of Big Pharma. Big Pharma has nothing to loose by selling us more and more vaccines because even if someone dies, they are not liable!! They have been shielded by our own corrupt congress since 1986.

    Let’s start by repealing the “1986 Vaccine Injury Law Information”.

    Please google “Repeal Immunity for Drug Companies Against Vaccine Injuries” and sign the petition. This 1986 law must go. Otherwise, no amount of talk will make things better.
    Please take a moment to sign and please share with friends and family.

  5. Another hard hitting article from NVIC. Trust factor in big pharma vaccines; very very low. It’s an ethical issue and clear conflict of interest issue. These vaccine promoters should be forced into non profit business structures and no longer be allowed to lobby for anything.

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