Why Mandatory Vaccination Laws Won’t Work

Why Mandatory Vaccination Laws Won’t Work
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Allowing these types of mandatory laws comes at a cost—the removal of parental rights regarding what medical decisions you make for your family.

 It seems like mandating vaccines for all children in schools would have an obvious outcome of eliminating vaccine preventable diseases. It seems as if denying families vaccine exemptions would keep these diseases from infecting students or others in the community. It seems as if these types of laws are actually necessary to keep kids safe.

But what if you found out that mandatory vaccination in schools won’t achieve this goal?

If you knew these laws wouldn’t work, would you question why bills for mandatory vaccines were introduced in almost 30 states last year alone?  Would you wonder who was behind this national agenda?  And would you be concerned that the government was slowly taking away your medical rights?

Last year, California passed a law that mandates 37 doses of 10 vaccines for all children entering kindergarten (and 29 doses for daycare entry). Specifically, this law removed all philosophical and religious exemptions for families choosing to opt out of even one dose. Historically, this is the first time California has ever restricted the right for children to attend school based on belief system. The argument that sold this law was that these required vaccines will eliminate all diseases from schools– but the truth is many illnesses don’t even occur in schools, some aren’t contagious, and some vaccines don’t work well enough to reduce the spread.

Will Stricter Laws Really Eliminate Disease?

Measles, the disease outbreak that ignited media hysteria a few months before the legislative session, started at Disneyland, not in a school; and with 134 cases in a three month period, there were still NO cases within any California schools. Over half the cases were in adults, many of whom were already vaccinated. And because all U.S. measles outbreaks are started by international travelers, even with these mandatory vaccination laws for school, last year’s outbreak would still have happened in the same way.

Whooping cough, a disease that DOES spread through schools, won’t be changed by these laws because the vaccine simply doesn’t work that way. The CDC states that the real reason for whooping cough outbreaks is that the vaccine cannot prevent disease spread and it wears off too soon. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the FDA have both published new research that proves the vaccine only reduces symptoms for the individual; it won’t keep it from spreading to others. The CA Department of Public Health also reported that 90 percent of children who caught the disease in 2014 were vaccinated. In other words, these new laws won’t keep whooping cough out of schools.

Other diseases. Out of the 10 vaccines required for your child to go to school, eight of the diseases either do not circulate within schools at all or are not contagious through day-to-day contact.

So Who’s Behind These Laws?

If mandatory vaccination laws won’t work, then what is the goal? Pharmaceutical companies are lobbying to push this type of legislation in every state to make all doses of vaccines mandatory. Our elected officials receive money from these companies to pass laws which promote or mandate medical treatments and products. In short, deals are being made which take away your right to medical choice; and this decision belongs in a doctor’s office, not on the desk of lawmakers who receive money to make choices for us.

So What Price Are You Really Paying?

Allowing these types of mandatory laws comes at a cost—the removal of parental rights regarding what medical decisions you make for your family. There is no actual risk of infection in schools to warrant such strict vaccination laws which remove the right to an equal education. Remember, if you opt out of even one dose, your child is barred from a public and private education. Allowing the government to mandate any type of invasive medical treatment is a slippery slope and a violation of informed consent. What will come next? Mandatory psychiatric medication for schoolchildren with behavioral issues? Mandatory antibiotics for every single infection?

It makes no sense to sacrifice your personal and medical freedoms for absolutely zero gain. It is our job as citizens to question the necessity and effectiveness of every law, especially laws that affect our children’s future. And asking questions, including ones about mandatory vaccine law, doesn’t make you anti-vaccination. It makes you pro-education—and that’s information you have a right to know.

Note: The article was reprinted with permission. It was originally published by the Immunity Education Group—a community of medical and legal professionals, businesspersons, educators, journalists, and advocates who are passionate about immunity education and the right to informed consent.

15 Responses to "Why Mandatory Vaccination Laws Won’t Work"

  1. Red   October 30, 2016 at 12:40 am


    This is an LA Times article writing about a vaccine injured child, then talking about how there is no vaccine out yet to vaccinate for what gave him polio paralysis! The read is heart breaking, but at the same time infuriating.

  2. Num Guy   October 30, 2016 at 9:43 am

    Talk, Talk, Talk is all we seem to do! We need to mobilize!! Otherwise, Big Pharma will poison future generations completely!!

    Let’s start by repealing the “1986 Vaccine Injury Law Information”. This law has been shielding Big Pharma for over 30 years from all lawsuits.

    Please google “Repeal Immunity for Drug Companies Against Vaccine Injuries” and sign the petition. This 1986 law must go. Otherwise, no amount of talk will make things better.

    Please take a moment to sign and please share with friends and family.

  3. Gaydos Jim   October 30, 2016 at 9:54 am

    I’m unsure which of the “eight diseases of ten that we vaccinate for are not found or transmitted in schools”…

    There is tetanus, hepatitis B, maybe HPV…

    …but MMR and D and P are…Meningococcus is, Influenza is…Hep A is caused by water…but have to look that one up…Polio, Pneumococcal is, Hib and varicella are…

    So please respond, I would love to hear your reply…



    • Disgusted   October 30, 2016 at 4:45 pm

      The ones contracting these illnesses, are the VACCINATED. Some of the vaccines “shed” the virus they contain, so they are infecting the vaccine recipients. That speaks for itself, except to those that refuse to recognize the obvious…that vaccines DON’T WORK and they cause DAMAGE.

      Read the comment from “Dazed and Confused in Humboldt County”.

      Before vaccines, children actually received benefits to their immune systems by coming in contact with wild viruses, that enhanced the effectiveness of it, to fight off future contact with illness.

      Now, their immune systems are crippled by the toxic, heavy-metal laden, carcinogenic ingredients in vaccines, and they are no longer boosting their immune systems by receiving, processing and clearing wild viruses.

      People certainly have the right to ignore what’s going on, and to decide to use vaccines, but no one has the moral right to force a medical procedure on another person…it’s unethical! Shame on anyone who promotes the forced use of vaccines…that’s assault!!

      • chris   October 31, 2016 at 5:41 pm

        I’m with you, Disgusted! Even if there were a vaccine that ‘worked’ (and I’ve seen nothing that proves to me that any of them do or ever have) there is no reason to require vaccinations since the vaccinated would in theory be protected and the unprotected would die off, thus ending the disease.

        No, required vaccinations are a tyrannical dictate and what we have here is no less than a medical tyranny which we must overthrow. It can be done in the courtrooms, if we mobilize. Somehow, we’ve got to get people fired up over being abused by this assault on our liberties. disgusted doesn’t begin to sum up how I feel about all this.

  4. Dazed and Confused in Humboldt County   October 30, 2016 at 10:05 am

    I have worked in the California school system for over 20 years, part of my job, which is one of the hardest parts, because this is not my belief, is to tell parents they must vaccinate their children to attend.

    I wholeheartedly agree with this article. I have witnessed a Whooping cough outbreak where the only children who came down with the diease were those who had been vaccinate and the majority of them within the last year. I’ve witnessed children come down with chicken pox two weeks after geting vaccinated. These are but a few things I’ve seen with my own eyes, I have plenty of other theories, too many to mention here that I’ve seen over the years.

    I believe it us a parent’s right to choice, period. Not something that is mandated by a bunch of greedy, over paid beaurocrats, or pharmactical companies.

  5. Freedom of choice   October 30, 2016 at 1:07 pm

    I think the vaccinations that’s being mandated should 1st be tried out on the people mandating them and their loved ones. Have a feeling some “mandate laws” would quickly change. Mostly all of us were born with properly functioning immune systems to sustain healthy lives and fight off antigens…Guess using scare tactics to make people think they need vaccinated for things they’ve never had and probably won’t get is their way of pushing their garbage onto frightened people to cushion their pockets. Let our body work the way it should to protect itself without the syringe filled toxins.

    • Colorado   October 31, 2016 at 8:31 am

      You have presented the moral and emotional argument and it will not be effective for this fight. The effective legal argument is based on liberty, constitutionality, and the principals of representative governance in a republic democracy. Popular democratic vote in this republic of We The People cannot force constitutional rights away from another legal citizen. The point of constitutional rights is that We all have them, regardless if the majority approves of our ideologies. In this specific regard for this specific issue, the powerful interests of the few have hijacked representative democracy through propaganda, lobbying, and inadequate checks and balances systems relating to the for profit private companies which claim an unethical hold to their federal charter which justifies their existence. Aka; CDC, vaccine schedules, big pharma control of educational criteria, and subsidized product for profit like ‘free’ flue shots. Focus on the constitutionality of forced action and removal of the liberty of choice. Our entire legal and law structure is supposed to be based around liberty of choice. Without liberty, there is no moral argument to be had. Liberty is the highest of morals, superseded by no other.

  6. Colorado   October 31, 2016 at 8:22 am

    A set of two simple logic questions: 1. If vaccines are effective and most children are vaccinated, why would the unvaccinated be called a danger to the other children? 2. If most adults are no longer effectively immune since most do not receive booster shots, why don’t we see more outbreaks among general populace? Answer; 1. Profit. 2. Sanitation is; but vaccination is not; largely responsible for hygiene and subsequent immune system resilience to diseases.

    • TeeJae   November 2, 2016 at 10:46 am

      1. That’s not the argument anymore. Now it’s about the immuno-compromised who cannot be vaccinated. A weak argument, to be sure, but one that is making headway in propagandizing the unthinking masses.

      2. Good question. Keep asking it.

  7. dogitydog   November 15, 2016 at 5:00 am

    On a positive note, Donald Trump and his wife Melania are anti-vaxers. That being said, he needs help of the highest power to put an end to this tragedy and I pray that he may receive it…

    I humbly ask of our creator to hear the call of us with sound minds and loving hearts to guide us in the direction that allows us to be free from this tyranny of our oppressors and that our new president elect Donald Trump may be shown the way and infused with the will which enables him to expose and eliminate this evil ritual that has wreaked havoc upon the innocent lives of our children and our friends and that the perpetrators of this crime against humanity be brought to justice and prevented from furthering their life destroying agenda that is fueled by greed and profit with complete disregard for the gift of the human experience. Amen.

    • ROBERT & PAMELA JO MARSTON   March 13, 2019 at 6:43 pm

      I just read your prayer from 2016. I’m a Grammy from Maine and they are in capital today to try and take our exemptions for vaccines away! Please pray

  8. danette   November 16, 2016 at 1:51 pm

    “A cell cannot be in growth and defense at the same time – it’s biologically impossible.”

    Bruce Lipton, PhD

  9. MG   November 19, 2016 at 3:05 am

    Not only schools, I read that the AAP now says its “acceptable” to not allow unvaccinated patients in their practice. Before I read that our NP told me that herself and the other MD’s and NPs were considering this at our loca healthcare system. They didn’t decide on it YET. We had to switch NP’s becomes ours left and this new one is kind and helpful in many areas but constantly bringing up vaccines. Totally understand it’s her job and she believes in it but our old one said “You know were I stand, I respect you and know you researched it, let me know if you have questions or ever want to catch them up”. I know she’s very pro-vaxing but never badgered or questioned. We don’t use the schools at all but what will we do when the health system “kicks us out”? We try to mostly avoid but I do still do well checks. We’ll have to pay out of pocket for the one doctor in our city smart enough to leave the “system” and do things more holistically and nutritionally but still as an MD.

  10. DonB   March 20, 2020 at 4:45 am

    If you’re going to get a vaccination of any kind, reduce the damage and increase the effectiveness. What’s not good about that?


    Vitamin C Prevents Vaccination Side Effects; Increases Effectiveness
    by Thomas E Levy, MD, JD


    Vaccinations, Vitamin C, Politics, and the Law
    Commentary by Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD


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