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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Oral Polio Vaccine Was Contaminated with Monkey Viruses

Public health officials in the United States today recommend that infants in the U.S. receive four doses of an inactivated, injectable polio vaccine (IAV) using chicken egg embryos, dog kidney cells or insect cells for production.1 However, between 1961 and 1999, most American children swallowed five doses of live oral polio vaccine (OPV) using monkey kidney cells for production.

In 1961, the live attenuated oral polio vaccine (OPV)—developed by Albert Sabin, MD—was licensed and soon public health officials recommended that all infants and children be given OPV instead of the inactivated IAV—developed by Jonas Salk, MD—which had been licensed in 1955 and widely used. OPV contains three vaccine strain polioviruses given orally by liquid drops in the mouth and public health officials adopted it as the preferred polio vaccine because OPV not only vaccinated the recipient but also “passively” vaccinated those coming in close contact with a recently vaccinated child shedding vaccine strain live polioviruses in the stool, saliva and nasal secretions.2 

Contamination of OPV Seed Stocks

To create both inactivated and live poliovirus vaccines, Drs. Salk and Sabin used primary cell cultures from monkey kidneys to attenuate the polioviruses. However, one of the monkeys used, the rhesus macaque monkey, asymptomatically carried an undetected simian (monkey) virus that could infect and cause cancerous tumors in hamsters and other animals. In 1959, researchers discovered that infectious SV40 had been contaminating the Salk vaccine and early batches of OPV that had been given to more than 100 million people worldwide between 1954 and 1961.3 

After this discovery, vaccine manufacturers switched to using African green monkey kidney cells to make polio vaccines. [Unlike rhesus monkeys, African green monkeys are not natural hosts of SV40, although African green monkeys and other species, like chimpanzees, can be asymptomatically infected with simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV)].4 5

SV40 is a DNA tumor virus and, like other DNA tumor viruses, is not usually cancer causing in a natural host (such as rhesus monkeys) but becomes more oncogenic when it crosses species into other animals or humans. DNA tumor viruses also have an affinity for certain cell types. For example, human mesothelial (lung) cells appear to be particularly susceptible to malignant transformation in the presence of SV40.6

Although it was assumed by doctors administering OPV to children and parents of children swallowing OPV that vaccine manufacturers had removed live SV40 from OPV seed stocks after 1961, in the past decade scientists have confirmed that some of the Sabin polio vaccine seed stocks were contaminated with infectious SV40 until at least 1978.7

SV40 Associated with Human Brain, Bone, Lung Cancers

In 1998, studies were published in the medical literature warning that SV40 was being detected in human brain, bone and lung tumors in children and adults, as well as in 45 percent of sperm from healthy people. Researchers concluded that “multiple SV40 strains can infect humans”8 and that SV40 infection may be spread by “blood transfusion and sexual transmission in the human population.”9

By 2003, SV40 had been detected in human tumors in more than 40 different laboratories and the Institute of Medicine had published a report stating that “the biological evidence is of moderate strength that SV40 exposure from the polio vaccines is related to SV40 infection in humans.”10

However, between 1998 and 2005, a series of studies were published denying that SV40 plays any role in the development of human cancer and minimizing the significance of the presence of SV40 in humans.11 U.S. public health officials have acknowledged that live SV40 did contaminate both inactivated and live polio vaccines between 1955 and 1963 but continue to deny that the monkey virus infecting humans is causing human cancers.12


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  1. I am so happy you brought this to light……however, old news to me. This was reported by Helga Clark -which she wrote a small book about— way back when – in the 80’s when I began to get involved with all that were in Vaccine toxins. You might still be able to find her book from her website that sells her supplements. I just recently gave my last copy to some friends who were interested in leaning more.

    1. Some people didn’t see this when it was new news and I am thankful I saw it this time. GREAT info for now because, those whom had the polio back at that time and having different symptons NOW knows W H Y ! THANKS for this wonderful post

  2. “Dr. Mary’s Monkey: How the Unsolved Murder of a Doctor, a Secret Laboratory in New Orleans and Cancer-Causing Monkey Viruses are Linked to Lee Harvey … Assassination and Emerging Global Epidemics”

    The 1964 murder of a nationally known cancer researcher sets the stage for this gripping exposé of medical professionals enmeshed in covert government operations over the course of three decades. Following a trail of police records, FBI files, cancer statistics, and medical journals, this revealing book presents evidence of a web of medical secret-keeping that began with the handling of evidence in the JFK assassination and continued apace, sweeping doctors into coverups of cancer outbreaks, contaminated polio vaccine, the arrival of the AIDS virus, and biological weapon research using infected monkeys.


    1. I too have read this book. Although not the best-written book, the evidence it contains is astounding.

    2. As several people noted, “Dr. Mary’s Monkey” is a strong insight into the genetic experimentation already going on in the early Sixties. Aside from the political aspects of Haslam’s story, which are very interesting, the work of Dr. Mary Sherman and the work being done at Tulane should have sounded very loud alarm bells. This was nothing less than an extension of the medical and genetic experiments done by the Nazis during WWII. I don’t know if any “Paperclip” scientists were involved, but I believe the globalists were ultimately responsible. The Georgia Guidestones openly proclaim their intention to reduce world population by 90%.

  3. The sad point is that vaccines are not fully tested before they are unleashed on kids and adults. The pharmaceutical companies conduct the safety tests and FDA just stamps its approval. Vaccine companies know they can get away with murder! Why? Here’s why.

    Our corrupt Congress gave vaccine makers immunity in 1986 against all lawsuits even in the event of death resulting from a vaccine. That is 30 years of immunity!! During this time the number of vaccines has increased tremendously.

    The only way to stop this madness is to repeal this immunity. Please google “Repeal Immunity for Drug Companies Against Vaccine Injuries” and sign the petition on moveon.

    Please sign and share with friends and family and make a difference.

    Thank you.

  4. Why aren’t more people questioning vaccines, period!!!! It seems like cancer researchers are determined not to reveal a link between vaccines and cancer. Hearing about and seeing all those kids with cancer breaks my heart and makes my blood boil.

  5. Evil begets evil, those monkeys should rest in peace, the humans that create torture and imprisonment and pain to these sovereign beings begot the evil they acted out, and continued the evil to their own species….

  6. In the late 70s a US military controlled committee tasked with oversight of human experimentation on the US civilian population warned intelligence officers embedded within the civilian medical establishment that a strange new illness was going to appear as a result of the Sabin oral polio vaccine. This statement emphasized the need to continue to not record the polio vaccine lot numbers so that the vaccine would not be imcrimimated in the upcoming outbreak of this disease of unknown characteristics.
    Sam Katz, chairman of the infectious disease committee of the American Academy of pediatrics was remember was a member of this covert military organization and he served as an occurrence as a consultant to this committee . That message was published in the Federal Register early in 1980 just before the outbreak of epidemic AIDS and at a time when Gallo I had discovered S TL V in human cancers.
    Sabin, Salk, Enders, Hilleman as well as Katz we’re on this military controlled committee which claims to have conducted the largest human experiment in history with the Francis field trial and to have controlled civilian immunization policy.

  7. There was a time when retroviruses such as BVD, (bovine viral diarrhea), avian leucosis and SV40 mentioned above, etc. were limited to animals. What has changed? Why is there such a high incidence of leukemia and other forms of cancer in children? Is it unreasonable to conclude that the injection of contaminated vaccines, which bypass natural censoring mechanisms are responsible?

    Retroviruses are extremely small and as such 100% assurance of their filtration is not possible. They have the unique ability of entering and integrating into a host cell (concealing themselves if you will) where they can express themselves at a later date. The potential for harm is immeasurable and in my opinion no individual goes unscathed when injected with these contaminated vaccine concoction. The heads of those who manufacture and promote vaccines must to be screwed on backwards if they think the addition to the mix of toxic chemicals and heavy metals such as acetone, phenol, formaldehyde, antibiotics, solvent detergents, aluminum and mercury etc., will all of a sudden make their vaccine preparations safe and effective.

    The article below states, “There are numerous cases of documented contaminated vaccines intended for humans [1]. Measles vaccine Attenuvax grown in chicken embryo fibroblast cells was contaminated with Avian leucosis (myeloid leucosis cancer virus) and avian endogenous retrovirus. Yellow fever vaccine YFvax grown in chicken embryo fibroblast cells was contaminated with avian endogenous retrovirus. Herpes 3 vaccine Varivax grown in MRC-5 human cells from aborted foetuses was contaminated with human endogenous retrovirus K. Rota virus vaccine Rotarix grown in Vero E6 (African green monkey ) cells was contaminated with with porcine circovirus 1 and porcine circovirus 2. Rotavirus Rotateq vaccine grown in Vero (African monkey) cells had Baboon endogenous retrovirus as contaminant. Measles mumps vaccine MMR II grown in chicken fibroblast cells had Avian endogenous retrovirus and human endogenous retrovirus K as contaminants; and Rubella vaccine grown in WI-38 human diploid lung fibroblast cells was contaminated with Human endogenous retrovirus K. Rubella vaccine meruvax II grown in WI-38 human lung fibroblast cells contained human endogenous retrovirus-K.”


  8. Read the book “Doctor Mary’s Monkees” D.r Mary tried to warn of the contamination as the vaccine was being developed, but the government pushed ahead anyway. Doctor Mary ended up dead in a bizarre “accident”

  9. I want to add my recommendation to what Pogohere wrote above. I have just finished reading Dr. Mary’s Monkey. This is an important book to read. We have been at the mercy of our current medical paradigm for over 100 years. What this book taught me more than anything is that although vaccines may contain thimerisal, aluminum and other substances that are dangerous for the human body, they are not as dangerous as the foreign viruses that come from the foreign animal tissues these vaccines are cultured on. DNA from other animals is foreign to the human body. A strong immune system is your first line of defense; without it you are at extreme risk. Babies who have not had the time to develop their immune systems are the most vulnerable.

  10. There are so many toxins in vaccinations and the government is forcing people to get them even though the make people ill. What can we do to reverse this travesty ?

    People are more then willing to stop this but they don’t know how to start

    Any information would be helpful

      1. USA Civilians have no constitution rights according to current leadership in the wh they will send you to jail or cause something to happen just like the above we are forced harrassed bulllied into this

    1. Everyone needs to be aware that Hillary Clinton is in favor of MANDATORY VACCINATIONS!!!! This is frightening! We should have the RIGHT to refuse to have these poisons injected into our bodies. The Government should not be allowed to mandate vaccination!

  11. My mother contracted leukemia from the oral Sabin polio vaccine. There a huge human trial of the opv in about 1959-1960 here in Phoenix Arizona. We went to north High School where we received the opv on a sugar cube. My mother got sick over the next few months, thought it was a cold or the flu but she never got over it. By the end of the next year she was diagnosed with CLL and died August of 1963. She was only 51, I was 12. Sabin KNEW his vaccine was contaminated right from the start and all the doc researchers KNEW newly vaccinated people with ANY for of the polio vaccine shed the polio virus for some time and there are people who were infected with polio after exposure to the newly vaccinated. This is a crime against humanity.

  12. My mother contracted leukemia from the oral Sabin polio vaccine. There was a huge human trial of the opv in about 1959-1960 here in Phoenix Arizona. We went to North High School where we received the opv on a sugar cube. My mother got sick over the next few months, thought it was a cold or the flu but she never got over it. By the end of the next year she was diagnosed with CLL and died August of 1963. She was only 51, I was 12. Sabin KNEW his vaccine was contaminated right from the start and all the doc researchers KNEW newly vaccinated people with ANY of the polio vaccines shed the polio virus for some time and there are people who were infected with polio after exposure to the newly vaccinated. This is a crime against humanity.

  13. Now the next concern is warning everyone to protect their God-given rights to life and liberty as the CDC is now proposing to forcibly vaccinate you and your family members, illegally detain you without representation, put on or in tracking devices (think Agenda 21),…and who knows what else as the the proposal is open to interpretation. For those of us who know, injecting vaccines is like playing Russian roulette. Whether you believe in vaccines or not, anyone who has any common sense knows this proposal is a magnanoumous violation of our human rights. What will be next? If we do not have a huge rally against this, we are in for so much more scary things to come. A friend of mine reminded me of the funny Brady Bunch episode where they got the measles. It goes to show how sickening our society has gotten when you have a family comedy making fun of a non-issue such as the measles, yet now we have pandamonium and consequently California media creating hype and fear and consequently SB 277!! So outrageous!

  14. As long as people continue voting for Democrats who are pro-vaccine for everyone, then all this will continue.
    Years ago, an aide to a NYS lawmaker stated to me that the Democrats embarrassed Republicans into voting for vaccine mandates. Thus, a way to stop vaccine mandates is to stop voting for Democrats on every level.

    1. Bonnie, it’s not just Democrats, they’re all in on it, including “conservative” Republicans. I’m sure that Clinton, if elected President, would support forced vaccination. I also believe that I’ve read that Trump supports health freedom of choice. Vote accordingly.

  15. Thank you for sharing this.

    I’ve been working on a research blog that finds evidence of vaccines being the main cause of spreading cancer.

    I’ve collected some data here if you would like to check it out.

    I haven’t heard very many people mention parts of what my research blog shows…. Regarding HELA cells. Please check it out and comment.

    The comments here make me so excited because it seems like people actually understand this information already. Awareness is growing and things are changing.
    Vaccines are spreading cancer virus globally and this is criminal.
    These Evil Scientists must be stopped and held accountable for the genocide they are committing on the people. People are suffering unjustly and needlessly for greed and Eugenics.
    We must keep spreading the word. The more people to know – the better!
    Keep bringing awareness.

    1. Have you researched the Hep C and smallpox connection? Why do they want all baby boomers from a certain age group to be tested?

  16. The Coverup within the CDC is more than criminal. They are taking these vaccines around the world. Very little of the population is aware of the Pollio poisoning with deadly monkey viruses and now they are moving the gestational time limits for abortion all the way to birth as they are now growing these live viruses in the aborted babies skulls the more developed the baby the more viable the skull for growing these viruses for the making of vaccines. There are secretly recorded backroom deals going on between plan parenthood and the almighty CDC. The easiest way to investigate this and find out who is involved is to follow the money trail. It will make you sick, they are nothing short of serial killers.

  17. OMG such shocking info. Polio vaccine saved us from much suffering and death yet we very intelligent people
    don’t question the report published here, we just believe it because we are the new experts.

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