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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Leptospirosis Vaccine May Be Killing Dogs

woman caressing a dogStory Highlights
  • Leptospirosis is a treatable bacterial infection that can be contracted by dogs through contact with the urine of infected animals.
  • Vaccinations against leptospirosis are associated with severe adverse reactions in dogs and have been linked to 120 deaths over the last two years.
  • Although the infection is transmissible to humans, few cases are reported in the U.S.

Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease spread through the urine of infected rats, wildlife, and canines. Although it is treatable with antibiotics if it is caught early, the disease can be fatal to dogs—particularly puppies and young animals. Symptoms can range from mild lethargy and depression, to more serious symptoms like abdominal pain, jaundice, and liver damage. Leptospirosis illness leads to death in approximately 20 percent of cases, usually because the early symptoms are common to many diseases and may go unrecognized.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association’s information of leptospirosis, symptoms may include “fever, shivering, muscle tenderness, reluctance to move, increased thirst, changes in the frequency or amount of urination, dehydration, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, lethargy, jaundice (yellowing of the skin and mucous membranes), or painful inflammation within the eyes,” among many others.1

Leptospirosis is not a new disease and actually is not a common problem in dogs (and does not appear to be a problem in cats), but increased awareness and testing have led to an increase in diagnosis.2

Risk and Prevention

Risk factors for contracting leptospirosis include drinking from contaminated sources, such as ponds, puddles or streams, roaming on rural properties where potentially infected wild animals may be, exposure to wild or farm animals, and contact with rats or infected dogs.1 Leptospirosis may also be contracted in urban areas through infected rodents. Preventive measures include reducing rodent populations, minimizing dogs’ exposure to wildlife, and avoiding stagnant-water conditions.

Potential Dangers of Leptospirosis Vaccines

There are vaccines against leptospirosis, but they are not on the “core schedule,” meaning they are only optionally offered. They also do not come highly recommended and many veterinarians are seriously opposed to them, maintaining among other things, that “the vaccine can actually cause the disease in dogs, and it has also been linked to early kidney failure in older animals.3

Vaccines against leptospirosis reportedly are associated with “as many or more adverse reactions than occur for any other” optional vaccine on the market.4 Others have agreed that the leptospirosis vaccines in general may “cause the most frequent and violent reactions” and, except in places where infection is a “severe threat, the benefits… do not outweigh the risks.”5

Nobivac L4, a new tetravalent vaccine against leptospirosis, was introduced in 2013 to cover newer strains of the bacteria found in Europe, and reports have since accumulated indicating that the vaccine has caused so many deaths and severe adverse reactions that the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) has warned against using it in puppies younger than 12 weeks of age, though other sources say the WSAVA disclaims that statement, and the vaccine is in fact routinely given to very young pups.6

According to the Daily Mail, more than 2,000 adverse reactions to the vaccine, including 120 deaths, have been linked to Nobivac L4 in the last two years.7 Reported side effects have included epileptic fits, swollen glands and blindness.

Dog breeder Carol Blackburn-Harvey recently brought attention to the issue in Great Britain when she lost her rare, prize dog to side effects of the vaccine. Manufactured by MSD Animal Health, a subsidiary of Merck Sharp & Dohme, Nobivac L4 is currently being monitored by the Government’s Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD), but its refusal to disclose the full number of known adverse reactions has sparked suspicions that the problem is being under-reported and the public under-informed.4

Bridgette Evans, another experienced and accredited dog breeder, who believes that every dog she has had vaccinated with Nobivac L4 was adversely affected, said:

Vets are not willing to admit or are in denial about the risk posed by the vaccine—it can kill perfectly fit and healthy dogs.4

A spokesperson for MSD, however, says:

The adverse event may have been related to an underlying disease, using other drugs at the same time, or other non-drug related causes. Therefore, marketing authorization holders and the authorities are obliged in the EU to apply a causality assessment to each case indicating the likelihood of an adverse event being linked to product administration.4 

Leptospirosis in Humans

Though leptospirosis is a zoonotic infection, meaning it can be transmitted to humans, it is rarely seen in humans in the U.S. There are estimates of between 100 and 200 human cases per year and half of those cases occur in Hawaii.8 Infection is much more prevalent in tropical climates and in impoverished areas of the world with poor sanitation and underdeveloped infrastructures. Epidemics may occur when there are floods, and infections are more common in times of increased rainfall.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates the worldwide prevalence of leptospirosis in humans at 0.1 to 1 per 100,000 people in temperate climates and 10 or more per 100,000 in tropical climates. Occasional epidemics may increase the number to 100 or more per 100,000 people.9


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  1. After the 1st year shots , most dogs will have immunity for at least 8 years , or , almost the length of life of the dog . Check out , a Texas Vet’s website or Dr. Karen Becker’s website ( holistic vet ). Since I don’t over vaccinate my dogs have no weird skin allergies and no food allergies . I feed non-GMO dog food that is grain free . Major vaccine makers will not sponsor research on this because it may go against the bottom line . Same for traditional vets , who , like pediatricians , get office visit fees every time you bring your dog in for a battery of shots . Helps their bottom line . As for checking titers , a dog can have cellular immunity and no or low titers and still be immune to disease . Plus , they are expensive . Do ” the most nothing ” , feed the best food , exercise , don’t buy puppy mill dogs ( genetic problems ).


    Repeating Dr Becker’s claim in your article is poor science…at best. I have NOT been a great proponent of Lepto protection for canines during my 45yrs of practice (even the newer lower antigen L4), but stating (without reference to the source) that science has demonstrated reversion to virulence for a killed bacterin and “the vaccine can actually cause the disease in dogs” undermines the believability of some other good points in your discussion about vaccine protocols.

    I have also observed other “poor veterinary medical science” linked to the Mercola site in the past.


    Stan Zbylot DVM

  3. Lepto is no joke. I contracted it 19 years ago in Hawaii. People occasionally die from it there, if they leave it untreated. It is a spirochete, like Lyme disease, and I suspect it uses some of the same mechanisms to hide from the immune system within one’s cells by camouflage, moving into different life cycles when threatened, etc… How the hell some genius thinks they can vaccinate against something like that, I’d love to hear.

    1. Me thinks you’ll be waiting a long time, unless you’re into reading a lot of baloney. But I doubt it.
      I won’t consent to vaccinating my pets at all. The only 2 times my dog had to have a rabies vaccine was those times I (unfortunately) HAD to bring her to the vet for physical issues that I couldn’t address at home. Would that I could have!
      Each time she had the rabies vaccine she was lethargic for several days.

    2. I am sorry , Velobwoy, but your comment is pure nonsense. You think because an infection is severe the vaccine will be less effective? For your information, many “geniuses” have actually researched scientifically and proven that many vaccines safely prevent lethal diseases, as smallpox, meningitis, pneumonia, etc. This has also been shown clinically. I have not legitimately researched Leptospirosis vaccine for animals to evaluate it’s risks versus benefits so would not make such a ridiculous claim based on here-say and anecdotes. You could do this unless you rely on one of the radical anti vaccine sites that have no credibility.

  4. The immunity that leptospirosis vaccinations give is short lasting perhaps a year, perhaps less in some dogs. Occasionally, the vaccine does not protect at all. Vaccine manufacturers have known the drawbacks of their leptospirosis vaccines for years. So you and your veterinarian must decide if your pet s risk of catching leptospirosis justifies yearly vaccination. In making that decision you must ask if your pet frequents areas that may harbor leptospirosis. You must also know if leptospirosis is occurring frequently in your community. You must also consider if your pet, or its siblings, have had previous vaccination reactions. Reactions also seem to occur more frequently in smaller breeds than larger ones.

  5. My dog developed Pancreatitis 1 year ago after receiving the Lepto shot. Not realizing that this was the connection, she received another Lepto injection this year and 2 months later went into liver failure. I now see the correlation, and wish my Vet would have been honest and let me know that a 13 year old Pug did not need this. Thanks to the Vet being money hungry, instead of caring about my dog, she is no longer with us. Please do your research before allowing your vet to give your dog vaccines. 10-8-2016.

    1. Omg I just had my pug go back to this doctor I was going to him first then I moved went somewhere else did not like them I went back to this guy but in reports of her shots these people gave her lepto shot and they never told us they just said she got her vaccines so I assumed rabies etc….but idk she is 9 so theres 2 shots in her sytem in 2 years she seems sad and lethargic but idk I will keep eye on her all night or should I call the vet and explain stuff I’m reading on internet I just hope shes ok especially after changing places and doctors damn it…..???

  6. This one s for leptospirosis which is not recommended as a “core” vaccine to be given routinely to your dog unless in a leptospirosis area, though it has course of course become the norm for all dogs today.

  7. Also i wanted to add that one of my dog got overvaccinated with rabbies vaccine because she was a rescue dog and she developped seizures and lost her hair all around her ears. After fighting quite a bit with the vet, i finally could obtain a written exemption of any further vaccinations . Why do vets wait for our pets to be in serious health geopardy to recognize that over vaccinations is so damaging to their health????

  8. My dog was mistakely given an overdose of this vaccine and now she is not eating,she is vomiting and her stool is watery .

  9. My dog was mistakely given an overdose of this vaccine and now she is not eating,she is vomiting ,she is not active (dull) and her stool is watery

  10. My Jack Russell, who is almost 15 and super healthy got her Lepto booster last week before we were leaving to move out west for the summer. We occasionally need to board our 2 dogs because of whitewater rafting trips, and they have to have a kennel cough vaccine and a lepto vaccine in order to board them. She started feeling poorly within a few days, and I could smell it on her breath that she was sick. She then developed a high fever and runny discharge from her nose accompanied by constant sneezing. She is very lethargic, but thankfully she is still eating and drinking well. My vet said that it probably wasn’t the vaccine, but I think it is. She’s never sick and this is very unlike her. They placed her on antibiotics and I’m hoping it’ll bring her around

    1. Cathy, Did your dog get better? I have a Jack. He got a lepto shot today and seems to be experiencing similar symptoms. He can’t walk. I have to carry him around. Since it’s only been 5 hours, I’m just hoping it’ll get better.

      1. Rebecca, my jack Russell is still ill. I have to carry her as well, but we discovered that she had a serious staph infection as well as e-coli. We got rid of the upper respiratory thing, and now it is returning. Meanwhile, $1500 later, I still believe with all of my heart it was the vaccine that started everything.

  11. Ever since my pup had a reaction from the lepto. Vaccine he has become very aggressive in his behavior. He had a bad reaction from the vaccine and I had him treated but he now has become very aggressive. Could this be a result from the vaccine?

  12. My 8 year old perfectly healthy xbreed lost her sight within 3 weeks of receiving her Lepto 4 booster. I was told she has a brain tumor but I now have serious doubts as she is still with us after nearly 9 months. I feel so helpless as there is nothing I can do to establish the truth and I have lost faith in vets as I feel these boosters are more about making money than caring for my dog. Think very seriously before consenting to your pet receiving this drug, I am convinced it is responsible for my dogs blindness and nobody will help !

  13. My dog went into a chock 2 hours after the vaccination . He would stop for 15 minutes starring into a wall or a bush , without moving a muscle . Now , 4 months later , he is all of a sudden afraid of cars in the street . He eats and drinks as normally , but he is as far from
    normal as can be .
    He is a 9 years old Basset Fauve de Bretagne , the vet didn´t ask before she gave it to my dog and I had only asked for a Rabies vaccination .
    None of the vets , I have taken my dog to , will accept any a these facts and treats me , like I am crazy . It is my dog , and I have had big dogs earlier , that went to training schools , one was even an Agilty champignon , so I am a very serious dog owner .

  14. The Leptospirosis vaccine caused masticatory myositis in our son’s 8.5 year old Rottweiler almost 2 years ago. For anyone not aware of this terrible ailment, his jaw clamped totally shut, where it couldn’t not even be attempted to be open under heavy anesthesia. He could neither eat or drink. This ailment also went undiagnosed by the vet who administered the vaccine, and another vet that saw him. It was only after our own extensive reading, that did we on our own, that we figured out what was wrong with him, and then went to the vet with the recommendations based on our readings, for a course of action to save his life. It took almost a full year of prednisone for him to recover. Once he was off the prednisone, shortly after he developed Osteosarcoma in his front leg. He was sent to the Rainbow Bridge just last week. And he was a healthy dog prior to the vet convincing our son that this vaccine was required. He was never told that there were possible side effects, and why would he even think that there would be. After much reading, it is more than evident that he should never have been given that vaccination, nor should he have been given the rabies shot prior to a titre test. Although, he lived to be almost 11 years old, which is remarkable for a Rottweiler, he could of been spared a lot of pain and discomfort, had he not been given these unnecessary vaccines.

  15. Pet Smart told me I needed to give this vaccine to my 7-year old malamute for her trip to Mexico. Absolutely a lie. She died three weeks later from the disease after terrible suffering. This vaccine should be banned. I was heart broken.

  16. My 2 year old yellow lab did not have any reaction or issues after his first lepto shots as a puppy. He received the lepto shot in his upper left leg/hip area nearly 1 month ago and has had issues with intermittent pain in the left hip typically in the morning following vigorous exercise from the previous day. He went to the vet twice with negative exam and no diagnostic workup. They did not think it was the vaccine. His 3rd visit was to a different vet. hip xray was negative but pain was reproduced in the left hip on exam. he is on NSAIDs now for 7 days and rest for 2 weeks. Plan for ortho consult and further imaging if pain persists. I can not find any information on the web lepto shot and prolonged pain. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this with their dog? The pain started the day after his vaccine. it seems to coincidental to not be related to the vaccine. Maybe improper vaccine injection and injury occurred?

    1. I am so sorry to hear your baby is in pain. My 3mo pug Lilly received this bullsht vaccine on the 9th of April, and she has been in the hospital for 3 days now and is still not home. My little dumpling is way too small to have had this, and if she survives, she’s absolutely not having it again. I am also beating myself up because I blindly trusted the pet hospital to give her whatever they thought she needed, but now I know it’s all about money. The emergency room vet at a different hospital for critical care said to not let them inject her again. My Lilly immediately became lethargic, she lost her appetite, slept more than any baby should the rest of the day and night, she was shaking, coughing, vomiting and having diarrhea. She had just barely gotten over giardia. My baby also had severe pain like yours, it is one of the side effects (that they didn’t go over) and her little shoulder swelled up to the point that she barely wanted to move and had no interest in the food she usually destroys. I hope & pray our babies will pull through! This is heart wrenching

  17. My beautiful 6 year old,8 lb. pom. Stella died 20 minutes after receiving this unnecessary vaccine. The allergic reaction was silent, terrifying and deadly. Do not let this happen to your pet. I raced her back to the vet and they couldn’t revive her and now I’m left with the “why” and I have no answers…I’m mad at my blind trust and don’t even want to face what I have to do today Say NO to this vaccine!!!

  18. During a routine checkup for my 7yr old Pitbull, my vet said that he needed a Lepto vaccine shot. She never said a word about possible side affects. 2hrs after we got home he just seemed like he was in shock, or in a haze, he just stood staring at a wall. He wouldn’t sit down or lay down. Then he started panting rapidly and shaking as if he were freezing. After about 2hrs his shaking stopped but he still seemed like he didn’t know where he was at. My dog was in very good shape high energy before this shot, now he is very lethargic. I know for a fact this is a side affect from the Lepto vaccine. Its all about money people, Im very disappointed and very pissed off that someone I trusted would do this to my family member.

  19. I have a female Jack Russell/ Ray Terrier who will turn 12 in June. When I first bought her in 2005, I took her for her checkup and vaccines. The vet gave her the Leptospirosis vaccine and on my drive home, my dog was yelping… screaming in intense pain, and the injection site was extremely swollen. I turned around and raced back as fast as I could to the vet and he gave her another vaccine for her reaction she experienced. He then told me that most dogs get a reaction from the shot. It isn’t really needed. It’s optional. I was so upset with myself that I didn’t even question the vaccine he suggested and that it was not needed, as well as it should never be given to a dog under a year. If I would have known then what I know now, I would’ve never said yes to that ridiculous vaccine. That vaccine should be banned. It’s cruel. I commend all the vets who refuse to give this vaccine. My heart goes out to all of you who have dogs that were hurt and are suffering from the effects of this vaccine. You are in my thoughts and I wish all the best of healing to you and your beautiful animals.

  20. We have 4 dogs that went in for a rabies shot. Unfortunately without my permission the vet did what he wanted to all of them, including the lepto. My dog who will be 13, an Aussie/Husky mix got sick and had severe diarrhea. couldn’t walk or eat. I will never allow someone to do things without my permission and now I have vet bills to pay for after care.

  21. I take my dogs to the dog park all the time so about a year ago I got the lepto vaccine after being told that they would catch it at the dog park. Two of my dogs are completely fine but my 3 year old Shepard/ dingo rescue developed focal seizures 1 month after having the vaccine and she would have 1 every month for 3 months. I took her to the vet and they put her on phenobarbital for seizures. She had her first gran male seizure today and I am convinced it was the lepto vaccine. She was perfectly healthy before the vaccine and now has seizures and she’s only 3! Poor pup. I’m sorry to everyone who has lost their fur babies to this awful vaccine. I only got the vaccine once and never went in for the follow up the next month as my sister who works for a rescue told me that she has seen a lot of bad effects from this vaccine.

  22. My 12 year old healthy Jack Russell received her first Lepto in July at her yearly physical. With the second shot scheduled for 2 weeks later. We do live in an area where wildlife can get in our yard, so I thought I was doing the right thing. At that appt. I told them I was worried because her sight and hearing seemed to decline since the Lepto and I wasn’t sure she should receive the second one. They assured me it was fine. She just wasn’t the same after the second, little signs here and there. My sweet girl passed away in late August, healthy the month before. Think twice before agreeing to this vaccine. We are beyond devastated.

  23. My 6 month hound rescue went to get checked. I trusted the vet would give him what he needed. Well he got a lepto vaccine. He is not the same dog. He had a reaction to this shot. Now he is on all kinds of meds . His liver has been affected. He is going for a ultraound tomorrow. My heart is hurting for him. Please please do research before letting them give your dog this vaccine. I’m hoping for the best.

  24. We did the leptospirosis shot for both of our dogs, 12 & 6 1/2 back in May 2018. Our 6 1/2 year old was experiencing lameness & found out she had platelet issues. She’s been on prednisone for over 6 weeks. Every time we try to wean her off her platelets drop very low. The vet just told me to stop Lyme & leptospirosis vaccines for her in the future, we are stopping for both of our dogs and they recommend only do rabies. We love her dearly and have spent $800 or more for weekly jugular sticks to check her platelets. Never mind her voracious appetite and thirst. She’s like a crazy person. She keeps us up half the night and pees all over the house, I sometimes just cry because i feel so bad for her. We’re praying things get better for her.

    1. Your pups experience sound very similar to my pups. I just posted our experience here. Mr. Darcy was diagnosed with IMT shortly after being given the Lepto Vaccine. He had zero platelets and was given Prednisolone. We had just started to potty train him and that went out the window due to the side effects of the meds. He had insatiable thirst and peed constantly. His meds have been reduced and he is doing much better. I hope your pup is doing well.

  25. Our dog Attitude had an absolutely perfect yearly exam. She was a senior, but was in literally perfect health. Her bloodwork was fantastic. At that exam, our vet pushed us to get the lepto vaccine because we are in the country and she might contract the disease unknowingly. One week after that perfect exam and that vaccine – she was gone. The vet insisted she had to have gotten into something, there was no way it was the vaccine. Not even possible. She was not one to “get into” things, and we keep everything potentially problematic put away and have baby locks on cabinet doors. I have a bunch of nosy cats – I have to do that. The vet said no way it could be the vaccine because the drug rep would have told them if there were potential side effects, especially to the degree of death. I was floored. That is by far the most naive thing I have ever heard from a vet. I even told her so. Do you think a drug rep is going to give you that information when they are there to make money, and to push you to get it for them. And that vet’s office is money hungry anyway, at least the owner is. I will now drive an hour to my current vet who is amazing. I have only gone back to that other vet to pick up a prescription called in from my new vet. And once when one of my cats got blocked and had to be seen immediately. Now, since I generally see another vet unless I have no choice, they won’t even fill prescriptions for me, per the owner’s orders. She is rude to me if she sees me there. I know I’m my heart that vaccine killed our girl. I will NEVER get it again. The only vaccines my animals get now is rabies. Period. And I only do that because it’s required by lanw.

  26. Hi. I have two border collies. Neither of them were vaccinated for leptospirosis. We had a fenced in yard with a wire mesh to keep larger animals (like skunks, deer, raccoons) out…they never left that fenced area…but still small animals such as a mouse or squirrel could get in. My girl border collie who was very strong healthy and vibrant showed benign symptoms of lethargy and not wanting to eat (she can be finicky sometimes, so we weren’t extremely alarmed). We took her to the Dr the next day….and was diagnosed with hepatitis and treated for it and observed for 24 hours. Her kidneys started to fail next about 12 hours later….and then they did the SNAP test and it was negative. The MAT test they put in on Wednesday but they continued to treat her like she may have leptospirosis. She had multiple organ failure and we put her down on Friday. The MAT test came back in on Friday and confirmed acute leptospirosis. We have gone through our house and bleached everything, thrown out bedding, bleached areas in the large back yard where she could have contracted it. Do I get my other border collie this vaccine? I read all these entries and I don’t know what is worst…vaccinnated or unvaccinated? It was a horrible thing to watch my little girl die from leptospirosis.

  27. I’ve been reading the sad stories of people who have lost their pets to this lepto vaccine. I am so sad that I allowed a vet at a mobile clinic to give this vaccine to my 14 year old Pomeranian. My fur baby went into stage 4 kidney failure and had elevated liver enzymes after being vaccinated–I took him to my vet and he said my dog probably already had a decline in kidney function, due to his age, before getting this vaccine. But this vaccine pushed him over the edge. He was eating, drinking and doing ok before getting it. But afterward, he had diarrhea, vomiting and he quit eating. I am now giving him subcutaneous IV fluids, anti-nausea medication and an appetite stimulant trying to get him back to where he was. I’m sad to say, it doesn’t look good. My vet said I need to start thinking about putting him down. I feel like our time was cut short by this vaccine. I’ve posted this article on my facebook page. I don’t want anyone to go through this with their furry family members. I am heartbroken and angry. I am sure the illness, leptospirosis is a dangerous disease. But, I should have taken my chances. My pomeranian was not a good candidate for this vaccine. I feel the vet should have known this. I just want others to make an informed decision. I had no idea. I wish I had researched this before allowing my pet to be vaccinated. Hindsight is 20/20.

  28. My 6 month old lab had the Lepto vaccine and then experienced a grand mal seizure 6 days later. She couldn’t even walk, stand up or focus at 90 minutes after seizure. The vet brushed off my concerns about the timing of the vaccine and her seizure. I am absolutely convinced that this vaccine caused the seizure. I will never allow her to have it again. We are in the woods with her a lot, but have resigned ourselves to be aware if she should show any abnormal signs in the future that could indicate Lepto (or any other infection) and get her treatment as soon as possible. She has been seizure free foralmost a month–and even if she has them again in the future we will opt for homeopathic anti-seizure remedies instead of the harsh anti-seizure meds the vet suggests. Be careful, people. Fight for your fur babies. You have to be their advocates.

  29. My Josie girl died 2 weeks ago from leptospirosis. She had the vaccine in May, was on a leash to quickly go out and go to the bathroom, when we were out she would be off her leash but stay right by us. They treated her for 4 days and each day she was worse. I am hurting so bad from her loss but now mad as hell reading this info. I am starting to believe all these vaccines are killing our animals. I know people that do not get their dogs vaccinated and they live to be 15 to 18 years old. Our Josie was only 5. How do you know who to trust????

  30. I feel horrible after reading all these comments. Our beloved 2 year baby, was given the Lepto boost yesterday, he had the worst night of his life. I am crossing my fingers and praying that nothing happens to him in the up coming days, and months. Definitely, first and last time we give this to him or any other dog.

    1. I’d like to know if your dog is ok. We just gave our 1 yr old Pom the vaccine and he experienced horrible pain and an allergic reaction. We had to rush to the vet. He was given a pain med and benedryl injections. His nose began to swell. We have him on Benadryl now, and his leg pain appears to have gone away. I’m beyond worried about what this could cause in him. He’s not getting the 2nd shot in the series!

  31. We lost our GSD – Wren – 5 years ago yesterday. I am shocked to see all of these comments that are so similar to what we went through. I noticed a post on lepto on facebook 30 minutes ago – googled it – and here I am. About two weeks prior to losing him – we’d just arrived home from (doesn’t matter) – we went into the house – and our youngest son was still outside with Wren. He started screaming that something was wrong. We found Wren in full seizure in the yard. He had never done this before. We scooped him up and rushed him to the vet, who put him on 2 pills twice a day. I really need to dig up all of the old records and meds (I kept everything, not really sure why but we still have it all). The last visit on 11-22-13, our vet gave him a rabies shot and another shot that he said he needed because we also had female GSD at home (‘just in case’ and ‘to protect her’ which I thought was odd as our two dogs were always lovely together and always current on all of their shots). 2 hours later he seized and died right in front of my eyes. I called the vet less than 5 minutes later (while my husband was trying to resuscitate Wren) bawling … incredulous, asking him ‘Hank – how could this have happened? You said he was getting better!’ He was just as shocked as we were. He offered to come out to our house and take Wren and do an autopsy (25 miles away from his clinic), and offered to have us return all of the meds we were giving Wren and he would refund us in full. I declined. At the time I thought he was just being kind. We never got the full scope of what had happened to our beautiful boy, but it was a most gruesome death. Within a half hour of his passing (still in the house) his body started expelling – through his mouth, nose, eyes…it was horrific. Like black blood, but very thick and chunky. I’m sorry – I know that’s awful. It most definitely was.

  32. My absolutely healthy Brittany was given his first Lepto shot in early 2010. For whatever reason, the booster didn’t follow until May of that year. Shortly afterword, he developed diarrhea and some vomiting. The vet who treated him was not the same as who gave the shot (though in the same vet practice) diagnosed pancreatitis. The meds helped but didn’t totally resolve the issue. I ignorantly waited to return for followup treatment. At that point, there were “guesses” about lymphoma and other serious gastrointestinal issues. We couldn’t get complete diagnosis at the time due to severely low liver albumin levels. We were eventually referred to our state university animal hospital not once…but twice..along with emergency vet hospital visits. In the end, my rock solid 51 lb boy went down to 33 lbs. He had a severe immune system response resulting in lack of ability to absorb proteins and a disease called lymphacgectasia. To this day I believe it was the vaccine that set this off. We lost him in 90 days. We obviously had the older version of the vaccine.

  33. We just lost our sweet Lily December 2nd. She was healthy 11 year old poodle who went in for her shots and had all the symptoms lethargy, no appetite, jaundice, blood in the urine, white gums and finally death noted for Lepto. she did not have this The vet that gave her the injections has not responded to our letters. We are sick over this and will make it known to all pet owners to be cautious. This has been a horrible holiday season and we miss her so much. If we can prevent one dog from dying of this then she will not have died in vain.

  34. My perfectly healthy 16 week old poodle was perfect prior to a lepto vaccine given to him given on Dec 26th. He began small seizures immediately but we didnt notice because they were so small and by new years day he had three grand mal seizures in 6 hours. We rushed him to emergency hospital and they would not acknowledge the lepto vaccine had anything to do with the seizures. over a thousand dollars later, we have our poodle home with two anti seizure meds given all through the day. He has been seizure free for a week now but I am sure it is because of the meds he is taking. I am also so angry about trusting both the vet and the drug company to give me all the information related to this vaccine. His is much more aggressive than in the past and seems to be disoriented alot. I am sure it was the vaccine. His bloodwork came back fine and they do not know what caused the problem

  35. I think it’s disgusting how Vets are trying to cover up what is happening to dogs after having the Lepto. vaccine mine was a perfectly normal dog up until she had the vaccine that night she couldn’t walk properly on her feet by the next morning she was laying on her side staring straight a head of her l had too get someone to help me get her up went to my vets & the first word he said was nothing to do with the vaccine he called the Company that he purchased them from & they offered to pay toward the bill which l refused to me that was admitting the blame she was put on a drip & luckily l didn’t loose her but she has become a nervous dog after having the vaccine which she never was before, so she will never have another one l know longer think vets are caring people so many dogs have died after having it yet Vets are still saying yes you should have it done.

  36. I will never do this shot again for any of my animals. My 12 week old pug was given the shot yesterday. Within 2 hours he started yelping in pain. A hour after that he was totally lethargic and a hour after that he could not walk or even lift his head. He was so sick he was breathing funny and didn’t even want to lick us He was in total shock.. About 2am he started to come out of it. No vaccine should ever have a dog doing this and it just isn’t normal. Mot to mention that I doubt my animals would ever get this in the first place. The vets are selling this shot and after I looked at the research it is not worth the injury to your animal.

  37. Yesterday my 15-year-old dog had a CT scan for what we thought was an adrenal tumor (Cushing’s disease). No tumor found but adrenals enlarged and spots in her liver, spleen and lungs. She is due for a leptospirosis vaccine in two months, but after reading all of these posts, she will NOT be getting that vaccine now. In fact, I think I will stop all future vaccines and I may even stop the heartworm, flea and tick medications. I am wondering if what is going on internally with her is the result of 15 years of vaccines, and sadly, my ignorance. I think all these chemical cocktails we are putting into our pets are killing them! There is so much more cancer in our pets these days. When I was growing up, our pets didn’t get all of these vaccines and they were so much healthier. I believe these veterinarians are building up their businesses in big expensive, high-tech buildings and they have to pay for it somehow and one of the ways is to vaccinate our pets for everything they can think of. They don’t love our animals, we do, so it’s up to us to do the research and say no when we think it’s not right. Until we do, they will continue to kill our pets.

  38. Three days ago, we took our 8 year old English bulldog, Mishka, to our local Banfield Pet Hospital for her “wellness check up.” Banfield will call us annually under this plan to give our dogs vaccinations and check ups. As an average pet owner, I trusted Banfield to properly vaccinate my dogs and inform me of the minor to severe side effects caused by the vaccinations. Banfield never advised me of the possible side effects.
    On the day of our dog’s appointment, my wife dropped off our dog, Mishka, at the veterinarian at 7:30am. Banfield called us at approximately 5:30pm to advise us that our dog was ready for pick up. The veterinary staff told my wife that Mishka had received a vaccination and a blood panel was completed. They told my wife that Mishka was in good health, however a bit overweight (4 pounds over).
    My wife brought Mishka home at approximately 6:00pm and noticed that she was panting heavily. At approximately 6:30pm, Mishka collapsed and began seizing. A white foamy substance began to build up around her mouth and while seizing she urinated and defecated on herself. My wife immediately ran to her and attempted to somehow help our dog. My wife was in shock and did not know how to help our dog. My son ran to Mishka and picked her up and they transported her to a nearby emergency animal hospital. Our beloved Mishka was pronounced dead at the ER. We were in shock. We were in pain. We were baffled.
    The next day I met with the veterinarian and the practice manager at Banfield. After questioning them, they advised me that Mishka received the Leptospirosis vaccination at 4:59pm, which was approximately one hour and a half before her passing. Banfield refused to accept responsibility and said “Mishka was fine while she was here in our care.” I told them to please explain how my healthy 8 year old English bulldog was dead, approximately one and a half hours after I pick her up from their facility.
    You can guess how this goes. It’s the little man versus a multi million dollar company. They refused to fully pay for a necropsy (autopsy) to attempt to find the cause of her death. We feel helpless, saddened, and angry that there is no help in this tragic event. Large veterinary corporations are not held accountable because there are no laws or regulations in place so pets are not over vaccinated with unnecessary vaccines. Big money over the lives and health of pets. I am still back and forth with Banfield trying to get answers or an explanation as to how our dog died.

  39. My dog went to the vet today for a routine and I was told he needed his Lepto booster. “Fine”, I said. Fifteen minutes later I pulled up to the house and there was a pool of vomit in front of him and he was feeling embarrassed. I cleaned it up, no problem. Chalked it up to stress at the vet. Two and a half hours later I let him and the other dogs we have out for a pee before dinner. Everyone else came in. Sub-zero weather, frozen snow on the ground, I ran outside (fenced in backyard) to find my little boy laying there with an odd look on his face. I ran to him. There was pink vomit in the frozen snow in front of him. I grabbed him up and brought him inside. Dried him off. Called for my sister to take a look (she’s a pediatrician). She was alarmed to say the least. (Several years ago one of her dogs had the Lyme vaccine and died from a reaction to that.) We fed the other dogs and offered him his dinner which he rejected. He made some peculiar body stretches and began to shiver uncontrollably. We called the vet ER nearest us and said we were coming in.
    Forty minutes later he was seen. The reaction, they said was not sever as yet and they felt it would not be (if it hadn’t happened already…). So Benadryl, Prilosec, and chicken and rice porridge if hungry were prescribed. So far so good.
    What’s the point then? Why am I writing? I’m writing because all I’ve read here is people saying vets are giving these vaccines for the money. My vet got about $8, so really? For the money? No, that’s not it at all. This is all they have to offer us.
    My daughter’s dog died from Lepto, NOT the vaccine – the disease itself. It took about 48 hours for the disease to run its course: vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, kidney failure, and on and on. He was five years old and in excellent health. He was never vaccinated for Lepto. The disease is worse, believe me. Most people don’t bring their dog (or their cat, for that matter) to the vet until he/she has vomited more than once, or even twice. My daughter’s dog vomited three times by the time he went to the vet – the third time was in the car ride. And like I stated earlier, 48 hours.
    And why did I mention my sister is a pediatrician? Because she works in a rehab hospital and has taken care of many, many children, some of whom had a reaction to a medication or vaccine. Do you really think your pediatrician is trying to make money off you?
    My little boy is not in the clear yet. The OTC meds may be masking the bigger problem. I won’t know for a few more days. What I do know is I’m not going to blame my choices on the vet. What we all need to do is our research in advance and then decide. All vaccines, for dogs, cats, humans, etc. come with a price.

  40. My 15 week old pup, at our vets recommendation due to where we live, was given the Lepto vaccine. We thought it was a good idea to protect him as we have wildlife on our property. Two weeks later I noticed Mr. Darcy had petechia on his belly and in his ears. A trip to the vet and some blood work determined my puppy had Immune Mediated Thrombocytopenia (IMT) a blood clotting disorder where the body kills the platelets. Mr. Darcy had no measurable platelets. He was put on Prednisolone and strict crate rest, as any bump or injury could cause him to bleed out. When we asked the vet how this happened she could not say.
    We continue to research IMT and have found that it can be caused by the Lepto Vaccine. I joined an IMT facebook group for canines and have found that many dogs on this group were diagnosed with IMT shortly after receiving the Lepto Vaccine. I have brought this information to the vet, they will not confirm nor deny that this was the cause. We are convinced that this was the cause.
    Vaccines are a money maker for the vets and that is why they push them. We want to protect our animals and want the best for them, why would we not follow the vets recommendation?
    As result of the IMT, Darcy can no longer have any vaccinations.
    Currently Darcy goes to the vet weekly for blood work, his platelet count is excellent and his Prednisolone has been reduced.
    Next time I will do my homework. If I had know then what I know now, Darcy would not have received the Lepto Vaccine.

  41. My dog contracted Lepto in November although he was extremely sick & hospitalized thank god he made a full recovery. 2 days ago he got the vaccination & he had bad reactions. He starting throwing up at the vet so he decided to keep him there couple hours. Picked him up 3 hrs later was fine all day then about 9pm he starting crying , being very uncomfortable wouldn’t sit still, the inside of his ears & his stomach were bright red & he was scratching like crazy. Wound up taking him to the hospital where he got it steroid & & Benadryl. Plus I have to give him Benadryl for the next 2 days. So he still needs his second dose & im extremely scared to get it for him the vet said next time could be worse reaction. I’m so confused being he just had the disease & almost torn what to do. This vaccine is nasty

    1. Debbie- Personally I’d not get the vaccine again. Is it possible to check for titers with regard to Lepto like you can do for Rabies? Definitely need to figure out ways to minimize exposure to rodent/squirrel urine. I’m not sure what to suggest. I’ve read Lepto can live on surfaces for months and it’s pretty much impossible to get rid of rats and squirrels living outside. Contaminated water is listed as one of the most common ways people and animals contract lepto. We change the outside water every day and try to dump any standing water in flower pots. We do that and we pray that God won’t let any of our babies get lepto. Best of luck to you.

  42. My Blake got this vaccine because the vet said since I had squirrels on my porch it would protect him….never got this before. This was in November…I took Blake into the vet to get ready for his dental and they found he had zero platelets…I was totally confused…so I started doing research on the vaccine and found many dogs also came up with the same diagnosis..he was never sick a day in his 11 years…a few of my friends told me their vet would never give it…its nasty….now Blake can’t have his dental is on antibiotics and prednisone…I’m hoping this works…he has had a slight increase in platelets but a ways to go…I’ll never give him this shot again…I’m heartbroken…

  43. Bless you all. My heart grieves for all you and your dear animals have suffered. I am grateful to each of you for writing about the horrible things that have happened to your families. My three dogs are due for their lepto shots. I will cancel the appointment. They will not get this shot, and quite possibly not get any vaccinations (except rabies, I guess I don’t have a choice about that). I’m going to try to find a holistic vet within an hour or so of us. I’m so grateful for your honest recounts of what happened. You have blessed my animals.

  44. My dogs had a non-life threatening reaction of a hard, golf ball sized lump at the injection site. They would yelp in pain. One of the dogs developed osteosarcoma at the injection site a few years later. I always wondered if the two were connected. It wasn’t a vet that gave the injection, it was a nurse – I always wondered if she’d done something wrong, hit the bone or something…He crossed rainbow bridge a year after diagnosis. He was a good boy.

  45. my dog had the Lepto vaccine 5 says ago, is lethargic, has diarrhea, has started gagging and coughing up mucous and foam, the vet says he thinks he’s just stressed out from us adopting our dog from a rescue shelter a week previously, the thing is the dog was completely fine until he received the vaccine, they put him on probiotics but doesn’t seem to be helping, will be calling the vet again in the morning

  46. Omg! I’m heartbroken after reading these….our 10 year old perfectly healthy and active shitzu went in for a routine visit to Banfield Pet Hospital. Our usual vet did not see Payton that day so he was given a max amount of vaccines one of which was Lepto. As you have read the adverse reaction started within hours. He was lethargic, vomiting, diarrhea, shaking and could not even stand. We brought him back to the vet where they said it was a possible reaction but we should get to the ER immediately. Payton stayed there for 12 days and was given prednisone, laflodamine and cancer fighting drugs and transfusions. He had no platelets and his blood count was extremely low. We were losing him and planned on putting him down to end the suffering. By the grace of God he was given a final transfusion and his failing health turned around. Payton’s platelets and blood count increased. We were finally able to bring him home. For 6 months you were in and out of veterinary appointments to run serious tests and adjust medication. Three weeks ago we celebrated the fact that our dog had survived this horrible vaccine and was able to be weaned off the drugs. Payton was living life like he was a puppy again. What we didn’t know nor realize was that even after surviving the vaccine 30% of dogs run the risk of suffering and relapse. After much celebration just three weeks ago today we lost Payton. Our sweet little guy fell ill Saturday morning with the hauntingly familiar symptoms. His cries of pain were terrifying. We immediately rushed him back to the ER where are doctors and staff were saddened and in dismay. He had survived but the reaction to the vaccine came back and with a vengeance. Our little guy seized multiple times and was bleeding out. We thought we had a victory over the deadly vaccine but our victory was only temporary. It is with extreme sadness that I write to let you know how horrible this vaccine truly is! We lost our healthy dog and there is such a void and unbelievable pain in our human family and our family of pets. Everyone misses Payton dearly! Even the ER staff could not hold back the tears today! We all knew this was such an unnecessary death. PLEASE DO NOT LET ANOTHER INNOCENT HEALTHY DOG DIE! DO NOT LET PAYTON OR ANY OF THESE OTHER DOG’S DIE IN VAIN! Please educate others and share the knowledge about such an unnecessary and deadly vaccine! We had no idea! Let’s not be ignorant to the facts. These deaths are real and our pain is real! We lost Payton! This never should have happened….we never even gave consent to allow the vaccine to be administered. But again the little folks vs the big drug companies….Its just NOT right! RIP little PAYTON JOSEPH! xoxo

  47. My 12 year old Irish Setter, Flicka, got the Lepto vaccine last Thursday. Her health has gotten steadily worse since then. Her most recent bowel movements (yesterday) were grey and she’s no longer able to stand up and walk. The vet is out today, but I left a message for her to call me tomorrow. Flicka has been such a healthy girl her whole life, this is the sickest she has ever been.

  48. We took our 13 year old Miniature Schnauzer to a “new” Vet (because we had moved) for his annual check-up. At the same facility, 7 weeks earlier he had seen a Cardiologist because he had a heart condition that he was being treated for over the previous 6 months period. He was taking 4 meds three times a day. This “new” (new to us but well experienced) Vet suggested that he have the Leptopirosis vaccine. Not knowing better we said fine. The next day he showed all the side effects and died four days later! Someone should start a Class Action lawsuit. Zoetis was the manufacturer of the vaccine and on its website it states: “only for healthy dogs”.
    We are devastated by our loss.

  49. This design is steller! You most certainly know how to keep a reader amused.

    Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well,
    almost…HaHa!) Excellent job. I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it.
    Too cool!

  50. How many pet owners have taken their dog into Banfield for something unrelated such as anal glands drained and was brought my dog back out to advise me she had three vaccines that I did not approve of. I am immunocompromised and unable to vaccinate my dog either bc of her severe autoimmune issues. I am interested in starting a class action lawsuit.

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