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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Doctors Receiving ‘Merck Vaccination Service Awards’ for Pushing Vaccines

Where does your doctor’s allegiance lie? Does your healthcare professional listen to your needs and wants as a parent or are they nothing more than affiliate distributors for pharmaceutical companies? It was reported by independent journalist recently that some doctors offices are now demanding their patients sign an immunization contract. What’s an immunization contract you ask? The contract—created outside of law and denying informed consent—requires prospective patients to agree, by signature, to allow 25 vaccines to be injected into their child over a series of visits. Also uncovered in the same investigation, doctors can receive up to $225 per service achieved in the insurance provider category of “childhood immunization [combo 2]”.

As American families rapidly begin to weed out healthcare providers and doctors diluting the integrity and public trust of healthcare, immunization contracts could be a blessing in disguise. Once presented with such a contract upon arrival into a doctor’s practice, a parent can choose to walk out of the office immediately, instead of walking blindly into a belligerent doctor that may call child protective services on them. Although infuriating, immunization contracts add clarity about the doctor’s intentions, so that parents don’t get trapped by thinking there is room for their informed choice.

There is little question that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is a troubled agency. The conflicts of interest and revolving doors leading directly to pharmaceutical companies has been well documented. The film Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe is spotlighting a senior CDC scientist turned whistleblower exposing high-level vaccine research fraud within the agency. CDC director Julie Gerberding, after protecting the alleged CDC vaccine research fraud, left the agency to become president of Merck pharmaceuticals vaccine division.

The uncomfortable fact is that Merck has paid over $4 billion in criminal penalties and settlements covering everything from research fraud and faking drug safety studies to bribery and false advertising. Currently, the drug giant is on trial facing two of its former virologists, who filed suit claiming Merck engaged in mumps vaccine research fraud—a vaccine they have a monopoly on when it was combined with the MMR (which is the combination vaccine the film Vaxxed is centered on).

As a patient, why should you be concerned with a pharmaceutical drug company when your doctor attempts to coerce you into vaccinating you or your child? The benevolence of mainstream U.S. medicine is rapidly becoming transparent as parents, whistleblowers and journalists continue to uncover damning evidence. It is time for people to start scanning the walls of their doctor or healthcare provider. What should you look for? Arrogantly—or just ignorantly—‘Merck Vaccination Service Awards’ are adorning the walls of healthcare provider’s offices throughout the U.S. The award is bestowed upon healthcare professionals “in recognition of their commitment to improving health through vaccination. [read: pushing the most amount of shots on their patients for profit]” How much hypocrisy and doublespeak can one document contain? The Merck Vaccination Service Award concludes by stating:

In honor of this Vaccination Service Award, Merck will make a charitable donation of $100 to the CDC Foundation.

What’s the CDC Foundation? For starters, the Foundation’s tagline is “Helping the CDC do more, faster.” According to their website, the CDC Foundation “was created by Congress as an independent, nonprofit organization, the CDC Foundation connects the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) with private-sector organizations.” What private-sector organizations are helping the “CDC do more faster”? Their website lists the following as donors:

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Merck, Amgen, Pfizer Inc, Procter & Gamble Company, Sanofi-Aventis, Alcoa foundation, Johnson & Johnson, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, Genentech Inc., Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Cargill, ExxonMobil, Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health and many others.

The Merck Vaccination Service Award could also be know as perhaps the highest symbol of a conflict of interest in health. The signature on the award thanking doctors for their ongoing commitment is none other than Julie “revolving door” Gerberding’s.

Parents and adults wishing to maintain their informed consent and medical freedom are turning into investigators interrogating doctors about their intentions and views on vaccination. Many parents are simply turning their backs and walking out of offices as doctors are continuing to ignore their wishes and medical choice not to vaccinate. Who is your doctor serving? It is rapidly becoming time for doctors to do their research or risk losing their income base, community support and patients.

Note: This article was reprinted with the author’s permission. It was originally published at Jefferey Jaxen is an independant journalist, writer, and researcher.

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  1. This morning on NPR they interviewed the former CEO of Merck ( my guess it was the American pharmaceutical cartel and not the German one) and they made him sound as if he was so very, very very, very concerned about people’s health and that they had never done anything harmful to the public. Really???

    thanks for the info about doctors beholding to the pHARMaceutical cartels and what to look for.

  2. America is quickly becoming an NON-FREE country! As parents and patients, we need to stand up for our medical rights and absolutely not be intimidated by doctors or their staff!

  3. How terrible! You know the rich, elite, like clinton and their daughter pregnant. Would not even take the flu shot! Oh they say she did, another lie. I would love for them to be in our shoes! They just don’t give a crap!

  4. This is precisely what people need to do — walk out of that Doctor’s office. We’ve reached the time of civil disobedience.

  5. The emperor has no clothes!!!!if you can read through this article and still be a vax believer, you can only be on the take. And for those who fear if they do not vaccinate their children they will die…….mine are teens and unvaxxed, and never even had to have a course of antibiotics. My reward for not vaxxing has been better health than most, go figure.

  6. My oldest son almost died after receiving the birth dose of hep B. He stopped breathing and spent 2 days hooked up to every monitor possible and in an incubator. The doctors could never tell my why that happened. I spent the first year of his life terrified he would die of sIDS if that ever happened again. It wasn’t until A few years later when I read the vaccine insert from that hep B Vax that I realized what caused him to stop breathing! The insert says it is not recommended for low birth weight babies because it causes apnea episodes! My baby was not even 5 lbs when they have him that shot. Not ONCE was I told this was a possibility! They just want to push shots on you no matter what. I declined that vaccine with my younger children, and stopped vaccinating all my kids! The problem I run into is ignorant, bully doctors who constantly harass me to vaccinate. I live in a state that allows vaccine exemptions and I have that in place yet they insist on harassing me. I have opted out and no longer take my kids for routing check ups (what a scam anyway) and now will only take them if they have a need to be seen. Fortunately, since opting out they are extremely healthy and have not been seen by a doctor for two years! Read EVERY insert for yourself before you consent to vaccination!and the lame flier the doctor gives you is NOT the insert. They won’t give the actual insert to you, but it can be found online for every vaccine on the market

  7. I call it the “financialization of everything” It is sad to see some providers whoring themselves to BIG pharma. The medical profession will eventually create a huge backlash among informed parents who will turn to alternate forms of healthcare. That day cannot come too soon.

  8. Keep up the good work Vaccine Reaction! We all need to keep getting educated and sharing these articles. With so much available and truthful information , I’m slightly shocked so many people are still allowing themselves to be dumbed down. However, if one digs into how we’ve been dumbed down, it’s easy to understand. We as a nation have been taught to obey the “experts”. Also, it’s easier to believe and follow than it is to research and be accountable, that is until a terrible event occurs. I first started to learn about vaccines, the lies about cancer, and so much more many years ago. I could NOT believe how dumbed down we all are and how people do not want to hear contrary information. I’ve been told we are being dumbed down many years ago and I never understood that statement. I came across the book,”Crimes of The Educators” by S. Blumenfeld and A. Newman. Shocking!!! I’ve come to learn that we are literally being dumbed down for the last 150 years and we are being taught lies for an agenda, like “vaccines save lives”, “man-made climate change”, evolution (weak hypothesis) over creation, yada, yada, yada. We are being taught to be followers instead of leaders and critical thinkers. The population needs a major overhaul and it starts with our public education! It’s obviously much harder to shift people’s thinking when they’ve been brainwashed for 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 + years that vaccines save lives. Start bringing truth and true science to the public schools and we will see a much different America and a healthier and safer one too!!

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