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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Bernice Eddy Warned of Defective Salk Polio Vaccine

The following is the first half of a two-part article on medical researcher, virologist and epidemiologist Bernice Eddy, PhD (1903-1989).

During the Republican primary presidential debate on September 16, 2015, CNN moderator Jake Tapper noted a U.S. Treasury Department announcement that a woman would appear on the $10 bill. He posed the following question to the 11 candidates on stage, “What woman would you like to see on the $10 bill?”1

In response, the candidates mentioned eight women, including civil rights activist Rosa Parks, former First Lady Abigail Adams, suffragist Susan B. Anthony, American Red Cross founder Clara Barton, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee’s wife, Janet, and former neurosurgeon Ben Carson’s mother, Sonya.2

Interesting choices. Another good choice for the $10 bill might have been Bernice Eddy, PhD. If you never heard of her, it’s not surprising. By all rights, though, Dr. Eddy should have been every bit as famous as any of the women mentioned above (aside from Janet Huckabee and Sonya Carson, of, course). Dr. Eddy was a key member of the team of scientists who developed the first injectable inactivated polio vaccine (IPV)—the vaccine associated with Jonas Salk, MD that earned him a photo on the cover of TIME magazine and made him an honored historical figure.3

Dr. Salk was the IPV team leader, and was credited with the development of the first polio vaccine, which was tested on 1.8 million children (the so-called “Polio Pioneers”) in the United States in 1954 and subsequently approved for widespread distribution and use in 1955.4

Dr. Eddy, who was with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), was the team’s vaccine safety tester. She is the person who in 1954-1955 discovered faulty batches of the Salk vaccine produced by Cutter Laboratories, Inc. of Berkeley, CA and warned her superiors at NIH about the problem, urging that the polio vaccine’s licensing be delayed.3 5 NIH director William Sebrell, however, ignored Dr. Eddy’s warning and moved to recommend the licensing of the Salk vaccine.6 7

Eddy stated that when she tested the Salk vaccine it caused severe paralysis in monkeys. She photographed the diseased monkeys, took these photos to her boss—and was reprimanded as an alarmist.3

About 400,000 people—mostly schoolchildren—in the U.S. were vaccinated with the Salk/Cutter vaccine during mid-April 1955. More than 200,000 of these children were injected with vaccines “in which the process of inactivating the live virus proved to be defective.”8 In other words, the children were given vaccines containing live poliovirus, causing 40,000 of the children to come down with polio. The Salk/Cutter vaccines severely paralyzed 200 of these children and killed 10 of them.4 

What happened is that the formaldehyde (a poison) used in the vaccine production process to kill the live poliovirus in the vaccines, which was supposed to make the polioviruses inactivate, did not do its job.3 (See “Formaldehyde: A Poison and Carcinogen” for information on the use of formaldehyde in vaccines.)

The scientists involved in the development, licensing and launch of the Salk vaccine in 1955 knew it posed a potential serious risk to children, but they opted to go ahead with fast tracking the vaccine to licensure just the same. Had they listened to Dr. Eddy, 40,000 children would not have been infected with polio, 200 would not have been severely paralyzed and 10 of them would not have died.

So what happened to Dr. Eddy? After she was proven to be right, NIH officials removed Dr. Eddy from her position as a polio researcher and re-assigned her to do research on influenza.3 9

The so-called “Cutter Incident” was downplayed by the U.S. government as a kind of anomaly, and even now it is not commonly known or popularly associated with the Salk polio vaccine lore. Highlighting Dr. Eddy and her warning may have negatively effected public confidence in the Salk vaccine and harmed the government’s efforts to promote the vaccine as the long-sought after magic cure for polio. So Dr. Eddy was quietly disassociated from the program, instead of being lauded for her exceptional scientific work and personal integrity. (Note: Dr. Eddy’s name would resurface in 1960 with her discovery of the cancer-causing SV-40 monkey virus found to have contaminated the original Salk and Sabin polio vaccines.)

The publicity surrounding the Cutter Incident was one reason why the U.S. government in 1963 chose to replace the Salk vaccine with the live oral polio vaccine (OPV) developed by Albert Sabin, MD. The Sabin vaccine was an attenuated (weakened) live poliovirus vaccine given orally and health officials also liked the fact that OPV  passively “revaccinated” children and adults who came in close contact with children recently given live OPV. 

Unfortunately, because the live attenuated poliovirus could be re-activated when passing through the gut, the Sabin vaccine also carried the risk of causing vaccine strain polio paralysis. A modified inactivated polio vaccine was re-introduced in 1999 in the U.S. after the only cases of polio were being caused by OPV vaccine.8

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26 Responses

  1. The Polio Vaccine used today continues to cause not only Polio but Non Polio Acute Flaccid Paralysis.

    This World Health Organization:
    How many cases of acute flaccid paralysis (excluding cases due to polio) occurred from 1996 to 2009?

    608,832 cases of AFP were reported, worldwide. Looking at the data, year by year, certain countries have ND in the AFP cases reported column. ND means No Data. Which means that the 608,832 cases is incomplete and that there were even more cases of non-polio AFP during this period.

    In the same period, there were 39,131 cases of polio identified. (WHO, Immunization Monitoring, Diseases, Poliomyelitis Case Count, accessed multiple times between May 1 and June 1, 2010.)

    Here is some information on Acute Flaccid Paralysis in India. This was after the Gates Foundation with the help of the WHO implemented a Polio drive.
    this information is provided by Drs. Jacob M. Puliyel, Manoj Anand Gupta & Joseph L. Mathew of Department of Paediatrics St Stephens Hospital, Delhi 110054 Department of Paediatrics Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research Chandigarh 160012, India:

    In India polio cases had come down from 24,257 in 1988 to 4793 cases in 1994 with the help of routine immunization, well before the ‘eradication programme’ started in India, In those days all cases of acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) with residual paralysis beyond 60 days were diagnosed as

    There was also an unexplained increase in AFP – especially non polio AFP. In 2005 there were 10,055 non polio AFP cases in Uttar Pradesh (UP) where 561 cases were expected. A delegation from the Public Report on Health (PRoH) (Council for Social Welfare, New Delhi) in November 2006 investigated the problem of residual paralysis in ‘non polio AFP’. The PRoH found that most cases of AFP were not being followed up (unless they cultured virus in the stools). Information provided under the Right to Information Act and available from National Polio Surveillance Project (NPSP) is shown in the Table. Of the 10264 cases of AFP, 209 were cases of polio or
    compatible with polio. Of the remaining 10055, only 2553 were followed up; of these, 898 had residual paralysis (that would qualify them to be diagnosed as polio using the old definition) and 217 died. Projecting these figures on those not followed up, it will appear that approximately 4800 cases had residual paralysis or died in UP after acquiring non polio AFP in the year 2005. This figure must be compared to the all India figures of 4793 polio cases in 1994. It is not surprising the NPSP is not keen on the follow up of these cases. The data from 2006, after 6 doses of mOPV had been administered in 2005, in districts of UP, are worse.

    The Acute Flaccid Paralysis cases in India continue to increase, year by year. For the year 2009, using the WHO data, we find 50,416 total cases. Out of this total 752 were polio.

    Documented today in India, a country that was declared Polio Free in 2011, are over 60,000 cases of NPAFP directly in correlation to the number of doses given:
    -India Still Reporting Cases of Polio-like Acute Flaccid Paralysis:
    -Paralysis Haunts ‘Polio Free’ India:
    -Polio Vaccines Causing Worldwide Surge in Childhood Paralysis Cases:
    -The Polio VACCINE is Causing the New Polio:
    -What the CDC Won’t Tell You About SV40, Polio Vaccines and Cancer:
    -Merck vaccine scientist Dr. Maurice Hilleman admitted presence of SV40, AIDS and cancer viruses in vaccines(

  2. What really gets me is Jonas Salk could have given Dr. Eddy her proper’s when he admitted.

    In 1976, Dr Jonas Salk, creator of the killed-virus vaccine used in the 1950’s, testified that the live-virus vaccine (used almost exclusively in the U.S. from the early 1960’s to 2000) was the “principal if not sole cause” of all reported polio cases in the U.S. since 1961 (Washington Post,September 24,1976). The virus remains in the throat for one to two weeks and in the feces for up to two months. Thus, vaccine recipients are at risk, and can potentially spread the disease, as long as fecal excretion of the virus continues ( American Academy of Pediatrics, Report of the Committee on Infectious Diseases:1986(Elk Grove Village, Illinois: AAP):284–5.

    But he didn’t because he’s a coward and he has done some things that would dim the worlds vision of him: Dr. Jonas Salk, inventor of polio vaccine, exposed as criminal-minded scientist who conducted illicit medical experiments on mental patients-

    Like today with Dr. William Thompson, how many MSM outlets picked this up and blasted it to the public. Dr. Eddy should be given a Noble Prize (posthumously) for the discovery of Simian Virus 40 in the vaccine and the fact that the vaccine was causing Polio. I’ve read in many articles that more than 60% of tumors removed from people today have the SV-40 signature or DNA in them. The CDC was given research to show that SV-40 was being passed to children of people who had been given the vaccine decades ago. This is work done by Dr. Michele Carbone who of course big pharma and the cabal went after. Carbone was a one of the lead speakers at a government vaccine meeting in Washington over a decade ago and reported:

    One of the leading speakers, Dr. Michele Carbone, set out their results. ‘Sixty-two papers from thirty laboratories from around the world have reported SV40 in human tissues and tumours, … It is very difficult to believe that all of these papers, all of the techniques used and all of the people around the world are wrong.’ After he had finished, I was dismayed to hear scientists from leading laboratories confirm what he had said, by telling how they had found SV40 in over 80% of some childhood brain tumours, in 85% of deadly mesotheliomas, in about 25% of bone cancers – and in 40% of spermal fluid from a small sample of apparently healthy males!
    Cancer linked to monkey viruses in vaccines
    Part of Chapter Two of Fear of the Invisible –
    “Our investigation continues into why monkey viruses contaminated widely used Polio Vaccines – and may still be contaminating them.”

    The CDC had information on their website a few years back on SV-40 and it’s connection to the Polio Vaccine. When a number of alternative health blogs posted the link and the connection to the Polio Vaccine it disappeared into the CDC abyss. When that was done hundreds of sites placed the information on pages that could not be tampered with. You can read the info here:

    CDC Admits 98 Million Americans Received Polio Vaccine In An 8-Year Span When It Was Contaminated With Cancer Virus
    Read how they removed the info from their site and than from the Google cache. Direct link:

    1. Thank you so much for this very dense information, all in one place. And for including Acute Flaccid Paralysis (a rose by any other name) and Simian Virus 40.
      But please, let us not forget that Gates has been decimating Arica, too, with his monstrous programs.
      But what-the-hell, they’re just poor people from Shitholes.
      I will look for your astute comments on all articles henceforth.

  3. Vaccine safety has been a problem from the beginning and, as in this case, concerns are generally swept under the rug so as to not reduce confidence in the program.

  4. Notice how the great polio epidemic was started by the vary scientists recruited to study the virus and out comes an epidemic of polio.
    It is no coincidence.

    1947 Salk is recruited by the University of Pittsburgh to develop a virus research program.

    1948-49 Scientists from four universities confirm there are only three strains of poliovirus. Weller and Robbins grow poliovirus in live cells–Nobel Prize

    1952 The worst recorded polio epidemic in United States history occurs, with 57,628 reported cases.

    1952-1954 Dr. Salk and associates develop a potentially safe injectable vaccine against polio, (IPV) given to nearly 15,000 Pittsburgh-area subjects (most were children) in pilot trials, 1952-1954.

  5. I am a Registered Nurse.
    One of the ONLY reasons I chose a career as a Registered Nurse was so I could WARN people, friends and patients, about the dangers of vaccines and other allopathic methods of dealing with illness.
    And, I did just that.
    I have never given any vaccine to anyone, with the exception of the tetanus vaccine. A professional friend of mine lost his father, the head of the dental department at the U of MN, when he was just a boy. His father had inadvertently allowed his tetanus coverage to expire and then when working on their cabin, got a tiny wood sliver in his finger.
    He ended up being hospitalised at the U of MN and literally TO.D his doctor that he had tetanus…..and he explained how he knew this. He was poo-pooed by the arrogant SOB’s and told “that can’t possibly be what is wrong”, despite the fact that he had classic signs and symptoms of tetanus. He continued to get more I’ll and finally was critically ill. Because of his stature at the U of MN a prominent expert from Chicago was flown in to try to determine what was wrong. The MOMENT this expert stepped off the elevator on the floor where Al’s father was, he stopped dead in his tracks and stated ” someone on this floor has tetanus; I can smell it.” Well, that someone was Al’s dad. But, the ARRGANT BASTARD U of MN specialists had poo-pooed reality for too long, and Al’s dad died.
    As well, my robustly healthy baby sister was given this damnable polio vaccine in 1963. She died from that vaccine. First, she developed a horrific viral meningitis from it. Next she developed heart failure. And finally an acute leukaemia. The Mayo, in Rochester, MN had their best paediatricians working with her to pull her through the meningitis and heart failure. Her primary paediatrician told my parents every Monday AM that he had spent the entire weekend driving the back roads reviewing every bit of information about my sister’s case, in an effort to determine what was the cause of her horrible illness. Finally, after many months he recommended she go to the U of MN for a fresh set of eyes to look at her case. She was transferred there and literally immediately diagnosed……as in within hours. By that time she was critically ill again and her doctors advised my parents that she would likely not live more than 10 days. She had developed an acute myeloid leukaemia and they specifically stated that it was due to the oral polio vaccine. She died….10 days later, at age 18 months.
    How did these docs know exactly what to look for, when the best minds at the Mayo could not find it?
    Draw your own conclusions.
    These damnable vaccines are weapons people, and you and yours are the target.
    As we all know, HIV was introduced to the gay male population, INTENTIONALLY, via the HEPATITIS vaccine.
    I could go on, and on, and on, and on…………….
    By and large, I despise allopathic “health care”. It does nothing to promote or restore REAL health. And that is why I have passionately taught my patients all that I could about holistic health and wellness, have provided endless book references and Internet website health links for them.
    I will go to my grave knowing that I have done everything possible to reveal the lies of allopathic medicine and guide people away from it.

    1. Interesting comment but by the way, the tetanus shot carries more risks, too, such as to the immune system. I was doing some investigation because everyone gets it, and the risk is higher from the shot, and in the studies people that had tetanus in the hospital, many of them had shots within the time frame and still died of tetanus. Also, tetanus is usually acquired from dirt contaminated with horse/cow manure, which few are exposed to these days.

    2. Interesting comment about Tetanus. Considering to date there is NO Diagnostic test for Tetanus. Tetanus manifest just like any other toxic infection that invades the bloodstream. All diagnosis or Tetanus are guesses.

  6. Documents obtained in litigation from the Communicable Disease Center establish that neither Salk nor Thomas Francis who conducted the famous Francis Field Trial had a clue about the nature of the IPV attributed to Salk.

    Francis and Salk assumed that injected polio viruses could not cause systemic polio and excluded all recipient cases in the Field Trial as caused by wild polio – by definition The 39 listed cases following the third dose were attributed to lack of effectivity only.

    Strain identification of the Type-1 polio in Field Trial recipients would have identified the Mahoney Type-1 strain unique to the vaccine which Francis “developed’.

    No clinical evaluation of adverse events related to vaccines became the standard for current vaccine licensure.

  7. Paralysis is not the only condition that polio shots can cause. I received two polio vaccine injections as a child back in the 50’s. I reacted to the second shot within minutes. My mother had left me alone in the car to shop at the Navy Exchange, which did not allow children. By the time she returned, I was hunched over, clutching the dashboard of the car, struggling to breathe. She rushed me back into the medical clinic where they immediately gave me a shot of epinephrine.

    When I was breastfeeding my infant son, I got the rubella vaccine. I reacted with a rash and stiff muscles in the back of my neck. My infant son soon developed the same reaction. The doctor said the rashes and the vaccine were unrelated.

    I don’t get vaccines any more, and I don’t allowed by adopted daughter to get them, either. She already has autism. I will not add to her toxic burden.

  8. An excellent book about the bio-weapons research at Tulane in the early Sixties is “Dr. Mary’s Monkey”. Dr. Sherman was brutally murdered, because she wanted to back out of the viral research. Subsequently, the SV-40 virus was incorporated into the oral polio vaccines.

  9. Worse than all of this is that the majority of negative consequences resulting from immunizations and even the western medical cartel in general has been strategically planned. The goal has been for at least the last 300 years, depopulation through eugenics and “feudal enslavement” of the balance of humanity by “the elite”.For starters, and I have not vetted everything in this source OF sources but what I have, have thrown virtually no red flags, one can read or even skim, The committee of 300. It may even be a pdf.

  10. Read the book “Dr Mary’s Monkeys” Very interesting info about polio vaccine development

  11. It never ceases to amaze me just how covertly deceitful the medical establishment is and how insidiously evil the whole vaccination industry is! It’s as if the human population of planet earth is just one big experimental laboratory for these drug cartels, big pharma to carry out ghastly trials causing new generations of illness, sickness and disease, so more and more vaccines and petro-chemical synthetic drugs (like the failing anti-biotics..!!!), are administered to our biological systems, just to suppress symptoms to fool people into believing they have conquered the ailment and are well again……”Fools Paradise”! How is it that these drug cartels can be allowed to continue to maim and kill off their clients/patients/consumers without any accountability what so ever?

  12. Viruses cannot and will never, whether DNA or RNA, be the cause or initiate cancer. It’s Dr. Gallos lie he left behind feom his ignoble career when he lied about HIV and since every opportunist virologist since has furthered this bogus claim that harmless RNA viruses can cause any kind of harm or infection, especially cancer. The cancer-virus programs of the past have been about whether a retrovirus could be the catalyst foe cancer. They cannot and were not found to be the initiators of aneuploidy!!!

  13. Dr. Kleener was curing Polio with vitamin C. Dr. Klenner cured 60 out of 60 cases of polio within 72 hours with high dose injections of vitamin C (6,000-20,000 mg per day) with no residual effects. He went before the medical board with his findings. They just looked at him. How much money can they make on Vitamin C? Nothing. Then Dr. Salk’s vaccine came out after the epidemic was over and we see what happened.

    Vitamin C completely inactivates the poliovirus in vitro, rendering it non-infectious even when subsequently injected directly into the brains of monkeys. Small doses of vitamin C produce a significant reduction in the incidence of paralysis in monkeys. Vitamin C 10,000-20,000mg per day shortens severity and duration of fever and length of illness in polio patients. Oral Vitamin C 10,000mg per dose as often as every 3 hours in 5 polio patients produced excellent clinical results. Vitamin C along with hydrogen peroxide inactivates the poliovirus. Vitamin C completely cured a 5 year old girl with a confirmed and very advanced case of polio. Primal Panacea by Dr. Thomas E. Levy, M.D

  14. Can the polio vaccine, or other vaccines, be the cause of being sometimes paralyzed at night?

    I had the oral polo vaccine in the 1960’s as a boy. My parents got it too at the same time. As a boy and young adult, sometimes I would awake in the night and be paralyzed, unable to move arms or legs, later in the morning being able to move again. I have only had one tetanus vaccination in 1993 since. I don’t get the flu vaccination or others. Since middle age and later, have not had this temporary paralysis. Unfortunately my dad does sometimes.

    I strongly support vaccine freedom because I support the 100% equal right of bodily intake and exclusion.

    Medical providers should be required to ask for our permission, and the decision is ours, not some medical/religious/personal exemption.

  15. Thanks for this article and thanks to all those who added more data on this treasonous action by a dangerous pack of psychopaths. I keep a file on SV40 because I received the injected form of the vaccine at age 7 in 1954, and the following year the oral vaccine that came on a sugar cube in a tiny paper cup. They told us and our parents that it was a “booster.” I missed a chance to discover if I had SV40 inside me last year when I had a growth taken off the back of my skull that looked like a white jellyfish. It wasn’t cancer, but I should have demanded that the lab test it for SV40 just so I would know or not.

    This is a site dedicated to SV40 and cancer.

  16. Very interesting. No more vaccines for me other than the ones I have already received while in the military. What do you have in regards to cancer treatment or cures? I firmly believe that BIG PHARMA has a cure for all cancer but interested in cover up and big monies. Please steer me in the right direction for reading materials, books and answers.

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